How do scopes work – Explained Rifle Scope Adjustment Knobs Use

How do scopes work?

You went for a wild hunt and waited for your target for hours, and when the pleasing moment came, you missed the shot! Well, that would be very depressing.

To avoid such instances, the veteran shooters use rifle scope so that they could aim the object perfectly and hit effortlessly without missing a chance. Now, you might wonder, how does a rifle scope work?

Here, I am going to wipe out how to use a rifle scope with all of your questions.

The function of lenses of the rifle scope:

How do scopes work

Simply, the rifle scope magnifies the object and helps to hit the chamber with the reticle. It has 4 different lenses that do the job.

Picture: Inner view of a rifle scope.

Objective lens: The first lens stays in the ending side of the tube that is opposite the shooters. It is the most crucial component of a rifle scope as it gathers the object image and transfers to the next lens. Like its function, it is called an objective lens.

Erector lens: Usually, the objective lens transfers the inverted image to the erector lens. The erector lens then sends it to the next lens after re-inverting the image as like before. Erector lenses are also known as relay lenses.

how to use a rifle scope

Magnifying lens: Magnifying lens stays in the scope tube and does the actual magnification. Magnification level varies scope to scope. The standard magnification level of a rifle scope is 4x to 6x.

Ocular lens: The ocular lens shows the magnified object. It is the closest lens to the shooter and belongs to the eyepiece. A shooter basically sees through this lens and is only the conscious visible lens.

How do scopes work -Video

So, that’s how a scope works. I hope it helped you to understand the function of a rifle scope. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot it in the comment box.

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