4 Best Sights for SIG P320 in 2023 [Excellent Aiming Solutions]

To get maximum output from your handgun in any light situation, you should acquire quality sights for sig p320. We will review the best night sights options for Sig Sauer pistols available in the market while analyzing their output in different shooting activities.

Here is what to expect and learn from this article:

  • The best p320 night sights
  • What are the pros and cons of different sights for sig p320
  • Types of handgun night sights
  • Which features do you look for insights for sig p320
  • How to install p320 sights

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Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sight Set

- 6.5 x 1 x 6.5 inches in dimension
- U-notch rear sight
- Made of rubber

TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Dark Night Sights

- 1 x 1 x 1 inches in dimension
- U-notch rear sight
- Made of alloyed steel

Sig Sauer SOX10002 X-Ray Sight Set

- 2 x 5.3 x 1.8 inches in dimension
- Round U-notched rear sight
- Made of plastic

Suppressor Sights for SIG P320

- 6.22X 5.91X 0.47 inches in dimension
- U-notch rear sight
- Made of rubber

Sights for SIG P320 Reviews Comparison


Here is a summary to go through if you're in a hurry. 

1. Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sights for SIG P320 - Best Overall Night Sight

Trijicon's exclusive tritium illumination technology keeps you on target in low lighting conditions.

2. TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Dark Night Sights - Best Affordable Option

The TRUGLO Tritium handgun uses high-quality Swiss tritium for full brightness and unrivaled visibility in all shooting conditions.

The Sig Sauer SOX rear sight dots are unique for better concentration on the front sight to aim better.

4. Best Suppressor Red Dot Sights - Best Visibility in Low Light Conditions

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR is our chosen best suppressor red dot sight. It has optimum output in both bright and dark conditions.

Top 4 Best Sig Sauer P320 Compact Sights Reviews

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR is our chosen best suppressor red dot sight. It has optimum output in both bright and dark conditions. Our exclusive research included a deep comparison analysis of Trijicon night sights brands. They are Trijicon SRO red dot and Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR. We considered customer reviews and third-party expert input as secondary data before testing these quality sights on the field.

Top 4 Best Sig Sauer P320 Compact Sights Reviews & Complete Guide in 2023

#1. Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sights for SIG P320

Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Night Sight Set

Trijicon night sights are battle-tested targeting devices that provide quick target identification and greater strike potential in all illumination conditions.

This Sig 3 Dot night sights set are suitable with the Sig p320. The front and rear dots on this sight set are glowing green dots.

Key Features

Great Sight Acquisition

Trijicon HD Night Sights are a collection of three luminous sights with a distinctive design. To aid sight acquisition, the front sight has a very apparent photoluminescent pattern.

The “U” notch rear sight is slanted and serrated to help with front-sight concentration and decrease brightness.

Larger Field of View

These Night Sights are built on the characteristics of the existing HD Night Sights by providing a thinner front-sight mount. This allows users to see a broader field of vision, improving their ability to recognize targets. It also ensures that they can hit targets at larger distances.

Unique Built-in Parts

For daylight vision, Bright & Tough Night Sights include a white ring around the lighting dots. In no light or low light situations, a tritium-filled glass bulb offers exceptional lighting.

Each Trijicon tritium light is topped with a sapphire gem. This helps to disperse light evenly. It also protects the bulb from chemicals and rupture.

Visibility Due to the Dots

Green, yellow, and orange targeting dots are featured on Trijicon Night Sights. The maximum level of visibility is provided by green dots. Rear sights with yellow and orange dots make it easier to distinguish between the front and rear sights.

Orange dots are more vibrant but the yellow dots are more long-lasting. 

  • No batteries are required for this sight because they can glow in the dark. They come in yellow, green, and orange aiming dots that work ideally at low light conditions.
  • Its fiber optic system works at any time of the day. You can expect to hit your target accurately, whether at night or daytime.
  • The sharp edges help to get picture alignment quickly, which is helpful in self-defense situations.
  • The sapphire window equally distributes the tritium phosphor lamp’s brightness.
  • With a faint glow in the dark, the optic might not be reliable to unskilled shooters.

Overall, this durable Night Sight Set is excellent for practical and sporting applications. Its unique aiming system makes it appropriate for all types of targets. 

The Trijicon company offers a 5-year warranty for all their handgun sights. If you buy this optic through the proper channels, you can get it repaired or replaced in case of any damage. 

#2. TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Dark Night Sights

TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow

The TRUGLO optic is the best budget sight if you have any underlying eye conditions. The Tritium sights change from ordinary white dot sights during the day to illuminating green dots at night.

Key Features

Amazing Nighttime Visibility

If you’re searching for a high-quality gunsight, TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sights is the best option. It will let you see in any lighting condition, including complete darkness.

Another advantage is that the gadget will shine brightly both during the day and at night. It will undoubtedly help you improve your shooting.


When you buy this, you’ll get a small, snag-free design. It also has a larger viewing radius and is made of extremely robust materials. As a result, you’ll be able to utilize it for almost anything for your gun.

You can rely on this pistol sight for many years. Its lifespan is boosted by the fact that it does not require a battery or solar power.

Brilliant Glow

The TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight, which is one of the best sights for SIG P320, changes from normal white during the day to blazing green at night. This will allow you to view everything you’re doing precisely. 

High-quality Materials

These built-in Swiss tritium sights provide maximum brightness and unsurpassed vision in all shooting circumstances. It has a compact size and maintains the factory sight radius. The device is made from high-quality CNC steel. Great sights on the market.

  • It is reliable in shooting conditions as it is machined from durable material.
  • With no need for a battery, you are guaranteed longer shooting service with your P320.
  • The sight glows in the darkness with no light source required.
  • The compact design keeps the factory sight radius and fits the p320, which is helpful for emergency one-hand operations.
  • Requires more skills in self-defense shooting as it doesn’t fit appropriately on the handgun.
  • Unlike the Trijicon variety, the white dot sight is relatively more minor during daytime.

Overall, if you search for a fantastic laser sight that could enhance your visibility even in the darkness, this one is perfect for you.

Truglo offers a warranty of up to 12 years from the date of manufacture for the tritium sights.

#3. Sig Sauer SOX10002 X-Ray 6 Sight

Sig Sauer SOX10002 X-Ray 6 Enhanced Visibility Sight

Unlike the previous sights, the rear dots in this version are white, while the front one is green. The white rear dots maintain color in the daytime and automatically glow green in the dark.

A large chemical-resistant fluorescent Polymer front dot provides shooting precision in any targeting context.

Key Features

Perfect Target Acquisition

X-Ray3’s back sight and good contrast front sight make target identification simple and quick in any light situation.

Its superior glowing light allows users to aim perfectly in the dark, as well as in broad daylight. The device allows for consistent target acquisition.

Chemical Resistance

It has been constructed of a fluorescent polymer that lasts for over a decade. The fluorescent polymer is chemical resistant, which means that it prevents the device from degrading due to chemicals.

You may confidently use the device anywhere due to its chemical-resistant properties.

Solid Steel Construction

The durable steel construction makes this a sturdy and reliable sight. Its unique steel body ensures that it has a long lifespan just like the firearm. 

Versatile Sights

These tritium sights are encased in steel, which protects them from recoil as well as cleaning chemicals and the weather.

Whether you’re carrying for business or play, these X-Ray3 tritium sights will stay brilliant for almost a decade. The X-Ray3’s true design will keep it performing at its best. They are the ultimate sighting options for carrying, sports or handguns. 

  • Steel surrounds the tritium sights, protecting them from recoil, cleaning solvents, and harsh weather.
  • The rear dots works perfectly with the high-contrast front dot to make target acquisition intuitive, quick, and dependable in any lighting condition.
  • These X-RAY6 tritium sights will remain brilliant for over a decade, and their tested design will consistently perform optimally.
  • Rear sights are not very bright in the dark. 
  • The fiber optic is slightly more expensive than the previous sights while providing similar performance.

In conclusion, these sights will be great for those who are looking for a long-lasting sight that will give peak performance in different lighting conditions. 

The manufacturers provide a limited 5-year warranty, exercisable at any point after purchase from enlisted sellers.

#4. Best Suppressor Red Dot Sight for SIG P320


Selecting the best red dot sights for sig p320 can be challenging. The TRIJICON SRO red dot sight is one of the choices for the best suppressor option. 

The RMR/SRO adapter plate for Sig Sauer P320 versions, including the X-Carry, serves as a solution for the first-time fitting problem. Also, the plate is relatively easy to locate.

  • The SRO features the most visibility red dot of any sight to offer precision for your shooting purposes.
  • Its battery is expected to last at least 3 years and is both long-lasting and sturdy.
  • Regarding illumination, the SRO’s 8 brightness levels and 2-night vision modes make it a 24/7 performer regardless of time or weather.
  • The red dot is lightweight and robust due to its 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction.
  • It includes simple windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Unlike the RMR version, the SRO doesn’t fit your p320 right of the box.
  • It is pretty expensive compared to its competitors.
  • You might prefer the RMR better.

The good news to its users or new buyers is it has a 5-year warranty. You will barely need it as the product is built to withstand harsh shooting environments. 

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2

Choosing the best night sights for red dot optics can be challenging between the Trijicon SRO and RMR. 

The Trijicon RMR sight is the most formidable small Red dot sight on the market. It is built from aluminum and has a patented design that is reliable with recoil and diverts pressures away from the lens, boosting longevity. 

It provides the best illumination quality for visibility and accurate shooting compared to the above scopes.

  • It has an automated brightness mode and convenient push buttons for 8 adjustable illumination settings; 2 NV & 1 Super bright, and a 3.25 MOA adjustable LED RMR.
  • Its military-grade aluminum alloy machined housing form diverts recoil away from the lens, boosting its durability significantly.
  • Battery conservation extends for over 4 years of consistent shooting service. 
  • Like the SRO, it also includes simple windage and elevation adjustments.
  • The disadvantage of installing an RMR to your Sig P320 is that most handguns lack an optic cut into the slide for the RMR footprint.

In case of any inconvenience, this premium gadget has a warrant for 5 years from the date of manufacture.

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To Sum It Up

The scopes discussed above are all reliable despite their price differences. They all fit perfectly with a p320 and provide quality service in shooting contexts or environmental conditions. 

The red dot sights are the premium options that provide more visibility output, especially during low-light situations. 

Continue reading below to learn more about sights for sig p320.


Tritium Night Sights 

Tritium is a radioactive hydrogen isotope occurring naturally or chemically synthesized. If you’re worried about radioactivity, its low energy cannot penetrate your skin.

Because tritium’s energy source is intrinsic, it does not require charging or prior light exposure to function. If you store your pistol in a holster or a nightstand drawer, the tritium sights still shine when you pull it out.

When there is enough ambient light, the glow of tritium is undetectable; therefore, tritium sights appear as ordinary dots throughout the day. The most important thing to remember about tritium sights is that they slowly reduce their effectiveness over time.

Tritium has a half-life of around 12.5 years, making these sights half as brilliant in a little more than a decade. If you acquire a used pistol with fitted tritium sights, you’ll need to change them.


Tritium night sights are ideal for defensive and low-light shooting. The broad footprint sight bodies make it simple to locate the front sight. They are also continually lit. 


Tritium is pricey, translucent in intense light, and the intensity of the glow fades over time (10 to 12 years).

For safety, the sight designs require extra steel to surround the ring of the bulb, making these optics taller and broader than ordinary eyepiece.

Photoluminescent Night Sights

Photoluminescent Night Sights

If you understand the dynamics of a glow-in-the-dark watch, the functionality of Photoluminescent night sight is straightforward. Unlike tritium optics, Photoluminescent sights absorb energy from an external light source and subsequently emit light for a while. 

They can last up to 8 hours and charge at varying speeds depending on the light source. Under direct sunlight, they can reach their full capability in 7 minutes; under incandescent light, it would take more than 20 minutes.

Quality versions utilize photoluminescent pigments up to 5x brighter and last longer than Tritium night optics. They are industrial and self-adhesive laminates that you can place on your standard gun sights to create 3-dot or heinie layouts that suit your shooting style.


These sights are scratch and water-resistant, designed to perform in the harshest conditions, and are replaceable without damaging your handgun.

Unlike the tritium types, they maintain visibility in all lighting conditions and have improved visibility in bright sunlight.


Photoluminescent sights are often cheap, but their main disadvantage is obvious: they will not glow if not recently exposed to light.

If you extensively store your handgun holstered away from a light source, its ability to discharge light will be ineffective.

Sig P320 Fiber Optic Sights

Sig P320 Fiber Optic Sights

As one of the sights for sig p320, the optical fiber is a flexible, transparent glass or a plastic strand. Despite its thin size, it is used to make considerably wider handgun sights that capture and emit light throughout its length. 

Because the rod catches the light and channels it to the rod endpoints, they glow brightly in highly illuminated environments. The longer the rod, the brighter the vision, yet the more fragile it becomes.

Narrow tubes of this material make the gadget very visible even in low-light circumstances. Fiber optic sights come in various colors and are often cheaper than tritium varieties. 

While some assume they are too fragile for a p320 carry handgun, they can resist significant abuse when mounted properly.


Fiber rods illuminate effectively in bright light. Their flexibility with several diameter and color possibilities and simplicity in replacement is more than you could ask for at their price range. 


Fiber Optic Sights require intense light to function even cloud cover can lower the perceived illumination of the sight. The fiber rods are delicate and will not withstand multiple drops or high-intensity recoil.

The rods are simple to replace, but if one breaks while shooting, you must focus entirely on your sight blade.

SIG P320 Co-witness Sights

SIG P320 Co-witness Sights

Firstly, co-witnessing is the combination of sight and the gun’s iron sights. When the red dot on the optic aligns with that on the latter, the two collaborate as co-witness varieties. These varieties offer better precision while providing a contingency option if your primary choice fails.

Absolute and 1/3 versions are the two primary co-witness forms. These approaches are best suited for various situations. What is most efficient and convenient for your shot may determine your most excellent option.



With this version, the iron sights and red dots are consistent, and the optic is near the bore. You can adjust more efficiently if your eyepiece loses power or if you quickly move from a darker to a brighter place. 

Because you won’t have to realign, you can adapt to changes rapidly.

⅓ co-witness:

Using this option with your sig p320 will benefit from a less cluttered view with greater visibility. This aspect may be your ideal option to see the field and target with utmost clarity, as it helps locate your target quickly.

It may also allow for more natural neck alignment and, thus, less muscle strain.

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What To Consider When Selecting a Sight for Your Sig P320

Having gone through some best sight options for a sig p320, you might ask yourself the defining features to look for when purchasing one. 

Below is a list of things your Sig p320 should primarily have for effective performance.

A Rugged Body Material

When you install a sight to your sidearm, it becomes an essential element of your gun. It should therefore be similarly rugged and robust. To ensure durability, make sure the sight is made of steel or metal. Tough night sights feature an aircraft-aluminum-grade material. 

The Ideal Weight for Sig p320 Sight

The sights’ solidity shouldn’t compromise their weight. A lightweight optic of fewer than 2 ounces is ideal with your sig p320. Remember that by mounting a red dot, your weapon will increase in weight significantly.

The Compatibility of the Optic

The Sig Sauer P320 is not a gun compatible with any red dot sight. At times you’ll be required to restructure your weapon. Suppose you do not wish to change or modify your sig p320. Then you may purchase a sight requiring no modification.

Illumination Features

Almost all Sig Sauer p320 front and rear night sight set will provide ideal illumination, especially as a glow-in-the-dark optic. The longevity of the glowing effect is what you should consider. 

As you have discovered in the article, different sights have unique methods of absorbing and emitting light. If your option requires light exposure, expose it to a reliable light source before your subsequent event. 

Battery Specifications for Extended Usage

We advise on Sig Sauer pistols models whose battery specs influence their extended life to give you long service. Longer battery life depends on how frequently you carry your Sig.

A Compact Design

Understanding the sights’ dimensions comes into play as not all optics, despite their quality, will fit your sig p320. Most times, some optics will work but not perfectly.

Choose a sight that is as compact as possible. It will fit precisely on your rifle while saving a lot of room.

The Manufacturer

Rifle scopes and handgun optics brands are increasing daily, and buying a fake product disguised as the best quality option is easier.

The brands discussed above are licensed manufacturers making some of the best optics. 

Essential Functionality Aspects of a Sig P320 Optic

There are three essential functionality features to consider:

  1. Glowing green dots: This can be for both front and rear dots, but some, like the TRUGLO variety, have varying front and rear dot colors, which change with the available light. The most important thing is to confirm if the glowing dots work relatively well in low-light contexts. 
  2. Durability: Any shooting purpose will demand much from your rifle, thus also punishing your optic. Trijicon night sights(xs sights), especially the RMR, is a good option as it is equipped with an aircraft-grade aluminum grade material to counter recoil and survive in challenging shooting environments.
  3. Red dot use: Red dots are described as the premium options. They help in easy sight acquisition, especially for distanced targets in the dark. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR is a reliable option if you’re looking for better visibility and accuracy in low-light environments.

How to Mount a Trijicon SG03 3 Dot Front and Rear Sights for SIG P320

Work On The Gun

Step 1Safely disassemble the sig p320 and detach the slide. Examine the chamber and remove any bullets you discover. Then, position the barrel safely and pull the trigger to ensure it’s not loaded.

Step 2: Take out the slide’s recoil spring and barrel. Flip the slide over and look for a long, coiled piece of metal that takes up about half of the surface. To loosen and pull the spring out of the slide, apply pressure on the end of the spring. Pull out the barrel, a cylindrical piece of metal that rests beneath the spring.

Step 3: Place the slide sideways on top of a universal workbench block. A stable bench block keeps you from accidentally damaging your p320 when installing the sights.

Rear Sight Set Up

Step 1: Grease the empty dovetail and the new rear sight with rubbing alcohol. Wipe a cotton swab around the interior of the dovetail with rubbing alcohol. Next, wipe your new rear sight’s bottom and sides. Cleaning your equipment of oils and filth provides a snug, secure fit.

Step 2: Back up and partially slide the rear sight into the dovetail. Ensure that the two dots face you as you slide the sight in. If it isn’t going in smoothly, squeeze a drop of grease into the dovetail groove.

Step 3: Tap the rear sight into the dovetail using a hammer. After gently pushing the rear night sight, insert the pistol slide into the device close to its pusher block. Turn the T-handle to shove the new sight into the dovetail’s center.

Step 4: Center your rear optic with the hammer. It doesn’t have to be accurate.

Front Sight Setup

Step 1: Examine the front end of the p320 as you unscrew the front sight with a unique sight tool.

Step 2: Apply a small Locktite to the new screw threads. Insert the replacement screw with your front sight into your front sight tool, pointy side up.

Step 3: Screw the front sight on top of the weapon. Turn the slide over and fasten the screw into the new optic while holding the sight in place. Twist the front sight tool to ensure everything is secure and locked down.

Step 4: Reassemble your p320 with the new optic on. Insert the barrel first, preceded by the recoil spring. Next, align the slide with the gun’s frame and slide it entirely back into place. As the levers lock back, you’ll hear a click sound.

Note: It is essential to wait a day before using the newly assembled sig Sauer p320 with the Trijicon SG03 3 Dot, especially for the lubrication to cure off.

People Also Ask

Does the SIG P320 have adjustable sights?

The rear sight of the SIG P320 is completely adjustable for inclination and windage. This allows you to modify your pistol’s point of contact in any way you choose.

Is SIG P320 optic ready?

SIG P320 line of firearms is optics-ready straight out of the box. It comes with a reflex sight installed which makes it optic-ready.

Is SIG P320 discontinued?

In 2017, it had been announced that a new version of the SIG P320 would be released with several modifications. The SIG P320 model had been discontinued in 2020 in everything but the Nitron Compact variants. 

Does the military use the Sig P320?

SIG P320 series has been effectively used by the US army, navy, air force, marine officers, and air force officers for years. Sig Sauer has delivered over 100,000 of the SIG P320 models to the US army. 

What MOA is Best for a P320?

Any optic with 4 MOA or less is a good choice for a pistol.

Is a Trijicon RMR Compatible with a SIG Sauer P320?

Yes. A Trijicon RMR can be fitted and mounted on a SIG P320. The procedure is as explained in the process above.

How Long Does Sig P320 Night Sights Last?

The most important thing to remember is that these sights gradually lose effectiveness over time.

Tritium has a half-life of around 12.5 years; therefore, tritium sights will only be half as brilliant in a little more than a decade.

Which Is the Best Way to Maintain Sights for Sig p320?

Regular cleaning of your pistol will also include repairing the night sight.

When not in use, keep the p320 far from harm, including out of reach for children.


That is all we have for the sights for Sig p320. Those are affordable and premium options you can choose depending on your shooting purpose.

Comment below on which product would you like to buy and why? You can also suggest what we should look at in our subsequent write-up.

Reference: stock polymer construction gun: https://www.sportsmansguide.com/

Company details:https://www.sigsauer.com/, Target shooting or home defense, the P320 is a great Gun. Chek more on Sig Sauer P320 Compact Sights on this site.


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