4 Best Sights for Walther PPS M2 in 2023 [Good for Shooting]

Have you ever thought of the best sights for your Walther PPS M2? Well, a Walther PPS M2 is a pistol made from Germany with concealed-carry permits.

It is easy to handle and shoots like a small, lightweight 9mm gun with perfect exactitude. A PPS M2 is good for its accuracy during the day and night.

However, it is a gun that you can carry daily. There are various Walther PPS M2 sights available in the market. Don’t start scratching your head thinking of how many you know.

Because I have compiled a detailed list of four Walther sights, I believe it is the best. Would you mind reading on to find out?

PPS M2 sights are perfect for enhancing your aiming and shooting experience. They improve your performance under different situations and make the Walther PPS effective.

Moreover, they have a refreshed grip and a button to release the magazine. Check out these examples to find out more.

Comparison Reviews for Sights for Walther PPS M2

TruGlo TFX Pro
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Compact design
  • Multi-color
Check Price
XS Sight Systems GL-0001S-6 DXT Dot
  • Snag-free design
  • Night sight
  • Blend material
Check Price
XS SI-0002S-6 DXT Sight
  • Low profile snag-free design
  • Low-light accuracy
  • Multi-color
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Top 4 Best Sights for Walther PPS M2 Reviews in 2022

Your Walther PPS M2 pistol matches differently with each of the sights listed. Talk of accuracy, upgrading your PPS M2 sights will give you the best exactitude on your target.

In extreme low light conditions, laser sights or night sights will work well to provide you with a perfect aim.

Not to mention the advantage of shooting your target in concealed positions; the best Walther sights will work magic for you. However, you’ll have to decide which features work best for you before you settle on a specific one.

#1. Truglo TFX Pro Tritium and Fibre Optic Xtreme Handgun Night Sight Set

Truglo TFX Pro Tritium and Fibre Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights

When it comes to visibility, the Truglo TFX Pro offers you the best of both worlds. It includes tritium and fiber optic lamps. While fiber optics intensify and reduce the available light, tritium lights constantly emit a faint glow. Truglo TFX Pro is the Best Walther PPS M2 Sight.

You can as well center your sights well using the soft glow during the night. The Truglo PPS sight is for most Walther PPS suppressors or a replacement set for your Walther PPS 9mm night sight. 

On the Walther PPS M2, these sights are significantly taller than the standard ones. But you can opt for more petite ones since there are holsters for raised pictures.

Ensure you get a sight removal tool for you to install the sights, seek help in most gun stores at a fee, or seek professional help.

Key Features:

  • Durable design
  • Perfect illumination
  • Capsule-sealed TFX


Sturdy design

Truglo TFX Pro is for an emergency operation that may require one hand. It may be done through the rear sight, fast, and accurate U-notch design.

It has a limited warranty of 12 years, plus it’s assessed and commended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) field testers.

Perfect illumination

Truglo TFX Pro is of Swiss tritium for maximum illumination. Moreover, it is gathered and machined in the USA. It has an improved, faster focus from the divergent colored ring that is front sight Focus-Lock.

Capsule-sealed TFX

A capsule-sealed TFX ensures supreme protection and resilience of the sight. It has a permanent protective coating that is invulnerable to ultrasonic cleaning processes, chemicals, cleaning solvents, and oils with the Fortress Finish.


  • Due to contrasting colors, it has a quick target acquisition.     
  • It combines fiber and tritium optics.
  • Easy to install.
  • Truglo TFX Pro Sight includes encapsulated tritium inserts.
  • You can control it with one hand through its angled sight.


  • The sight radius usually is reduced since it is slightly longer.
  • You may need to get a gunsmith to install it.
  •  You may see problem to install on a personal defense weapon.

Are Truglo TFX sights good?

Yes. Truglo TFX sights are always ready as they glow brightly during the day and night. They are accurate, best night sights, and can handle just about anything from the amazingly durable design.

Additionally, a rust-proof fortress finish and a shock-resistant capsule protect them.

Are Truglo sights adjustable?

No. The sights are non-adjustable for elevation purposes. With the adjustable feature added, it would hamper the stellar durability. Though the point of impact is a few inches low at 25 yards, they still have a great look.

Are Truglo Glock sights any good?

Yes for brightness. Truglo Glock sights glow in with the patented technology ark and switch remarkably through all light conditions. Their design is snag-resistant and constructed from CNC-machined steel.

Standard holsters fit the Truglo Glock sights, and the target cannot see them. It is due to the present fiber that conceals it.

#2. Crimson Trace LG-482 Laser Sights for Walther PPS M2

Crimson Trace LG-482 Laserguard Laser Sight for Walther PPS M2

The Crimson Trace is a compressed PPS M2 laser sight. The laser’s slim profile matches the gun as it is firmly attached to the trigger guard.

You can still be accurate with it even in the most stressful situations. The Crimson Trace Laser Sight for Walther PPS is adjustable for windage and elevation, in as much as it is user-installed in minutes.

It nicely fits the trigger guard as a strong laser sight for your Walther PPS M2. Even with large hands, the trigger guard has enough space for your trigger finger.

Also, the laser sits flush with the pistol’s barrel. It has a reachable button as it doesn’t activate when you unholster the gun.

The PPS sight works well and can also pair with another view for a fantastic exactitude. It uses a single 1/3N battery for continuous use of over two hours.

Key features:

  • Easy setting up
  • Automatic activation
  • Very impressive brightness.
  • Reasonable runtime


Easy setting up

Crimson Trace Laser Sight for Walther PPS M2 requires no gunsmithing since users can easily set it up. For Windage and Elevation, a tool is provided for the adjustments, though it is factory sighted at 50 feet.

Automatic activation

The front activation button immediately engages the laser when you hold the firearm at a regular firing grip. Now, this feature distinguishes the Crimson Trace Walther PPS from other sights.

Very impressive Brightness

It has the brightest beam endorsed by the law, a class 3R green PPS M2 laser that is perfectly noticeable. Other properties include a 515-532 nm and a 5Mw peak.

Reasonable runtime

On purchase, it includes a 1/3N powered battery that can stay over 2 hours.


  • It allows you to shoot at long ranges through the powerful laser.
  • The battery life is impressive.
  • Installation and operation of the Crimson Trace are pretty straightforward.
  • It has a quick and automatic button for powering it on and off.
  • It is highly accurate with quality procurement that favors the apprentice shooters.


  • It will be necessary to check on the batteries from time to time.

Is Crimson Trace laser worth it?

They significantly enrich the usefulness of a home defense weapon as an evident advantage. The best part is that you won’t need to stress out about perfect sight picture and alignment.

It is because the laser comes on when you squeeze the grip, even without your finger on the trigger.

How long does a Crimson Trace laser last?

It comes with two CR 2032 batteries that have a battery life of 4 hours. To completely power down the system, it also features a master on or off switch.

#3. XS Sight Systems GL-0001S-6 DXT Standard Dot

XS SIGHT SYSTEMS GL-0001S-6 DXT Standard Dot Tritium Night Sights

XS Sight Systems is best for any light condition as it is a defensive PPS M2 night sight. It has a white outline that’s highly visible on the Express rear sight. It features a vertical tritium bar that is green in color.

Adjacent to the tritium dot, the front view has a large, visible white ring. XS Sight works with most holsters in the market, and the rounded low-profile design won’t slow your draw. However, XS Sight intends to substitute the factory Walther PPS M2 night sights.

Key features:

  • Express rear
  • Snag-free design
  • Large front sight


Express rear

The express rear of the XS Sight System intends to prevent front sight obstructions when in motion.

Snag-free design

The green tritium design is snag-free for comfortable transport.

Large front sight

The XS Sight has improved the front sight acquisition speed of the is with a large front sight. On the other hand, it has the best visibility in low-light environments since the white dot reflects light.


  • Installation of the XS Sight System is easy.
  • The purchase comes with a complete installation package.
  • They are excellent for aged eyes.
  • You can carry the sights anywhere since they go unnoticeably concealed.


  • Easily corrosive when not used frequently.

#4. XS Sight System WT-0002S-6 DXT Standard Dot Sight

XS Sight Systems SI-0002S-6 DXT Standard Dot Tritium Express Sight

XS Sight System is a small, unique night sight that’s effective for the PPS M2. It has the added advantage of increasing your speed in target achievement.

It has fluorescent colors as a night sight that does not pop up lamps glowing in the dark. The XS has slightly slanted rear PPS sights to increase your acquisition speed and guide your eyes to the front view. 

Well, things now get a bit more enjoyable when you look at the rear part of the sight—seamlessly linking up with the white dot from the front view.

The small “V” notch supplements a vertical tritium lamp in the middle. Thanks to the DXT Standard Dot that does everything for you since you’ll get minimal distractions and your eyes automatically guided.

Key features:

  • Presence of tritium lamps
  • V-notch rear sight
  • Snag-free design
  • Large front sight


Presence of tritium lamps

In environments with low or dark light, the tritium lamps help align the PPS M2 sights.

V-notch rear sight

For greater target identification, thanks to the v-notch rear sight that provides a wide field of view.

Snag-free design

The snag-free design enables quick removal of the pistol from the holster. It literally won’t get stuck in the clothing, which results in a swift attack on the target.

Large front sight

The swiftness of the front sight acquisition is from the big front sight.


  • The PPS M2 sight has instructions included in a complete package with tools.
  • The XS Sight System has easy fixtures.
  • It comes with better visibility from the safeguarded white tritium inserts.
  • It has a front sight acquisition that is impressively fast.


  • It is not for aged eyesight.

Check sights for Walther ppq m2

Check the differences on the pistols for Walther PPS vs PPQ

XS big dot vs. Standard dot

Suppose you’re in for defensive shooting; I would highly recommend the big dots PPS night sights. They’re the best for use even under stress since the blooming golf ball will be easily noticeable.

Alternatively, you can use the standard dots for distance precision shooting.  They excel for 25+ yards while the XS big dots work well on 25-yards and in. The Standard XS dots are 0.140” wide, while the big drops are 0.188” wide.

Best Sights for Walther PPS M2 Buying Guide

Sights for Walther PPS M2 reviews

While out there looking for the most pleasing sights for your Walther PPS sight, be sure that there’s no definite trick that will guide you through. Nonetheless, you will undoubtedly bump into a thousand different options in the market.

It implies that your choice will greatly influence, depending on what you value most and the intended purpose of use. Please consider the following points for a better guide:


A good PPS sight needs to be durable enough To withstand the movement of the slide, cleaning, the recoil of the weapon, holstering, and all sorts of pressure subjected to the gun.

Quality assurance

It should have high-quality components to withstand the time test—for instance, optic fiber or tritium vials.

Perfect Coating

Do a comprehensive assessment to ensure that the sights have an okay finish and adequate coating.


It should be compact and low profile to match the concealability and size of the weapon. You will experience difficulties using the gun and holstering, suppose it has too high sights.

Easy to use

It should be easily accessible for use and aiming from its apt brilliance. The brightest ones that you will find on the market are tritium sights though the quality relies typically on the manufacturer.

Quick target acquisition

A good PPS sight should provide optimal target acquisition that is quick at the same time.

Sight type

Significant dot sights are good for shooting from short to mid-range, though irrelevant for longer distances.

What does PPS M2 stand for?

What does PPS M2 stand for

So that you know, PPS stands for Police Pistol Slim while M2 is model 2. It is as easy to carry and conceal as an extraordinary slim single-stack, striker-fired semi-auto handgun.

It is for undercover enforcement of the law and the burgeoning self-defense market.

Walther PPS M2 sights upgrade kits

PPS M2 sights upgrade kits

Did you know that you can upgrade various kits to improve your Walther PPS M2? Well, this is mainly to enhance the experience and make the gun function perfectly. Some of the kits to upgrade include:

Custom match-grade magazines

You’ll feel a bit safer from upgrading the capacity of your firearm with a custom mag. You can either invest in a more prominent capacity magazine or upgrade the baseplate.

Alternatively, you can opt for a perfectly upgraded factory magazine that is a professional match grade.

Custom handgun sights

These can either be red dot sights or night sights for your Walther PPS M2. The night sight options include fiber optic sights, tritium sights, and photoluminescent sights.

For a stabilized point of aim, the red dot sights often differ from one manufacturer to the other.

Custom barrels or slides

You can get your slide looking the way you want and still working faultlessly. In the same way, you can also improve your shooting experience with a new barrel.

It minimizes recoil in as much as factory barrels can also be upgraded.

Custom grips

Suppose you’re in for a distinctive look and comfort; this is a good choice for you. It enhances a secure and tighter grip for improved shooting.

You can invest in several Walther PPS laser grip options like grip tapes, interchangeable grips from the manufacturer after purchase, and finger groove grips, among other possibilities.

Holsters: Holsters are just a part of the firearm’s means of carrying, despite not being a part of the pistols. They enhance the safety and speed of drawing it out.

Walther PPS M2 sight replacement

PPS M2 sight replacement

There are various types of PPS night sights for replacement, especially in strategic situations. Let’s look at each product in detail;

Fiber optic sights

They function as a contrasting material in the sights, making it easy to distinguish your aim accurately. However, please note that they do not emit light. The space lighting is the best option for a rail, or any handheld mounted light.

Tritium night sights

Fuelled by tritium gas that is a radioactive hydrogen isotope, the added vision of these sights radiates from a source of inherent energy.

When struck by the electrons from the gas, it produces phosphorus matter and creates a fluorescent light. The light emits better vision in completely dark scenarios and low light.

During the day, they are standard white dots that are bright and glowing green dots at night. Tritium night sights are durable, high-quality sights among the best options in the market.

Photoluminescent night sights

Light ordinarily charges these night sights. They glow after sunlight exposure and are self-sustainable, even though they require light exposure to function.

Where is the Walther PPS M2 made?

The Walther PPS M2 is a model from Germany, with a tough, black, Tenifer finish on the stainless steel slide. Fore and aft, it also can sport cocking notches.

At its widest point, it’s just 1 inch wide and measures an overall 6.3 inches. The barrel is 3.18 inches with a 21.1 empty ounce of the pistol weight.

Overall, the Walther PPS M2 is a perfect option for the recent armed private citizens as a semi-auto, slight pocket-sized firearm.

It includes low-profile 3-dot sights, an oversized ejection port, and a viewport at the top rear of the hood barrel that modern gunners expect.

Sights for Walther PPS M2: How To Install Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walther PPS M2 a good gun?

It is such a reliable firearm, as slim as it is. You can carry the pistols with you daily since it is concealable within or outside the waistband when you throw a shirt over it. It has a stunning feature of its release magazine, which fires them out and ejects empty ammunition. It is basically for self-defense

Can you put a laser on a Walther PPS M2?

Yes. A compact laser sight for the Walther PPS M2 pistol is the LG-482G Green Laserguard. Its slim profile matches that of the gun as it is firmly attached to the trigger guard.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe laser sight is flexible for advancement and windage, in as much as it’ll only take minutes to user-install it.

Does the Walther PPS M2 have a safety?

Yes. It consists of three highlighted safeties, namely Quicksafe, trigger safety, and a firing pin safety.

What is the difference between Walther PPS and PPS M2?

The main difference between these two handguns is that Walther PPS does not have the front serrations included.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eConsidering an ambidextrous mag release, the magazine release for the PPS is found on the trigger guard. The interchangeable backstraps on the PPS on PPS M2are removed.

Final Words

Our 4 Best Sights for Walther Pistols comprehensive guide is enough to choose from. Your Walther PPS M2 will be supplemented differently with either of the sights on this list. One of the best purchases for your pistol laser-wise is the Crimson Trace LG-482. It offers incomparable visibility as far as laser sights are concerned.

On the other hand, the XS Sight Systems is the choice for you – suppose you’re bold enough to try something new. Finally, Truglo TFX Pro works best for both fiber optic and tritium worlds.

Trust me; you’ll be guaranteed day and night reflectivity without a struggle using any of the best Walther sights on your gun. Go ahead and try them out for a new and improved shooting experience. I hope you enjoyed Best Walther PPS M2 Sights Reviews


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