4 Best Sights for Walther PPQ M2 in 2023 | An Expert Reviews

In different fields of life, we need to use weapons like handguns, pistols, rifles, etc for different purposes. Sometimes it is in shooting or hunting and sometimes by the military or the law enforcement authority.

If you are under threat in dark to identify objects you need light and must be illuminated.

Today we will be discussing the best sights for Walther PPQM2, which will not only enhance your accuracy but also will help you to hunt at night.

Nevertheless, for enhancing weapons efficiency legendary companies have introduced us with tons of innovative products. Night sighting devices are one of them. These sights improve not only your accuracy but visibility as well.

Comparison Chart of Sights for Walther PPQ M2

Trijicon Night Sight
  • Tritium-Phosphor, glowing elements
  • Compatible with Walther P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2
    Perfect for hunting
  • Active in low light or even in darkness
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Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sight
  • Tritium, glowing element
  • Compatible with Walthers P-99 9mm, .40 compact pistols, and .45 full-size Pistols
  • Battle field proven
  • Best low light performer
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  • Tritium and fiber optics, glowing elements
  • Compatible with handguns and Walters several pistols
  • Perfect for shooting
  • Ready mode in any light condition
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Walther Steel 3-Dot Night Sights
  • Phospor, glowing element
  • compatible with P99, PPS, and several handguns
  • Perfect For shooting
  • Effective in daylight or night
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Trijicon night sight is the best WALTHER PPQ M2 SIGHT compared to others for its battlefield-proven performance.

Trijicon night sights feature long-range improved visibility, higher accuracy rate, excellent brightness in all weather conditions.

NATO and US standard certifications ensure the quality of the product. Undoubtedly, Trijicon sight is a remarkable one for shooting and hunting lovers.

Our Recommended Top 4 Best Sights for Walther Pistol Models 2023 – Ultimate Guides & Reviews

#1. Trijicon Night Sight Set                       

Trijicon Night Sight Set for Walther

Trijicon  Sight is one of the innovative sighting devices designed and manufactured by Trijicon. This HD night sighting device is developed to address the demand of tactical shooters. The three dot green tritium set’s front featured a taller blade.

The ringed aiming point is painted dark photoluminescent while the black outlined rear sight features a wider U-shaped notch. This advanced combination improves visibility and incites front sight acquisition even in transitional light.

Tritium-filled glass lamps provide excellent illumination in darkness or low lights. Tritium gas lamps are enclosed in protective aluminum cylinders surrounded by a silicone rubber pad.

There is a 12-year warranty for green tritium lamps from the date of manufacture. This sighting device is compatible with  Walther’s  P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2  models and is undoubtedly quality proven, making it the best night sight for Walther PPQ M2 Pistols. The sharply hooked front surface aids in one-handed slide manipulation.

Trijicon night sight is a quality package complying with US Military Specifications and NATO standards.

Key Features:

  • High visibility with colored front sight posts.
  • Excellent illumination in low light or even in darkness.
  • Compatible with Walther P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2 models.
  • “U” shaped rear notch enhances front size acquisition.
  • Trijicon provides HD night sights.
  • Style: P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2 models
  • ALUMINUM CYLINDERS Protect lamps from heavy recoil.


Visibility: Glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent paint provides improved visibility even in transitional light. Color is Bright & Tough

Acquisition: Specifically designed “U” shaped rear notch enhances front sight acquisition. That assists to satisfy your hunting desire.

Compatibility: This sighting device fits Walther’s Pistols several models, such as P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2.

Protection: Aluminium cylinder filled tritium gas lamp and additional silicone rubber pad for extra protection.

Warranty: 12 years warranty is given to the green tritium lamps from the date of manufacture that ensures the light quality.

Superior illumination: Tritium-Phosphor lamp provides superior illumination in low light settings or even in darkness.

Manipulation: Front surface sharped hooked assists for one-handed slide manipulation.


  • Perfect sighting device for hunting, shot perfectly.
  • Excellent visibility even in transition light.
  • Compatible with several Walther P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2 models.
  • Best performer for front sight acquisition.
  • Long time warranty and extra protection ensure product quality.


  • This device is easy to install but it takes patience. Professional installation is recommended.

Where is the serial number on Trijicon sights?

In Trijicon sights, reflected serial numbers are located on the right side of the optic merely above the windage adjustment. 

How long are Trijicon sights good for?

The average Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) has an effective life of 10-12 years. The half-life of tritium night sight is 12.32 years since it’s an unstable isotope. Considering this, there is a warranty of 12 years from the date of manufacture for green lamps. 

How long do Trijicon HD night sights last?

The HD night sights fade gradually with time, not before 4-5 years.

Are Trijicon night sights good?

This heavy-duty product is equally effective in both daylight or low light. The Trijicon night sights are incredible.

2. Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sight Set

Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sight for Walther P-99 9mm

Meprolight night sight is a combination of innovative technology which is developed for the battlefield. It is designed for law enforcement, militaries, and professional shooters all over the world.

Meprolight’s low-light effective performance makes it different from others. This night sight device is battle field-proven. For its unique design, it is compatible with handguns.

Especially, with Walther P-99 9mm and .40 compact pistols,45 Full-Size Pistols. Due to its lightweight, you can chase your target quickly where a moment matters.

All-weather, high visibility crystal clear glass allows you to identify your targets. Wide field of view display eases your targeting for precise engagement. With simple customization, Meprolight’s self-illuminated sights can be placed directly.

Meprolight’s state-of-the-art technology confirms energy efficiency, providing continuous operation under battlefield conditions. Tru-Dot is a quality package complying with US Military Specifications and NATO standards.

Advanced production facilities with improved quality made Meprolight the first choice among law enforcement agencies and the military. All the reason makes it the best sights for walther ppq m2 9mm.

 Key Features:

  •  Energy-efficient self-illuminated sights ensure high visibility.
  •  Proven on battle-field by the militaries and the law enforcement authorities.
  •  High transparent optical glass allows perfect visibility in daylight, low-light, and night-time conditions.
  •  Rigid structure and lightweight ease your acquisition.
  •  Best low-light performer. 


Visibility: Self-illuminated sights ensure high visibility in all weather conditions.

Acquisition: Improved technology with high transparent optical glass ensures front sight acquisition.

Large FOV Display: Widefield of view window allows time-worthy and precise engagement.

Quality Proven: Meprolight complying with US military specifications and NATO standards. That confirms the superior quality of the device.

Energy-efficient: Meprolight’s products are energy efficient, providing continuous efficiency under battlefield conditions.

Crystal Clear Optic: High transparent optical glass permits quick targeting in any weather.

Compatibility: This sighting device is compatible with Walthers P-99 9mm, .40 compact pistols, and .45 full-size Pistols.


  • Quality proven on battle-field.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Wide FOV and self-illumination allow precise acquisition.
  • Provides perfect sight in all weather conditions.
  • Simply compatible with handguns.


  •  The bottom threaded hole of the front sight is centrally forward, which makes the installation a little more difficult.

Are  Meprolight Tru-Dot sights good?

  The low light performance of Meprolight Tru-Dot is far better than the contemporaries. Its sights are incredible in daylight or even in low-light conditions.

Is Meprolight night sight battlefield proven?

Yes, It’s a battlefield-proven, currently used by law enforcement, militaries, and professional shooters across the world.

Does Meprolight Tru- Dot work simultaneously in all weather conditions?

Yes, Meprolight’s state-of-the-art technology provides solutions for all weather conditions, daylight, or even in darkness.

Does Meprolight Tru -Dot sight fade?

Yes, Tritium is an unstable isotope whose half-life is 12.32 years. Meprolight Tru -Dot sight fades gradually but not before 4-5 years.


TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Hangun Sights for Walther Pistols

TFX Pro is an award winning sighting device, combined with tritium and fiber-optic technology. For its advanced design, sharp visibility, and rigid structure, it becomes a customer-friendly product.

This sighting device is developed for tactical, hunting, and military purposes. Its all-weather glowing technology keeps it in ready mode. In TFX, fully-protected TFO technology is enclosed in a shock-resistant capsule. Focus lock method on front sight provides fast and secure acquisition.

TFX Pro is unresponsive to chemicals, oils, or cleaning solvents while cleaning. Its all-weather glowing technology and U-shaped rear notch allow high visibility in any situation.

The hook design assists in emergency one-handed manipulation. Green front fiber optics ensures higher accuracy. This sighting device provides longer sight, accuracy, and ultimate reliability to professional shooters.

It can be installed simply with several Walther pistols to enhance its capability, the installation process is user friendly.

Key Features:

  • Ready to use mode in all weather conditions.
  • U-shaped rear notch provides high front sight acquisition.
  • Contrasting orange focus lock rings allow fast and accurate shooting.
  • Compact and rigid structure enhances the performance of handguns.
  • TFX sealed capsule technology ensures high protection.


Visibility: Inner glowing technology provides high visibility day and night, in all weather conditions. TFX sighting device is always in ready mode.

Acquisition: U-shaped rear notch and focus lock system ensure the front sight acquisition.

Imperviousness: TFX pro is unresponsive to chemicals, oils, and any kinds of cleaning elements.

Brightness: Tritium and fiber optics combination technology provides excellent brightness and longer sight.

Compatibility: Especially, it is compatible with handguns and Walther several pistols.

Manipulation: Sharp hook designs assist in emergency one-hand operations.


  • Always ready to use in all weather conditions.
  • U-shaped rear notch and focus lock system ensure the acquisition.
  • Assists in the ultimate performance of professionals and shooters for their handguns.
  • TFX sealed capsule technology provides extra protection.
  • Compact design with rigid structure made TFX Pro a reliable and trustworthy sighting device.


  • The rear sight is not compatible with older Walther p99’s. No return policy!
  • Front sight and rear sight are slightly incoherent.

Are TruGlo TFX sights good?

With the combination of tritium and fiber optic sights technology, TruGlo TFX provides bright and precise sights day and night.

Can you adjust TruGlo pistol sights?

They are not adjustable, adding adjustability would hamper its durability.

Where are TruGlo sights made?

Maintaining all company specifications and standards TruGlo sights are produced in China.

How do Truglo sights work?

For fiber optic sights- Fiber optic is inserted in both front and rear sights with a sealed Tritium tube for surrounded light collection. That makes them glow brightly in the darkness.

4. Walther 3 Dot

Walther Steel 3-Dot Night Sights

3 dot night sight is one the innovative products of the legendary Walther company, designed and developed especially for handguns. Creed steel made 3 dots is unbelievably lightweight, only 0.1 pounds. Steel body ensures its long-lasting.

This device is compatible with P99, PPQ, and PPS. In this device, phosphor is contained in a sealed tube that provides brightness. The sealed tube also provides higher protection.

3 dot’s brightness allows a longer sight. Focus lock ring confirms fast and accurate shooting. Specially designed U – shaped notch ensures the front sight acquisition.

Rigid structure and advanced design made 3 dot user-friendly. It can install swiftly. This device is equally effective in daylights or even in darkness.

Hundred years legacy of Walther confirms the product is quality proven. For your ultimate shooting experience, 3 dot is a reliable and trustworthy sighting device.

Key Features:

  • Creed steed-made sithing device ensures its durability.
  • EXcellent brightness provides the ultimate performance, day or night.
  • Rigid body structure and lightweight property allow swift movement in any position.
  • U-shaped rear notch allows fast and secure acquisition.
  •  Excellent brightness of phosphor tube permits high visibility. 


Durability: 3 dot is extremely durable and long-lasting, made from creed steel.

Compatibility: This sighting device is compatible with P99, PPS, and several handguns.

Visibility: Phosphor-contained tube provides perfect brightness and higher visibility.

Protection: Glowing phosphor is contained in a protected tube that ensures extra safety in any condition.

Acquisition: 3 dot provides perfect front sight acquisition for its U-shaped rear notch.

Installation: The installation process of  3 dot is quite simple and frictionless compared to others.

Quality Proven: Walther complying with all NATO standards and US specifications in their products. That confirms its higher quality.


  • Durable and long-lasting for a creed steel-made body.
  • High visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Superior performance on the battlefield.
  • Allows fast and secure acquisition in front sight view.
  • unbelievably lightweight with rigid body structure.


  • Phosphorus is used as a glowing element, it requires to be changed with external light when it becomes impotent.
  • Company maintains no return policy.
  • This product contains chemicals that may cause cancer and harm the reproductive system.

Does steel make Walther 3-dot heavy enough?

Walter 3-dot is made from creed steel. That’s why it is durable and lightweight.

Is Walther still a German-made product?

Walther has two production plants in Germany and the U.S.A. where Walther products are made, maintaining all the specifications.

Is there any harmful element in Walther 3-dot sight?

Walther 3-dot contains chemicals that cause cancer and harm the reproductive system.

How does external light have effects on this night sight product?

In Walther 3-dot phosphorus is used as a glowing element, it requires to be changed with external light when it becomes impotent.

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Sights for Walther PPQ M2 Buying Guide

sights for Walther ppq m2 Reviews

There are few requirements to consider before purchasing a night sight. It varies with the product variation and weather conditions.

Some products are effective in the military, while others are perfect for hunting and shooting. Visibility, compatibility, brightness, durability, effectiveness are some of the requirements that ensure the quality of a night sight device.

Several sighting devices of different legendary companies are available in the market. Every year new products launch with innovations and new technologies.  But consumers need to consider twice before buying a product.

Here we will represent the requirements of the night sight device to be the best product for customers’ satisfaction.


Visibility, the most expected requirement of a sighting device, ensures the acquisition of targeting. For an effective sighting device improved visibility is a must.


Specially designed rear notch with focus lock and LASER guided technology enhance the sight device acquisition.


Different chemical ingredients are used as glowing elements sometimes, they are harmful to the human body. Customers need to be concerned about their own safety and protection before choosing a device.


The durability and weight of the product need to be considered for night sight.Lightweight and durability help to manipulate the product effectively.


Superior illumination assists accuracy in daylight or even in low light conditions. Advanced glowing technology ensures the capability of a sighting device.


A night sighting device is developed in a way that it becomes compatible with several models. Before choosing a device it is urgent to know which device suits your weapons.


In sighting devices, most of the glowing elements fade with time that reduces product efficiency. Customer needs to confirm the all-weather effectiveness of the device and the long-lasting of the glowing material.

If a  sighting device meets the above criteria, then the device  is recommendable for customers’ satisfaction in  hunting, shooting, military and  other purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes sights for Walther PPQ M2?

Several renowned companies make sights for Walther PPQ M2. Within these TRIJICON, MEPROLIGHT, TRUGLO and WALTHER are mentionable. Their sights are effective, accurate, and drawback-free with a certain period of warranty.

How to clean Walther PPQ M2?

To retain the shooting swiftness and accuracy make sure the gun is cleaned carefully. After a certain period, it is required to clean the gun. To clean a gun we need gun cleaner gel, basic pistol cleaning kit, jag, pistol brush, and some patches.

First, we have to remove the ammunition source, magazine to make sure the gun is fully empty. Then we have to pull the trigger, press down the slide and pull it back on the slide and push forward.

Then the slide comes apart. We will remove the spring and barrel and spray the gun cleaner on the slide and the gun frame to soak it a little bit. We will use some gun cleaning gel into the barrel.

Then we used the gun cleaning brush to wipe out all the dirt from the slide and on the spring. After this using paper towels, we have to wipe the slides and spring.

With a small brush, we will brush the inner portion of the barrel. Then we will wipe the inner side of the barrel using paper towels. After this using the patches we will use a little bit of lubricating oil on all portions.

In this case, we can use cotton buds to reach out to the inner portion of the pistol frame. We have to make sure that the lubricating process does not make it oily, just make it swift.

Then we will reassemble the different portions. In this way, we can easily clean our Walther PPQ M2.

How to remove iron sights from the walther ppq m2?

You may not like the iron sight the walther ppq m2 comes with. It is not accurate and convenient to use. The first suggestion we have for you is, if you are not familiar with the nook and crannies of the gun just go to a professional.

If you are an expert then you should follow the below mentioned methods. You can remove the rear sight by pressing down the pin and sliding the sight afterward. At this point it will just come off. On the side of the sight there’s a windage screw you need to remove.

This screw is mandatory to install other sights, so keep it safe. As far as the front sight removal goes, just under the sight there’s a screw that needs to be removed.

These screws are made of plastic so even if you can don’t remove or attach it too many times. You need to be careful when tweaking with the gun. If it falls accidentally, some parts might not work the same.

Is the Walther PPQ a compact?

No, the Walther PPQ is a subcompact variant of Walther’s PPQ M2 with slide barrel and shortened frame.

Is Walther PPQ double action?

Traditionally, Walther PPQ is a double-action autoloader with a remarkable short trigger.

Does the Walther PPQ M2 have safety?

The PPQ M2 features three internal safeties, trigger safety, firing pin safety, and disconnector safety.

Can you put a red dot on a Walther PPQ M2?

Yes, additional red dots can be installed on a Walther PPQ M2 for better accuracy and targeting.

Does Walther PPQ have night sights?

 Walther PPQ has several night sights including TRIJICON, MEPROLIGHT, TRUGLO and WALTHER .

Is the Walther PPQ M2 a good carry gun?

Well-made Walther PPQ M2 is a smooth shooter with perfect accuracy. For its unique design, it can carry easily with comfort.

Is a Walther PPQ better than a Glock?

Glock and Walther PPQ, both are effective handguns, Glock has reliability and simplicity in making while Walther PPQ has a more advanced design pattern. Individually, they are both perfect.

What does Walther PPQ stand for?

The Walther PPQ is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the German company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Ulm. PPQ stands for(German: [ˈvaltɐ], Polizei Pistole Quick Defence) Police Pistol Quick Defence.

Are Walther guns good quality?

Walther is the name of trust and reliability for its excellent products, most popular in European police and militaries. Walter-made guns are one of the best service guns in the world.

What is the best Walther?

 Walther PPQ M2 is the most renowned Walther product for its user-friendly design and effectiveness.

Is Walther owned by Smith and Wesson?

No. In 1999, the US-based Smith & Wesson company became the authorized importer for Walther Firearms. In 2012, the PW Group formed a new subsidiary, Walther Arms, Inc. to distribute the Walther arms in the United States market.


In this article, we have elaborately discussed what are the best sights for walther ppq m2. The above-mentioned sights are effective and loved by customers. Having a Walther gun doesn’t make it automatically good.

Because for proper visibility and aim you need the best sights. Whether you are an enthusiast or just a regular guy you find each product on our article helpful.

Reference: white dot vs night sights and factory sights https://www.agirlandagun.org/making-sense-pistol-sights/


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