Top 4 Best Sights for KSG in 2023 – Reviews, Comparison & FAQs

The KSG shotgun is a power pact modern-day firearm. It works wonders whether for defense or a battle. Even though KSG works great as a weapon, there is still a need for an accessory. You can imagine the overall performance when a KSG is given an amazing sight.

These back up sights are great accessories for help in shooting and also to enhance the durability of the KSG. However, only knowing about the type of sight that is popular isn’t enough.

The market is swarmed with different sights, and here we will reveal the best sights for KSG among them. 

Comparison Table of Sights for KSG

Vortex Optics Strikefire II
  • Reliable and durable for various tasks
  • Offers two different dot colors and ten illumination
  • Nitrogen purgings and o-ring seals prevent damages
  • Power controls at the rear position
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HOLOSUN HS510C Red Dot Sight
  • Backup power source when the battery doesn’t work
  • Brightness adjusts automatically
  • Motion-sensitive to turn on
  • Multi-layer coated lens
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Meprolight Reflex Sight
  • Only Red dot sight to work without batteries
  • The mounting base has quick-release levers
  • Crystal clear glass and large field of view
  • State-of-the-art technology improves energy
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AT3 Magnified Red Dot
  • Eleven brightness settings
  • Easy to switch and release magnifier
  • High battery life for long-term use
  • Resistant to water, fog, or other damages
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# Why HOLOSUN HS510C Red Dot is the Best Sights for KSG? 

HOLOSUN - HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight for Longer Barrel

Among the many sights for KSG in the market, HOLOSUN HS510C Red Dot stands out as the best shotgun sight for Kel-tec KSG. Firstly, the red dot sight has a rigid, sturdy metal surface to withstand any situation in the wild.

Multiple reticles, 12 brightness settings, and multi-coated lenses allow the clearest images to achieve fast targets. The best parts are the motion sensor to turn on or off, and the battery backup.

All these favorable features make this sight the most desirable among users.

Our Recommended Top 4 Best Sight For KSG in 2023

#1. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics Red Dot Sight is a great product by Vortex. Mount this sight on your KSG when you need target acquisition within seconds along with a high field of view. The view in front will become very clear in a moment, whether in broad daylight or night.

Apart from two-night settings, you will get eight other intensity levels. When you switch it on again, it will show the last intensity adjusted. There are controls on the rear side for powering on or off, making it the best flip-up sight for KSG. The optics are very simple to use and very accurate.

While talking about the design, let’s mention the high-quality aluminum alloy outer surface. This covering easily protects the sight from any damages by water or fog. In addition, the recoil rate decreases significantly. 

Even though this sight is said to have some downsides because of lacking some features, it still is a great one for KSG sight options in the given price range. The sight excels for its compatibility, good mounting level, and ease of use. 

Key Features:

Eye Relief

Unlimited eye relief is amazing and comfortable for constant and long-term targets. By using the elevation and windage dials you can adjust the view for clear images up to 100 MOA. Simply turn the dials in the direction shown for your desired point-of-impact of the bullet.


Since this is a red dot sight, the optics are useful for quick targets accurately. The Vortex sight is a 4 MOA Red Dot sight. To get the desired illumination, you have ten different intensity settings. Keep both your eyes open for a better view using the reticle.


You will get a 1x magnification through the 30mm objective lens. The magnification may not feel very high for long ranges. But the illumination settings compensate for the low magnification level to still provide a clear sight.

Mounting Type

This sight comes with a cantilever ring mounted option. Place it on the rail in a tight position about four inches apart for good eye relief. Ensure that the base clamp is hooked properly and then tighten the ring cap screws. The secure mounting system is compatible with various weapons.


  • Durable, accurate, and lightweight
  • Good mounting option 
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy adjustments that retain
  • Affordable sight for KSG (reasonable price)


  • Capacity and battery aren’t good

#2. HOLOSUN HS510C – Sight for KSG

HOLOSUN - HS510C Reflex Red Dot Sight for Longer Barrels

HOLOSUN makes next-level sights, and their HS510C Red Dot is no different. The first thing to mention is the high-power CR1632 battery that offers long-term use at brightness setting 6. The battery compartment is on the side for quick changes and to retain zero. 

Another great feature is the multiple reticle system in 2 MOA inside a 32 MOA circle. They can be used separately or together in a shooting. You also get 12 different brightness settings with two-night vision.

So, you can view it clearly in any environment. Moreover, this sight features a robust design with an aluminum build. So, you can use it in the wild without any worry about damage.

In addition, an anodized surface makes the sight sleek and compact. The sight will stay in place no matter how you handle the KSG due to the lock mechanism.

Your powerful battery is saved from draining to maintain efficiency. Undoubtedly this is one of the innovative sights in the market to secure the place of best sights for Kel-tec KSG easily. 

Key Features

Eye Relief

Infinite eye relief means that the sight is comfortable to the eyes. Even if you have to look through the optics for hours, it won’t tire the eyes. Both windage and elevation have 1 MOA per click adjustments. The adjustments further help with a clear field of view.


All the reticles are in 2 MOA in this sight. They work together or individually as you prefer. You can also select the accuracy by adjusting the reticle to a 65 MOA open circle. A circle-dot reticle allows fast target acquisition consistently without any recoil.


A magnification of 1x is quite small but suitable for KSG sights. This is because KSG shotguns are used for short ranges. So, a small magnification can still help to have a clear and sharp image of the target. 

Mounting Type

This optics has an integrated QD mounting system. You can easily mount the sight on the rail and also remove it when needed. The mounting system also makes the optics compatible with a number of firearms. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multiple reticles in one optics
  • Different illumination with night vision
  • High power battery ability
  • Lock mode and shake technology


  • Adjustments aren’t automatic

#3. Meprolight Self-Powered Reflex Sight- Best iron sights

Meprolight Self-Powered Reflex Sight not Include The killflash

Meprolight has taken the reflex sight game to the next level. Their Self-Powered Reflex Sight is specially designed for armed forces. In addition to the usual features included in the sight, they excel in their overall performance as the best iron sights for KSG.

The reflex sight has a triangle reticle and crystal clear glass for extra clear vision. When the field of view is so sharp and visible, users will achieve their target accurately and fast. A battery operation helps in night vision or other low light conditions. 

Even though the sight is made for soldiers, they are still simple to use. Anyone can use it in any environmental conditions without any damages. An innovative technology structure also boosts battery efficiency. 

Usually, this reflex sight is compatible with rifles as they are useful for military combat. All these amazing features don’t make the product bulky. The adjustments are easy and suitable for long-range shooting. 

Key features:

Eye relief

In this reflex sight, you get 10 – 600 mm eye relief. Adjustments at 1 MOA and optical designs help to keep your focus constant without tiring. As you keep your focus intact, the target acquisition becomes easy. 


A Triangle reticle system with tritium and optical fiber enhances the image clarity. Along with good focus, high-quality optics allow you to have a great field of view. So, the reticle is highly suitable for combat. 


Even with the super image clarity optics, the magnification remains at 1x. For a military sight, this range is quite low. But the other illumination mechanism helps to view the targets clearly. 

Mounting type

Classic Picatinny rails allow easy installation and removal of the optics. Once you install the red dot, it will stay in a fixed position to allow quick targets. Even after removal, the zero won’t change. 


  • Lightweight and energy efficient
  • Larger field of display
  • High-quality optical device
  • Suitable for different ranges
  • Easy to mount and remove


  • Unstable illumination of the reticles

#4. AT3 Magnified Red Dot with Laser Sight

AT3 Magnified Red Dot with Laser Sight Kit - 2 MOA Red Dot with Laser Sight and 3X Magnifier

AT3 Magnified Red Dot, as the name suggests, provides extra magnification for a great shooting experience. The laser sight is fully incorporated with modern technology for Kel-Tec KSG sights tactical flip up front and rear sights

Red dot illumination, laser sight, and 3x magnification all give excellent views to achieve targets, regardless of the range. You will get six different brightness settings for all light conditions. The lenses are multi-coated and crystal clear for further clarity. 

The design and internal mechanism all suggest that the red dot has been made especially for clear images. So, a wide range of tasks like defense, hunting, or other shooting is possible with the same brilliance. 

Even with the different adjustments, the red dot doesn’t change zero. So your focus will always remain intact. Overall, a versatile laser sight that maintains its high performance and is considered a KSG ghost ring sight.

Key features

Eye relief

Windage and elevation adjustments at 1 MOA per click offer unlimited eye relief. So, even if you need to focus for a long time, your eyes won’t get tired. Quick adjustments also help to make quick focus and achieve targets easily. 


The reticle is at 2 MOA for a crisp image view. In addition, the six brightness settings for different light conditions allow precision in shooting in open eyes. Adjustable and intact zero will help to fix the focus. 


You can easily switch the magnification from zero to 3 times power. All you have to do is pull the magnifier and rotate. In addition to the steel mount and rubber cover, this magnifier is beneficial for long-range outdoor shooting. 

Mounting type

Picatinny thumb screw mount allows you to easily install or remove the red dot from your weapon. This mounting system is rigid for a good focus. The magnifier has a separate steel mounting system. 


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Accurate and versatile
  • High magnification and power
  • The outer surface prevents any damages
  • Suitable for different ranges


  • Magnifier is quite heavy

Sights for KSG Buying Guide in 2023

Best Sight for KSG

Only knowing about the best sights in the market isn’t enough. A user’s choice and needs differ from others, so check some factors to buy the right KSG optics.


No matter the different features, your sight must provide accurate target acquisition. This would depend on the lens and red dot adjustment. If the dot size in MOA is smaller then the accuracy will increase.

But the speed becomes less because of the unclear view. So, the dot size for accuracy will depend on your eyesight.


Check that your sight has good elevation and windage adjustments for a clear field of view. So, even if you opt for smaller dots to increase precision, these features along with illumination adjustment will provide the necessary settings to make clear images.

Materials and Design

Remember that your KSG will work outdoors in different weather conditions. So, the materials must be resistant to water, fog, or other damages. It is recommended to go for aluminum surface sights for durability and lightweight features. In addition, the sight needs to be compact to carry easily. 


A magnification range from 1x to 4x is good enough for a KSG sight. But the ideal level is 3 times magnification. Since KSG is a short-range shotgun, a small magnification sight works well. So, a larger magnification range isn’t necessary.


These optics are run by a battery which is convenient in most cases. But ensure that the battery provided is rechargeable and has a long life and high power. However, the power will still depend on usage. 

Lens Coating

Your lens should also have good features apart from the red dot sight. Check if the sight has a lens coating for resistance from damages. In addition, the lens cap protects the glass from scratches. So, you need to get lens protection as well. 

What is KSG Red Dot?

Red dots are great optics for any shotguns or other firearms that lack a high magnification. Since KSG has a short range of shooting, red dot sights are ideal for it. By using the illuminated dot, the user can easily aim their targets with precision.

Usually, KSG Red Dot sights have more than one dot, green and red. In addition, several LEDs are also given for good illumination and light adjustments. High-power batteries run these kinds of sights.

The power settings are also easy to control, where most of them have buttons on the side. Another distinguishing feature is the eye relief that is unlimited for constant aiming of targets.

The eye relief is further enhanced by the high elevation and windage adjustments. So, even though these sights have lower magnification, they still allow clear images. 

They also have a high-quality outer surface that includes nitrogen purgings and aluminum built. In addition to the easy power control, compact size, and good brightness settings, KSG Red Dots stand out as mid-range quality optics.

Tryout on kel tec ksg upgrades and All Kel-Tec KSG Accessories

Top Sights for KSG and Buying guide.

About KSG Overview 

Best Sight for KSG

KSG are renovations of the amazing shotgun used in the early times, ready to replace regular shotguns. They have changed the game of shotguns with the latest technology, providing high performance even without any accessories.

Other unique features are the looks, capabilities, and precision. It was manufactured by Kel-Tech as a pump-action shotgun of 12-gauge. Two different magazines are attached to load bullets.

After loading the gun, the barrel is easy to lock to shoot around. The shotgun feels quite handy and works for a number of tasks easily. Picatinny rails are compatible with other accessories and are usually more than one. 

KSG Reflex Sight / Red Dot Sights – What is This?

KSG reflex sight is basically the same thing as a red dot but named differently. Generally speaking, reflex sight is an optical instrument that works with a partial reflective glass to see the aimed target’s illuminated projection.

The user can also see a superimposed image through the optics. A reflex sight is manufactured to help the users with faster targets usually in a 100-yard range.

This range is suitable in cases of hunting or other tactical situations. The device will allow the shooters to search their target and maintain a precise and natural aim by readjustment of position if needed.

These sights are flexible to work in any environmental conditions, with longer battery life. They are also quite lightweight and reliable for defense tools. Users may get dual reticles with brightness control settings. You can check details on sight picture definition and how it works here. For details on Acog vs red dot cheek here.

In addition to the optical features, they also have hard metal construction for resistance to any adverse conditions.

How reliable is the Kel-Tec KSG? Is the KSG a good shotgun? Get your answer and check Kel tec ksg shotgun problems and issues from year to year.

Why are KSG so expensive?

The price of Kel tec ksg firearms has been a topic of much debate in the firearms community. While some people feel that the high price tag is justified, others believe that guns are overpriced. So, what makes ksg firearms so expensive?

There are a few factors that contribute to the high cost of ksg firearms. For one, they are precision-crafted weapons that require a high degree of manufacturing expertise.

In addition, ksg firearms are made with unique features that aren’t found on other guns. These features include a bullpup design, which places the magazine behind the trigger.

It also includes rails for additional attachments. This makes ksg firearms very unique weapons that are popular on the black market.

Another factor that contributes to kel tec ksg firearms’ high price is their limited production numbers.

How to clean a keltec ksg?

Step 1 – Safety Checks. Before you start any work on your firearm, make sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Step 2 – Field Strip the Gun. To field strip the KSG, remove the magazine and pull back on the bolt release to eject the bolt. Then, rotate the barrel assembly 180 degrees and pull it forward off of the receiver.

Step 3 – Cleaning the Barrel. Use a cleaning rod with a jag or brush to clean the bore of the barrel. Apply a light coat of gun oil to the rod before cleaning the barrel.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Receiver. Use a brush or cleaning rod to clean out all of the dirt and fouling from inside the receiver. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil.

Step 5 – Cleaning the Bolt. Use a GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit (brush-like tool) with solvent to clean the bolt rails and inside of the bolt assembly.

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Handgun Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

Step 6 – Cleaning Inside the Receiver Tube (Optional). If you’d like, you can also take apart the gas piston assembly to clean it. First, lift up on the plunger fitting on top of the gas block and remove the gas piston. Then, use a cleaning rod and brush to clean out the inside of the receiver tube.

Be sure to re-assemble the gas piston and plunger fitting before putting the barrel assembly back on the receiver.

Step 7 – Re-assembly. Once you’ve finished cleaning the gun, re-assembly is reverse of the above.

– Cleaning the Receiver. Use a brush or cleaning rod to clean out all of the dirt and fouling from inside the receiver. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil.

Be sure to re-assemble the gas piston and plunger fitting before putting the barrel assembly back on the receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KSG come with sights?

KSG doesn’t come with any sights, but it has mounting rails for different accessories. The shotgun itself is a great weapon, but it can do well with a sight. If you mount on it a good quality sight, there will be a clearer view for flawless shooting.

Is the Kel Tec KSG good?

Kel Tec has made the earliest KSG shotguns and is currently popular for its innovative design and technology. This high brand name fulfills our expectations to provide outstanding KSG shotguns with little or no drawbacks.

Why is KSG so expensive?

KSG shotguns, especially from Kel Tec are very expensive weapons in the market. Even though these are reliable and highly efficient, people back out because of the price. This accounts for the availability of the weapon and also the overall u003cbru003eweapon system manufacturing process.

Is the KSG illegal?

KSG is legal in all states, most likely for licensed users. Although KSG is a powerful shotgun, it still has a controlled mechanism. Usually, the shooters have a good hand in using these types of shotguns to make them less dangerous.

Is the KSG discontinued?

There are still various KSG shotguns available in the market, but these aren’t very easy to get. Some of the KSG shotguns are getting discontinued, but you can still find others. KSG may replace other shotguns with time.

Is the KSG 12 good?

KSG 12 is an amazing shotgun that tops all the other shotguns. This weapon can allow fast and easy targets at low powers. In addition to this, other exclusive features increase the efficiency.

How much does a KSG-25 cost?

Kel-Tec’s KSG-25 is set at $876.79 price. Others may slightly vary from this range, but usually, KSG costs are quite expensive. Some may even cost up to $1500, depending on the features.

Can the KSG shoot slugs?

Since KSG has a greater range than other shotguns, it is the only one that is able to shoot slugs. This also means that the effective range of KSG is higher, to gain targets easily at medium ranges.

What makes a KSG California legal?

KSG California is semi-automatic, and has pump-action, Kydex installed and 30 inches extended stock. It can also be folded in half. All these features pass the California laws of legal guns and other weapons.

Can you put a vertical grip on a KSG?

KSG Foregrip allows a vertical grip in addition to the foregrip. You can mount it on any Picatinny-rail. The extra storage compartment allows this vertical grip. However, a vertical grip may cause problems and isn’t recommended.

Is KSG 25 legal in CA?

California has strict gun laws, but since KSG 25 is said to be legal from federal laws, it will also be legal in California. Check if the laws allow you to own a KSG 25 in your area.

Conclusion on Sights for KSG

We hope our list of the best sights for KSG has been useful for a proper guideline. As the number and types of sights are increasing day by day, it becomes tough to get the right one.

Not only the suitable factor but also the budget is confusing to choose such an optical device. So, we have attempted to make concise research with all the necessary details.

Have a thorough understanding from here and then get your desired red dot sight and save money. 


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