Top 6 Best KSG Upgrades for Your Beloved Shotgun 2023

Kel-Tec’s new 12-gauge bullpup pump-action shotgun is the KSG. Bullpup shotguns have their action behind the trigger group, for those unfamiliar with this term. In this criteria, the KSG is in fact a revolution.

Unlike most other shotguns, this bad boy has bought a change in the world with its stellar features and benefits. Equipped with some of the best KSG upgrades, this shotgun can make a huge difference.

Kel-Tec KSG Features

ket tec ksg features

2 Magazines

A completely new approach, two magazine systems are the best feature that KSG gives. Allowing you to switch manually in real-time, you can reload at the fastest possible time.

About capacity, each magazine can hold up to 7 of the 2.5-inch shells and of the 6 of 3-inch shells.

Compact Design

Designed short, this gun is the easiest to maneuver. The Bullpup system is responsible for this. Besides, there is a change. With this, you load and eject from the bottom.

Extremely Reliable

No gas systems make this shotgun highly reliable. Whatever the conditions are, you think that this will work by keeping the content in mind.

Our Recommended Top 6 Best KSG Upgrades Reviews in 2023

We all know how good the Kel-Tec KSG is. Nevertheless, for your information, you can make it even better by shortlisting KEL TEC KSG Accessories. With some of the must-have upgrades, the KSG can go from a 7 to a solid 10. Which ones to get? Keep reading to learn more about the best KSG upgrades.  

Let’s check for KEL TEC KSG Upgrades Overview-

#1. CDS Tactical Products Cheek Pad | Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Accessories

CDS Tactical Products Cheek Pad, Kel-Tec KS Series KSG

A must have KSG Upgrade. Shooting with your KSG can put quite a lot of pressure on your cheeks. Especially when you are holding this beast against one of yours.

However, the solution relies on the CSD Tactical Products’ cheek pads. Made to provide the ultimate comfort, this pad is a life changer.

Upgrades can be full of hassles but not this. No need for screwing or snapping, just stick this on your stock.

In addition, in case you want to remove this black comfortable pad, a hairdryer is enough. Easy to apply and remove, the convenience here is remarkable.

Benefits and features:

Enhanced Comfort:

Sore cheeks are regular cases for Kel-Tec KSG. Moreover, the recoil of this shotgun is insane. However, with this cheek pad installed, your cheeks will be saved. Increase the speed of target acquisition.

The softness of the material will give you comfort at the best. Even though the conditions will not be quite friendly in the battlefield, a soft sensation on your cheek is always appreciated.

Better Stability:

A cheek pad will enforce you with better stability. As you can hold your shooter with your cheeks more securely, the gun will feel much more stable. Hence, the targeting will be much better.

Besides, this cheek pad will ensure you can pull the trigger for a longer period. Your performance will be much better when your cheek is not aching. Moreover, a stable target will always be at your service.

Long-Lasting Service:

When it comes to quality, this cheek pad is a game-changer. Adding this to your shotgun will make it even better. Made from foam, this cheek pad is really soft.

Besides, there is a nylon cover to keep this foam-safe from any wear and tear. Enhanced durability ensured.

Additionally, the high-quality adhesive will ensure a secure stick to your stock, no matter what happens. You may use this rifle in any tough condition, with rain or mud regardless.

The chance of damaging the cheek pads is far less than any other. Your cheeks will remain comfortable in any condition for a long period.

#2. Parchayr Decelerator Slip-on Recoil Pad

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip On Recoil Pad

Another handy upgrade you can do to your Kel-Tec KSG is with a recoil pad. Shotguns are notorious for their extreme recoils.

No wonders, with the sheer amount of power they come with, the opposite force will be equal in strength. In terms of recoil, Kel-Tec has made the remarks.

However, with the Parchayr Decelerator recoil pad, you can decrease the impact to a decent extent. Hard pads from the factory can leave you with blisters. Having one of these can totally uplift your experience.


Better Control:

Recoils are one of the inevitable factors of a rifle/shotgun. There is complete physics behind this. Hence, you have to deal with it.

However, with this slip-on recoil pad on your stock, you will upgrade your shotgun to a grip magnet. As the grip is enhanced, control is enforced. You will be shooting with an accurate target even when the recoil is present.

All thanks to the recoil pad that you have installed on the back of the shotgun.

Indulge in Convenience:

Apart from controlling, there are other factors where you will see the change. First and foremost is the easiness of the installation. You don’t need to have any experience with tools whatsoever.

Just slip-on, just like a shoe, simple. In fact, within a .050-inch tolerance of stock, this will be a perfect fit. It takes only two seconds for a game to change. 

Even Better Looks:

We all know how good-looking the Kel-Tec KSG is. And now, with this upgrade, the look will have a refresh. With a new look, you will see the difference. In fact, the aesthetics that this upgrade will bring will surely keep you in awe.

In addition to that, you will notice there is a significant change in the feel of the gun now, in a positive way of course. What else do you need for a better experience? 

#3. Case Club Standard Manufacturing Pre-Cut Waterproof Shotgun Case

Case Club Kel-Tec KSG and Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Pre-Cut Waterproof Shotgun Case

Here comes an essential upgrade that all KSG owners must do. A case! Yes, exactly. A case is the best way to protect a gun.

If you never used one before, get one as soon as possible. Not only does it make the gun-carrying cooler, but also the safety it gives is also impeccable.

If you want to increase the longevity of your Kel-Tec KSG, buying a case is a great idea. In this situation, the Case Club’s waterproof case for Kel-Tec KSG is a great addition.

While fighting against rust, water will not reach your gun with the help of this protective box.


Saves from Rust:

For any metal product, rust is one of the biggest enemies. In fact, just because of rust, a ton of metal is obsoleted each year. Apparently, this chemical phenomenon can never be stopped, unless you take proper measures.

Keeping your KSG inside a case is in fact one of the best ways to do so. Chiefly, because of the stainless steel hardware, corrosion, as well as rust, will not touch your gun.

Provides Waterproofing:

With this simple upgrade, now you will have a complete waterproof system. Not only can you store your gun inside this watertight box, but your other essentials too. The IP67 rate of this box will not fail you in any situation.

Besides, in a place where dust is the only thing you see, this box will again excel. Clearly, an all-water solution for your beloved shotgun.

Adds Security:

Additionally, your shotgun will not fall from this. Gun security is taken very seriously while designing this box.

Therefore, it contains 4 padlock points which will provide the utmost security. Heavy impact, no issues, the gun will not be damaged.

#4. CDS Tactical Products with Grip Plug | Best Upgrades for Kel Tec KSG

CDS Tactical Products Kel-Tec KSG and KS7 Grip Plug

Want more storage? What are the other ways can you use to increase your capacity other than with a simple mod? The CDS Tactical Products’ Grip Plug has a couple of tricks under the sleeve. Moreover, the additional compartment is one of those.

Besides, the cavity of the grip of the KSG has a name of its own; the debris collector. While protecting the cavity from dirt, this also works as a safeguard against falls. Your grip will stand strong.


Extra Storage:

This small upgrade will give you extra storage immediately. You attach the plug to your shotgun grip and boom! You have extra space.

Besides, this small compartment can be accessed easily. Being completely stealthy, no one will understand you are hiding something inside there.

For easy access to the small but important tools, keep them there.

Dust and Dirt Protection:

The KGS’s handle has a cavity. Cavities are notorious for collecting dirt and debris as a hobby.

However, a collection of these is not a pleasant scene for simply anyone.

This plus can surely be a savior. Keep the cavity of your shotgun clean and dust-free with just a simple upgrade.

Absorbs Shock:

For any clumsy person, falling objects are a regular occurrence. KSG is definitely made strong, but the handle can take some of the biggest impacts.

However, with this installed, the chances of damage become very minimal. Consequently, this works as a shock absorber.

Hence, the added security stems from the plug’s ability to minimize external impacts.

#5. Hi-Tech KSG 4 Notch Barrel Nut Remover Tool

Hi-Tech KSG 4 Notch Barrel Nut Remover Tool

Coming at 5 is not exactly a hardware upgrade. However, this can upgrade your total experience for sure.

There is no surprise, with all the added convenience it provides, that this tool should be on your shopping list.

Furthermore, this can be used to install additional upgrades, a muzzle brake for instance.

As they claim, within 3 seconds you can take off the barrel nut. Keeping you safe is the number one priority. In fact, this tool will stop you from going in front of the gun and blow your finger.


Easy Function:

Life is easy with this tool. With few simple movements, the barrel nut will be off the shotgun and on your hands. For those who are wondering, removing the nut is tough, really tough.

Kel-Tec used Locktite to fix that directly from the factory. That seems to be the tool needed to get the nut off. Using this method, you can install a muzzle.

Provides Safety:

Dealing with the barrel is always a huge risk. At any moment accidents may occur. Keeping that in mind, this nut remover will not allow you to touch the face of the gun.

This way even if there is an accidental trigger pull, your finger will not get the blow. Besides, the surface will also remain unscratched.

Safety is well ensured here. On top of that, this will come with a manual for the complete package, just for your additional aid.

Comprehensive Performance:

This nut remover is meant for giving you the best experience. Totally recommended that you use this with an air impact wrench. Expected to perform the best with that.

However, you can also use a socket wrench with this to get the job done. As the manufacturers claim, within just 3 seconds, you can unlock the nut with ease.

#6. Mesa Tactical 6/6-12Ga SureShell Saddle with Rail 13″ Fits Kel-Tec KSG

Mesa Tactical 6by6-12Ga SureShell Saddle with Rail 13 Fits Kel-Tec KSG

Last but not the least; you can upgrade your KSG with a carrier with rail. In addition, you can never go wrong with the SureShell Carrier and Rail for your KSG.

Mesa Tactical did quite a lot of research while designing this piece and we can assure you, they nailed it.

This upgrade is not just a mere tweak, but also an entirely new system. Along with a shell carrier, you will also get a 13-inch Picatinny rail for additional attachments.

About the carrier, this can carry up to 6 shells, on each side. Just imagine the number of ammo you can carry with this shotgun.


More Capacity:

KGS already has a two magazine system. On top of that, with this system, you can extend your ammo capacity. In fact, the additional capacity is not less either, 12 at most.

Keep in mind, some of the other shotguns don’t even have that large magazine. Your competition endeavors just got better with this upgrade.

Offers Additional Attachment Options:

As mentioned, with this upgrade, you won’t be getting just a shell carrier, but also a rail. In fact, a Picatinny rail. Picatinny rails are well known for their attachment abilities.

Therefore, you are open to attach a lot of equipment, let that be a holo sight or a red dot. An additional flashlight is also a good option to carry with the gun.

Indulge in Quality:

KGS is a beast. To work with a gun like that, the upgrades should be the same. Well, Mesa Tactical did not fail to amaze. Chiefly, the 6061-T6 aluminum construction steals the show.

The quality is immense here. Besides, this comes with an innovative rubber friction retention system. Consequently, the rail, as well as the shell, will remain in place, no matter what happens.

KSG Muzzle Brake

ksg muzzle brake

Installing a muzzle brake is also a great upgrade you can do to your KSG. Muzzle brakes are excellent at reducing recoil and fit properly. Keep in mind, KSG has a decent amount of recoil.

Having will never go wrong. In addition, you will face less upward as well as side-to-side motion, resulting in better targeting.

If you want to install a muzzle, at first you need to take off the barrel nut. For the best result, using a dedicated nut remover along with an air wrench will do the trick.

kel tec ksg tube extension

Fits Gen 2 or 2.5 KSG’s by Kel-tec (mid 2013+ models) and Tube Position Arm for the KSG. Extends .590″ below the frame. Perfect length. Check here KSG Extended Tube Position Arm (with Upgraded Shoulder Screw

FInd ksg accessories mesa tactical

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Top Sights for KSG and Buying guide.

Sight picture with iron sights facility. Cheek rest example visit here.

FAQ on KSG Accessories

Is the Kel-Tec KSG good?

KSG is not only good but also a revolution. This gun has totally redefined the concept of self-defense shotguns. Moreover, being very compact, this allows you to move very easily.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, no compromises have been made in the case of power. Additionally, the two magazine system has shown convenience on several occasions.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlong with the options for a lot of attachments, the Kel-Tec KSG is a great option to consider.

Do any militaries use the KSG?

Yes, but on a smaller scale. For your record, the South Korean 707th SMB has used this gun for the mission. However, the extent of the use is quite slim.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eDespite some of the very innovative features, this received mixed reviews from the law enforcement world. Hence, the lack of response from them in case of using this shotgun.

Can you hunt with a Kel-Tec KSG?

Yes, you surely can. However, you need to properly learn how to use this gun beforehand.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eKSG is an excellent short barrel bullpup shotgun. The power it consists of inside the small form-factor is simply remarkable.u003cbru003eHaving said that, this makes hunting a lot of fun. The only thing required is the expertise of how to use this bad boy properly.

Is the KSG illegal?

No. Kel-Tec KSG is legal in all the states. While meeting all the standards of a pump-action shotgun, this firearm is completely legal. In spite of the unusual shape, this pump-action is indeed working correctly.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAdditionally, pistol grips have never been banned from pump-action shotguns in the first place. Therefore, having one is completely okay.


There is no doubt about the ability of the Kel-Tec KSG. In fact, this revolutionizing gun has changed the outlook of the bullpup shotguns.

With the sheer amount of power, this makes a great self-defense shotgun that you can easily carry around. Despite the power, you can uplift your experience with some great upgrades.

From Picatinny rails to cheek pads, these additional upgrades will surely enhance your experiences as well as performance. If you already have a KSG, do not wait to get these upgrades. I hope you check out some of our other accessories features too.

Tips: Mounting on top rail may obstruct vision a bit.


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