5 Best Ways How To Remove Rust from A Gun Without Damaging Bluing

how to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing

You must know that removing rust from a gun barrel is a tricky business, without damaging the bluing. Rust may happen because of recent rain, humidity, or sweat. This bluing protects the metal from oxidation causing the barrel to rust.

Here are the 5 best ways To Remove Rust From A Gun Without Damaging Bluing-

  1. Remove rust by applying Gun Oil
  2. WD40 to remove rust without any damages
  3. Remove rust from bluing by using Vinegar
  4. Aluminum Foil To Remove Rust From A Gun
  5. With Only a Copper Penny

How To Remove Rust From A Gun Without Damaging Bluing (Answered)

Remove Rust by Applying Gun Oil

Remove Rust by Applying Gun Oil

You may try scraping to remove rust but this may also harm the bluing. So, it is not advisable to just start scraping the gun. It will ruin the beauty of the gun.

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how applying the oil can aid in removing visible rust!

Step 1: Steel wool and gun oil can be used to remove rust with a clean cloth or rag along. You can apply gun oil to the areas of rust and then rub the wool in a circular motion.

Step 2: Then wipe it off with a clean cloth gently. Other than this, you can also use penetrating oil along with tissue paper to remove rust.

Step 3: First, place the gun in the newspaper and check for rust on the gun.

Step 4: Use a copper coin to remove rust from the barrel. Both the above methods are great to keep the bluing intact and also clean the barrel. When you are cleaning the gun, you must be gentle to wipe it.

Step 5: For safety, you can add extra bluing in case your gun needs scraping. It is also a good practice to apply light oil on the gun barrel to avoid rusting in the first place.

Using oil to remove the rust from the gun is one of the safest methods you can use to get rid of the rust without damaging the bluing. Oil will not cause any chemical type damage. It will only cause extra lubrication that’s all. Which can be wiped off easily!

How To Remove Rust from A Gun with WD40?

How To Remove Rust from A Gun with WD40

WD40, known as Water displacer is an outstanding chemical in the market for various benefits for your gun. It is a good way to remove rust without any damages, and also you can safeguard the gun from further corrosion and rust.

WD-40 Lubricants-Degreasers-Rust Removal

The chemical won’t feel sticky on the surface and is very easy to use. As the name suggests it works by water displacement. So, water removes the rust from the gun. It has a solvent to dissolve rust and corrosion and to keep the metal safe from water.

Step 1: Place your gun on the newspaper and simply spray it with the WD-40 on the rust areas. Apply it thoroughly to cover all areas.

Step 2: Leave it for some minutes to allow the WD-40 to soak in to penetrate the rust.

Step 3: Then gently scrape the rust off the surface with a copper coin.

Step 4: In case the rust doesn’t come off, you need to respray the chemical. However, this isn’t a recommended method because it only dissolves the rust, not removes it.

How To Remove Rust from A Gun with WD40

Step 5: So, as you spray it, after work, there will be a waxy residue on the surface. Even though it works as a lubricant, it can’t be replaced with regular lubricants for the same work.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the gun to ensure that the surface rust has been removed by the WD40. WD40 works like a charm if used efficiently. For tougher rusting, you may as well depend on other more thorough processes.

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Best Way to Remove Rust From Bluing

Best Way to Remove Rust From Bluing

There are several ways to remove rust, as mentioned by different users of guns. However, deciding on one best way is quite difficult. It seems that to remove rust from bluing, you might need to remove the bluing itself to start afresh.

It seems that to remove rust from bluing, you might need to remove the bluing itself to start afresh. This is, ironically, the best way without further troubles of using alternatives.

Step 1: First, you have to disassemble the firearm and set the blued pieces together.

Step 2: Use a brake cleaner or alcohol to remove oils and dirt from the blued parts.

Step 3: Put the gun parts on a dish and pour white vinegar so that they are immersed in it. After some time, these will turn orange due to the rust from oxidation.

Step 4: Take them out every 20 to 25 minutes and wipe them to clean rust, till all bluing is removed.

Step 5: After everything is wiped off, rinse them thoroughly to remove any vinegar.

Step 6: Then dry them as much as you can, and then place them on the foil-lined sheet.

Step 7: Now you have to bake the parts in the oven.

Step 8: After they cool down, check if there is any rust, and then wipe the surfaces with good steel wool.

Step 9: Finally, assemble them again and layer them with light grease to avoid any rust.

Best Way to Remove Rust From Bluing

Some users have explained that it is better to use copper or brass wool than steel ones. In addition, rust-removing pads are available in the market that provides better results. Why not try out these alternatives too to improve the cleaning process? Amazing tips from gun owners indeed!

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Does Aluminum Foil Remove Rust?- Aluminum Foil To Remove Rust From A Gun

Aluminum Foil To Remove Rust From A Gun

You can easily remove rust using aluminum foil if the integrity of the metal barrel is still intact. Rust is removed by an unoxidized method using aluminum and vinegar. It is a great process than rubbing or scraping. [Check price here for AmazonCommercial Standard Aluminum Foil].

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Step 1: Firstly, you need to check for rust surfaces and place the barrel in front.

Step 2: Then mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Spray this mixture on the areas of rust.

Step 4: Then take some aluminum foil and rub it on the rusted area. It will get smoother as you continue to rub.

Step 5: After you have removed the rust, wipe the barrel with a cloth to dry it. If you have a lot of rusted areas, this might take longer, but it is still easy. This is a very effective and easy process with simple and available items.

Since aluminum is readily available in every household. It is a very cost-effective rust removal option to clean off the rust from your weapon. And there is no hard in trying inexpensive cleaning methods. But make sure you try it on a much cheaper firearm that you can replace if something goes wrong.

How to Get Rid of Gun Rust With Only a Copper Penny

How to Get Rid of Gun Rust With Only a Copper Penny

A copper penny will now have a different use to remove rust from your gun. However, you need a penny that is 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc. This is one of the simplest ways to get rid of rust.

Step 1: Get some light oil, a cleaning brush, and paper towels, along with the penny.

Step 2: Place the gun on the newspaper and locate the rust. Put oil on the areas and rub them with the penny.

Step 3: Then wipe the surfaces with paper towels.

Step 4: You need to continue the process till all the rust is gone.

Step 5: The brush will scour the rust with small crevices. Since copper is soft, only light pressure is enough to remove rust by rubbing it on the surface.

Step 6: This will prevent any bluing to get removed in the cleaning process. However, you must be careful to use pennies that were made before 1982, as the later ones consist mostly of zinc.

Step 7: Copper wool scouring pads will work just as fine, but they are vulnerable to break after some use.

Step 8: Using the copper penny may seem like a drag, but it is very effective.

Note: Unfortunately, the penny method may get difficult if your gun has heavy rusting on the surface.

Make sure that you do not damage the bluing with rigorous rubbing of the penny. This method requires very cautious handling of the weapon. Else, you would end up damaging the weapon and regret it later!

How to Remove Rust with Lemon Juice? Why use fine steel wool?

How to Remove Rust with Lemon Juice

Lemon alone can be effective against rust. It can help you to remove rust from metal surfaces. As a rust remover, lemon has less effectiveness by itself but when teamed up with salt then it can do wonders!

Let’s see how salt and lemon can remove rust from your gun. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Lightly dampen the surface of the gun and apply a generous amount of salt onto it.

Step 2: Cut a lemon into half and then squeeze it over the salt over the entire gun.

Step 3: Let the mix of salt and lemon juice stay for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Scrub it with a brush or fine steel wool.

Step 5: (Optional) If there is more rust that needs to be removed then repeat the process only this time let the mixture sit for about 1-2 hours. Until you see no traces of rust.

Step 6: Rinse the weapon and then tap dry with a paper towel.

The Lemon and salt combo is one of the most oldest and effective remedies to remove rust. And to top it off, it is a very inexpensive alternative to other methods of rust removal. If you have sensitive skin or allergies then wear gloves.

Removing Rust from Gun With Home Electrolysis

Removing Rust from Gun With Home Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a process that allows you to remove rust using simple scientific methods. If you have anything that needs to be treated to get rid of rust then be sure that electrolysis will be the best process to ensure that a smooth result is achieved.

Here is how electrolysis can remove the rust from your gun!

Step 1: Fill a stainless steel container halfway with water (distilled water).

Step 2: Now submerged the gun into the solution.

Step 3: Now connect the power source to the positive terminal of the solution with a copper wire.

Step 4: Use another piece of copper wire as a ground (that connects to either side of the container)

Step 5: Complete the wiring of your solution.

Step 6: Now you need to consistently stir the solution so that a constant current runs through the solution.

Step 7: Doing this for about half an hour or so will produce amazing results. Note: If still the rust remains then do follow further steps:

Step 8: Submerge everything into a new container that contains water and alcohol (1 part alcohol and 4 part water).

Step 9: This solution will cut down the remaining rust from your gun.

Step 10: Now you can make use of a paper towel or a soft cloth to pat dry it. Or you can leave it to dry it if you are not using it immediately.

Step 11: Once dry, use sandpaper to sand off the remaining rust easily.

You know now a simple way to remove rust from the gun. Now you can easily remove rust using this method. And to your surprise, you may find this way to be much easier than other alternatives. You just need to flawlessly carry out the process.

Dremel Rotary Tools vs Surface Rust

Dremel Rotary Tools vs Surface Rust

Dremel is an exceptional tool that has always impressed users with the level of utility it has as a tool. If you are someone who is an expert at using a Dremel then removing rust is not a hard task for you.

Here is how you can use a Dremel to remove rust!

First, know the bit you want to use. The Dremel comes with different bits for various uses. Know what’s best for a certain situation.

  1. Sanding drum (removes rust quickly)
  2. Steel brushes (Can reach those tight spots and delivers a shiny finish)
  3. Sanding disks (Excellent for tight angles while it delivers smooth and shiny metal finish)
  4. Grinding stones (Used as a last resort if you do not have any other bit)
  5. Abrasive buffs (Removes surface rust and leaves a shiny finish)

Step1: Make sure your Dremel tool is set to 20,000 to 30,000 rotation setting.

Step 2: Now use the right bit for the part of the gun that needs to be serviced.

Step 3: Move the bit in one direction instead of random movements.

Step 4: Once you remove the rust from the gun then wipe the gun with a towel or rinse it then tap dry it.

Although, this is a very sophisticated process and can require expertise it is worth the try. Especially if you do not wish to rinse your gun at all.

How to forget about rust with Baking soda

How to forget about rust with Baking soda

Baking soda is easily available in most households which makes it an awesome rust killer. If you are worried about the metal surfaces having rust on them then no need to worry. Baking soda can easily remove rust as it is a mild abrasive.

To use it as a rust remover make sure to follow the steps below!

Step 1: Rinse the firearm to apply some moisture to it.

Step 2: Shake it well to remove excess moisture. Now dust the weapon with baking soda. ensure that the baking soda sticks to all the rusty parts.

Step 3: Leave the gun for an hour or so and let baking soda do its magic!

Step 4: Now use a wire brush or steel wool to gently rub the rusted surfaces.

Step 5: After rubbing off the rust, rinse the weapon again and wipe it with a towel. ensure to remove any dampness.

You can now apply any premium quality gun oil to ensure that rusting does not take place again. If the rust remains then you can carry out the process multiple times till you have eliminated the rust.

How To Remove Pitting From Blued Gun

How To Remove Pitting From Blued Gun

Similar to rusting, pitting on the surfaces may occur for various reasons, and it is easy to remove. If the pitting is light, it can be removed with sandpaper, then reblued. But for heavier pitting, you need to follow some methods.

Usually, this happens due to corrosion and remains even when the rust is removed. The pit needs to be at the same level as the surrounding surfaces to get rid of unwanted trouble. But this isn’t very easy to do.

The process mainly is to remove all the rust, patch the holes and sand smooth, and apply finishes. Here is how you do it!

Step 1: First, carefully remove every bit of rust from the gun with a bead blaster or something similar.

Step 2: You can sand the holes if the pitting is shallow. For deep holes, patch them by wielding them. This is a delicate step because if the temperature crosses a sustainable level, some of the components might deform.

Step 3: Wrap a towel around the holes and use assistant drip water if needed to avoid this.

Step 4: Patching should be done at intervals to regulate the temperature.

Step 5: Lastly, sand the surface to give a polished look to the wielding area until it becomes smooth enough for you to refinish. You should be very gentle in this last step to avoid any damage.

After you refinish your gun, leave it for some hours. As you have successfully removed pitting, you can use bluing to protect your gun if it is not done already. You can also use other protective coatings.

How to Remove Rust from a Gun Barrel

Cleaning Materials

One of the primitive ways to remove rust from the gun is to use a cleaning solvent or oil. This method is still widely used because there is no need for buying many things. The user can easily get these items in the house, or at a hardware store. Simply gather dry clothes, steel wool, cleaning agent, and lubricative agent.

Remove the parts

A dry cloth is needed to place the gun on it. Since you are using different solvents, it is safer to work in an open, aerated area. Disassemble the gun parts to separate the barrel carefully.

Use a Rod

As the inside of the barrel is very narrow, you will need a thin rod. Place the cloth on the rod and apply the cleaning solvent. Now roll the rod inside the barrel to thoroughly clean all the areas. Change the cloth if it gets too unclean. 

Cleaning Heavy Rust

For getting rid of the extra rust, you can use a powerful solvent or alcohol. Spray them on the rust and keep it like that for some hours. Afterward, rub off the loosened rust with the steel wool in a circular motion. 

Final Process

After the cleaning is over, wipe everything to remove moisture, and then apply the lubricant to keep the barrel rust free. Now reassemble all the gun parts after they are all clean and dry.

Clean A Rusty Gun Barrel (DIY Tips and Steps)

Clean A Rusty Gun Barrel (DIY Tips and Steps)

You must clean your gun frequently for efficiency in using it and also shooting safely. There are several methods, including DIYs to remove rust from barrels easily and safely. Always discard the bolt before you start cleaning.

Then smoothen it with solvents to remove dirt and keep it moisture-free. Finally, use lubricant on the bolt. Before you start cleaning your gun, it will be easier for you if you assemble all the necessary items.

Step 1: How to remove surface rust you ask? First, soak your metal gun parts in a gun solvent.

Step 2: Then use a swabbing technique to cleanse the soaked parts.

Step 3: Use a clean rod with the contributory tip and the patch on a cleaning solvent.

Step 4: Apply the rod on the barrel to remove all kinds of impurities and then brush off any residue. Continue to do this until the brush comes clean, by damping the patch in more solvent if needed.

Step 5: You can also try scrubbing to clean. This time, dampen your patch with a lubricant gun oil through the bore.

Step 6: Now, rub the metal parts with a lubricant-dipped cloth to remove rust.

Step 7: Use a dry cloth to clean the other parts of the gun.

Step 8: Finally, after cleaning is done, assemble the parts and wipe them again for a smooth finish. If you have rust on a gun barrel then you have to try other methods. The simplest way is to spray with a cleaning agent and rub the surfaces with a cleaning cloth.

This works great for light rusting on the barrel without damaging the bluing. For heavy rust, separate the parts before the treatment. Scrub the rusted areas with a grit waterproof abrasive paper or sandpaper gently.

Take care to ensure that the rubbing doesn’t damage the metal. When all the rust gets removed, you can burnish the surface with steel wool and refinish it with a cold bluing solution.

Now here is a DIY technique to clean your gun safely and easily. Use vinegar to remove rust as it is a cheaper alternative and a home remedy. It works as an acid to de-oxidize the rusting, even if it is heavy.

Step 1: Simply soak the rusted parts in a dish of vinegar for some minutes.

Step 2: Then take them out to rub gently with a cloth and remove the rust. Vinegar won’t damage any parts or make them rough. But it will remove the bluing.  

Step 3: After you have thoroughly cleaned your gun and made them good as new, you can also polish the barrel for a shiny look.

Step 4: Take any gun polish and put it on a cloth or brush. Then apply the polish all over the gun surface. Repeat till you have the desired shine.

Home remedies will always save you some bucks. But make sure to try out such mythical ways on a discarded gun before as a trial and error testing to avoid any mishaps on your primary weapon. You do not want to ruin your weapon. Right?

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Why rust occurs and it must be removed?

In a chemical reaction, rust occurs as iron oxide in the output. Since the gun is made of iron, moisture will provide oxygen to cause rust if kept like that for a long. Even in dry conditions, rust occurs due to humidity. 

Rust is harmful to the gun material as it will cover the entire surface, making it fragile. So, over time, your gun will become ineffective and ruined. Even if it takes a long time for the entire gun to rust, we should become careful from the beginning. A small portion of rust can damage the gun parts and make them ineffective.

What is the Best Way to Remove Rust from a Barrel?

The best way to remove rust is simply to clean the gun regularly. It is very easy and doesn’t need many items. However, if you wish for fancy products to keep the gun free from rust, you can try solvents like WD-40 and steel wool, or combine different cleaning solvents together. The process is the same. 

Separate the parts and use the solvents one at a time as per instruction to make the barrel spotless. But be careful and wipe the parts gently. It is important to clean each part individually. After cleaning, use a lubricant to keep the surfaces fresh.

Preventative Measures for Rust 

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so do everything to prevent rust in the first place. The most obvious way is to keep the gun in dry conditions. Use silica gels or wipe it with a cloth to ensure it is moisture-free. In addition, always clean your gun after use in a routine. 

To keep out rust use solvents to protect the gun, like a lubricant. Wipe the agent on the gun parts thoroughly. Get either a preventative agent for the gun or a protective oil. This will provide a protective layer on the surface for a long time. You can also paint the surface for a coating. But do ensure that the gun is clean and dry all the time.

People Also Asked

How To Get Rust Off A Gun Without Damaging Bluing?

You can use light oil or penetrating oil, or even chemicals like WD-40 to remove rust without damaging bluing. These methods are easy and you only need wiping with steel wool to get rid of rust. Usually, the bluing gets off due to scraping.

How To Remove Rust From Gun Bluing?

The only possible way to remove rust from gun bluing is to get rid of the bluing itself. It is difficult to remove rust from bluing because bluing is given to protect the metal and results in rust.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, removing the bluing isn’t very hard, and you can then start afresh.

How To Remove Heavy Rust From A Gun?

The first and easy way to remove heavy rust is using lubricating oil and a clean brush. You need to scrub the rust gently off the surface.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOther methods include soaking the rusted parts in acid or vinegar to allow the chemical reaction to remove rust. Just use a rubbing cloth to wipe everything clean. Some people use Dremel rotary tools to remove heavy rust.

What is the best thing to get rust off a gun?

The best thing to get rid of the rust from your weapon is a product that effectively clears out the rust without scrubbing or sanding. Scrubbing or sanding can damage the bluing of the weapon. It can also cause permanent damage to the bluing.

If you are looking for much safer alternatives then you can opt for DIY home-based remedies for the rust. Citric acid, baking soda, sandpaper, tools, & other alternatives can help you remove the rust from the gun with the best results.

Does Evaporust remove gun bluing?

Yes! Evaporust is mainly used to remove rust. The best quality of this product is that you do not need to scrub or sand the metal surface. You simply let the object set in the solution and let the chemicals do the magic. You can rest assured that the product will not damage your item. It is specifically made for rust removal.

Does Hoppes 9 Remove rust?

Hoppes 9 will not remove rust like other rust-removing chemicals available on the market. But yes, it can prevent further occurrence of rust. The main purpose of Hoppes 9 is to remove mild abrasive particles from the firearm. It is an excellent rust inhibitor; it does not let the buildup of rust occurring.

How do you make homemade rust remover?

Using reagents that are readily available at home, you can make various homemade rust removers that can remove the rust from your gun. Some very famous DIY rust removers are lemon & salt, baking soda, aluminum foil, potato, and salt, etc.

Rust-removing alternatives in the market contain harmful and hard chemicals. Aside from this, the chemicals can cause damage to your skin or cause irritation. And if not used carefully can also cause damage to your gun.

Does Coca-Cola remove rust from metal?

It is definitely possible to remove rust using Coca-Cola. It contains phosphoric acid which will actively react with the iron oxide. Coca-Cola will dissolve the rust but it will take some time. Although, it will not be effective compared to other tools or methods it surely works to eliminate rust.


Rust is a hassle for most gun owners and it is hard to remove. If left unattended then it can eat away all the metal in no time! But ultimately, the metal will catch rust. It is an environmental factor. Still, gun owners will be searching for “how to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing” to keep their weapon in top condition!

There are various methods (baking soda, lemon, cold blue, etc.) to keep the gun free from rust but keep in mind that each method needs careful execution. A gentle hand and careful application of the method can help you get rid of the rust.

We hope that the ab information in the article would have helped you remove the rust till now. Let us know, how well did the remedies work for you? Drop your feedback in the comments section!



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