How to Polish Gun Barrel to Mirror Finish

The process of polishing the metal is the same for any type of metal. The main difference involved in polishing a gun barrel would be the material that makes up the barrel. If it is stainless steel, then removal of the protective coating is not necessary. But if the metal is carbon steel, then you must remove a thin layer of metal in order to expose a shiny surface.

Pic: Mirror polishing stainless steel revolver

To have a mirror finish on your polished barrel you need to have a smooth even .9998 mirror finish compound. Let.’s get started on how to polish gun barrel to mirror finish?

Top 3 best metal polish for gun parts in 2022

#1. Flitz Metal Polish -Best stainless steel gun polishers

Flitz Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass Polish Paste

The life of a metal gun barrel is never easy. It’s hammered by recoils, gun cleaning brushes, and corrosion-causing chemicals. On top of that, the sun’s rays do their best to create deep pits that are hard to get out. With Flitz Metal Polish Paste you’ll have the best weapon around.

This unique paste was originally designed for the Navy to keep their guns in fighting condition. Now it’s available to you so your guns can be fighting fit too.

It is a specialty cleaner developed to make the toughest build-up of finish easy to remove. It’s unique formula has been tested on all kinds of metal, plastic, and fiberglass surfaces as well as painted surfaces.

It cleans and polishes as well as any abrasive material, but will not scratch or harm even the finest of finishes.

Flitz Metal Polish is formulated using advanced technology to rapidly clean and polish metal surfaces on guns, tools, jewelry and refrigerator shelves. The formulation is tough on rust on gun barrels but exceptionally gentle on bluing.

2.Lucas Gun Metal Polish

Lucas Oil Gun Metal Polish

Lucas Gun Metal Polish for gun barrel leaves a lustrous, rust-proof finish.

With Lucas Gun Metal Polish for gun barrel, you can give your gun barrel a brilliant look.

This metal polish works on any metal, including brass, copper, silver, nickel and chromium. It will help you to get that new gun barrel look every time. A great gift for any shooter or hunter you know!

Lucas Gun Metal Polish is the ultimate weapon in the fight against rust and tarnish buildup due to humidity, saltwater or other factors that can hinder gun barrel performance.

It will leave a close, smooth finish after polishing and is ideal for protection against rust, water stains and corrosion.

How to Use Lucas Oil Gun Metal Polish 

#3.Mothers Mag & Aluminum polish

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step. It removes rust, tarnishes, oxidation, surface scratches and discoloration from metal surfaces without removing precious metal. It contains no abrasives.

With Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish, get your guns looking like new. This versatile formula cleans and protects stainless steel, aluminum and brass firearms.

buffing steel to mirror finish
Pic:Stainless steel gun polishers

Plus, it safely cleans and protects jewelry, household and auto finishes. Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish is made in America.

This breakthrough gun cleaning paste was designed for the shooter who wants heavy fouling removed without scrubbing or scouring.

The 3-step process of using oil, a cleaning compound, and polish to put a shine back onto the gun barrel is time-consuming. Mothers, however, created an easy 2-step process that provides a brilliant shine with labor as little as 5 minutes. 

Remove Rust from A Gun Without Damaging Bluing

How to polish a rusty rifle to a mirror finish

There are various ways to keep your barrels looking good. Some people like their barrels to stay as is, leaving the pores and surface rust for a unique look. If you would rather have it polished to smooth glassy shine, follow these simple steps to get the ball rolling.

Barrel will be sharp if it looks like such a nice barrel they’re actually about that. Polishing the barrel is the first step toward having a nice shiny gun.

Buffing steel to mirror finish:

This Chemical Guys Polisher revolutionary buffing steel kit will leave your gun silky smooth and protected from rust, for a perfect mirror finish. This buffing steel is ideal for removing rust or honing rifling and best for mirror polish stainless steel.

It promotes an effortless maintenance of the patina of the gun. The Buffing Steel can be used in combination with all Metal Conditioners and Gun Slicking Creams, to clean and polish the gun in quick and effective way.

To get an excellent finish you want to polish the barrel with the receiver flat. To get there you must remove the barrel from the receiver, then clean it thoroughly.

Here’s a handy trick for getting a really nice mirror finish on your rifle barrel. Just take a file with the finest grit you can find and go around the edge of the muzzle using long, sweeping strokes. Check this video from the gun polishing service.

How to polish a gun barrel

Follow the steps below to restore that rusted or stained gun barrel to just-like-new condition, or any other type of metal barrel. This process is called “de-rusting” and it’s easy with this simple method.

You should start with the coarsest number sandpaper. That is 220 grit sandpaper, but if you really want to get a mirror finish you have to start with something heavier like 80 or 100 grit sandpaper.

Another thing you want to be careful of is the direction of the stroke. You want to make sure that you go in one direction on the piece that you are sanding because that way it will be even throughout.

You can also use Flitz /Dremel with a buffing wheel in it which really helps to smooth out the barrel quickly.

If you need to use the fine grit or if you use some kind of sandpaper work it around the barrel until you’re comfortable with how smooth it is now I’ll wait for it to cool off and then put on some wax.

How to polish a black gun

This 2 pack of Nu-Finish lacquer polish (Check Price here) may be the best-kept secret in the gun industry, and it is responsible for almost all of the black firearm finishes you observe daily.

This set of re-coating kits contains the Dura-Coat kits that are very popular at the shooting ranges you frequent.

It is not a coating but a conversion of the underlying metal to an ultra-durable, super-hard, wear-resistant ceramic.

The coating is extremely resistant to wear, corrosion or damage that would affect the integrity of the original parkerized finish.

Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid

How to polish the inside of a gun barrel:

Did you know that you can polish the inside of a gun barrel? This process, called fire lapping, can improve accuracy and reduce fouling. For a brief introduction to how it works, read on!

Fire lapping as a process is as follows:

1. First you polish the barrel with dry abrasives or media that is sticky enough to grab the powder residue, and resize. This is done by hand with a flex shaft and polishing compound on a felt pad.

 2. Second you “Clean” (removes most of the copper and brass and size and oil and lubricants.

 3. Final polish with JB paste or SemiChrome lapping compound on a standard bronze bore brush followed by dry paper towels and dry patches after each use.

Polishing gun barrel with vinegar

Vinegar has some very important uses around the home, but “polishing” a firearm isn’t one of them. Vinegar simply removes an Olympic-sized swimming pool’s worth of rust, so if your barrel is scratched, it probably needs more scraping than just vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can you polish a gun barrel?

You can polish a gun barrel. It’s an old technique used by traditional huntsmen to enhance the accuracy of their rifles simply because it worked. Polishing a metal gun barrel will improve the efficiency of your shot and lengthen the life of your firearm. All you need is some lighter fluid and some sort of cloth that you don’t mind getting dirty.

#2. Can you polish a steel gun barrel?

Yes, you can polish a steel gun barrel with Flitz, Lucas oil. Just put the solution on the gun barrel and rub it in like you would with any other polish. From there, your gun will be easy to clean and you will be able to look at your masterpiece shine on your wall.

#3. Can a Glock barrel be polished?

Your Glock Barrel can be polished to improve shooting and looks. but Glockdoes NOT recommend it. Any polishing of the rifling will reduce the accuracy of the barrel. Also, due to their high-grade steel, they do not rust as easily as some other materials might.

If you do decide to polish yours, it is recommended as with most polishing jobs that you first clean off all of the residue and debris with a good cleaning solvent and paper towels. Next, you will want to gently go over it with a ball of fine steel wool or if you like your work even smoother, a very fine toothpaste on a toothbrush works quite well and does not require as much elbow grease.

#4. Can you chrome A gun barrel?

Yes, you can chrome a gun barrel. But others may disagree, saying that a barrel that has been given a full chrome finish will get hot much quicker, and that the barrel’s coolness is an important factor when thinking of what is best for accuracy. Chrome plating is actually not new for gun barrels.

#5. What does CMV barrel mean?

The CMV barrel refers to the three different types of metal alloy that are combined to make a chromium/molybdenum/vanadium steel barrel. The Vanadium gives the material a slight toughness and hardness which allows for a smoother cutting surface.

And chromium and molybdenum give the material significant corrosion resistance. The age-old pairing of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium found in CMV barrels is now combined with modern manufacturing techniques to produce a barrel that delivers both precise rifling and consistent bore dimensions.

#6. What does a chrome lined barrel look like?

What does a chrome lined barrel look like

The process of chrome plating the barrel involves sending it through a series of baths and electroplating it with Nickel Chromium, which means it’s tough enough to withstand the annoyance of harsh chemicals and salt water corrosion common in marine environments.


This article guide about How to polish gun barrel to mirror finish would definitely help you. Polishing a gun barrel to a mirror finish is an easy and inexpensive maintenance task that improves accuracy and extends the life of your firearm.

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