7 Best 9mm Reloading Dies Set Review for Hunting Gun in 2023

 Shooting is cool and very fun. Used 9 mm shells coming out of your pistol at blistering speed is a scene to watch. However, this fun adventure can be quite costly. In fact, 9 mm bullets are not cheap. Well, there is a cheaper way to solve this issue and that is quality reloading.

Therefore, in this article, we have gathered 7 best 9mm reloading dies that will serve you the maximum. These dies not only just get the job one but also will remain a lifetime to serve you.

Additionally, some come with greater benefits to give you an enhanced experience. Keep reading to learn more favorite 9mm reloading dies 9mm reloading die reviews.

What dies for reloading 9mm in 2023: 7 Picks By Expert

  1. Lee Precision 4 Die Deluxe Pistol Die Set
  2. Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set
  3. RCBS 20515 Carbide Die Set, 9MMLUGER/9×21/9×23
  4. Lee Precision Pistol Carbide 3-Die Set 
  5. Redding Premium Handgun Die Sets
  6. Lyman Reloading 9mm Luger Carbide 4 Die Set
  7. Dillon Precision 14406 9mm Pistol 3 Three Die Set

Why Hornady Custom Grade Nitride 3-Die Set is the Best?

Dies Hornady clearly wins the fight with its high-tech features. Unlike any other dies out there, Hornady just gives the most. Besides, they don’t break the wallet either.

Coming at a reasonable price, these dies are what we consider the ace out of any best 9mm reloading dies.  In spite of this, it didn’t top our list, mainly because it comes in three dies, not four. 

When it comes to the 4 die sets, the Lee Precision 4 Die Deluxe Pistol Die set is the best you can get. Proving all the performance as well as convenience, the lee deluxe carbide 4 dies set 9mm a luger is a great option. Curious about other options? Better check the table.

Comparison Chart Of The Best 9mm Reloading Dies

Lee Deluxe Carbide
  • 4 Die Set
  • Build: Tough Metal
  • Most accurate
  • Comes with a shell holder as well as a powder dipper
  • Added Convenience
Check Price
Hornady New Dimension Nitride
  • 3 Die Set
  • Build: Heat Treated Steel
  • Enhanced control
  • Designed for Accuracy
  • Affordable
Check Price
RCBS 20515 Carbide
  • 3 Die Set
  • Build: Carbide; Heat Treated Steel
  • High Standards
  • #
  • Can reload a wide range of calibers
Check Price
  • 3 Die Set
  • Build: Tough Metal
  • A shell holder and a powder dipper is included
  • Very reliable
  • Comes in a storage box
Check Price
Redding Reloading
  • 3 Die Set
  • Build: Titanium Carbide
  • Extremely robust
  • No lubing required
  • Easy to use
Check Price
Lyman Reloading 9mm
  • 4 Die Set
  • Build: All Steel
  • Extra Seating Screws
  • Ideal for pistol reloading
  • Extremely durable
Check Price

7 Best 9mm Reloading Dies Reviews in 2023

Enough with all the comparisons. You will need a set of dies according to your needs. And therefore, we made a list of reviews that you embrace yourself with when you buy this. Now let us move on to the reviews.

#1. Lee Precision 4 Die Deluxe Pistol Die Set-most accurate 9mm dies

Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set

Accuracy is everything when it comes to reloading. From sizing to powder loading, a simple slip of measurement can cause trouble. Keeping that in mind, Lee Precision came with a solution.

The 4 Die Deluxe Pistol Die Set from Lee Precision is the most accurate 9mm reloading dies out there. Even though it is designed to work with .38, however, 9mm is also within its reach. Coming in 4 dies, this set will serve you all the convenience, from start to finish.


4 Die Set:

From the beginning to the end, this lee 4 die set 9mm will keep you sorted. For every necessary step, this comes with a dedicated one. A sizer, a mouth expander, a seater as well as a crimper, all given together to you to use. Get this and you don’t need any other dies to rely on.

Made to Last:

Dies go through some excessive pressure. No wonder those calibers need to be seated perfectly, don’t they? However, will any cheap material last? The answer is clearly no. Therefore, Lee Precision used tough metal along with durable design to make these precise tools. One thing Lee Precision is known for is reliability.

Added Convenience:

Most of the 9mm dies set come with only the dies. However, this is an exception. Just for your reference, a powder dipper along with a shell holder will be at your convenience. No more extra need for additional purchases this time with the best 9mm dies. Being a complete 9mm reloading kit, this is set to impress you.


  • Very well made
  • Extremely precise
  • Comes in a set of 4 dies
  • Shell holder & powder dipper included
  • Easy to use


  • However, a wrench is needed

Are Lee dies better than RCBS?

No. Even though Lee Precision products are reasonable, with RCBS you pay for the price. This is where Lee lacks, as they offer products at a lower price. Lee offers many convenient features, but RCBS has superior performance and quality.

Where is Lee reloading dies made?

Inside the United States of America. Lee Precision produces all of the tools in-house. Consequently, they don’t import anything from outside of the country. Therefore, all the casting to assembly, are done within the USA.

Will Hornady dies work in a Lee Press?

Yes, you can use Hornady dies with Lee Press. Initially, such a feature was not available. Therefore, you only had to use the dies from the respected brand. However, with modern advancements, today’s presses can use interchangeable dies.

#2. Hornady Nitride 3-Die Set -best reloading dies for long range shooting

Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set

Looking for something quite pocket-friendly? If so, then the Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set is your answer. These Hornady reloading dies 9mm are what we consider are the best. Probably the best 9mm bullets for reloading in terms of dies.

However, in some cases, performance and low price do not go on the same route. But in this case, we beg to differ. With some high-tech and cool features, these cheap reloading dies are meant to give you one thing. Performance is exactly that.


High-Quality Material:

It is said that better material will give you better durability and reliability. Hornady believes the same. From hand-selected steel to heat treatment, quality is acute here. Not a single place, showed a simple bit of lacking, in terms of quality.

Moreover, to last even longer, they went a step above. After hand polishing, they also applied a protective coating. Now tell me where you can get these?

Enhanced Control:

Featuring an elliptical expander, the reduction in friction is significantly high. Besides, the sliding-in seating system it has makes the alignment sleeve ever too easy. It just vertically alights the sating of bullet effortlessly.

Additionally, the floating seating stem it comes with will keep the bullet perfectly aligned. This is where the precision magic happens. And this magic is some of the best out there for sure.

Designed for Accuracy:

Designed, yes specially designed for your chamber. Accuracy is the key point here, which is excellent. Also, there is an expander spindle, which will be your closest friend when it comes to accurate reloading.

Even though there are quite a lot of thoughts with the Hardened-steel decap pin, this one will not do any harm. Consequently, depriming die will be extremely as well as highly accurate.


  • Highly consistent
  • Top grade material
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely accurate
  • Affordable


  • Larger locking rings; does not support all passes

Are Hornady reloading dies any good?

Yes. Hornady reloading dies are excellent when it comes to reloading 9mm. Most of the users claim them to be one of the bests out there in the market. From performance to convenience, Hornady provides some of the best features out there.

Do Hornady Custom Grade dies to need lube?

Speaking of lubing, the Custom Grade Dies from Hornady do not need any lubing. All thanks to the titanium coated on the sizing ring, the need for lubing vanished. Because of such coating, friction is less possible to happen, and therefore, less wear will be experienced.

Are Hornady dies better than RCBS?

Hornady is an excellent manufacturer when it comes to dies. RCBS is well renowned for its craftsmanship. However, in comparison is needed, RCBS comes above. Because of better performance along with better customer service, RCBS wins the show.

What Hornady dies 45 ACP?

If you are looking for any Hornady die that will reload your 45 ACP, the Custom Grade Dies are your answer. These dies are excellent at reloading a wide range of calibers, in which they also reload the 45s. Moreover, this die will reload your 45s in the fastest manner.

#3. RCBS 20515 Carbide Die Set, 9MMLUGER/9×21/9×23

RCBS 20515 Carbide Die Set, 9MMLUGER

At number 3, RCBS enters with their full glory. And this time, they show up with their 20515 Carbide Die Set that is highly acclaimed. Since 1943, RCBS has been a leader in the reloading industry. For precision, they are highly popular and these 9mm RCBS dies right here, are the reason why they are so accurate.


Heat Treated Steel:

Dies are made to go through pretty tough work. Besides, heating is an issue though, when it comes to reloading. Well, not to bother. In fact, this 9mm reload kit containing 3 dies is made with case hardened steel.

Not just that, there are more stories to tell. RCBS also heat-treated these steels so that they can last longer. No wonders why this is one of the best 9mm for the money in terms of quality.

High Standards:

As the name suggests, RCBS is highly known for its quality. No wonders why a company is literally topping the charts every year. Hence, they applied the same standard in these dies.

You know those fine guns right, which hit the highest-end when it comes to standard. Well, this reaches the same margin. Apparently, the standard is not something RCBS compromised with these products of theirs.

Wide Range of Compatibility:

When it comes to compatibility, this 9mm taper crimp die has a lot to offer. For real, these just don’t support .45 or 9mm, they can go even beyond. From .32 Auto to .347 Magnum, these can even reload .40/10mm. Now, this not just gives you precise reloading, but also will save a lot of money. Buying only one set of RCBS 9mm reloading dies will cover around 5 types of calibers.


  • Maintains a high standard
  • Well-made and highly durable
  • Can reload a wide range of calibers
  • Better quality to price ratio
  • May last a lifetime if taken care of


  • Customer had issues with decapping pin

Are RCBS pistol dies Carbide?

Yes. RCBS pistol dies are carbide and therefore, they are extremely tough. No matter how rough the condition is, they will remain strong and active. Quality is RCBS’s one of the finest attributes and their dies are clear examples of that.

What is RCBS Group A dies?

For Group A, RCBS offers rifle cartridge dies. IN a set of 3 dies, this reloading kit will offer you the maximum level of performance as well as efficiency. Besides, in this group, the dies are in full-length as well.

#4. Lee Precision Pistol Carbide 3-Die Set -best reloading dies for the money

LEE PRECISION 9-mm Luger Carbide 3-Die Set

Is 3 die-set is what you are looking for, not 4? Well, consider getting the LEE PRECISION 9-mm Luger Carbide 3-Die Set. The only thing this differs from our first choice is that it comes in a set, unlike 4. Lee precision makes products for every targeted customer, hence you get your preferred set.

Made from carbide, this lee 9mm die set is meant to last long, regardless of condition. Lee carbide dies are highly appreciated for their enhanced performance, and this is a great example.

Meant to serve both levels of experience, this reloading 9mm for beginners as well as experts will never fail to impress.


3 Die Set:

The only thing that is different here is the number of dies. Apparently, this time you are getting one less die. Consequently, you will be blessed with a 9mm bullet sizing die, a bullet seating die, and an expanding die.

This expanding die is powder thru, which means you can fill powder while using this die. Life is easier in this way. By the way, they do come in a reloading die storage box.

Premium Quality:

Lee precision never compromises when it comes to quality. Moreover, built is where they give the most focus, hence their product speaks for themselves.

Consequently, this lee 9mm 3 die set is what we can show. Meant to last long, these dies are ready to take on any action. In fact, they will give the best possible performance, no matter how hard you go.


  • A cheaper option of much popular Lee deluxe carbide 4 die set 9mm luger set
  • Very well build
  • Good value for your money
  • Reliability is top class


  • Clearly not a full set die for reloading 9 mm luger

#5. Redding Premium Handgun Die Sets-best reloading dies for precision shooting

Redding Reloading - Titanium Carbide Die Set 9mm

If you are tired of lubing your dies, better to consider Redding 9mm Dies Sets. Redding Reloading did some marvelous work with this set of tools.

Instead of going for any tungsten carbides, this time this more than 60 years old company went for Titanium Carbide. For those who are familiar, this material doesn’t need lubes during resizing.

Besides, these titanium carbide reloading sets are hard, really hard! From performance to convenience, the level of enrichment will amaze you for sure. No wonders why since 1946, Redding Reloading is producing some of the best 9mm reloading press and die kits out there.


High-Grade Material:

Material is something Redding Reloading never compromises. If you are unaware of it, take this product for proof. To make their dies to last long and work better, they went for a titanium carbide material. Therefore, durability if off the chart here.

No Lubing Required:

As a result of using titanium carbide, instead of tungsten, these dies don’t need to get lubed. If you ever check the surface of titanium carbide at a microscopic level, you will find the grains to be smoother.

Besides, they are also rounded. Thanks to this convenient feature, the need for lubes is irrelevant. Even though the price is high, this kit reloads 9mm worth it.


  • High-quality materials
  • No need to lube
  • Very hard and durable


  • Expensive

Are Redding Pistol Dies carbide?

Yes, Redding pistol dies are carbide. However, they are not just any normal carbide, rather they are titanium carbide, which is very rich in quality. Because titanium doesn’t need lubrication, these dies are extremely easy to use.

Does carbide Reloading die wear out?

Yes, just like any other metals, they do wear off. However, the only difference is seen at the speed. Unlike most other materials, carbide dies don’t wear that easily. Therefore, they can perform for a longer period of time without any breaking or failing.

#6. Lyman Reloading 9mm Luger Carbide Factory Crimp Dies 4 Set

Lyman Reloading 9mm Luger Carbide 4 Die Set

Pistol shooting has always been a popular sport. No matter whether that is cowboy shooting or bullseye, the craving never ended. Thus, the need for a dedicated reloader that can reload in bulk is one rise.

Lyman reloading thought the same and came with a solution. For all 9mm progressive reloaders, one thing is quite common, which is the dies.

Therefore, these great pieces from them will bring the ultimate convenience in reloading at bulk. The quality is so good that it will remind you of a 9mm factory crimp die.


All Steel Construction:

For construction, Lyman went with the steel. The steel builds that these dies feature is excellent when it comes to withstanding pressure and beating. Besides, if you wondering whether or not will they last, you better give them a try. Meant to last, these will give the proof of durability. 

Extra Seating Screws:

Besides durability, another great feature that these dies offer is the additional seating screws. There is a huge popularity for bullets with nose shapes.

Therefore, making those bullets reloading convenient, Lyman added extra screws so that you can reload them with ease. Unlike most others, this 9mm reloading die set is focused on pistol caliber reloading.


  • Excellent if you are reading straight wall pistol cases
  • Convenient lock ring
  • Very long-lasting
  • Don’t need lubing
  • The expander die is unrivaled


  • Issues with 9mm sizing die

Are Lyman dies interchangeable?

Yes, Lyman dies are interchangeable. In fact, these dies will work with most of the major reloaders out there in the market. Despite the convenient features, Lyman dies are quite cost effective. Hence, they are so popular.

Are Lyman dies any good?    

Yes, Lyman dies are quite good. People who used Lyman dies have already acclaimed quite a lot of praises for the brand as well as for the products. From performance to efficiency to cost effectiveness, these dies are excellent in each field.

#7. Dillon Precision 14406 9mm Pistol 3 Three Carbide Die Set

Coming at number 7 is from a well-known brand Dillon Precision. When it comes to reloaders, they are unrivaled. And keeping the same standards, their 9mm carbide dies are flawless at what they do.

Dillon Precision 14406 9mm Pistol 3 Three Carbide Die Set

Sizing dies, bullet seating die, and crimp die, all are included with this 9mm reloading kit. Featuring floating technologies to quick disassembly, Dillon 9mm dies are excellent options. Besides, the bullet radius that these dies offer, makes it quite easier to reload.


Floating Decapping Assembly:

Inside the 9mm bullet sizing die, an interesting technology is incorporated. The floating decapping assembly makes it extremely easy to deprime.

Here, your problems with primer drawback will be zero to none. Moreover, it also throws the spent primer effortlessly. Any of your present issues with primers will be solved immediately.

Flip-Flop Seating Stem:

Made easy, Dillon reloading dies also feature flip flop seating stem. What this feature does is quite marvelous. Consequently, you will be allowed to remove the inserted die and change the stem, directly from the nose to the semi-wadcutter.

Here, you don’t need to unscrew the seating stem at all. Activities and tasks are made simple. Hence, why we added this to our list of best 9mm hunting gun reloading dies, just for this feature.


  • Very good at depriming die
  • Quality is unquestionable
  • Has interchangeable inserts
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient features such as flip flop seating stem etc.


  • The price of these reloading kit 9mm is very high

Are all Dillon pistol dies Carbide?

No, dillion pistol dies are not carbide, However, the rings of all the dies are indeed carbide and tapered which are very strong and convenient. They are meant to serve you for a longer period and they do the exact. The performance of these dies is top class.

Will Hornady dies work in a Dillon?

Yes, Hornady dies can be used with a Dillion reloader. Not just Hornady, if you have lee dies, you can use that too. Earlier such convenience was not available. However, most modern reloaders offer interchangeable dies for enhanced convenience.

Are RCBS dies compatible with Dillon?

Unfortunately no. RCBS dies only work with RCBS reloaders, nothing else. Whenever possible, look for Hornady or Lee dies because they can work with a wide variety of reloaders. RCBS stays strict to their roots and only produces die for their reloaders.

9mm Reloading Dies Buying Guide

9mm Reloading Dies reviews

If you have the best reloading dies at your fingertips, then the success of reloading will be inevitable. An incredible collection or set of dies can guarantee reliable shooting, extracting, and feeding. You can also expect for highest precision then.

Therefore reloading dies have the power to eliminate chances of missing and jamming in performance. Saving bullet money refers to reloading dies on your own. This type of practice has its own perks and benefits.

Because of it, you can make accurate adjustments to the dies loading which eventually improves the velocity and precision. But to gain these advantages, you will be required to buy the right kind of equipment.

All dies are not created equal these days and each set of dies is suitable for a specific type of cartridge. This is what you should keep in mind while buying 9mm reloading dies.

If you are an expert in this regard, then you are already aware of the three most popular and common reloading dies brands. Lee, Hornady, and RCBS are the three top names in this field.

Though you are aware of these brands, most of you do not know about the particular models of these three brands which will be suitable according to your preferences and requirements.

This is where our team experts will help you get the perfect 9mm reloading dies for you. Our top choices will enable consistent extracting and consistent feeding along with shooting accuracy.

On the other hand, the cheaper quality which won’t be recommended by us at all have the tendency to jam up the gun and moreover nothing but poor performance in return. So, here are some of our top pics for 9mm reloading dies as follows:

                     Why It Is Best For                            Model Name
Best Die for CarbideRCBS 32 Smith and Wesson I/H and RMG/327
Best AffordableLEE PRECISION 38-55 3 Die Set
Best User-FriendlyRCBS 3-Die Carbide Set (.45 Automatic ACP)
Best BasicRCBS FL Die Set (.243 Win)
Best OverallHornady 546516 DIESET 3 TAPER CRIMP 9MM

What Is A Reloading Die?

A reloading die is the most important and vital component of a reloading toolkit. The key purpose of reloading dies for a 9mm firearm are to rescale and clip the bullet case, seat the bullet, and ruffle the mouth of the bullet case.

You will set your reloading dies into your reloading press and then use them to finish the assembly of each round. There are basically five main kinds of reloading dies for 9mm available.

But each and every one of them is not essential. In short, the more amount of reloading dies you will be using during the period of the reloading process, the better the final outcome of your bullet rounds will be.

How to Choose Reloading Die?

Choosing the right set of reloading dies can be a hard and tiring process as there are a huge number of brands to choose from. This is where our experience and expertise in this field will come in handy and help you guide you through the right path.

One thing you must keep in your head is to go with a popular and reputable brand that possesses a long history of serving this reloading community. Now, here are some features which you need to follow while choosing good reloading die for you:

  • 9mm reloading die sets should possess at least three dies
  • Made of carbide or stainless steel
  • Capable of resizing, seating, crimping die
  • Your reloading die set must be matching and compatible with your reloading system
  • Don’t buy cheap reloading dies for saving money otherwise it will result in suffering consequence while completing rounds
  • If you can change caliber when reloading pretty easily, then it certainly is a green point.

To get a detailed and better understanding of picking the right size for your reloading dies, watch this video out:

Carbide vs. Steel Die

Carbide reloading dies have a better performance rate and durability than steel reloading dies. Although they are more expensive as well carbide reloading dies are the best option for anyone to rescale direct handgun cartridges.

We are not saying that steel 9mm reloading dies are not effective, it’s only that carbide reloading dies are more premium.

Steel dies are a great choice for beginner reloaders because of the more affordable and cheaper price tag. Durability for the steel dies is around 40,000 cycles on average.

While the carbide ones will be durable for 750,000 cycles. Therefore, you can see carbide reloading dies are usually a better investment and pick in the long run.

Types of Reloading Dies

Types of Reloading Dies

There are different types of 9mm reloading dies and here we will be discussing them. All of them are not essential, but to shoot the best rounds, having one of each can pave the way to make this happen for you.

Resizing Die

This one is the first reloading die which you will require to use. Whenever you will fire a round, the explosion from the gunpowder is prone to manipulate the size of the bullet case. This particular die puts it back into the same shape and extracts the spent primer at the same time. Note: For powder measure, the powder thrower accuracy is about 0.2 or 0.3 of a grain.

Clipping Die

The case clipping die is not essential for everyone, although you will certainly notice the difference when you use it. Whenever you fire a round, the bullet case may often stretch out a bit. The case clipping dies simply cuts off the extra length from the neck. Case lube reloading is a must to prevent sticking in the sizing die.

Expanding Diecase lube reloading

Expanding die is another non-essential reloading die. But with it, you can have a smoother reloading experience and a better outcome as well. This particular die expands the mouth of your bullet case a little and fills it with gunpowder.

Seating Die/Seater Die

No reloading die set can be completed without a bullet seating die. Seater die will deliver the exact same things what is written on the tin. It helps the bullet to seat in the case and after that, you can fire the round with ease. For more bullet seater info see reference portion.

Crimping Dies

This one is the last die with which you will encounter in the reloading process. Crimp dies also isn’t essential for rifle ammo, but while reloading pistol ammo is highly recommended. It also plays a great role in crimping the case mouth around so that the bullet can be held on tight.

3-die sets vs. 4-die sets

3-die reloading sets for 9mm will always provide a resizing die, a factory crimping die, and bullet seating dies. These three are the most integral 3-die sets for 9mm ammo reloading 9mm ammo, 3-die sets are the least things you will require and want for your firearm.

A 4-die set will come with a power-through expanding die along with the other three compulsory die (resizing, seating, crimping) and they will provide you a smoother and better reloading process together so that you can get a more accurate result.

How To Use Your Reloading Dies?

To use your reloading dies, you will require to get a progressive reloading press at hand or a single-stage. First, simply screw your reloading dies into the reloading press properly and then place the case into the case-holder on the reloading press.

Now you can pull the lever on your reloading press to bring the case up into your reloading die. In most cases, it will work as simply as that. For the bullet seating die, you will require to locate the bullet in the top of the bullet case so that it can allow the die to seat it.

Here is a video from which you can get a more detailed and practical understanding to use your reloading dies:

Check progressive press Dillon 550B VS 550C

Check Bullet Seating Depth

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best 9mm reloading dies?

These are the best 9mm reloading dies as follows:

  1. Lee Precision Carbide 3-Die Set Pistol
  2. Redding Die Sets for Premium Handgun
  3. Lee Precision Deluxe Pistol 4-Die Set

What reloading dies are the best?

There are the best reloading dies as follows:

  1. Redding Competition Bushing Neck Die Sets
  2. Redding Type S Match Bushing Full Die Sets
  3. Lee Precision 4-Die Deluxe Pistol Die Set

What dies do I need for 9mm?

A 3-die reloading set will work nicely for 9mm. There will be a resizing die, a bullet seating die, and a crimping die in a 3-die reloading set. These three dies will be enough to provide you an amazing experience for your 9mm firearm. So, a three-die set is what you need for your 9mm.

Who are the best pistol dies maker?

The best pistol dies available in the market are as follows:

  1. RCBS (.300blk Die) Full Length
  2. Lee Precision Carbide 4 for 9mm Die Set
  3. Hornady (.338 Lapu) 544399 Match Die Set Grade
  4. Lee (.45 Carbide ACP) Precision Die Set
  5. Hornady 544207 Match Grade Die Set.

Are Redding dies better than RCBS?

Equipment of RCBS is great. Redding reloading dies are also nice because they don’t touch or reach the neck of the firearm. RCBS reloading dies possess low run-out for a FL die and the expander ball setup as well. Taking presses and other things into consideration, we can say that Redding dies are not better than RCBS.

What are the best reloading dies for 6.5 Creedmoor?

Here are the best reloading dies for 6.5 Creedmoor as follows:

  • Hornady 143-Grain Precision Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Hornady V-Max Varmint Express 95-Grain 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barnes VOR-TX LR 127-Grain 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Federal Premium 140-Grain Nosler Accubond 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Sig Sauer 130-Grain Elite Hunter Tipped 6.5 Creedmoor

What powder does Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor use?

For Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor, powders like Varget are really useful and optimal while using the lighter bullets, and powders like H-4350 are great for mid to heavyweight bullets. Apart from these two, Norma URP, Reloder 16, and RL-15 can be used with 6.5 Creedmoor regularly.

Are Redding Reloading Dies good?

When your goal is precision, then Redding is the best choice for you. Bushing and Competition dies of this company are exceptional and amazing. Even their standard dies work out beautifully and the price range of them are just $55-$250.

Each die set of theirs will come with neck-only bushing type and full-length sizing dies. They will also enable the hand loader to choose between the full-length and neck-only sizing.

How good are Whidden dies?

People who already used cartridges loaded with the Whidden sizer and seater dies are familiar with their precise and accurate outcomes. Their finish is very great both inside and outside. Their dies will make you feel the quality and premium experience with a smooth run. There is a fluted section in both the sizer and seater. When you are screwing in the dies, it will offer a better grip.

Final Verdict

What dies do you need for 9mm? So, to recapitulate, Hornady gives the maximum efficiency and performance as well as features. However, one thing they lack is the one particular piece of die which Lee Precision provides. This is where Lee shines one Hornady. However, the rest of the options on the list don’t fall far behind either.

Now the choice remains up to you to get your most convenient one dies on the market. After reading out a list of The 5 Best 9mm Reloading Dies on the Market Today, we strongly believe you have gained all the information you needed. Now, without wasting any time, go out there and get the best that suits you. And, keep on reloading and of course, shooting.

Note for reloading equipment: There are many brands like the RCBS® Carbide Sizer Die sizes the case and de-primes. 

Source: single stage press for precision reloading- https://thefiringline.com ›

seat and crimp: https://lewilson.com/bullet-seaters


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