Is Reloading 9mm Worth It? Extra Tips with Video

Is Reloading 9mm Worth It?

The basic rule for ammo of the handgun needs a minimum of bullets, primers, powder, and brass. Though the price of ammunition is increasing day by day, still the price of reloading 9mm is not hiking like the other models.

Ammunition prices are getting increase by 5% per month for the last six months. This stat is directly showing you the evidence of the worth of reloading 9mm and how buying reloading supplies for a 9mm gun can save your money.

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Does it make sense to reload 9mm?

Does it make sense to reload 9mm

If you are willing to reload your 9mm gun, it would only make sense when you are ready to expand to that portion of the gun for its good.

If you are doing it for cost savings, then let us tell you that it won’t be worth it when you will compare it to the time you spent.

But when you get into other features and calibers, then reloading 9mm will make sense and can even prove it as a requirement.

Are reloading rounds worth it?

Are reloading rounds worth it

Reloading ammo usually costs around $10-$13 when you do that on your own and it can certainly bring a great change in the numbers to save your money.

The savings you are getting with the reloading of 9mm is quite significant. But the other ammo won’t be this sign where the cost can increase if you try to reload it on your own.

How long does it take to reload 1000 rounds?

How long does it take to reload 1000 rounds

The answer to this question hugely relies on the setup you have and how organized your work is.

Depending on these two variables, it takes between one and a half hours and more than ten hours. No one can predict the time of reloading other than the person doing so.

Is reloading ammo dangerous?

Is reloading ammo dangerous

Reloading ammo is not dangerous if you know the right way to do that, otherwise, it certainly can hurt you badly. The safer option to reload ammo is to start low and then work your way to the top.

You should never start at the maximum load of your reloading manual because this is a pretty dangerous business and most of the time it is not even necessary as well.

Therefore, to stay on the safer side, you better should start at the minimum load of your manual and then eventually work your way to the top.


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