What Do Cheek Risers Do? Align The Shooter’s Eye with The Scope

Cheek risers might seem like an optional accessory for your hunting game, but as you learn more, you can see their importance. When you hunt or shoot, you will want to hit the bull’s eye in all your shots. Getting the right cheek risers will help you achieve this.

In addition, you will also want comfort and consistency in the shooting. So, it is inevitable that cheek risers aren’t just an option. It has become an important part of the hunting experience. You will be awarded several benefits, and for that, it is necessary to have more knowledge about it. 

What is a Cheek Riser? 

What is a Cheek Riser

A cheek riser is a technical item to improve your hunting or shooting with rifles. It might sound and look like a simple thing, but its advantages are great. Mainly, this is used to provide comfort so that your target becomes more accurate.

You will remain in a fixed position for hours very easily, without missing your focus. Since your weight is evenly distributed when you rest on it, you can feel lightweight even by holding a rifle.

Rifle or gun shooting may take hours before you are done, and it is difficult to keep steady the whole time. Cheek risers are made of comfortable materials that are also very durable to allow you a relaxed position.

They have exclusive designs for additional benefits like scope leveling, eye alignment, bullet storage, zero recoils, etc. All in all, the cheek riser makes up for the limitations of your rifle stock.

Manufacturers may design them as pouches or Kydex material items. Either way, they will work the same with some differences and advantages. These are also quite easy to install on your rifle stock, depending on the design.

There are currently varieties of cheek risers in the market, for giving you the benefits, and also for a stylish look. The best part is that they don’t cost much for the given benefits.

What Do Cheek Risers Do to Perform Long Range Shooting?

What Do Cheek Risers Do to Perform Long Range Shooting

As you may know by now, the reason cheek risers are used is mainly for comfort. This is important because this will improve the accuracy of your targets so that you have a successful hunting adventure.

There are several ways cheek risers make this happen, changing your position. When you press your face against the cheek riser, it will give you a snug fit to align your eyes perfectly and swiftly to the sight.

If your aim is correct all the time, you won’t miss your target. It also helps with scope leveling, as it might be difficult to do it otherwise. Cheek risers include a cheek weld for leveling the scope without the need for head movement.

When your head stays fit in a particular position, you can make faster shots in all situations. This will happen because you have rested all your head weight on the cheek rest.

There will be no troubles with neck strains or awkward positions. Your rifle won’t feel bulky when you carry it around. So, a good cheek riser should be on the list of purchases if you are a hunter.

Usually, these are long-lasting even after rough uses in all weather conditions. They also make your ordinary rifles versatile.

Benefits of Using Cheek Riser

Benefits of Using Cheek Riser
  1. It contains a cheek pad for the comfort of the chin, usually removable. The materials are comfortable, durable, and smooth that doesn’t feel slippery for the face. A high-quality build ensures that it lasts a long and withstands adverse conditions.
  2. Whether it needs drilling or strap attachment, manufacturers provide them with a good length for adjustability. You can easily change the height to adjust to your desired height. This is useful to get the perfect eye alignment and scope levels.
  3. When you shoot a bullet, usually the impact causes you to shake and miss the target in split seconds. But a cheek riser is designed with careful innovation to reduce recoil to almost zero. Since it fits any stock easily, it can ensure that you have zero recoils on the impact of the shooting. They bring a classy look to the hunting weapon.
  4. It also has a cheek weld for eye relief and swift alignment. The most important part of your shooting is the aim, and this feature is successful to provide consistent targets all the time. You will also have versatility in your shooting. 
  5. Some cheek risers have ammo carriers to store your extra bullets. This makes the shooting more convenient. Apart from your comfort, cheek risers protect rifles and shotguns from damage. The materials are sturdy to retain their quality for a long time. 


Cheek rests are good investments for hunters and shooters, whether professional or recreational. The advantages of the simple, yet premium products are numerous. For the price, they last a long time to aid in your hunting.

An ideal cheek rest will do all the things that aren’t usually possible with your regular rifle stocks. So now is the time for you to look at different cheek rests to decide which suits you the best for use. 


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