Is A Cheek Riser Necessary? Allow A Shooter to Rest The Head

Cheek risers are now an essential accessory to add to your weapons. As you use it, you can understand that the benefits make it worth a purchase. Check adjustable cheek riser for the rifle. Is A Cheek Riser Necessary- let’s clarify it.

Kydex Cheek Rest Adjustable Stock Riser

7 Reasons That A Cheek Riser Is Necessary for A Shooter- [Answered]

do you think you need a check riser

Do You Think You Need A Check Riser-7 reasons

  1. The first thing cheek risers provide is extra comfort in hunting. You can rest your head on it and distribute your weight to relax. This also avoids problems like neck strains or other body aches. So, hunting for hours doesn’t feel like a concern anymore.
  2. When you are having comfort in your shooting position, you can also make precise targets. Cheek risers will help to adjust to a good position so that you can have a consistent focus on your targets. 
  3. Many rifles may seem difficult to adjust, due to their design. But a cheek riser will ensure that you can level your scope accurately. You won’t need to move your head to a certain position for scope leveling. When you are resting your chin on the cheek rest, scope leveling happens almost automatically. 
  4. Perfect scope leveling also means that eye alignment will be easy and quick. Cheek risers have cheek welds that put your head in a fixed position with a snug fit. So, you can align your eyes to the sight much faster to shoot. This is needed for any hunting situation. 
  5. Cheek risers have the features change to different lengths to have the perfect adjustment. Comfort and resting on the cheek riser aren’t enough, you need to do it in the right position to aim your targets. Users can’t always adjust their position manually and this is very helpful.
  6. You can also remove shaking and recoil using cheek risers. When you shoot a bullet, the impact of it may cause you to shake, changing your aim. Cheek risers have appropriate parts to successfully reduce this to zero.
  7. Apart from all the useful features, cheek risers have a classy design to give your weapons an elegant look. Your simple rifle turns versatile and unique. 

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Benefits: Why Do You Need A Cheek Riser on Your Rifle?

Do You Need a Cheek Riser on Your Rifle

There are several uses of cheek risers, of which the following are of utmost importance. These functions can explain the need for a cheek riser for your rifle:

Scope Leveling

Users sometimes have trouble leveling the sight of their scopes. This happens to both amateurs and professionals. But a cheek riser will help you to solve this problem quite easily.

A top-notch cheek weld allows you to adjust your scope to the perfect level. This will also give a good position to make accurate targets for long or short-range shooting.

Faster Alignment

When your scope will be perfectly level, you can also have good eye alignment. Cheek weld will also help to set your eyes in line to the sight fast and easy. This is because the cheek riser supports your head for aiming your targets. Swift alignment means faster and accurate shots.

Added Comfort

A good cheek riser will make you very comfortable and relaxed in your shooting or hunting games. This is an added convenience which you will wish for when you are out in the wild for a long time. When you are comfortable, you work more efficiently. 

How to Install Cheek Riser

How to Install Cheek Riser

Installation of cheek risers depends on the design. It might need drilling and screwing or attachment with straps.

For those that need drilling, you need to follow some steps. First, place your rifle in a certain position so that the stock is not on an angle. Then wash the mounting area so that it doesn’t have any impurities.

After these, you need to start by installing the bolts to the breach and then place the cheek riser on the stock where you wish to keep it. You must ensure that it is the ideal position for precise aims and a perfect position. In addition, this position will also help you to remove the bolts when needed.

If the cheek rest is for temporary use, you can paste it with tape. But for long-term installation, you need to screw it on the stock with the given screws. To ensure the perfect point, you can drill a hole and place the cheek riser on it. Then very carefully and with little force, press it down to secure it on the stock. 

This installation process may seem difficult, but the package usually contains an easy instruction manual to guide you. The cheek riser will also remain fixed on the installed area.

If your cheek riser is made of fabric and is designed like a pouch, then you will have straps for adjustment. The straps will have a certain length for you to adjust to a perfect position. Some of these cheek risers also have buckles to attach to the stock. This is an effortless installation process.

Purchasing Factors to Consider Cheek Riser

Purchasing Factors to Consider Cheek Riser

Although cheek risers are a great purchase, there are certain factors that you need to consider before buying one. This will help you to buy a good one for your expected price.

Texture and Design

The texture is important because it determines the comfort you will receive. So, check that the material of the cheek riser will feel comfortable on the cheek. This might mean a smooth texture, but not slippery. In addition, you can check for the design that best suits you.

Zero recoil

Recoil from impact after shooting is a problem because it makes you miss your target. Cheek risers have cheek weld to reduce the recoil to almost zero. This is, however, only found in pouch ones, but look for ones that have this feature.

Scope Leveling

This is an important feature of a cheek riser to help shooters level their scopes. Cheek risers have a cheek pad to provide a resting position for your chin and fixing your sight to adjust the scope. So, ensure to get a cheek riser with this feature as well. 

Swift Alignment

A good cheek weld raises the comb for eye adjustment. This, in turn, improves your targets fast and easily. You can also place your head in a comfortable position. Faster alignment is an added advantage.

Comfort Level

You need to purchase a cheek rest that has top-notch materials to ensure maximum comfort. Some of them have cheek pads and foam pads for extra comfort. They will also avoid neck strains.

Rifle Shells

Some cheek risers, like the fabric ones, have ammo carriers for storing your rifle bullets. This is another extra benefit for your convenience. Your hunting game won’t feel bulky and unorganized anymore.


Perhaps the most important feature of any item is its durability. Usually, cheek risers are made with durable materials. Check that the cheek riser you will get has materials that are dust, damage, or water-resistant. In addition, the cheek riser should be lightweight as well.

Installation Process

Installation isn’t very difficult with cheek risers. It depends on your preference whether you want to attach straps or screw them on the stock. 

Adjustability and Accuracy

If your cheek rest has different height lengths, it will provide more flexibility. You can have a good adjustment of your cheek riser on the stock for greater accuracy in targets. 

Final Words

Now you can understand the term “Is A Cheek Riser Necessary” item for your rifles. Once you get one, you can use it for a long time. They might seem an additional item, but they will provide you several benefits to improve your hunting or shooting games. They also don’t cost much either. So, cheek risers are a good investment.


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