Top 5 Best Scopes for PTR 91 Review in 2023

Shooting or hunting needs good focus, and the right rifle scope can help you achieve it. This is because it magnifies the view for image enhancement. While there are numerous rifles in the market, most shooters use PTR 91 due to its exclusive features and functionality for various shooting purposes.

Keep in mind that any scope should be durable and resistant to tolerate any weather conditions. So, getting the best scope might seem tough, but not impossible with our informative list here.

Since HK G3 is a clone, we can also help with the best scope for HK G3 as well. You can also get the best scope for HK 91.

Best 5 PTR 91 Scope Recommendations in 2023

#1. TRUGLO TRU-Brite 30 Series Illuminated Reticle Gun Scope

TRUGLO TRU-Brite Power Ring Duplex MIL-DOT Reticle Gun Scope

TRUGLO TRU-Brite 30 Series Illuminated-Reticle Scope is a complete package of accuracy, speed, and clarity. The 30mm tube and 1-4x or 1-6x magnification will help with a clear and bright view to achieving the target faster.

In addition, this is a heavy-build scope with CNC-machined and aircraft-grade aluminum. The illuminated and mil-dot reticle has two colors so that we can use it in lower lights even with a quick-zoom lever. 

Besides, the circle-dot and relief further help with focus. So, with 6x magnification, we can easily reach targets of around 800 yards. We can also adjust the magnification quickly at any moment.

Overall, this is a great choice for ptr scopes that can be used by deer hunters or target shooters, and even professionals for accuracy to determine bullet drop as well. 



The entire scope is made of a high-grade aluminum exterior that is found in aircraft. So, it is a very durable one and prevents damages from water or fog outside.


We get both a dual-color reticle that is illuminated and also a mil-dot reticle. The color change is easy and used without illumination as well, for faster and more accurate targets.

Objective Lens 

Apart from the high-quality lenses with clear optics, this one also has an objective lens of diameter at 24mm with brightness control using a rheostat.


Due to the lens diameter, the adjustable magnification is high for different ranges. It comes from 1 to 6x with an eye relief for better focus.

Mount Type

This scope has a 30mm mount system with BDC turrets and an aircraft aluminum build. We can reverse it as well.


  • Durable and tough materials
  • Clear lens with high magnification
  • Illuminated reticle to use in low lights
  • Comes calibrated for the ammo
  • Accurate and fast targets


  • The eye relief may feel uncomfortable

#2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rimfire Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II

The Vortex Crossfire II Riflescope is ideal for different ranges and applications. It has multi-coated lenses needed for outstanding clarity, brightness, sharpness, and resolution.

We also get tactical-style turrets which will help with quick adjustments without any issues with focus.

These turrets are also capped and easy to adjust with MOA clicks. After use, we can set the adjustment to zero again. 

This one also has an illuminated V-Plex reticle which further helps with target acquisition faster even in poor lights. In addition, this scope also has durable materials made from aircraft-grade aluminum including O-ring sealed and nitrogen purge.

So, the scope can withstand adverse conditions. Along with longer eye relief, we can use this scope for ptr 91 with accuracy for a lifetime. 



Most scopes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and this is no different. Besides, it is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged to withstand water, fog, and shock.


For hunters, this is a great scope with V-Plex reticles that allow faster and easier focus with eye relief. 

Objective Lens 

Along with the multi-coated lenses, this one has an objective lens of 32mm diameter. This allows good brightness needed for clear and sharp images.


The magnification ranges from 2 to 7x which is higher than most scopes. So, we can adjust quickly to the right one instantly in action.

Mount Type

This is a single tube of 1-inch diameter that offers various adjustments to use for hunting. We can also place it in both focal planes.


  • Allows faster target acquisition
  • Great optical performance
  • Clear and sharp views 
  • Durable materials and damage-resistant
  • Easy to adjust to zero or other settings


  • Not very suitable eye relief

#3. Monstrum 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

Monstrum 3-9x32 Rifle Scope with Rangefinder Reticle

Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope has a great magnification with outstanding features. It has a reticle at 3-9x32mm – 32mm objective diameter to experience clear and bright images to achieve fast and sharp targets.

In addition, the eye relief is also large at 3.5-3.8 inches. Moreover, this is a high-powered scope to maintain accuracy for each target. Since the reticle is illuminated, there is dual lighting to switch from red to green. 

We also get standard rings to mount the scope at an optimum place. Besides, the 3 to 9 times magnification is available from close to medium ranges. This one is also sturdy with an aluminum outer surface that is also lightweight in a sealed tube. The multi-coated lenses are resistant to scratches and fog. As a ptr 91 scope, this shows high performance that is suitable for various shooting purposes.



Due to the high-grade aluminum build, this scope is both sturdy and lightweight for carrying around in the wild. Besides, it can resist damages from water and fog.


The reticle is suitable for night vision with dual illumination in five different settings to adjust both brightness and focus at long distances.

Objective Lens 

Along with the reticle system, the objective lens at 32 mm diameter is very easy and comfortable to use. We can adjust it to the desired magnification and use eye relief for continuous focus.


To ensure clear and sharp images to accurately aim the target, this scope has a wide range from 3 to 9x magnification. We can instantly set the correct magnification instantly.

Mount Type

Here we get a range of different scope rings that are in the standard profile. So, we get to set the scope in the correct placement easily.


  • Different placement settings
  • Wide range of magnification
  • Easy to focus and target
  • Suitable for low light conditions 
  • Durable and lightweight materials


  • Maximum zooming might not give clear images

#4. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

If you want a versatile riflescope, then Bushnell Banner Riflescope is a great one to serve your needs. The lens is multi-coated and has a good waterproof rating. Along with the durable construction, this scope becomes strong for use in adverse conditions.

 In addition, as the name suggests, it can easily provide clear and sharp images in low light conditions by preventing fog. We also get a multi-x reticle that helps with easy and accurate targets with excellent sight views. 

The eyepiece is also great with great eye relief and capped turrets to protect the lens and keep the shooters comfortable to see clearly.

Besides, the windage and elevation settings are resettable and easy to adjust for different focus points. This also means that we can get a good magnification from 3 to 9x at different ranges. To be sure about some brilliant ptr 91 optics, this scope can’t get wrong. 



Even though the scope is made of plastic, it is durable and tested for professional use. So, it has a waterproof and fog proof construction. 


Here we also get a Multi-X reticle that has a 1/4 MOA fingertip. Besides, the windage and elevation adjustments allow quick and easy targets with better focus.

Objective Lens 

This scope ensures some stunning images with a clear and sharp view due to the large objective lens at 40mm diameter.


By using this scope, the low light focus becomes clearer due to the large magnification range from 3 to 9x. This also allows quick adjustments and focus.

Mount Type

Due to the different adjustment options, we can easily place the scope in the right setting according to use.


  • Sturdy construction and portable
  • Stunning optics for use
  • Suitable for night vision use
  • Easy to achieve long-distance targets
  • Long magnification range


  • Difficult elevation adjustment

#5. CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope

CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope with 20mm

If you are looking for a versatile scope, then CVLIFE Illuminated Rifle Scope is a great choice for you. When you want a high magnification and good eye relief this rifle scope works the best.

We can adjust the lens to as high as 10x for long distances in the range of 100 to 500 yards. So, achieving quick and accurate aims get very simple. Besides, the objective lens also provides a wide field of view. 

We can use this scope for different rifles or air guns due to the flexibility. The reticle is illuminated and adjustable due to the bullet drop compensator. We also get a great lens that allows clear and sharp images. The set of rings included also allows the scope to be mounted on any caliber. For using this ptr91 scope for hunting or wildlife activities, it also has durable materials to withstand adversities. 



Similar to most high-quality scopes, this one also has an aircraft-grade aluminum build. So, it can easily be used outdoors without any risk of damage.


We get both mil-dot and illuminated reticle in green and red colors. This also has five intensities for use in different light conditions and magnification.

Objective Lens

This scope offers a high objective lens diameter at 40mm which is unique. Due to this diameter, the field of view and accuracy get better.


Apart from a multi-coated lens for good focus, this one also comes with a wide range of magnification. We can adjust the lens from 2.5-10x magnification for clear views and accuracy.

Mount Type

This scope can be used with different rifles due to the set of rings that allows easy mounting. It has a Dovetail mount system for flexibility. 


  • High and good range magnification
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Offers clarity and sharpness for faster targets
  • Outstanding reticle type for night use
  • Durable materials to use outside


  • Difficulty in adjusting to zero

What does PTR-91 Rifle stand for?

PTR-91 in general terms stands for Precision Target Rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle used for various purposes. Besides, the design is similar to the G3 model, only with some variations. 

The barrels are without nitrides and very accurate. As mentioned, this one works as a clone of the HK series. We can say that this rifle is a very upgraded version.

Even with mid-range shooting, we can use this rifle with precise aims for different shooting or hunting with different ptr 91 scope mounts.

Buying Guide Best Scopes for PTR 91

After knowing about the greatest ptr 91 scope options in the market, check some other factors that need to be kept in mind to choose the most suitable one for our purposes. 

Build Quality

No matter the functionality and type of scope, it needs to have a good build quality. The outer surface has to be rigid and durable to protect the glass from water and fog. In addition, the materials that make up the scope will determine the overall quality of the optical parts.

Even if the lenses are expensive, they will be of high quality and with more coatings for clarity and better focus at any range. 

Lens quality

After the external part, check the optics which is the reason to use a scope. The lenses will need equal layers of coating for protection from damages. We see that multi-coated lenses last longer with better views and focus as they can resist scratches and dust.

So, the better the lens build, the greater chance to have accuracy in shooting ranges. Besides, the lens will be comfortable to use for hours with lower chances of missing shots. We can easily use it in poor lighting as well. 


A good scope is used for enlarging the view to aim at distant targets. So, we need to choose the required magnification for our shooting purposes. A high-magnification scope is only needed from distances more than 600 yards.

Other than that, we can choose lower magnification. But if anyone chooses a large magnification for their scopes, this won’t be a problem, rather would make the scope flexible for use with higher accuracy. 


The reticle type and illumination are dependent on personal preferences. We get to choose one that feels comfortable to use. For illumination, a good range will work the best since we can shoot in lower light conditions and larger distances with accuracy.

A good reticle usually helps the shooters to adjust their focus for an accurate target to enhance shooting. So select the reticle according to your activities and the lens magnification ranges.


We can’t just purchase any scope that would interest us. This will depend greatly on the PTR 91 rifle model. The scope needs to be compatible to fit the mounting system on the rifle.

So, when we are checking other factors, we need to first check the list of the firearm models that will support the particular scope. If it matches the mounting system, then we can move on to consider the other important features of a scope. 

PTR 91 scope Details

PTR 91 scope recommendations

Any scope on this rifle can provide a good range of up to 700 to 800 yards. The focus and view will remain clear and sharp. Besides, the larger the magnification, the greater the range.

So, the range will depend on the type of scope. We also need to use a low Picatinny rail to mount the scope for better results. 

PTR 91 scope setups

The scope needs to be mounted to a lower Picatinny rail for the best view. The stock allows a good cheek weld to mount the scope at this point. Besides, we can easily adjust the stock as well.

To add any rear sight to this one, it needs to be placed on a higher ring. The best practice would be to check whether a particular placement is working for the user’s ranges. What do scope numbers mean for magnification scope?

PTR 91 accuracy review

This rifle is said to be a high-quality weapon with outstanding performance. So, with or without a scope, it offers accuracy of aims. But a 100-round break-in is necessary before getting on with the real use at any range.

We can easily shoot at around 800 yards with an accurate focus. But the best results are at 1.5 MOA of this rifle.

PTR 91 GI problems

Most users face the issue with the bolt in this rifle. The gap is problematic, and there is yet to find a solution. In addition, the stiff spring also delays the firing as the bolt is on halt when the trigger is pulled.

The spring in the bolt carrier further pushes against the lever, causing the bolt to move to the rear. Some users think that the difficulty with extraction is due to any problems with the ammo and the bolt gaps. 

PTR 91 trigger upgrade

We can get a bigger size trigger at 12 lb for upgrading from the previous HK 91 scopes. The kit is easy to use and offers better performance. But this also comes with other upgrades to make the rifle effective and improve the MOA.

New stock is also used to support the trigger and a different grip. We can also add a 20-inch barrel for the larger trigger and a newly formed buffer such as the HK buffer. 

PTR 91 rifle accessories

There are some necessary items to use for a PTR 91 rifle. Some other accessories are used for improving or helping with the functions. We need to get the appropriate magazines, barrels, trigger kits, stocks, end caps, bolts, bolt carriers, and so on.

For using any scope, choose the right one with a compatible rail and sights. In addition to all these, a cleaning kit is also needed to keep the rifle clean to last a long time. 

PTR 91 stock upgrades

To make this rifle more reliable, there have been some improvements to the features. The stock is now retractable to work with an adapter plug. This also allows three rings for placing sights on the base.

The space between the barrel and sight base allows better placement of the cheek weld. So, the recoil has become smoother and less of an issue.


Does the PTR-91 have a good firing cycle?

The PTR 91 is a great Battle Rifle that is durable and has less recoil. Besides, it has great accuracy for any shooting range. However, the firing doesn’t cycle at once, it will cycle the third or fourth rounds. In addition, a good firing cycle is mainly possible with steel ammo. 

Do we have to agree on the PTR 91?

Users are quite satisfied with this rifle due to its amazing features. The best part is that it is well-made and durable, and has accurate ranges. We can easily use this for various shooting purposes. While we can agree with the PTR 91, due to the limitations, there might be debates about this rifle. 

What is it like to shoot the HK 91 PTR 32?

HK 91 version has a great barrel and stock among the HK 91 scopes for enjoyable shooting at different ranges. It also causes lesser recoil and a softer shooting due to the silencer. In addition, the aim is very accurate. Overall, the shooters are very satisfied with this PTR model for regular shooting games. 

What is the accuracy of the HK 91?

In general, HK 91 is a very precise and reliable rifle for use. The accuracy range can be seen clearly at 100 yards. However, it is semi-automatic so regardless of the range, the target is easily achieved accurately. For basic hunting, the accuracy is great with this rifle.

Who makes the PTR-91?

PTR-91 is a clone of the HK models and is made as an upgraded version. It belongs to the civilian semi-automatic rifles manufactured by a modern American organization. The industry is located in Inc. of Aynor, South Carolina. In addition, the law enforcement and civilian markets work to manufacture PTR rifles. 

Is the HK G3 good?

While we can say that HK models are great and accurate, the G3 version isn’t very reliable to achieve precise targets at all times. However, it is still dependable for various shooting purposes, especially for general use like hunting or target practice. But for self-defense, it might be too powerful.

When was PTR founded?

The PTR industry was founded in early 2000 when rifles were made based on the HK G3 battle rifles. Later, the JLD enterprise started manufacturing PTR 91 which is a semi-automatic rifle. Today, there are numerous models and versions of battle rifles with frequent upgrades in this industry.

Is PTR-91 legal in the USA?

Even though this is a great rifle, this model along with other clones or versions were banned for common use long ago. Later some manufacturing started again with improvement in features. Currently, some of the states permit the use of PTR 91 while others like California, Connecticut, etc are yet to legalize it.

Why is HK 91 banned?

HK 91 was made to be a highly functional and reliable rifle for achieving accurate targets. However, since it resembled a lot in its features to a military weapon, it was banned by the government. A military rifle is special and isn’t meant for common activities by civilians that may cause accidents.

Is the PTR-91 A good rifle? 

We have seen how the PTR industry has been making excellent weapons either for professional, military, or civilian uses. So, we can also name the PTR-91 a reliable rifle used for battles. Due to its quality build, lower recoil, amazing precision, and great range, it is a high-performing rifle for any activity. We can also update this model if needed.


Be it the best scope for HK G3 or the best scope for HK 91, our list offers some of the top-rated ones. Regardless of different great features, the scopes must stand out in magnification, accuracy, and durability.

Only then any scope will become suitable for different shooting purposes in the wild. In addition, check the details of the optics before selecting one.

So, depending on the aspects needed for a certain use, you can now make the correct decision. Even with slight limitations, any of these scopes will offer great performance, especially for hunting. 


My first deer at the age of 45 I joined the deer hunting fraternity a little late, but the desire to hunt has always been there. I love hunting, so I often have to deal with hunting equipment.