Best Holster for SIG P365xl with Romeo Zero

There is no debate that SIG P365 is a popular concealed carry gun among shooters. Featuring top-of-the-line accuracy, this SIG P365xl is properly ergonomic. Moreover, this pistol feels very comfortable in the hand.

p365 xl romeo zero holster

However, to carry a pistol, holsters are a great excellent. With them, you can just easily carry your gun along your belt. There are many holster options available for the SIG P365xl with Romeo zero.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you the Best Holster for SIG P365xl with Romeo Zero setup. Besides, keep in mind, this holster can also work with any compact red dot the same size as the Romeo zero or smaller.

FDO Industries -Formerly Fierce Defender- IWB Kydex Holster Sig P365 XL Optic Cut

Made from Kydex material, this hard shell is strong and durable. Besides, this is perfectly molded to fit your P365XL that is rocking a Romeo Zero optic. Kydex material is really strong and made a name for itself when it comes to reliability. Besides, it’s waterproof!

FDO Industries -Formerly Fierce Defender- IWB Kydex Holster Sig P365 XL Optic Cut

The holster also covers the trigger completely, which makes it excellent. No more chances of unintentional firing. Besides, the adjustable retention will allow you to have the perfect fit every time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Constructed from .08 thick Kydex material; robust and durable
  • Fits perfectly with the adjustable retention
  • Features full sweat shield to keep away the sweat
  • Easy re-hosting due to the open flared
  • Comes with an undercut trigger guard
sig sauer p365xl romeo zero

Main Features:

Ideal Fit:

The optic-ready holster fits SIG P365xl with Romeo Zero like a glove. The material is very thin. It feels light on the waist. It is well designed and very comfortable. Your Romeo Zero can fit in this holster without any issues.

Better Grip:

The key feature of this holster is that you can adjust the positive grip on the trigger guard. You can adjust it by using a rubber washer and screw. The grip can easily curve when adjusted.

Easy To Carry:

With a slim profile, it has a sleek appearance. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. And it fits and retains perfectly. Using it under clothes will look seamless. It’s comfortable, secure, and discreet.


  • Made from very durable and waterproof material; Kydex.
  • Provides maximum concealment; excellent for concealed carry.
  • Features an undercut to promote a higher grip.
  • Come with a cut-out for an optic.
  • Its adjustable retention will allow you to adjust the fit.


  • Tends to get loose when drawn too much.
  • Its pointy sweat guard can be quite uncomfortable.
  • May leave scratches on your firearm.

Best Holster for SIG P365xl with Romeo Zero


Will a SIG P365 holster fit a P365xl?

No, it will not fit a SIG P365xl. The only difference between P365 and 365xl is the length of the grips and extra slide length. Because P365xl has an extra slide length it will stick out from the bottom edge of the holster.

What kind of warranty does SIG P365xl Romeo zero have?

A lifetime guarantee is offered by SIG Sauer. It means no warranty card or receipt is required. The same goes for SIG P365xl. No time limit or warranty. It is also based on whether the dealer wants to offer a lifetime warranty.

Is the SIG P365 XL an OWB holster?

Yes, SIG P365xl is an OWB holster. There are a good variety of options available in the market. Premium compact OWB holsters are for SIG P365xl. It will offer you all-day comfort. OWB holster for SIG P365xl is a lightweight and practical all-around option for concealed carry.

What kind of holster does a SIG Sauer use?

You will have many kinds of holsters to use for SIG Sauer. But among all of those Kydex IWB SIG holsters are the ultimate ones. They will give you the most security and comfort for your weapon and yourself. The IWB holster ensures that it can fit every SIG Sauer without leaving prints. It also offers a high level of protection from the weather.

Is there a holster for a Romeo zero?

There are a few top-quality holsters for Romeo zero. One of the best for Sig P365xl with Romeo zero is IWB Kydex Holster Sig P365 XL Optic Cut. This holster is specially made for P365xl Romeo zero RDS. It is made out of Kydex. This holster is comfortable and discreet. It will keep a thin profile and will hide under clothes perfectly.

What holsters fit P365xl?

Here we have listed the best holsters for your SIG P365xl:

  • IWB Kydex Holster Sig P365 XL Optic Cut
  • SIG Sauer P365xl IWB holster
  • Tulster IWB Profile Holster
  • Sig Sauer P365XL – OATH IWB Holster
  • The Tier 1 Axis Elite Holster
  • The Bravo Concealment OWB Holster
  • The Winthrop Holsters Leather OWB Holster

What is the SIG P365 XL with romeozero guarantee?

SIG P365 XL with romeo zero guarantee details: Safe, secure way to carry your pistol Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase.

Is there a RDS holster for the P365 XL with Romeo zero?

NO, you have to purchase P365 XL without the RDS.

What kind of holster does the SIG P365 XL come in?

The Sig P365 XL has a small frame, so you’ll want to find a holster that has adjustable cant. The cant can be adjusted by the user, giving them the ability to place their firearm on whichever side of their body works best for them. A high-quality OWB holster is necessary to safely conceal and carry this firearm.

When you’re looking for an OWB holster, you’ll want to make sure it has adjustable cant and is designed to sit very close to the body. An OWB holster that is made of soft material and offers a full sweat shield is recommended. The back of the holster should be straight so it doesn’t dig into your back when you sit down or bend over.

Lastly, the Sig P365 XL is a double-stack pistol, so you’ll want to make sure your holster has some type of magazine carrier. Whether it’s an internal or external mag carrier is up to you, but either way it should be made from quality materials as well.

Can you pocket carry the SIG P365?

For people who own SIG P365, the majority of them carry it in their pocket. It is very easy to conceal without printing. It can easily disappear under a shirt or pocket. This gun is ideal for most people. Though it depends on you if you are comfortable with carrying P365 in your pocket.

What is the most comfortable concealed carry holster?

A good number of officers and shooters like to carry concealed holsters off duty. The most comfortable concealed carry holster is OWB. It will be hanging out on your belt outside. It will no longer come between you and your clothes. By far, this is the most comfortable carry method.

How do I Carry my SIG P365 XL off the belt?

You want to make sure that you orient yourself as such that your handgun is in front of your body for easy access. If it is not facing forward, it will be more difficult for you to reach for your handgun and draw it if there is an emergency situation where you need to use your sidearm.


The SIG P365 series is one of the most commonly carried firearms. Sticking a Remeo Zero to it make it a perfect everyday carry option. This Best Holster for SIG P365xl with Romeo Zero guide will help you to choose the perfect one for you. In the case of carrying, you will find various quality holsters. Those will provide you with extreme concealment and capacity.

You will have many facilities to carry your SIG P365x safely and comfortably. While there are many holsters for SIG P365xl in the market, IWB Kydex Holster Sig P365 XL Optic Cut steals the show. This holster is made to ensure you have the best experience possible. With features like comfortable carrying, easy concealment, and durability, this is one option you don’t want to overlook.


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