Where is Glock Serial Number? Complete Guide

Every firearm has a unique way to find out its manufacturing date and maker. So, how can we locate where is Glock serial number on the pistols? How can we find it and read it? Once you have located the serial number, you may know more about the full generations.

Our article will help you to decipher the serial and find various details about the weapon. The country of origin, the date of manufacturing, the model number, and the maker of the weapon are some of the things that our analysis will present in this article.

Finding the serial number is pretty simple and easy. Let’s learn how!

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on a Glock?

Where Can I Find the Serial Number on a Glock

The Glock serial number is mostly printed in two common locations: on the slide of the gun or a specific location on the barrel length. You can also match both to confirm that the serial number matches. Most Glock generations for example gen 1, gen 2, and gen 3 have different serials.

How to Find the Serial Number on a Glock 17?

There are two locations for the serial. Firstly, it can be found on the right side of the slide near the accessory rail and just beside the ejection button. Additionally, it is also found on the barrel or in front of the trigger guard.

How to Find Serial Number on a Glock 19?

Officially, the Glock 19 serial number is printed on the frame in the form of a metal insert that is right in front of the trigger guard.

Is There a Serial Number on the Glock Case?

If you have the case of the firearm, the serial number can be found at the end of the box. If you have difficulty finding it there then it can be found on the product page of Glock. Another location is the barrel which can easily be accessible after removing the stock.

Can Guns Have Two Different Serial Numbers?

Glocks cannot have two different serial numbers. Although, the same number can be found on the barrel and the frame.

What do Glock Serial Numbers Start With?

What do Glock Serial Numbers Start With

Glock serial number is marked on the guns starting with a country code. The country code helps to identify the country of origin of the gun.

How are Glocks Numbered?

Gaston Glock, the man who invented the gun is responsible for numbering it. The numbering of the Glock firearms is based on the issuing of the patent. Once the patent is assigned, Glock categorizes the next model according to it.

How to Identify the Year of Manufacture of a Glock?

You can either call the company for a quick answer or check the brown envelope inside the box to find the date of manufacture on it. Another way is to find the serial number on the weapon and decode it to find the year.

Do the Numbers on a Glock Mean Anything?

The numbers provide some very interesting details about the weapon. For example, the numbers can tell you about the country of origin, date of manufacture, and name of the manufacturer.

Country Codes

The country code on the gun tells you about the country it was made in. The Glock has a country code on the slide. For example, if “US” is written at the start then it means that the Glock is officially manufactured in the United States.

Manufacturing Codes

The manufacturing code indicates the maker of the gun. For example, Glock is identified as the maker of all Glock models.

Can You Trace a Gun by Serial Number?

Can You Trace a Gun by Serial Number

Law enforcement tracks a gun with a serial number. If your pistol is stolen or misplaced, then it is better to report it immediately so that the authorities can track it. The detail of Glock pistols can easily be checked on the website using the serial.

Is Grinding the Serial Number of a Gun Illegal?

Sanding off or grinding the serial number from the gun is a lawful offense. Law enforcement agencies cannot track the gun with the serial number removed.

How To Determine the Age of a Glock

If you have bought a new gun then there may be a test fire casing inside the case. With the casing, there will be documentation that will indicate the date that will most likely be the closest date to the manufacturing date.

Where is Glock Serial Number – FAQ

How do I find out what year my Glock is?

Engraved on the frame of the Glocks, a serial number indicates the date of manufacture and year.

Why do some Glocks have serial numbers on the barrel?

The main reason that the serial number of the Glock is on the barrels or slides is so that it can be tracked during the whole manufacturing process. The same barrels and frames end up being assembled.

What is the date code on a Glock 19?

The date code on the Glock 19 is stamped in the country code and date code format. For example, it starts with “US” and has “1212” printed after it then “US” is the country code and “1212” is the date of manufacturing.

How many letters are in a Glock serial number?

The new production of the Glock follows a certain serial number format having four letters and three numbers as the serial number.

What is a serial number on a gun?

The serial number on a gun is a unique identification number of that specific weapon. Every serial number is different from the other.

Can a Glock 17 serial number have more than one date?

The Glock serial number is a single exclusive number. But it may be printed on different parts of the gun such as the barrel, on the side of the slide near the accessory rail, beside the ejection button, or even near the trigger guard. The placement may vary but the number will be the same on all parts.

What is the SKU number on a Glock pistol?

An SKU number or Stock Keeping Unit number is an ID number that is assigned to an item so that the inventory can be tracked. The same is the case with the Glock pistol SKU numbers to keep track of the inventories.


The serial may be printed on the chamber, in the magazine, near the ejection port, or on the other parts. The range and generations of the gun will be identified with the help of the serial easily.

Our article introduced easy ways to find out the serial, manufacture, and other useful codes to decode the information you may need about your pistol.

Helping a firearm owner or competitive shooter find out more about their guns and serial number is what we want. Did our article help you find the serial easily on your Glock? Let us know if you find any more useful information and share it in the comments.


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