VSKA Vs WASR: Which Rifle Has the Best Output?


Due to their unique attributes and pricing, it is a dilemma for most shooters to choose between VSKA vs WASR.

With the AK rifles having a few different parameters, we shall compare the two and analyze how they differ. Here are the areas the article shall cover: 

  • Comparison between VSKA and WASR: Features analysis
  • The common problems with the two AK firearms
  • Which is the best firearm and why?

Let’s get into it!

VSKA vs WASR: Comparison of the AK Rifles

The VSKA is a hardcore Russian creation by Mikhail Kalashnikov, equipped with tactical components that can withstand tough shooting conditions. 

On the other hand, century arms WASR AK-47 is of Romanian make and mainly meant for civilian use. Despite lacking the rugged nature, it is more accurate. The WASR-10 is more accurate as it has better triggers and sights. 

Tactically, the VSKA is improved, containing the front trunnion, feed ramp, and bolt carrier crafted from the S7 steel tool, which increases its shock resistance.

VSKA vs WASR rifle

Therefore, the two guns and other AK pistols can provide quality and consistent shooting service. However, the VSKA is more reliable, based on its history, than the WASR-10 AK, as it is manufactured for military and civilian use. 

With that said, which is the better century arms weapon between the VSKA vs WASR varieties? Knowing their prices is key, where the VSKA is the premium version. You can also use the parameters mentioned to analyze the better option for you. If you need a more accurate choice, the WASR is ideal, while the VSKA is reliable for heavy-duty shooting.

Below is a table top review of the century arms rifles.

VSKA Rifle Review

VSKA Rifle Parametrs

VSKA, a Russian-made AK, is an excellent choice in the century arms market with its superb features and dynamics and has been in production since 2009. 

VSKA’s standard features include utilizing the regular 40-round chamber and the 30-round magazine. The firearm stretches up to 37 inches, with a 16.5-inch barrel, and it is also one of the lightest AKs with an overall weight of 8 lbs when unloaded.

Crafted as a military weapon, century arms VSKA has key features that make it reliable for various shooting activities. You’ll find that these gun designs elevate the output, unlike in other traditional AKs. 

VSKA Rifle Review

You’ll like its less play in action, meeting the standard for premium versions. This advantage also applies when you use steel-cased ammo. 

Therefore, selecting century arms VSKA is a good choice as it is durable, accurate, and generally reliable in most tactical uses. It is priced between $700-$800.  

WASR Rifle Review

WASR Rifle Parameters

Side-by-side photos of 10 and 30 rounds magazines

The WASR century arms are manufactured in Romania, using the Pistol Mitralieră model as used between 1963/1965. Honestly, the 7.62x39mm century assault weapon is not the best looking, but despite its low-quality fit or finish, it still offers value for its cost with its unique forged parts.

WASR Rifle Review

Factory options for these century arms utilize 10-round magazines, but improved WASR-10 versions can utilize 30-round magazines. The newer selections also include a 16-inch barrel and a side folding stock, increasing productivity and insane versatility. 

Perhaps the rifle’s affordability is its most impressive feature if you consider the output of the AK-47 pattern rifle. 

Is the VSKA Reliable?

The century arms VSKA firearm is very reliable, but it has shortcomings. Experts may argue that its slightly lower precision makes its reliability questionable, but the rifle’s output is dependable in any shooting context.

Drawbacks reported, like the jamming of guns, are common with poorly maintained firearms. 

Common Problems with the Century Arms VSKA Rifle

Common Problems with the Century Arms VSKA Rifle

As mentioned, each weapon has its disadvantages, but there’s a solution for each in the developing AK arms and pistols industry. The following mentions the problems associated with the VSKA rifles and their most logical and technical solutions. 

1. Stiff Action Feature

A stiff action is influenced by a malfunctioning buffer tube. You can use a buffer tube spacer which frees up space in the tube and smoothes out the action.

2. The Heavy or Light Trigger

To solve this problem, utilize the screws to regulate the trigger. Turning them right makes the trigger heavier, while the opposite motion makes it lighter.

3. VSKA Inaccuracy Issues

The main influence of VSAK’s inaccuracy is the barrel. You can change the barrel’s brand or length to improve precision. Otherwise, it could be something else, such as the trigger, eyepiece, or ammunition.

4. Frequent Jamming of the Gun

A lack of cleaning or poor-quality ammunition normally causes gun jams. Apart from cleaning your firearm, try the “bolt release extension” accessory, which prevents accidental bolt release.

5. The Gun not Cycling Properly

This problem is usually due to a gas system malfunction. A quick solution will be checking if the system is tightened well and ensuring there are no unusual particles in the tube. You can also adjust the size of the gas port. If the methods fail, consider trying a new gas tube or adding a gas piston accessory.

6. Unlocked Bolt Carrier on the Rear

Close-up picture of the bolt carrier

If you sort out the stiff action problem, your gun’s cycling will be okay. You can change the weak buffer springs with stronger ones if the problem persists.

Is the WASR Reliable?

Is the WASR Reliable

As a money option, the century arms WASR firearm is reliable due to its accuracy and versatility. The main disadvantage is the magazine release, but like with VSKA problems, it can be sorted by a bit of fitting. 

The WASR might not be as versatile as the century arms VSKA, but its output is a table top review


Are WASR AKs any Good?

Yes, WASR guns can fit you depending on your needs and is guaranteed to offer good service when in activities like hunting.

Is the VSKA a Good AK?

Yes, the VSAK, as discussed, is a table top review assault firearm boasting tactical qualities like bolt carriers. It is a versatile, durable rifle, especially with withstanding ammo impact.

Which AK is the Most Reliable?

The battle between VSKA vs WASR is won by the premium century arms VSKA edges through its S7 steel tool make. The WASR is, however, the best when it comes to accuracy. 

Are VSKA Chrome Lined?

Yes, on top of the carburized steel bolt, the century arms VSKA has a chrome-moly 4150 barrel, is Chrome Lined and has the RAK-1 Optimized Trigger Group for a smooth pull.

What Type of AK is a VSKA?

The VSKA is a Russian century arms firearm, a heavy-duty military AK-47. It is also a traditional rifle, which can accommodate modern accessories like sights.

Is WASR 10 Cast or Forged?

The WASR is designed around a forged trunnion with a stamped receiver and has a chrome-lined barrel capable of dealing with punishment from many rounds.


There you have it. Above is a table top review on the best AK rifles, where the VSKA has the edge over the WASR century firearm. You can choose the WASR if you’re looking for a cheaper but more accurate option. 

So, what’s your opinion on the two AKs?

You can leave a comment with any additional data on the rifles and tell us what other weapons we can review next.

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