Vortex Venom Review

Vortex venom review

Vortex venom review will clearly show you that a red dot sight can make a huge difference while using your firearm. Accuracy and target acquisition are two major aspects that a red dot will enhance.

Depending on the type of weapon, you can be sure that the difference in aiming down the sights gives an unmatched advantage!

So, whether it is on the battlefield, shooting range, or even during hunting. You can expect the Vortex venom’s unique perks to assist you greatly while shooting. Let our in-depth analysis open new horizons!

Vortex Venom Review. Quick Summary

Vortex Venom

The Vortex Venom red dot is an excellent backup red dot sight that delivers fantastic optical quality when using it on a pistol or rifle. The red dot sight is an impeccable choice for short-range to mid-range sights that are available in the market.

You may notice that the price tag on the Vortex Venom red dot is that of an optic but it outperforms itself by a huge margin. The Vortex venom easily stands against all odds and proves its metal among all!

Some really interesting features are jam-packed into these small optics that most people may underestimate. Features such as auto mode, auto-brightness, ambient light sensor, dot flashes to indicate brightness adjustment, fast target acquisition, & a convenient top load system for the battery.

Vortex Venom Specifications



Mount Type:

Weaver/Picatinny mount



Dot Color:

Bright Red

Dot Size:

3 MOA and 6 MOA (Depending on Model)

Eye Relief:

Unlimited eye relief

Adjustment Graduation:


Max Elevation Adjustment:

130 MOA

Max Windage Adjustment:

100 MOA

Parallax Setting:

Parallax Free

Auto brightness feature:


Battery Compartment:

Top side

Battery Loading:

Top Load system


1.9 inches


1.1 Oz

Glass Clarity & Reticle

Vortex Venom. Glass Clarity & Reticle

If you have any doubts regarding the glass clarity for the Vortex venom red dots then you might have to change your mind. These red dot sights pack quite the punch in terms of dot intensity, easy installation on weapons, super sleek design for ease of use, & fully multi-coated lenses glass.

You will not notice any sort of glare while looking down at the red dot sight. Even when you co-witness the iron sights, you will not feel any hassle at all. The front sight also aligns perfectly allowing you to target fast and the anti-reflective coating makes sure that nothing causes distortion while aiming!

Gun owners can be at ease when thinking of the FOV of the venom red dot sight! They rival some of the best-considered red dots in the market. The venom red dot allows an increased FOV that gives you a much larger picture.

If you are someone that loves rapid target acquisition then you will fall in love with the reticle options and the daylight bright red dot that helps you with these specific things.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

Votex Venom. Eye Relief & Eye Box

Surprisingly, you can enjoy unlimited eye relief with the Venom red dot sight. You can relax and enjoy hitting the sweet spot aka bullseye when shooting in a range to target fast with both eyes open.

Also, the large FOV allows you to keep your eyes open and easily align the iron sights, especially the front sight with the rear sight in relation to the optics.

If you are someone that does not like to re-zero and adjust the front sight, rear sight, or any other options then this is the red dot sight for you.

While using the Vortex venom in any situation you can be at ease that the auto brightness allows adjusting the image quality and clarity for you. A fully multi-coated lens when paired with auto brightness becomes a nice feature for a firearm owner.

Durability and Quality

Votex Venom. Durability and Quality

In terms of quality, you can expect the Vortex venom to deliver what you wanted. A robust aluminum body with excellent quality multicoated glasses. That ensures that image quality, target acquisition, & clarity are top-notch.

There are many red dots that are similar to the Vortex venom but some very easy-of-use features make it a standalone winner among them all! For example, the battery compartment at the top, clarity, and brightness settings make it stand out the most.

None of the red dots in the market have these features, especially the way the battery is loaded in the Vortex venom. The 10 brightness settings make it a tough nut to crack by other competitors.

Also, if you are left-handed then the MOA adjustment, windage, and other controls on the sight become more user-friendly. This makes it a preference for left-handed people too.

Now let’s shed some light on the durability of the red dot!

The coatings on the glass make them pretty much scratch free overall. Guaranteeing that the glasses are unharmed even facing wear and tear on the field. You can be sure to hit your target even in the toughest conditions on the battlefield.

Although, there have been some problems that gun owners have reported. They do not pose a great threat when viewed generally as a sight-aligning problem when using the weapon. Users who made minor tweaks have been able to solve the co-witnessing problem easily!

For example, some users have reported having seen a lined dot on the sight instead of a crisp round one. This was reported by many people but it turned out to be imagination for most people. As the main problem was with the user and not the vortex venom.

Solution: The users took a picture with their phone and noticed that they were seeing things and the dot was actually a dot in the picture taken by the phone.

Overall the build quality and durability have proven no further issues. Instead, some features just fascinate the users such as the abrasion-tolerant ArmorTek coating that helps to protect your optics from dust, grease/oil, scratches, & shock.

It may also come as a surprise that the sight is water proof. Although, you may not find it on the official website many users have tested it out and found it to be waterproof. Though, an official IP rating is yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer.


Votex Venom. Battery

Talking about the battery life, you can expect it to perform quite well with some of the most hassle-free features that make it a favorite for many weapon owners.

The Vortex Venom red dot sight uses a CR 2032 battery that might seem like a joke of a battery type. But believe us, you may hardly ever need to replace the battery as it delivers a whopping 30,000 hours of battery life.

We positively confirm! 30k battery run time on a single battery in the battery compartment! If you change the settings to the highest setting then you can expect a total of 150 hours of run time.

What makes this red dot sight so special is the auto brightness feature and the auto-off feature that comes built into the Vortex Venom. Many times it happens that the user does not turn off the sight and just stashes away the firearm.

The auto-off mode makes sure to turn off the red dot sight after 14 hours of idleness. Also, the dot intensity controls can ensure that the daylight bright red dot delivers optimum performance during a bright sunny day.

These small options make the Vortex Venom red dot sight into a very impressive bundle offer as a red dot sight for firearm owners. Even in battery comparison, the Vortex counterpart aka Vortex Viper delivers the same performance.

Elevation & Windage Knobs

Vortex venom. Elevation & Windage Knobs

Most red dot sight might not have such smooth and easy knobs to operate. The Vortex Venom red dot has very easy-to-operate windage and elevation knobs that can be adjusted very accurately.

The 1 MOA elevation adjustment makes it very easy for you to adjust the red dot according to your ease of use. Once you have adjusted and zeroed the red dot sight, you will not have any more need to adjust it from time to time.

The knobs are especially very easy to use if you are using them from the left side. The accessibility and quick usage is confirmed by many users.

Parallax & Magnification

Being a firearm owner, you might think that the Vortex Venom red dot sight has very limited options or features but you are wrong! Being a 3 MOA red dot sight, it has a fixed 1x magnification that might seem very fishy at the start but served a greater purpose.

It delivers perfect accuracy if you are planning to use the weapon on a 150 yards range. If you plan to extend your range or shoot at even greater distances then equip yourself with a red dot magnifier.

What makes this optics a beast is that it is parallax-freered dot sight! Meaning that you will not face any issues of distortion when using the Vortex Venom in any situation given that it meets the requirements of the range.

Mounting & Rings

Votex Venom. Mounting & Rings

If you are someone that hates adjusting the mount of the optics to make the firearm perform well then Vortex Venom red dot sight is for you! The 3 MOA version comes with a Picatinny mount that allows you to easily mount it on your firearm.

Also, as a default mount, it is a low rail mount but the manufacturers were generous enough to add an optional riser that makes it an easier placement for rifles too.

A magnifier coupled with this setup is a killer combo on the field. You will surely enjoy the perks you can avail yourself of with this setup on the Vortex venom!


The Vortex Venom red dot comes with a price tag of $230. In this price range, it may seem pricy to you before you may experience it. But once you get your hands on this piece of equipment, your world is going to greatly change.

You will feel that $230 is not much of a price tag for the amazing performance that it delivers on the field. Be it a combat zone or a hunting area or even a self-defense situation at home.

In comparison to the Vortex venom red dot, the Vortex viper and Burris have a cheaper price tag. Vortex viper is at a $180 price. Which is quite economical for a red dot sight.

Vortex Venom Problem: Shooting a foot high.

Most firearm owners faced the issue that their weapon was firing a foot high when using the Vortex Venom as their choice of optics. But this was quickly ruled out by some genius shooting enthusiasts.

The issue was analyzed and resolved through a trial and error method that ensured guaranteed results.

The problem arose when the front sight was aligned with the red-painted rear sight. The shots fired from the weapon landed a foot high on the target. And this continued for not just some shots but for a number of mags that were fired while using the Vortex venom equipped on it.

How to solve this?

Vortex venom itself presented the solution to this problem! Although, it was a bit tricky somehow it was figured out. You simply have to align the sights when the red dot on the Vortex venom is out of commission.

While shooting the weapon, you need to tilt your weapon a bit forward at an angle that the rear sight hides the front sight. Now the pained sight would simply have to be held just under the target area to shoot. This allows you to achieve an accurate aim!

Is the Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight for you?

Let us give you an honest review of the things that we know so far about the red dot sight. And features that will narrow down your selection and decision for this red dot sight when compared to other alternatives available in the market. Let’s talk about the pros and cons!

  • It has very easy dot intensity controls.
  • The top loading compartment allows you to keep your red dot sight ready to go anytime.
  • You do not have to re-zero the optics every time.
  • Excellent build quality that promises long-lasting companionship.
  • It can be mounted on any firearm with ease.
  • The multicoated lens allows the vortex sight to deliver crystal clear sight picture and image quality.
  • Unlimited eye relief for the user.
  • The venom red dot is parallax-free red dot sights.
  • The Venom red dot sights is a very lightweight optic you may find in the market.
  • Allows rapid target acquisition easily.
  • A little pricey red dot sights.
  • Short battery life on max brightness settings.

We will leave the decision to you as you may notice that the advantages outweigh the cons by a huge margin. The Venom red dot sight may have its limitations but in this price range, it delivers the best there is in the market!


The Vortex venom is an excellent red dot when put beside other red dots made by competitors. And many gun owners have expressed that the Vortex venom is a great red dot.

What makes Venom Vortex so special are features like the multi-coated lens, auto-brightness, shake awake, and other similar perks. Making it an apex predator that sets it a league apart!

What feature caught your attention the most? Let us know if you bought a Vortex venom after reading out the article! Leave some insight in the comments section!


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