Springfield Hellcat Problems: 2023 Solutions Guide with Test Results

Every shooter faces the inevitable Springfield Hellcat problems, mainly with the trigger pull and the challenges of handling micro-compact versions. There are solutions you can explore, and the following write-up will take you through some issues of all Springfield Armory.

Springfield Hellcat Problems: [2023] Solutions Guide with Test Results

Read through to see the practical tests and solutions you can use with the CCW pistols!

Springfield Hellcat Gun Review

Springfield is a concealed carry pistol from Croatia. The original Hellcat was first improved in 2017. This handgun is amongst the new releases from Springfield, incorporating new tech and handling designs. 

The Hellcat Pro is mainly used in self-defense with the following features:

  • The Springfield Hellcat Pro has an extended barrel for a bigger observation radius.
  • Incorporate a better grip due to its larger frame.
  • Its threaded trigger is improved. 
  • They can accommodate U-dot sights.
Springfield Hellcat Gun Review

What are Hellcat Pro Specifications?

The Springfield Hellcat has excellent specifications making it a must-own handgun. Check the table to understand the specs:



Ammunition capacity:

 11+1 or 13+1


Tritium Sights, Optics Ready


4″ or 4.5″



Length (inches):




Weight (ounces):

 18.6 oz

Here is a brief analysis of the above Hellcat features:

  • Sight: Hellcat pistol can accommodate sights, a great addition considering most Glocks lack the technology, which can come in handy at night.
  • Capacity: Springfield Hellcat ammo capacity is double that of ordinary handguns, as the 12 or 13-magazine hold is twice that of a regular Glock. Therefore, you don’t need to incur extra costs for aftermarket magazine additions.
  • Accessory: The Hellcat Pro has a standardized accessory rail to accommodate various aftermarket products if needed. 

That said, problems you might face with the Springfield Hellcat are associated with the above features and specifications. Here are the common issues many shooters complain about.

Springfield Hellcat Problems. What are Hellcat Pro Specifications?

Most Common Issues with a Springfield Hellcat

The Springfield Hellcat is famous for its small size and deadly firepower. It is viewed as a great concealed carry alternative. Like many weapons, the great gun comes with its flaws which we’ll look into in the following review:

1. Hellcat’s Sensitive Trigger Pull 

A common issue most shooters mention is Springfield Hellcat’s sensitive trigger pull, which can lead to unintentional firing. You can encounter this Hellcat problem by slight movements or contact on the gun’s side, which also leads to jamming. Here are other related concerns:

  • With the compromised trigger, you’ll need extra pressure to fire your hellcat pro. 
  • Springfield Hellcat requires extra fire force minus the sensitive trigger. Despite the newer versions having a longer barrel as a solution, it is still a commonly reported problem. 

If you own one of the older models, you can train more with your Springfield Hellcat to adapt to the inevitable sensitive trigger pull. Nonetheless, it might take time to adjust if you’re used to heavy-pressure triggers.

Hellcat's Sensitive Trigger Pull

2. Inconsistent Performance with the Springfield Armory

Another dilemma with Hellcat Pro users is its reliability, where you cannot depend on its consistency. The results differ, with some saying the firearm performs excellently throughout 1000 rounds. 

However, a good number complain about the weapon’s shooting performance plummeting with the utilization of a few hundred 9mm ammo. This can highly compromise your performance in a shooting range and affect you by:

  • Leading to unintentionally missing targets.
  • Your cartridges are not doing enough damage to test dummies.
Inconsistent Performance with the Springfield Armory

Reliability issues are, however, common with overused varieties, tending to lug after firing several hundred rounds. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Regularly clean your weapon.
  • Ensure you’re using the right ammunition with the Springfield Hellcat. 

3. Poor Comfortability Due to Handling Issues

Springfield Hellcat problems regarding its handling dynamics also give most new shooters a hard time. These issues are influenced by the guns:

  • Short grip: The Springfield Hellcat short grip specification can be costly when drawing and shooting, where extended usage periods are tricky. Moreover, it is a Springfield company issue, with many other Glock versions coming with convenient-sized grips.
  • Recoil: While it features a dual captive recoil spring and a full-length guide rod to decrease kickback, many Hellcat shooters report it is rougher than intended.  Like most handguns, it is challenging to deal with at first. You can use extra bullets before you’re fully accurate with the gun’s impact. 

The grip’s features are the root of the discomfort issue, though they are perfect for the concealed carry pistol to take anywhere without the feeling of extra baggage. 

3. Poor Comfortability Due to Handling Issues

4. Springfield Armory Magazine Feed Issue

The Springfield Hellcat is also said to come with magazine problems, making it hard to feed them or difficulty switching in the gun. There is, however, a divide regarding the issue, with most magazine issues associated with cartridge sizes. 

For example: Federal American Eagle 147 and 115-grain cartridges can lead to magazine feed difficulties with the Springfield Armory Hellcat. The Hellcat Pro will normally reject these round-nose cartridges, inconveniencing those who want to explore other ammunition. 

Sometimes your magazine can be an issue, where frequent falls might damage it and result in the Springfield Hellcat problem. With the certainty of such occurrences, you can solve the problem by:

  • Regular maintenance checks like oiling before a shooting session. 
  • Always check for any damages on the magazine before inserting it in the Hellcat. 
  • Using the recommended 9mm bullets on the magazines also ensures they are compatible with the gun’s chamber. 
Springfield Armory Magazine Feed Issue

5. Pricing: Is Springfield Hellcat Worth Buying

Though pricing is subjective, you should consider it when analyzing the Springfield Hellcat. It is approximately $370, more than most concealed carry pistols but is worth buying for features such as:

  • Impressive compact shape.
  • Large ammo capacity.
  • Superior performance.
Pricing: Is Springfield Hellcat Worth Buying

6. Holster Compatibility of the CCW Pistol

A Hellcat does come with other external issues, mainly involving its holster accommodative features. Here are the factors leading to the issue:

  • Its size dimensions might cause problems when finding the right fit for your weapon. 
  • A customized make is excellent but costly and not a guaranteed fit for your firearm.
Holster Compatibility of the CCW Pistol

Can You Fix Springfield Hellcat Problems?

You’re in luck, as we’ve researched all the mentioned issues through vigorous tests on the Springfield armory Hellcat. Here are some fixes you can try for both short-term and long-term solutions. 

Fixing the Sensitive Trigger

Hellcat’s trigger also bothers even expert shooters. 

  • Hand positioning: This solution differs from one person to the other due to hand size differences. You can try positioning your firing finger further forward to avoid the sensitive slide lock, where you can rest it on your threaded barrel. We understand this can be hard to master, as observed in our tests; thus, you are advised to train using an empty magazine for necessary corrections. 
  • Gun Accessories: Aftermarket solutions can also help you, including a drop-in trigger to neutralize the sensitivity of its dynamics. 
Fixing the Sensitive Trigger

How to get Consistent Performance

We had a smooth shooting session with the Hellcat Pro using one round type. Therefore, try the same brand of bullets for your Springfield armory Hellcat, especially the recommended 9mm cartridges.

Solutions to the Magazine Feed Issues

As mentioned, gun falls can damage and affect the productivity of your magazine. You can therefore avoid dropping your gun unnecessarily and use a holster to prevent such Hellcat problems. 

Also, you can try different magazines when purchasing from your local dealer and choose one that’s smooth when full and empty. Usually, magazines can cause problems when at 13 rounds, full capacity. 

Solutions to the Magazine Feed Issues
Note: To check for magazine issues, you can test your new gun using a few rounds and see how it responds as you fill it up to capacity.

How to Deal with Poor Comfort

Springfield Hellcats can frustrate many shooters with their short grips, especially at a range competition. Since it is a personal preference issue, you can change your handling dynamics or get an extended magazine with a slide lock to increase your holding surface area. 

How to Deal with Poor Comfort

Pricing and Holcaster Solutions

Springfield Hellcats are priced between $350 – $400, a fair cost regardless of the mentioned problems. It is a good quality gun guaranteed to give you optimum output once you fully figure out its handling and shooting dynamics. 

Pricing and Holcaster Solutions

Testing the Hellcat Pro on the Range

We put the Springfield Hellcats to the test to compile the above data. Read through to learn more about these micro-compact pistols.

1st Test: The Brand New Hellcat Pro

There were no initial problems to report with the first-time use, as reported by most Hellcat owners. The first shooting session was exceptionally smooth though our experts did take extra caution when dealing with the trigger blade. 

The new owners did not need initial services as the first-time use proved to have the perfect oiling for a consistent shooting performance. The external movements like Magazine change also had the same impressive feature. 

1st Test: The Brand New Hellcat Pro

2nd Test: Use After Firing over 100 Rounds

A hundred rounds can take a toll on any weapon, and the Hellcat Pro handled the aspect magnificently. Its performance was consistent for different shooters.

2nd Test: Use After Firing over 100 Rounds

3rd Test: Ammo Variety Usage

Our experts used a variety of 9mm ammunition and recorded no problem. The only difference to report is the change in velocities from one bullet to the other. 

To understand the impact of the velocity, we used the original Hellcat version to provide some comparison with the Pro velocities.


Hellcat Pro


Speer Gold Dot 124 gr JHP

1,053 fps

1,096 fps

+43 fps

Remington UMC 115 gr FMJ

1,042 fps

1,103 fps

+61 fps

Liberty Ammunition 50 gr JHP +P

1,863 fps

2,032 fps

+169 fps

SIG SAUER V-Crown 147 gr JHP

962 fps

991 fps

+29 fps


There are different results amongst Hellcat owners, making the problems mentioned more of a personal preference issue. As discussed, personal factors like hand size play a role in handling the guns, while maintenance factors also influence the Hellcat problems. 

  • Nonetheless, there’s a need for the Springfield company to provide the relevant solution for the new Hellcat. 
  • Some gun experts have asked for these firearms to be recalled, especially for their sensitive triggers. 

Recalling this original Hellcat is unnecessary now, and the manufacturer can provide logical and relevant solutions to new Hellcat owners. They could make the aftermarket accessories cheaper or as extensions in the package. 


Does the Springfield Hellcat Pro have a red dot?

The Hellcat has a side feature to accommodate sights, including a red dot optic.

Are Springfield Hellcat magazines bad?

Springfield magazines are perfect and only cause shooting and feeding problems when you constantly drop your original Hellcat Pro or feed the wrong ammunition.

Why is my Springfield Hellcat’s trigger jamming?

Springfield Hellcat has a rather sensitive trigger that slight movements alter, like side contacts, initiating safety lock, and jamming.

Is the Hellcat a bad gun?

The Hellcat is a good gun if you handle it correctly, and it can give consistent shooting service with up to 1500 rounds.

Is the Hellcat trigger light?

Hellcat rigger is light and locks easily when slightly altered. As the article provides, you can swap with an apex trigger or try other related market accessories.


That said, trigger sensitivity is the major issue with Springfield, with handling inconvenience also an issue for many Hellcat owners. The magazine feed is also concerning, especially if you’re new to the Springfield brand.

You can deal with these problems in aftermarket products like the drop-in trigger while using appropriate bullets to sort the magazine issue. Additionally, try practicing more with your new Hellcat to get used to the gun’s handling dynamics. 

So, have you faced any of the discussed Hellcat problems? Comment below with your answer and describe your most preferred solution.

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