Shield RMSc Vs Holosun 507k

Shield RMSc Vs Holosun 507k

An optic on your rifle enables you to make your shot accurately. Luckily there are different red dot sights in the market.

Today we will consider two of the best pistol optics on the market. We will carry out a Shield RMSc vs Holosun 507k comparison by considering different features, which include durability, Lens clarity and reticle options, Battery life and brightness settings, size, and footprint.

Let’s delve into it.

Shield RMSc Vs Holosun 507k: Quick Answer Which One Is Better?

The Holosun 507k red dot and the Shield RMSc have outstanding features. Both mini-red dots have proven reliable for every shooter.

The Holosun was good in terms of its durability, Lens clarity, low-cost pricing, brightness settings, and battery duration. At the same time, the shield rmsc red dot was the better option in terms of its lightweight, footprint, and extra accessories included.

Shield RMSc Vs Holosun 507k: Main Specs


Shield RMSc

Holosun 507k


Brightness Setting:

Auto-adjusting brightness setting with no lock mode feature

Manual and automatic 10 Daylight and 2 Night Vision brightness setting with a lock mode feature

Dimensions (H x W x L):

0.9 x 0.9 x 1.70 inches

0.95 x 0.98 x 1.60 inches


0.57 ounce

1 ounce

Battery Life:

Cr2032 battery with a three-year battery life

Cr1632 battery with a 50000-hour battery span

Reticle Size:

4 MOA or 8 MOA red dot

2 MOA red dot, 32 MOA and 32 MOA with 2 MOA dot



Durability And Toughness

Getting the perfect optic that is durable, tough, and able to withstand different conditions is the goal of every shooter. Let’s consider the durability of both optics.

Holosun 507k

Durability and Toughness Holosun 507k

The Holosun 507k is a highly effective red dot sight. The housing is constructed from 7075 T6 Aluminum, a highly durable material.

The windage and elevation turrets are recessed into the sight housing, and the anodized coating protects the optic from the weather.

The 507K is also waterproof for up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Additionally, the sight can manage rainy, snowy, or wet weather without problems. The Holosun 507K was developed as a pistol optic. So it can withstand abuse while mounted on a handgun.

Shield RMSc

Durability And Toughness Shield Rmsc

The Shield RMSc has a high-quality aerospace-grade Aluminum housing and anodized finish which protects the optic from being damaged by external elements.

The windage and elevation turrets on the Shield RMSc are also recessed into the sight housing, which means they can never be bumped or snapped off accidentally.

The RMSc comes in both polymer and glass. The glass lens costs more, but it has proven to be a sturdy component.

The Winner

Holosun 507k! Based on the construction, the top-notch material used for the design, and the durability tests conducted on both, the Holosun 507k proved more durable.

Lens Clarity And Reticle

A better view is dependent on the clarity of the lens.

Lens Clarity And Reticleю. Shield rmsc vs holosun 507k

Holosun 507k

The Holosun 507k features a crystal clear glass lens with an awesome view and no blue tint.

The Holosun has a multiple reticle system (MRS). This allows you to choose: a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA ring (without the red dot in the center), or the Holosun circle dot reticle 32 MOA ring with a 2 MOA red dot in the center.

Shield RMSc

The RMSc uses a polymer lens that is readily available and less expensive. The glass lens produces a crisp image with a precise dot and no discernible hue. It’s quite clear.

The lens is hard coated, has anti-reflective qualities, and no colored coating has been applied.

The shield RMSc offers you two reticle choices: a fixed 4 MOA dot, which offers more precision, or a fixed 8 MOA dot which is easier on the eye.

The Winner

Holosun 507k! Holosun gives you a Multiple Reticle System in one sight and a clean sight picture with no blue tint.

Size Comparison

Size Comparison. Shield rmsc vs holosun 507k

Holosun 507k

The Holosun 507k is a miniature reflex sight. The 507k dimensions are 0.95 x 0.98 x 1.60 inches, with its weight at 1 ounce.

Shield RMSc

The Shield RMSc is also a tiny miniature reflex sight with slight differences in dimension.

The height of the Shield RMSc is 0.9 inches. The width also measures 0.9 inches, and the length is 1.7 inches.

The RMSc weight is 0.57 ounces, slightly half the weight of the Holosun.

The Winner

Shield RMSc! It’s lightweight, making it an ideal sight for every shooter.

Battery Life And Brightness Settings

Which red dot will serve you longer and better when in use? Let’s consider both optics.

Shield rmsc vs holosun 507k. Battery Life

Holosun 507k

The 507k features a super led high-capacity lithium battery to power the optic for up to 50,000 hours. The long battery span makes it the perfect sight to carry on long hunting treks.

The optic has a Shake Awake Technology feature. This motion sensor allows your optic to preserve its battery for longer use; upon detecting a long period of non-use, the optic automatically turns off, powers on, and turns on if it senses motion.

The 507k is equipped with both manual and auto adjustment settings. It has ten daylight brightness setting and two settings for night vision.

There is a Lock Mode that disables the optic’s controls while it is in a holster, the optic’s battery tray is accessed from the side, so the user can swap batteries without taking the optic off the gun.

Shield RMSc

The Shield RMSc uses a powerful CR2032 battery with the ability to power the sight for 2 to 3 years. This means you can rely on it during emergencies. 

When changing the battery on the RMSc, you must remove the optic from your gun since the battery is located at the bottom of the optic. However, this means you must re-mount the sight and re-zero the optic.

The Schield RMSc is an auto-adjusting dot with no manual setting. The brightness adjusts automatically according to the lighting conditions surrounding you. As the light changes, the dot dims and brightens swiftly and naturally.

However, this drawback is that it takes time to adjust, and sudden light changes can interfere with your reticle.

The Winner

The Holosun 507k! The Holosun 507k stands out due to its powerful, super long battery life, the manual and automatic brightness settings, and the lock mode feature.

Extra Accessories Included With The Optic

Holosun 507k

The Holosun 507k comes with the following:

  • CR1632 battery.
  • A lens cloth.
  • The Holosun features a built-in rear sight. The rear notch in the 507K lines up perfectly with the front iron sights and protects it against a red dot fail.
  • You can get several mounting plates to mount your 507k on optics-ready pistols.
  • A less common proprietary footprint (the design underneath the red dot optic that slides on the gun’s surface).

Shield RMSc

The RMSc includes the following accessories:

  • A CR2032 battery.
  • The rear sight is built into the sight housing.
  • A proprietary footprint. However, the rmsc footprint is more common than the Holosun 507k footprint, which makes it easy to mount on several guns.

The Winner

Draw. Both have almost similar accessories.


Footprint. Shield rmsc vs holosun 507k

The footprint refers to the mounting standard and the optic’s bottom surface. It is also the design beneath the red dot optic that slides across the surface of the rifle. The more common your sight’s mounting system, the better it will fit most weapons.

Holosun 507k

The Holosun 507k has a proprietary footprint. There are several mounting plates so you can adjust your sight on your pistols. However, it is recommended that you get a slide cut for your 507k.

Shield RMSc

The Shield footprint is also proprietary. However, it is slightly more common than the Holosun 507k footprint. Moreover, it mounts easily on several guns.

The Winner

Shield RMSc! Both have similar accessories, but the Shield RMSc footprint makes it more unique than the Holosin 507k.

What Makes It Different?

What makes it different Holosun 507k Vs Shield Rmsc

The Holosun 507K and the Shield RMSc are mini red dots, but what makes them unique?

Holosun 507k Red Dot

  • The 507K is made of aluminum.
  • The side-mounted battery compartment means there is no need to remove the optic to swap batteries.
  • The Holosun is equipped with a multi-reticle system.
  • The 507K is also ergonomically equipped with two buttons for optic control. A single button or automatic adjustments control every other micro red dot. Instead of missing your brightness level and having to cycle through every option to get back to it, adjust as needed.Red dot fail
  • The Holosun 507k has a built-in rear sight which makes it easy to use your iron if it fails for any reason.

Shield RMSc

Several features make the Shield RMSc unique. They include:

  • The RMSc is made of tough aerospace-grade Aluminum, which makes it able to withstand tough conditions.
  • The Shield boasts lightning-fast automatic brightness adjustment to adapt to your surroundings, allowing you to focus on the target.
  • The more common proprietary footprint enables it to fit on most guns.
  • It’s lightweight, which makes it more portable.

Price Comparison

It would help if you had a good scope that costs you less or gives you value for your money.

The Holosun 507k is less expensive than the Shield RMSc by more than 100 dollars. Furthermore, it gives more value compared to the Shield RMSc.

Holosun 507K Vs Shield RMSc Mini Red Dots – Final Thoughts

Footprint. Shield rmsc vs holosun 507k. Shield rmsc vs holosun 507k

Both sights have proven to be waterproof and shockproof, and they both include a sight housing made of high-quality Aluminum for durability and toughness. Additionally, both feature an adonized finish that protects them from the weather.

However, the 507k’s sight housing is significantly thicker than the RMSc’s. Hence the 507k was declared the winner.

Both sights feature a clear lens in the Lens Clarity And Reticle category, and the 507k has a Multiple Reticle System with 2 MOA, 32 MOA, and 32 MOA with a 2 MOA dot, while the Shield RMSc has a fixed 4 MOA or 8 MOA red dot. As a result, the Holosun 507k becomes a realistic choice.

Both are quite small and have fairly comparable dimensions; however, the Shield RMSc is lighter than the Holosun, making it the better option.

The battery life is ideal for both optics under the Battery Life And Brightness Settings category. The 507k, on the other hand, features a battery loading tray on the side, which makes replacement incredibly quick and eliminates the need to zero the red dot every time you change the battery. Furthermore, the Shake-Awake Technology aids in battery preservation.

The Holosun 507k includes manual and automatic brightness settings and a Lock mode option. The shield rmsc, on the other hand, has an auto-adjusting dot with no manual settings. The brightness automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions around you.

Both sights come with a battery and have a proprietary footprint in terms of Extra Accessories. However, the Shield RMSc footprint is more popular and may be easily mounted on various firearms. The Shield RMSc is the best option for this.

Finally, in terms of price, the Holosun 507k is approximately 130 to 140 dollars less expensive than the Shield RMSc. Furthermore, it provides you with good value for your money.


Do we need to re-tighten the screws on Holosun 507k?

The screws hold fairly well. Degrease them with rubbing alcohol and a little Loctite, and torque them down with quality bits and wrenches. But ensure you check every time you go to the range to ensure nothing has come loose.

Does Holosun 507k have a shiny or matte coating?

The Holosun 507k has a matte black coating that blends easily with most black gun finishes. 

How to prevent scratches on your optic?

Scratches lead to blurring of your optics, even though they are rare. However, you can use a screen protector, the size of your optic. However, if the scratches have occurred, you can use different methods such as a clinical grade rubbing alcohol or a glass windscreen polish.

Does the RMSc come with an optic cover?

Yes, a semi-ridged plastic cover comes with all Shield optics and fits quite securely. You can also opt for the Patent Pending Neoprene cover, designed to fit the Shield RMSc scope. This cover will protect the scope in all environments and is soft enough to keep from scratching the scope. Some modifications may be needed for use with backup iron sights.

Where is Shield RMSc manufactured?

The Shield RMSc has been manufactured in Britain since the 1980s.

Does Holosun 507K fit RMSc cut?

The Holosun 507k is designed to fit the same footprint as the Shield RMSc. However, the footprint is not exactly close to the Shield RMSc due to the front and rear mounting lug slots. This means the user has to file down the lugs on the slide.

What cut is the Holosun 507k?

The 507K uses the modified Shield RSMc footprint, which is a micro footprint for models like the P365XL and the Hellcat.

Does Holosun 507k come in a green dot?

Holosun’s optic product lineups have always focused on red dot reticles. But recently, they have added the green dot. The green reticles’ ultra-high contrast hue is useful in bright and dim daylight. The HE507K-GR X2’s bright green reticle makes it easy for the shooter to get a sight picture quickly in practically any environment or lighting.

Is the Holosun 507k waterproof?

Yes, the Holosun 507k red dot sights are water-resistant and waterproof. The 507K can withstand being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. It’s also functional in moist conditions such as rain, snow, or fog.

Is Holosun 507K parallax free?

Yes, it is parallax-free, which implies that the target error caused by manufacturer settings is eliminated at a given distance. From a distance of 25 meters, the Holosun technology is devoid of parallax.


We have reviewed the Holosun 507k and the Shield RMSc micro red dots; we compared both red dots in terms of durability, lens clarity, pricing, dimension, battery life, and footprint. Both have excellent features.

The Holosun 507k red dot excelled in pricing, battery life, brightness settings, Lens clarity, and durability. The RMSc red dot excelled in its lightweight, footprint, and accessories.

Which red dot got you excited, and which features did you love about it? Feel free to comment in the comment section below, and remember to share the post with your friends.


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