RCBS Chargemaster Lite Review: Best Electronic Powder Dispenser

RCBS Chargemaster Lite Review-120/240 Vac

The RCBS Chargemaster Lite is a compact electronic scale with an integrated powder dispenser that brings speed, accuracy and convenience to the process of throwing powder charges.

The ChargeMaster Lite, the latest addition to RCBS’s ChargeMaster series of powder measures, is a small, but powerful powder measure that is easily portable for use in your favorite hunting camp or at the range.

RCBS Powder Scale is an accurate scale for weighing your loads. It’s easy to use and can dispense between 2-300 grains of powder.

This RCBS scale has a large capacity hopper so it won’t run out of powder when your in the middle of a reloading session.

RCBS Chargemaster Lite Review-120/240 Vac

The ChargeMaster Lite is a powder scale that’s used to measure out precise amounts of smokeless powder. When you’re reloading your ammo, precise measuring is critical.

This scale measures in increments as small as 0.1 grains and has an accuracy rate of +/- 0.1 grains. It features a durable design, a high-contrast display, and buttons that are easy to use.

Summary: The spring-loaded powder measure requires no priming and features a micrometer adjustment on the hopper to set accurate throw weights from 4 to 60 grains in 0.1-gr increments.

It’s powered by an AC adapter with a long cord that plugs into the wall, or you can use it with batteries (not included).

LCD display – 2 3/8” touchscreen display

The RCBS Chargemaster Lite is an electronic scale that brings speed, accuracy, and convenience to the process of throwing powder charges.

The scale features a flat-panel LCD with intuitive touch-screen controls that allow you to enter your desired powder quantity, check your last charge weight or output any dispensing parameters to the Chargemaster Lite.

This powder scale has a bright LCD display that makes it easy to read so you don’t have to worry about squinting or straining your eyes when weighing your bullets.

rcbs chargemaster combo review

The charge master has an LCD display that shows all the relevant information you need to know. It shows the weight on the scale in pounds, grains, or grams depending on what the user chooses.

This powder dispenser also shows the powder charge weight and the target charge weight to ensure the user is within safe limits.

The simplicity of a single “OK” button ensures easy operation every time. It’s completely portable and runs on 100VAC-240VAC and four different prong connectors snap onto a 12-volt DC converter.

The dispenser automatically drops precise charges every time to help you remain focused during loading operations.

This scale is small enough to take with you anywhere but works well on a table at home too.

The spring-loaded powder measure requires no priming and features a micrometer adjustment on the hopper to set accurate throw weights from 4 to 60 grains in 0.1-gr increments.


The dispenser works with all types of powders and can be set to give short, medium or long throws.

With the built-in tare function, throwers can reset the weight to zero before they add each charge.

As with all RCBS products, the Chargemaster is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Tare Feature

The Tare feature on this RCBS Powder Scale allows you to weigh your bullet and the amount of powder separately. Then add those numbers together for an accurate weight of your loaded rounds.

This simple machine can also perform a function that many other dispensers cannot do; it will automatically separate any large discrepancies between the target charge weight, and actual charge weight.

rcbs scales chargemaster lite

If there is too much or too little powder in the hopper, this feature will automatically adjust it so you don’t get any dangerous overcharges or undercharges.

This product can be used by anyone who does reloading for their sports or hunting activities.

However, it is especially useful for beginner shooters who want to learn how to reload safely.

Design feature- 7/16” tall

Contained in a heavy-duty cast iron frame for stability, the Chargemaster Lite has a large 7 x 16″ tall and right platform surface on which to place your scale pan ready for a reloading session.

Charging directly from your scale pan eliminates the need to measure powder into a separate container and allows you to quickly cycle your press through multiple calibers.

Connection And cord

The RCBS Chargemaster Lite electronic powder dispenser and scale is the world’s first compact, complete reloading system that brings speed, accuracy and convenience to the process of throwing powder charges.

 The Chargemaster Lite has a tare button for quick and easy powder measure adjustment and comes with a four-hole power cord that fits any AC outlet in the world (100VAC-240VAC), so you can use your Chargemaster Lite wherever you are in the world.

It also comes with four different power supply cords that are designed to snap onto the 12-volt DC converter.

This allows you to operate the Chargemaster Lite anywhere there is an automobile ignition or power source.

Reloaders and hunters alike will appreciate how easy it is to throw consistent, perfectly metered charges at their reloading bench or just about anywhere.

RCBS chargemaster lite problems

rcbs chargemaster lite problems

The only drawback of this product is that it is relatively expensive.

So, if you are looking for an affordable dispenser, or if you want to save some money, then the RCBS 1500 Lite is the best option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the RCBs Chargemaster Lite the right electronic powder dispenser for you?

The RCBS Chargemaster Lite is one of the top electronic powder dispensers on the market today.

It is also very popular and therefore, is always in high demand. However, there are other good powders dispensers too.

RCBS powder dispenser is the best because it has a very good mechanism for powder dispensing. It also has a very large hopper, which makes it ideal for large volumes.

However, if you are looking for a small dispenser that you can carry around, the RCBS 1500 Chargemaster is the best option.

2. Should I get the RCBs 1500 Lite or 1500 Chargemaster?

rcbs chargemaster vs chargemaster lite

We shall look at a comparison of the RCBS Chargemaster vs chargemaster lite to determine which one you should get.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Lite features a color-coded LED display that allows for easy readability. The LED display also lights up when you turn on the dispenser.

You can adjust the sensitivity of this powder dispenser to match your needs. The dispenser has a lock feature that allows you to tuck it away safely when not in use.

Finally, the dispenser comes with a limited lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects.

The RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 Powder Dispenser is another top product in RCBS’s line of powder dispensers. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is made in America.

This powder dispenser is designed to dispense either pistol or rifle reloading components and reduces spillage while making it easier to load bullets into cases

3. How does the chargemaster Lite Work?

There are several things you need to consider for a powder dispenser. You need good quality, as well as one that is easy and convenient to use.

Electronic powder dispensers have several advantages over manual ones. They are easy to operate, safer, and more accurate.

The RCBS Chargemaster Lite and Chargemaster 1500 are two popular models on the market today. Both are of excellent quality and very efficient, with the same great features.

However, they come at slightly different prices, so it’s up to you to determine which one is best suited for your needs.

4. Which RCBS powder dispenser is the best?

The RCBS Chargemaster is the best electronic powder dispenser for reloaders. It is affordable, but feature rich powder dispenser.

If you are a progressive reloader then you might want to upgrade to the projector, which has automatic indexing and repeatability of +/- 0.1 grain

Summary: rcbs chargemaster lite review

The RCBS Chargemaster Lite is an electronic scale that works with a dispenser to measure and accurately dispense the powder for a cartridge.

The device comes with four different prongs to connect to the power cord, and one of those prongs is meant for use with 12-volt DC converters and in-line battery chargers.

The application comes free with the purchase of any RCBS powder measure and provides reloaders with a user manual, recipes, tutorials, and more.

This application also provides hunters with instructions on how they can use their own scales to weigh out their own game meat.

This can help them track their caloric intake while getting protein into their diets. Lastly, this scale allows shooters to measure the exact weight of every charge they throw by simply lifting the arm across all five scales and releasing it to the zero position in order to get the most accurate results.

The new unit features a compact, all-in-one design that brings speed, accuracy, and convenience to the reloading process.

And it all comes in a rugged flame-resistant housing that’s fully compatible with optional accessories such as remote control (sold separately), hopper extension, bean hopper, and an industrial jack for electrical applications.


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