Most Accurate Bullet Weight for 243 (Step by Step Explained)

The .243 can handle 80 to 90-grain bullets, but the recoil is a bit more than with the heavier bullets. You can also use 70 grain bullets, but the recoil becomes excessive and is usually only tolerated by a few shooters.

These bullets are heavy for calibers like the .243, but they’ll penetrate well on game of any size.

In theory, the 100-grain bullet is best suited for thin-skinned varmints. However, in practice it will work fine for deer out to 250 yards.

You can also shoot the 95 to 105 grain bullets in this caliber at higher velocities, but accuracy may be compromised due to barrel wear with such a light bullet pushed at high velocities.

How far can a .243 shoot accurately?

How far can a .243 shoot accurately

The .243 Winchester round is capable of taking down pretty much any North American game animal, but most rifles chambered for it have a maximum effective range of about 300 yards.

In the hands of an experienced shooter who knows his rifle and his limitations, you might be able to stretch this out to 500 yards.

What is the most accurate .243 rifle?

most accurate .243 rifle

This has been my experience with the 243: Accurate, fun to shoot, mild recoil, great terminal ballistics on deer, and it will take most anything on the planet.

I don’t think you can do better. The two most accurate are winchester model 70 super grade (in 243) and the CZ 550 FS (full stock in 243).

What ammo is best for deer 243?

What ammo is best for deer 243

I know that Federal and Remington both make premium ammo for deer hunting. For example: Federal Trophy Copper 100 Grain or Remington Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded 125 Grain. I wouldn’t use Hornady Superformance as it is not designed for hunting as far as I know.

A .243 is a great caliber for deer. It will kill them, and kill them quickly and efficiently. What it will not do is penetrate as much, so you have to take that into consideration when hunting with the caliber.

If you have the shot lined up perfectly, it will do fine. However, if the shot is not perfect, it may not go all the way through.

The .243 Winchester is a popular sporting rifle cartridge. Normally used for hunting, the .243 is also used for target shooting and benchrest shooting competitions.

Based on the .308 Winchester case, the .243 was introduced in 1955 by Winchester. Since that time many other manufacturers have chambered their rifles in this caliber.

Due to its wide use, there is a huge variety of ammunition available commercially. We will be covering some of the more popular bullet weights and their uses, as well as some of the more notable factory loads and ballistics information.

If you are looking for a single caliber to cover all your needs (varmints, deer) then I would suggest a .30 cal rifle (30-06 Springfield or 308 Winchester) over a .243 as it will be less prone to under-penetration and still be very effective on deer.

The .243 Winchester is a well-balanced cartridge for hunting deer and antelope. It’s also very popular for varmint hunting, although I don’t recommend it for coyotes. The .243 is equally suitable for both short and long action rifles.

best ammo for deer 243

There are several reasons why the .243 Winchester is such a popular choice for deer hunters.

First of all, it has moderate recoil. With its light bullets, the .243 can be pushed at high velocities (more than 3,400 fps).

The energy of those light bullets at high velocity makes them expand very rapidly on impact with game animals.

This means that the .243 usually produces a quick kill when it hits an animal in a vital area.

A second reason the .243 is so popular is that its bullets are made in a wide range of weights and types that are suitable for many different kinds of game, from varmints to large deer species or antelope.

The third reason this cartridge is so popular is that its recoil is mild enough to make it useful as a small-bore training tool for kids and adults alike.


My first deer at the age of 45 I joined the deer hunting fraternity a little late, but the desire to hunt has always been there. I love hunting, so I often have to deal with hunting equipment.