Keltec PMR 30 Problems: Detailed Review and Troubleshooting!

Keltec pmr 30 Problems

Owning pistols for self-defense is a common thing but the Keltec PMR 30 problems make some users rethink before investing in this gun. It boasts a lightweight design and a high-capacity magazine. But, it also has a fair share of drawbacks too.

Read on to explore an overview of the gun, common issues, and 6 helpful solutions to fix Kel-Tec PMR-30, its specification, and more. Let’s get started!

Keltec PMR-30: A Quick Look at the Weapon!

The PMR-30 by Kel-Tec is a lightweight gun that is made from polymers. The pistol features a light trigger and surprisingly overcomes the challenge of rimfire rounds reloading.

Keltec PMR-30: A Quick Look at the Weapon!
  • The PMR-30 uses a hybrid action system and can use different .22 magnum ammunition.
  • It features a polymer build thus making it a light weight option and can be carried along while hiking or traveling.
  • It has the integration of locked-breech action that performs high-pressure loads and blowback-like action with a lower-pressure round.
  • The magazine holds a capacity of 30 rounds which is difficult to do at the start due to the strong springs but becomes easier as time passes.

Let’s have a look at the technical aspects of the gun!


22 WMR

Firing Type:

Semi-automatic rimfire


30 + 1

Overall Length:




Barrel Length:


Unloaded Weight:

 13.6 oz

Magazine Weight:

1.6 oz

Range Impressions and Is it Worth Carry Along?

The PMR-30 has well-designed controls overall.

  • One notable feature is the extended grip due to the .22 magnum ammo loaded in the weapon.
  • You can locate the magazine release in the butt (a very common occurrence in European pistols).
  • Although, the grip is a little unconventional the low recoil of the .22 rounds does not affect the accuracy of these firearms.
  • Specific cartridges used in the PMR-30 give the user an advantage of availability, cost-effectiveness, variety of ammo reloading, and extra-ordinary self-defense applications of the gun.
Keltec PMR 30 Problems. Range Impressions and Is it Worth Carry Along?

Accuracy after Multiple Fire on Target

The PMR-30 is an accurate firearm in the intended 15 yards range. Since its chambers have .22 magnum rounds, it is considered suitable for close to mid-range situations.

Ultimately, the accuracy of the gun depends on the skill level of the shooter, the ammunition loaded in these firearms, and the situation.

Accuracy after Multiple Fire on Target

Range Test Results: Test Fire and its Performance

The PMR-30 has proved to be accurate among many pistols with a light trigger on the firing range. The group size between 1.58-1.77 inches shows that all the rounds landed on the intended spot on the target.

Range Test Results: Test Fire and its Performance

Here are the results of the test!


Average Group Size:

1.58 inches

Minimum Group Size:

1.13 inches

Maximum Group Size:

1.88 inches

Average Velocity:

1257 fps


Average Group Size:

1.77 inches

Minimum Group Size:

1.30 inches

Maximum Group Size:

2.36 inches

Average Velocity:

1540 fps

How Good is the Reliability?

The PMR-30 by Kel-Tec is a reliable gun but it can sometimes face some issues while reloading. On a field test, a user reported having faced 6 failures while feeding an estimated 250 rounds.

  • This counts as roughly 1 failure every 50 rounds which is not a very serious issue.
  • The plus side of the pistol is that 2 full magazines can be fired back to back which proves its worth.
How Good is the Reliability?
Note: The PMR-30 delivers 7,900-foot pounds of firepower which appeals to most gun owners who prefer powerful short to moderate-range firearms.

Kel-Tec PMR-30: Is it Still Produced or Not?

The Kel-Tec PMR-30 was first introduced in 2011 that is well-known as a reliable semi-automatic pistol. It can be loaded with the .22 WMR and .22LR caliber interchangeably.

There have been some production issues that have resulted in stock running out. Recent reports have confirmed that Kel-Tec has increased its production of the PMR-30 and it will be available soon in the local and global markets.

Kel-Tec PMR-30: Is it Still Produced or Not?

Kel-Tec PMR-30 Problems

The Kel-Tec PMR-30 like any other pistol faces some issues in the ejection, reloading and feed problems, etc. Mentioned below are the best working solutions. Let’s have a look!

1. Rimfire Reliability and How to Fix This?

One of the major problems with the PMR-30 is while reloading the rimfire ammunition. It affects the firing performance although it occurs once in every 50 rounds fired. This can be highly problematic in certain situations such as:

  • Personal defense,
  • Hiking,
  • Hunting scenarios.
Rimfire Reliability and How to Fix This?

Kel-Tec has taken notice of this issue and they are finding ways to make amends by making needed changes.

You can try out different brands of ammunition for your gun and choose the best variety that suits the weapon. Rimfire ammunition is already known for its limitations so testing other options can be a smart choice!

2. How to Fix Mag Reloading Difficulties?

Getting 30 rounds in the Kel-Tec PMR 30 is pretty difficult. Why? The strong magazine springs are a major issue. Reloading the rimfire pistol for consistent firing is not a problem but the reloading process is one of the limitations for users.

  • Constant use loosens the spring a little but many shooters do not have the strength to load all 30 rounds.
  • They end up loading 20 in the magazine.
  • The full magazine reloads only occur once the spring breaks or loses its force.
How to Fix Mag Reloading Difficulties?

Magazine reloading to full capacity in the Kel-Tec PMR-30 will need a lot of physical strength.

  • To make things easier, either carry more than one magazine with 20 or so rounds in it.
  • You can use a speed loader to avoid feeling the pressure of the strong springs. These devices make the reloading process much smoother and more efficient while saving you time.

3. Is the Bulky Grip Reliable?

If you have smaller hands then the handling of the Kel-Tec PMR-30 will be a major problem for you. While most shooters find it pretty much close to a standard grip but it for sure has a pretty bulky one.

Is the Bulky Grip Reliable?

You will have a hard time setting your hands to find a comfortable grip on the pistol. For beginners who do not know what to expect when they pull the trigger, this may pose a problem for sure!

Grip extensions also help in improving the ergonomics for different types of shooting scenarios. You can also seek professional help for modifications that can enhance the comfort and control of the pistol while shooting.

4. Identifying the Jamming Problem

The problem at times is not with the ammo but with the way the barrel is finished. The feed ramp that fires all the bullets is ground to the barrel.

Identifying the Jamming Problem

The other feed ramp part is not ground with a proper finish. This results in an uneven and rough outcome. If you fix this problem, the jamming problem can be resolved.


There are two easy and possible ways to do this. Let’s have a look!

  • Method 1: Use a Dremel tool to smoothen the sharp edges. You can mount a tapered Dremel stone on it and use it. Once done, lubricate it.
  • Method 2: You can use a Dremel tool but this time use an aluminum oxide grinding stone by hand. Manually doing so gives a perfect finish and you can then polish everything and lubricate it.

5. Feeding Problem and Feed Ramp Tweaking

Another common problem in the Kel-Tec PMR-30 is with feeding the rounds. One of the reasons was due to the rim got caught in the extractor.

Feeding Problem and Feed Ramp Tweaking

Other identified feed issues were due to binding the spring of the extractor or magazine. Some users also complained that the magazine with 30 bullets was causing the mishap when they load it.


Many users do not feed the round in the magazine correctly.

  • You can also perform regular cleaning and maintenance of the gun.
  • Try using different round types to see which one works best.
Pro tip: Try polishing the feed ramp to make the process smoother for the firearms.

6. Ejection Problems in the PMR-30

Users have also come across extraction or ejection problems while using these pistols. Although, the Kel-Tec PMR-30 is a great gun some issues remain.

Ejection Problems in the PMR-30

Ejection failure occurs when you reload the mags improperly or use unsupported ammo. Also, if you are new at using these firearms then limp wristing is also a major source of this problem.

Always reload the magazines properly. Disassemble the gun, check the rail, identify any burrs, and also double-check the mag springs/extractor. Finally, check the bent lips as they are also a common reason for this issue.


Why is Kel-Tec recalled?

The Kel-Tec was recalled as an issue identified in the pistol. The steel tubes acquired from a third party had heat treatment problems. This fault could cause the barrel to rupture when a round is fired. It could result in serious injury to the user.

Why does my Kel-Tec gun have a Bent magazine spring?

The Kel-Tec has a bent magazine spring as one of the common faults is in the springs. Some people have reported that bent magazine lips result in the ammo extraction problem.

What to do if a Kel Tec gun is not working?

If your Kel-Tec is not working then you should follow these steps: First, unload the gun, point it in a safe direction, and check for the source of the problem. Common problems occur in the firing pin or related components.

Does Kel-Tec rimfire reload a PMR-30?

Yes! The Kel-Tec has overcome the power of rimfire loads. The ammunition can consistently be reloaded into the gun without any problem.

Is the PMR-30 a good self-defense gun?

The PMR-30 is a good self-defense gun as it is powerful, accurate, and easy to use. When in the woods, it is suitable for small game and shooting targets that can be taken down by the caliber loaded in the gun.


Summing up Keltec PMR 30 problems, loading this pistol with a 30-round magazine is hard but it is worth the effort. You can opt for a speedloader to easily put bullets into the magazine.

If you face jamming, the Dremel tool can prove to be handy. Moreover, you can also solve the extraction problem by fixing the bent lips and feeding via the Mcarbo kit. The final say is that maintenance, some touch-ups, and lubrication can do the trick usually.

Which problem did you face the most in the gun and how did you solve it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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