How to Install Zastava M70 Scope Mount: 4 Things You Should Know 

How to Install Zastava M70 Scope Mount

With different mounting designs having varying mechanisms, it is vital to understand the dynamics of how to install Zastava M70 scope mount to enjoy its quality features fully.

We shall review the methods involved when installing a Zastava scope mount and the aspects you should consider to achieve the right fit. Here are the topics to be covered in the following article:

  • The history and description oftheM70 rifle, 
  • Features of the M70 optic mounting system,
  • How to install an M70 scope mount.

Let’s get started!

About the M70 Scope Mount

M70 Scope Mount

Dimensions (inches) LxWxH:



0.45 lb


6061-T6 billet aluminum



Mount Type:

QD Mount

Ring Type:

Mil-std 1913 Picatinny

Base type:


Quality Features of the Optic Mount

This optic installation gadget is excellent with its side rail mount that provides a long-term solution for your Zastava’s pattern rifle.

1. Design Aspects and Lock System

Mounting optics is convenient with the ZPAPM70 or Serbian Yugo pattern side rails. You don’t have to worry about keeping the gadget secured tight on the rails and maintaining the zero, as it also includes the following factors:

  • The product has an adjustable QD lever locking system which is relatively easy to use. 
  • This QD lever is configurable to offer the perfect fit and comes in handy when shooting in challenging atmospheric conditions.
  • If you are worried about attaching aftermarket products, the Zastava Arms mounting optics comes with an additional Picatinny angled rail for these gadgets.
How to Install Zastava M70 Scope Mount

2. Durability Features

Durability is guaranteed with the aluminum body design, which is long-lasting despite enduring the following: 

  • Heavy recoil,
  • When shooting in demanding conditions/contexts,
  • Accidental falls and scratches or scuffing while mounting.

History and Variants of the M70 Rifle

The Serbian Yugo pattern rifle was originally from Yugoslavia before being adapted by Zastava from Serbia. They were manufactured between 1962-1968 and had been operating since 1970. They became a standard rifle later in 1982, mainly utilized in the upcoming wars. 

The previous firearm design was based on the pattern of the Soviet AK varieties, which used a milled receiver. Also, Zastava Arms comes in two variations of the rifle, which include:

  • M70B1
  • M70B2
Variants of the M70 Rifle


The assault rifles, M70B1 and M70AB2, use the following: 

  • 7.62×39mm calibers
  • Gas-operated action type
  • Magazine feed system

These M70 dust covers are fitted excellently with a quality locking recoil spring mode, which avoids dislodging while firing.

Therefore, you are assured of a quality locking system for your scope mount, thus benefiting from the excellent visibility results. 

Differences between Zastava Varieties

They differ slightly in their integral rifle systems, which come with the complete installation set for the respective mechanisms.

  • M70B1: Includes an integral folding mode for its grenade sights.
  • M70B2: Has a system that you can take off. 

Nonetheless, both mechanisms are ideal when on the shooting or mounting optics.

Differences between Zastava Varieties


Both the M70B1 and M70B2 have similar features, which include:

  • Action type: Gas-operated & rotating bolt
  • Feed system: 30 rounds
  • Maximum distance: 450 yds
  • Flow speed: 2,400 ft/s

You depend on the 450-yds effective shooting distance for hunting escapades or target range competitions. Extending the distance further requires finesse and skill, though not many shooters are skillful enough to go beyond.

However, the distance is reachable with the proper adjustments to your lock system and the correct configurations on the optic. 

In addition to being composed and finding the right resting spot, you can capitalize on the excellent muzzle velocity.

How to Install Zastava M70 Scope Mount? Step-by-step Instructions

How to Install A Zastava Arms M70 Scope Mount

Step 1: Confirming Everything is Appropriately Placed and Set

Consider several things before you begin the actual mounting process. Among the things to take note of include the following:

  • The dynamics of the spring load: Two springs and a screw are at their center.
  • The positioning of the screws: They will be used to tighten once you slide the mount to the rifle’s side rail or adapter
  • Checking the rifle’s attached system: Confirm the adapter’s recess where you’ll slide your scope mount is ready for mounting.
Zastava M70 Scope Mount

Step 2: Configuring the Screws and Spring Load

There is a spacing between the spring load system, which is adjustable to find the perfect fit when mounting optics. Here is how you can make the necessary adjustments:

  • Move the lever from left to right to shrink the gap. 
  • You can use the adjustment knob below your mount if you need to set the space in the gap. Rotating clockwise widens the gap, while anticlockwise tightens the gap.

Step 3: Sliding and securing the M70 Scope Mount with the QD lever locking system

Note that you should have the above settings slightly loose for the following process, which will generally include the following steps:

  • Sliding the mount on the gun’s rail or adapter. There will be a small spacing left in front, customarily left to cover for size differences.
  • Ensure you can pull the mount off and return it with ease.
  • Push the adjustable QD lever from left to right to lock the system and prevent play. 

How Does the Hex Key Help with Zavasta M70 Scope Mount Installation?

Hex screws come in handy to fasten your mounting process or correct installation issues after a failed attempt.

Therefore, you won’t usually need them with the Zavasta M70 scope mount. However, their input is crucial for exact adjustments and ensuring your mounting system is ideally locked in.

What Does the Lever on M70 Scope Mount Do? 

You can find the lever on the outer side of your mount, which helps adjust the spacing holding the spring loads.

A right-to-left movement widens it to allow a smooth slide on the rifle, while a left-to-right adjustment reduces the spacing to lock up the mount. Also, check out our feature video to see the dynamics of the lever:


Does the Zastava M70 have a threaded barrel?

Yes, the Zastava arms barrel is threaded. It is 14mm in length and 1 mm in height.

Is the Zastava M70 stamped or milled?

The modern Zastava M70 has a stamped design, which is 15 mm, while older varieties, before the mid-1970s, were milled.

What military uses Zastava M70?

The M70 is an assault rifle initially meant for the Yugoslavian military and was later used by the Serbian army. It has been developed over the years and is now utilized by both entities in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Is Zastava a good brand?

Yes, Zastava is a good brand guaranteed to offer the best outcome through its excellent muzzle velocity, power, and estimated effective reach.

How much does an M70 cost?

The M70 cost between $950-$1100, depending on the dealer and variety purchased.


That’s all we had on installing the M70 scope mount and the dynamics of the M70 rifle that come in handy with your mount. Considering the quality rifle’s features, the process works well in any shooter’s favor. 

So, is the Zastava scope mount a good purchase?

Leave us a comment below with your response and any additional information concerning the discussed topics. 

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