How Much Does a Kar98k Cost: 8 Statistics Parameters You Must Know!

How Much Does a Kar98k Cost: 8 Statistics Parameters You Must Know!

The Kar98k is well-known in the rifle community but how much does a Kar98k cost? Being a highly-demanded rifle makes it pricey and hard to find for the gun enthusiast. Knowing the right places to find it is the key to acquiring this legendary weapon.

In this article, we will discuss a quick review for a detailed understanding of the weapon, its specifications, correct worth, damage/upgrade module, and where to buy it. Let’s get started!

A Quick Overview of the Kar98k Rifle

Kar98 was widely used and it was the main infantry rifle of the forces during World War II:

  • It was produced in Germany and is the standard weaponry for their military at the time.
  • This rifle was famous for not having any type of faults after rigorous factory tests.
  • It outperformed the M1903 and fired rounds faster than the Mosin M44 Carbine.
  • Comparing the Kar98k to bolt action rifles, it still is a very stable and above-average performing rifle at that time.
How Much does a Kar98k Cost. A Quick Overview of the Kar98k Rifle

The Kar98k had the advantage of having a much faster fire rate compared to other earlier rifles such as:

  • The Gewehr 33/40.
  • The M1903A4.
  • The Carcano M1938.
  • The M44 Carbine.

It was only outmatched by Pre-War Kar98k, the Lee Enfield, Winchester M1895, and similar other variants such as Israeli mausers (K98k), and Soviet Union rifles used by soldiers.

Here is a video for a better understanding of this World War II Marvel!

Upsides and Downsides of the Kar98k Rifles

There are important upsides and downsides of this rifle:

  • The telescopic sight helps to move faster while aiming down the sights.
  • The rifle delivers a powerful impact from the ammo caliber used.
  • It has low shot dispersion making it exceptionally accurate due to its long barrel length and butt stock for snug-fit shouldering the new rifle.
  • Improved telescopic sight axis.
  • The only downside is the reload time of the bolt-action rifle during close-quarter combat.
  • The Russian capture rifles do not have the sight hood.

Kar98k Rifle Current and Correct Worth

The Kar98k rifle is a historical masterpiece that many collectors want to have and due to this reason, it is sold at quite a high price in the market. Currently, a new Kar98k is on sale at $1004.37 and a used one depending on condition starts at $906.76.

Kar98k Rifle Current and Correct Worth

But, in the last 12 months, the correct worth of the rifle has risen or dropped for both categories. Let’s have a look at the price details below!


Average Price in Past 12 Months

Current Average Price


in Price


(in units)











Note: The “>” symbol means a rise and “<” means a drop.

Kar98k Price – An Honest Feedback

The new military rifle, Kar98k is a masterpiece that left an everlasting impact on many historians due to its amazing performance as a bolt-action rifle.

  • Due to its rich background and perfect build, the rifle is still sold at an expensive price in the market.
  • Many gun enthusiasts have reported its correct price range to vary between $600 to $3000.
  • But, the civilian sale value depends on the condition. Although, the correct price range said by many gun collectors is between $900 to $1000.
Kar98k Price - An Honest Feedback

Surplus Karabiner 98k Rifles – Best Places it is Sold at?

Since the Kar98k is in high demand after the war, it is not on sale in small gun shops. The only best places they are sold at are gun shows and new and used gun sale websites like Gunbroker.

If you are not tight on budget then better go to bigger and more famous gun stores.

Kar98k – German Forces Rifle Specifications

The Kar98k is a very reliable weapon. Listed below are some of the specification details of the rifle. Let’s learn more about it!

Rifle Name:


Year of Service:


Rifle Designer:

Paul Mauser

Gun Type:

Origin: Germany


Bolt-Action Service Rifle

Special Feature:

Long-range precision rifle perfect for sniping

Overall length:

43.70" (1,110mm)

Barrel Length:

24.02" (610mm)

Empty weight:

8.60 lbs


Iron front and rear

(Options can be mounted)

Caliber Used:

7.92x57mm Mauser

Ammo Capacity:

5-round internal box magazine

Max Effective Range:


Muzzle Velocity:

2,822 ft/sec (860 m/sec)

Safety Operating Lever:

On top of the striker (Behind the bolt)

Iron Sights:


Cleaning Rod:


Rate of Fire:

~63 shots per minute

Vertical Recoil:


Horizontal Recoil:


Reload Speed:

3.4 seconds

Max Ammo:

25 rounds (5 clips)


30 rounds (6 clips) or 50 rounds (10 clips)

Attachment Available:

SG84/98 III Bayonet

Firing Mode:


Cartridge Mass:

26.3 grams

Damage and Upgrade Module for the Kar98k and its Cost

Listed below are the upgrade module details. This will give you a better understanding of the information and help you make a balanced decision when choosing the Kar98k based on its worth. Let’s shed some light on it!

The Damage Module Details


10 m

100 m

200 m

300 m

400 m

1000 m

1500 m









Upgrade Module Details

Below the table shows the upgrade module of the Kar98k. Let’s have a look at the details!

Bronze Order Cost


Battle of Moscow/Battle of Berlin/

Battle of Tunisia

Invasion of





20% off

40% off


1st Upgrade





-15% Shot


2nd Upgrade





+15% Rate

of Fire

3rd Upgrade





+15% Hit

Power and

-20% Shot


Modifications to the Kar98k to Increase the Cost

A common minor modification to the other parts of the rifle to increase its price point. Here are some famous ones!

  • The stock buttplate can be changed with the waffled anti-slip “sniper” buttplate for improved accuracy.
  • A 30 mm Schiessbecher cup-type rifle grenade launcher could be mounted to the rifle for added firepower.
Modifications to the Kar98k to Increase the Cost


What is the price of a K98 gun?

The average price of the K98 ranges from $991 (new) and $913 (used). But, the prices may have risen or dropped for both categories in the past 12 months.

Can you own a Kar98k in the US?

You can own a Kar98k in the US with the recommended paperwork. Many gun collectors and ex-military rifle enthusiasts collect these weapons for their historical value.

Is the Kar98k still used today?

The Kar98k is still used for target shooting or hunting. Most of these sniper rifles with some minor modifications repurposed into collector’s items or hunting.


The overall price of the Kar98k depends on various factors such as condition, age, rarity, and historical significance such as marking on barrel length, markings on stock, etc. By understanding these factors you can have the correct idea of the actual price. Ideally, a great piece should be around $1k.

What are the sale prices you found for the Kar98k in the market? Let us know in the comments section!

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