Holosun 407k Vs 507k: Comparison by 7 Parameters!

Holosun 407k Vs 507k

Most handgun users are torn between Holosun 407k vs 507k due to their similarities in functionality.

Comparing the two sights can be challenging if you are yet to use Holosun 407k and 507k or are looking for the best red dot sights.

We shall go through 7 different parameters that will help you choose between the two, and here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Which is the between Holosun 507K and 407K
  • What are the features that distinguish these Holosun devices
  • The main specs to look for in the red dot sight
  • How do the two fit in different handguns

Let’s get started!

Quick Answer: Which is the Best Between Holosun 407k Vs 507k?

Quick Answer Holosun 407k Vs 507k

If you are in a hurry and want a straight pick, Holosun 507K red dot sight is ideal for you. It has a Multiple Reticle System, giving you 3 reticle varieties, which include a circle dot reticle

The less pricey 407k is also a good choice if you are on a tight budget. And since the two are from the same manufacturer, their features are pretty similar. 

Here are the parameters we used to determine the slight differences between the two red dots

  • Durability
  • Lens & reticle
  • Size differences
  • Battery life and brightness settings
  • Accessories included in the box
  • Ease of use
  • Price difference

Understanding the above features in the Holosun models comes with knowledge of the 507k and 407k specs, including their dimensions. 

Holosun 507k and Holosun 407k: Main Specs

The Mini Red Dot Sights Specs

The Holosun optics are of similar size and weight, where they both measure 0.95 x 0.98 x 1.68 (HxWxL) in inches and only weigh an ounce.

Because they are more miniature than other Holosun varieties, they can be mounted on small-sized and modified handgun systems.


Holosun 407K

Holosun 507K


Length (inches):



Width (Inches):



Height (Inches):



Weight (Ounces):



Battery Life:

50,000 hours

50,000 hours

Battery Settings

Daylight (DL) & Night

Vision (NV):

10 DL & 2 NV

10 DL & 2 NV



Multiple Reticle system:

Dot-circle, 2 MOA,

& 32 MOA


So, what are the primary distinctions regarding the sights’ specs?

  • The 507k has a multiple reticle system (MRS), including a circle reticle.
  • 6 MOA dot found in the 407k
  • The 407k is cheaper with a $100.

Here is an in-depth look at the 7 parameters distinguishing the optics.

Durability Features

If you’ve come across Holosun red dot sights, you know of their dependable quality, and various devices are made of one material. 

Therefore, both products are tough and highly durable for their smaller, sturdy structure. 

Here are factors defining their toughness:

Aluminum Housing

The 507k and 407k use 7075 T6 Aluminum type, which is popularly known for its strength. 

You’ll be interested to know that this Aluminum variety only comes second to Titanium covering, as found in the Holosun 508 version.

Therefore, the housing will provide you with quality service in tough conditions.

Anodized Finish

Anodized coating, as utilized on the 507k and 407k, inhibits rusting, extending the life of the two optics. 

Recessed Turrets

These products are windage and elevation turrets in the recessed regions. The ‘sunken’ feature is ideal for avoiding accidental configurations when using your handgun. 

Furthermore, recessed turrets come in handy when carrying a concealed pistol, as accidental changes to your settings can easily occur at this point.

Waterproof Feature

These Holosun varieties are water-resistant and submersible at a maximum depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

Therefore, you can depend on them in extreme weather conditions, including rain or snow. 

Undertaken Durability Test

We used a rigorous testing procedure to ascertain the tenacity of these red dot sights. The testing procedures for our Holosun and 507k and 407k involved: 

  • Emptying 2000 rounds
  • One-handed manipulations
  • Shoulder Height drop test, 4x 

Durable Enough For Concealed Carry?

The material used on thered dot sights was outstanding after a rigorous test. The most damage recorded was on the edge of one of the glasses, but it still functioned pretty well.

Both red dots are durable for concealed carry, which means you can rely on both for everyday use, especially due to their aluminum housing, anodized coating, water-resistant feature, and recessed turrets.

It is fair to call the durability category a tie, considering the optics are made from the same materials.

Which Model is Tougher?

Under the same circumstances, you can expect the 407k and 507k react alike through their similar tough features, making the durability test a tie.

Lens Quality And Reticle Features

Reticle Features Holosun 407k vs 507k

Since Holosun manufactures 407k and 507k, they are alike in many aspects. The main difference is the reticle appearance.

Holosun 507k Lens and Reticle Options: Circle Dot Reticle

The 507k design has outstanding clarity and a nearly invisible blue tint to the covered lens; the protective coatings are far sharper than competitors.

Regarding its reticle, it comes with an MRS version consisting of the following: 

  • 2 MOA dot version
  • 32 MOA circle reticle option
  • A 2 MOA dot surrounded by a 32 MOA ring (Circle Dot)

You can display the options with a click. Choose either the 2 MOA dot or 32 MOA circle, or combine them to get the circle dot version for better image clarity.

407k Glass Quality and Dot Choices

The 407k lens is magnificent as the 507k version, offering a clear sight picture of your aim from relative distances. 

Regarding reticle options, this version lacks a multiple reticle system and features a 6 MOA dot reticle choice.

So, is 6 MOA dot enough? Firstly, it is a larger dot than 507’s 2 MOA dot size and will offer faster target acquisition and speed when selecting a dot.

The Winner

The Multiple dot option on the Holosun 507k beats the 407k 6 MOA dot version, as most users will also say the 6 MOA is relatively large, making a 4 MOA better. 

Size Comparison

Size Dimensions Holosun 407k vs 507k

As mentioned earlier, these two red dot sights have the same dimensions. Their dimensions read at:

  • Height: 0.95 inches
  • Width: 0.98 inches
  • Length: 1.60 inches 
  • Weight: 1 ounce

The dimensions are small, but their functionality shouldn’t be underrated. Nonetheless, good things come in small packages. 

We can comfortably call this a draw regarding size and weight variability. 

Battery Life And Brightness Modifications

Battery Life Holosun 407k vs 507k

Both red dot sights utilize the CR1632 battery type, which runs up to 50,000 hours.

507k Red Dot Sight Battery Specs

The hours of life is an incredible battery capacity, meaning the 507k can run for ages, and it would still work.

As a safety precaution, you could replace your battery once a year by removing the battery tray (found on the optic side) and changing the old one.

In addition to the excellent battery capacity, the 507k has 10 daylight settings and 2-night vision configurations. They are bright enough to restore your dot at any illumination.

You will seldom use the night vision configurations, but some sharpshooters can take advantage of the priceless feature.

407k Red Dot Battery Specifications

You can enjoy 50,000 hours of battery life and 507k brightness settings. 

Also, it includes a side-loading battery tray, allowing you to switch out a used battery without unmounting your eyepiece from the pistol’s slide.

Moreover, it has the Shake Awake aspect, as in 507k, which allows your eyepiece to automatically turn off and on through the optic’s motion sensors.

The Winner

It’s important to note that the two devices also have the same lockout mode feature in addition to the battery life and illumination settings similarities. Therefore, it’s an automatic tie in this category.

Extra Accessories Included With 407k and 507k

Extra Accessories For Holosun 407k and 507k

507K Accessories

Various accessories come with the box after purchase. They include a battery pack (including the tray), lens cloth, and rear sight.

The other rear sight is useful because the optic lacks iron sights and uses no power, acting as your eyepiece backup if the 507k fails.

Furthermore, due to its small size, you can easily ignore it when utilizing your red dot sight

407k Accessories

It is a similar case with 407k accessories bought with the box or those you can include as extras. 

The rear sight is also the highlight of this variety, yet again proving how it is essential in the Holosun’s general make of their optics.

The Winner

Again, the Holosun varieties match in terms of accessories needed to run smoothly. Because they are from the same brand, the accessories provided match and result in another draw.

Ease of Use of the Holosun Sights

Ease of Use of the Holosun Sights

While testing them, the test of ease of use boiled down to their general use and mounting processes.

Holosun 507k

We discovered that the recessed windage and elevation turrets are convenient when maintaining your customized settings. The only thing you need is an adjusting tool, a small price to pay to enjoy the perfect feature.

Meanwhile, mounting the sight to the gun rail is straightforward, if not simple, for any user. Additionally, the battery swap is another smooth procedure you shouldn’t worry on before purchasing the Holosun variety.

407k Ease of Use

As in most parameters where these two share features, Holosun 407k is as efficiently accessible and usable as the 507k version. 

Like in the 507k variety, the brightness settings make aiming easier in any lighting during the day. 

The Winner

You will have a similar ease of experience when configuring or exploring the two sights, once again having a draw in this category.

Battery-related Features: The Shake Awake and Side Battery Tray

Battery-related Features Holosun 407k vs 507k

Shake Awake Feature Between 507k and 407k

This automated feature helps these red dot sights preserve their already superb battery life

This feature turns off the sight after some period of inactivity and vice versa when movement is detected. 

You do not have to worry if you repeatedly forget to turn off your Holosun sight.

The Side Battery Tray in 507k and 407k

The 507k and the 407k have a tray feature on the side for switching battery packs.

Though you won’t change the battery much with a capacity of 50,000 hours, the side feature makes it incredibly convenient if you must.

Moreover, these Holosun makes are chargeable without being removed from the gun. It saves you the trouble of re-zeroing your optic after the change.

The Winner

Again, this bracket has no distinct winner as both the 507k and the 407k have the automatic feature and the side battery tray.

Price Variation

You can expect a break in the tie in terms of the prices after several draws in the previous parameters. 

The 407k costs approximately $100 less than the 507k. The only logical reason for the difference could be the 507k’s multiple reticle options.

However, these optics are very affordable, especially given their high quality. If on a tight budget, go for the 407k, which is less expensive.

Holosun 507K Vs 407K – Final Thoughts

Holosun 507K Vs 407K – Final Thoughts

These two Holosun models come pretty close head to head using our 7 parameters. The significant differences arise from the reticle options, where the Holosun 507k outshines the 407k variety. 

The Multi Reticle System is the deciding factor, coming with the additional 2 MOA and 32 MOA, and includes a circle dot variation.

However, we suggest the 407 for anyone looking for a budget sight. Its 6 MOA dot is reliable, which the 507k lacks, and is much better than the 2 MOA. 

Though a 4 MOA would have been perfect, the 407 is pretty impressive at its price.

If choosing between the great sights, invest more in the Holosun 507k, as it is more dynamic through the multiple reticle options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the 407k and 507k Have the Same Footprint?

These Holosun’ K’ models have a modified shield footprint. The different footprint lacks two holes in the back, and the depths in the front are thinner than on Shield RMS and SMS sights. 

As a result, some guns, such as the Hellcat and Walther PPS, need to be adjusted to fit these two red dot sights.

Does Holosun 407K have Shake Awake?

Yes, the 407k version has a ‘shake awake’ which turns on and off through its motion sensor. 

Does the Holosun 507K fit the RMSc cut?

Holosun 507K is compatible with Shield RMSc footprints variations, cuts, and mounting plates. The feature includes a precision-designed pocket in front of the Sig factory rear sight dovetail.

What Cut is the Holosun 407k?

The 407k uses the Sig p365 variation, which like the 507k, is carried directly on your gun, using 6-32 screws.

Does the Holosun 407K fit the RMR Cut?

Absolutely: The RMR screws fit perfectly, but the plate to the slide screws do not match, and no extra screw sizes come with the box.

What cut is Holosun 507k?

The 507k red dot sight utilizes the p365 optic cut.

Does Holosun 407k Come in Green Dot?

Holosun models, including the 407k, have a green dot illumination accompanied by LED tech that enhances target acquisition in any lighting condition.

Is the Holosun 407k Waterproof?

Holosun designs are durable enough to last under harsh weather conditions, including in the rain and when submerged in water.

Will a Holosun 407k Fit a Glock?

The 407k is an excellent match for Glock 43x MOS. However, you’ll need to purchase an additional adaptor plate to fit the sight on the Glock.

Will Holosun 407K fit Hellcat?

The Hellcat OSP doesn’t fit the 407K or 507K models with direct slide cuts. This is because the Hellcat OSP has interfering encoding lugs on the slide.


That’s all we have for you concerning Holosun 507k and 407k. The 507k takes the slight edge through the Multiple Reticle System, but we can still recommend the 407k version for its quality and price. 

So, which Holosun model discussed passes your test?

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and suggest other topics we should research for you next.


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