Hex Wasp Problems: 2023 Troubleshooting Guide and Best Alternatives

Are Hex Wasp problems proving to be a challenge for you? Have you faced that the battery malfunctioning or is there a lens shift or extremely low brightness? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Continue reading and you will know how to fix these and additional issues like a Pro! Let’s dive in right now!

Hex Wasp Problems: 2023 Troubleshooting Guide and Best Alternatives

HEX Wasp Red Dot Sight by Springfield Armory

The Hex Wasp by Springfield Armory is a versatile red dot sight that offers unmatched advantages to users.

  • If you are in a pitch-black room then the dot will lower the brightness and if the shooting scenario is outdoors then it will increase the brightness.
  • It is an “always-on” red dot sight meaning that the dot will always be there regardless if you are using the optic or not.
  • The front aluminum shade keeps the glass safe from direct sunlight avoiding blinding the shooter from the reflection of bright light.
Hex Wasp Problems. HEX Wasp Red Dot Sight by Springfield Armory

HEX Wasp Red Dot Sight – Specifications

The Hex Wasp Red Dot Sight features an anti-glare coating and the battery lasts thousands of hours before replacement. Here are the specs for this amazing red dot:

Dot Size:

3.5 MOA Dot, Red

Parallax Adjustment:

Parallax Free


0.5 MOA (90 MOA Windage & Elevation)



Battery Type:


Battery LifeSpan:

65,000 Hours


Always On

Brightness Adjustment:





Glass, Scratch Resistant & Anti-Glare Coating

Housing Material:

6061 T6 Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum


Springfield Micro™, Shield RMSc








0.7 oz


USD $299

Hex Wasp Red Dot Sight – Problems and Quick Fixes!

The Red Dot Sights are a very reliable optic for your guns but few shooters have faced some unexpected issues with them.

Here are some problems and their fixes to help you out. Let’s have a look!

1. Unexpected Battery Life Issues

The advertised limit of the battery is about ~2 years but some shooters have reported that it did not last the promised duration. They needed to replace the battery before the recommended time.

Unexpected Battery Life Issues

Several gun enthusiasts have also stated that the battery for their optics lasted for 2-3 months max. While reports of it lasting a little over a year have also been observed. This can be a major problem as the battery can be unreliable if this is true.


In this case, the best bet is to contact the Springfield Armory for a replacement. If you are out of the warranty then the last resort is to opt for a battery change to avoid this issue.

Check out this video for a better understanding.

2. Unable to Maintain a Zero

The Hex Wasp Red Dot Sight is an outstanding optic but some shooters have claimed that it is unable to maintain zero during their shooting sessions. Although, windage and elevation adjustment has to be spot on in order to achieve the perfect accuracy.

Unable to Maintain a Zero

The problem with the zero happens when the Hex Wasp Red Dot has not mounted properly the gun or there is a lack of adjustment.


Here is how to fix the problem:

  • Follow the guidelines in the manual to mount the Hex Wasp correctly on the pistol you are using.
  • Make adjustments to the red dot’s torque and align it with the iron sights.
  • Avoid any unintentional impact on the optic as it will lose its zero instantly.

Bonus: Watch this video review to learn the mounting process.

3. Reticle Brightness is too Dim!

The Hex Wasp Red Dot Sight adjusts the brightness of the reticle as per requirement when the light conditions change in the environment. This means that in a dark room, the reticle will be a little dim while during full-on sun the reticle is crisp and bright.

Reticle Brightness is too Dim!

Some shooters have reported that the reticle is too dim in a dark room which takes a lot of effort to notice. Also, in an environment without a light source, the red dot sight seems to be inactive.


Swapping the battery is a common fix for this issue.

  • You can insert a new battery and check if the red dot reticle is operating perfectly in different lighting conditions.
  • If this does not solve the issue then get in contact with the Springfield Armory to get it fixed or changed.

4. Unable to Adjust Illumination Control

The Hex Wasp Red Dot sight is an auto-brightness adjusting optic that will increase or decrease the intensity as per environmental changes. The effect takes place when going from an outdoor location into a dark room.

Unable to Adjust Illumination Control

Several shooters like to manually adjust the brightness during their shooting experiences but this is not a possibility with the Hex Wasp.


There is no possible adjustment that can solve this issue as the product is not designed for manual use. The only way is to change to another product that gives you better manual options. Check out the section below (Hex Wasp Red Dot – Some Similar Options).

5. Unexpected Lens Shift Issue

A lens shift is one of the most annoying problems you can face when aiming down the sights. The alignment of the target can be problematic as the reticle moves out abnormally when the shooter raises the pistol to aim at the target. It is caused due to the following reasons:

  • Improper mounting of the red dot sights.
  • Loose or damaged mounting screws.
  • Dust or debris on the lens surface.
  • Parallax error.
Unexpected Lens Shift Issue

You can try remounting the optic but if that does not work then assuming that the product is faulty is the final result. And, the immediate solution will be to get the optic replaced by the Springfield Armory.

Testing the Hex Wasp Red Dot

To check if the Hex Wasp Red Dot is truly what people claim, it had to be put through a trial in a series of standardized testing environments. Here are the steps that verified the optics and its toughness. Check it out!

Test 1: The Shooting Endurance Test

The optic was mounted on Hellcat RDP and 2,500 rounds of pre-pandemic Federal American Eagle 9mm 147-grain FMJ-FP ammo were the choice for this test. The optic performed flawlessly with the first 50 rounds.

A total of 500-750 rounds were shot in consecutive sessions and the zero was also observed if it moved. But in the end, the Hex Wasp Red Dot was reliable.

Test 1: The Shooting Endurance Test

Test 2: The Wasp Water Test

The optic was submerged into a 5-gallon bucket filled with water and the loaded RDP rested at the bottom. The weapon mounted with the red dot was left in there for 30 minutes. It was taken out and it worked perfectly without any problems.

Test 2: The Wasp Water Test

Test 3: The Durability and Build Test

The magazine was loaded with one round and racked again to shoot the weapon. This process inflicts a huge amount of impact on the optic. So, this was the best method to test it out.

The pistol was loaded and fired 10 times. The total impact during the whole testing process was ~110 times while more rounds were later shot at the range.

Test 3: The Durability and Build Test

Outcomes of the Tests

The Hex Wasp Red Dot came out as a winner among all the tough tests that it underwent.

  • Firing the weapon while the optic was equipped was not a problem at all. But, the amount of stress and impacts it underwent during the whole process was remarkable.
  • Most red dots would have an issue with the electronics in the first 1000 rounds of testing but the Hex Wasp red dot had no problem even till 2,500 continuous rounds.
Outcomes of the Tests

Hex Wasp Red Dot – Some Similar Options

It is an amazing optic but there are alternatives that will give you the same feel and experience.

Although, the Hex Wasp still outdoes these alternatives regarding features. The optics listed below vary in price and can cost less than $300. Here is the list, read on!

  1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25
  2. Holosun HS510C
  3. Pinty Red Green Dot Sight
  4. Sig Sauer Romeo 5
  5. Vortex Optics SPARC II


How long does a hex wasp last?

The Hex Wasp is supposed to last 65,000 hours and the recommended change of batteries is after 2 years.

Is the red dot on the Hex wasp bright enough?

The red dot in Hex Wasp has an “always-on” feature and it dims down if the environment is too bright. This helps to avoid the shooter being blinded by the super bright dot.

Is Hex Wasp a good optic?

The Hex Wasp is an excellent optic after thorough research was conducted. It has features that are above-average ratings and its exceptional battery life makes it a widespread choice.

What is a Springfield Hex wasp?

The Springfield Hellcat OSP Hex Wasp is a striker-fired pistol that has a super compact design and can chamber 9mm rounds. It comes in an 11+1 and 13+1 magazine variant or you can also choose an extended magazine.


Hex Wasp Problems can occur with your optic when on a range or out hunting but there is no need to panic. If there is a lens shift, you can try remounting the optics. And, if you experience low brightness, try installing a new battery. You can also contact the manufacturer for better advice or send it for repair on warranty.

Ultimately, the fixes work and will get you out of the trouble. Have you tried any of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section!

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