Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver Serial Numbers with 3 Resources

Finding credible resources on Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver Serial Numbers is challenging, especially when trying to get the exact manufacturing dates.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to research double-action revolver gun serial numbers and review various resources you can rely on.

Finding Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver Serial Numbers Data

Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers lookup can be tricky, sometimes making it impossible to determine the exact date of manufacture. Nonetheless, you can estimate the production period through the following:

  • Model make
  • Materials used
  • All the information stamped on your firearm

Several points on these firearms have essential information, including Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers. This is normally on the butt of the grip frame, below the grips, or marked on the yoke. After finding this information you can use the following sources to look up your Harrington Richardson gun data.

Harrington & Richardson Company and Gun’s Overall Review

Harrington & Richardson company didn’t make many flashy guns, but they did manufacture US Army’s M1 and M14 models. Interestingly, the firm did excel in making affordable, practical guns for the common US citizen.



The original Harrington and Richardson company existed until 1986, and its most recent acquisition was by Marlin Firearms in 2000. Their subsidiary firm, New England Firearms, ceased production in 2015.

New Model Army Revolver: First-Ever Model

Harrington & Richardson released the New Model Army Revolver in 1878, an upgrade of the Single Action Army Model. Their difference is that the new model included a top strap, which made it more sturdy and durable. The Harrington Richardson revolver model was manufactured until 1885.

Double Action Second Model: Second-Gen

Next on the Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver production list was the Double Action revolver Second Model, manufactured and released in 1892. The weapon was identical to the first model, but it had a few details changed, and they were both produced until 1897. 

Break-Open Revolver: Improved Versions

The final Harrington Richardson model was the Top Break Revolver, released in 1897. This version was a break-open type that you’d easily load and unload. The company ceased production of the improved versions in 1907.


As evident, H&R’s history is quite diverse, considering other models not mentioned, like the Single Action Army gun and the double-action first model. Therefore, the firm’s records are inexhaustible, and there is much to cover behind Harrington Richardson’s 32 revolvers.

If you want to acquire one of these guns, it is essential to research and understands the different models’ features.

Harrington & Richardson Shotgun Models

Currently owned by the Freedom Group, Harrington & Richardson still manufactures shotguns 140 years later. There are a wide variety of shotguns for various uses, like: 

  • Hunting 
  • Trap and skeet shooting
  • Self-defense
Harrington- Richardson-Shotgun-Models

Harrington Richardson has quality selections if you want a durable, dependable shotgun that lasts many years. Their products are backed by a longstanding tradition of quality craftsmanship and include the following types:

  • The Pardner Pump
  • Ultra Slug Hunter 
  • New England Firearm Survival Gun

The Market Value of Harrington and Richardson Shotguns

A Harrington Richardson shotgun’s current market price is an average of $251.91 for new versions and $227.23 for the second-hand model. The increment equals a $271.69 price tag for new and $227.79 for used shotguns.

The provided market values are interestingly a reduction for the last 12-month revision. You can now get newer shotguns’ price reduced by $1.05 while the used version is less by $17.86. 

Uses of Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver

The Harrington Richardson 32 Revolver is widely used in self-defense due to its small size, making it easy to conceal or draw. The cheaper firearms were also popular with police officers that carried the sidekick model as a backup. Here are other uses of the gun:

  • Utilized as entry-level target pistols 
  • A model for small game hunting 
  • Home defense firearm.

Remember how you use the gun today can be looked up later by the police or the person you sell the firearm. To do the same, find the Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers on the frame’s left side, just below the cylinder release.


Date and Model for Harrington and Richardson 32 RevolverĀ 

The first step is locating the Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver serial numbers or key details on your 32 Cal revolver model, usually on the grip frame. Typically, the serial code will be six or seven numbers long and include a letter prefix. This letter prefix will be “A,” “C,” or “V.” 


It is tricky to identify Harrington Richardson manufacturing dates for 32 Cals released in early 1900, especially before 1940. Normally, the information on your firearm determines if you can find the exact dates. The data on the gun include and usually mean the following:

  • On the top rib of the 3-inch barrel: Harrington & Richardson Arms Company information markings
  • The left of the 3″ cylinder or its top strap: The ammo specifications data, such as “32 CAL S&W CTGE.”
  • Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers are stamped on the ejector end of the cylinder, which is usually a 5-shot type.

Representation of the Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver Serial Numbers Data

As stated, WWII affected the return of revolvers for production. Therefore, Harrington Richardson firm formulated different ways of recording their latest 32 Cal guns after WWII. 

A Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver manufacturing date search can be challenging or impossible, depending on your gun’s age. However, you can still get key info on the gun through the following:

Year of manufacture

The year started on the top rib of the cylinder as part of the Harrington Richardson company markings gives you a rough estimate of the year of manufacture. Here is an example of the marking:

Note: Harrington Richardson Arms Company. Worcester, Mass, U.S.A. Pat. Oct. 8, 1895″. In this case, the year of manufacture will be a couple of years after 1895, most probably after 1900.

Ammo Model

The Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver ammo model information is also key, where it might state the firearm have a specific design, common in some specific years.

Note: For instance, “32 CAL S&W CTGE” firearm markings identify the revolver as a smokeless powder, a popular variation by handguns made after 1900. 

The marked Serial Digits

Finally, the serial digits stamped on the ejector are useful for various Harrington and Richardson searches if the year is not provided. You can utilize the three provided resources for the Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers lookup.

Early Harrington & Richardson Double Action Revolver Serial Numbers

The Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver, Double Action caliber, is another classical weapon whose serial numbers require several steps to determine manufacturing dates. Therefore, acquiring an early serial number is accompanied by knowing the exact weapon’s details.


Description and Finish of Early Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver

Harrington & Richardson Model Double Action Pocket Revolver has a 5-inch barrel and nickel-plated finish. This revolver also came with the following:

  • A case-hardened hammer
  • Trigger
  • Hard rubber grips.

Gun’s Condition Data for Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver Collectors

You can get the Harrington Richardson 32 revolver versions in fine condition, most having maintained a 99% bright nickel finish. Also, ensure that the following are in an excellent state before purchase:

  • The grips
  • Revolver’s action, trigger, and bore
  • The 5-inch barrel  

Also included with the classical Harrington Richardson versions is the original leather holster, which is soft and flexible. Moreover, the holster is cut down for a quick draw and has holes for a leg tie-down. 

The Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver Model as an Antique

Early Harington and Richardson 32 revolver firearms are usually sold as Antiques. If any of these weapons are to be used for shooting purposes, have a certified gunsmith inspect them first, and use the right ammo.


The early Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver weapons provide clear information on how these guns worked and looked.

  • Involve the police in searching the Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver serial number to identify the gun’s history. Also, it is important to record with the authorities when converting to self-defense weapons.
  • With the necessary legal permissions, visit the gunsmith to check your 32 calibers and ensure it can perform appropriately. 

Identifying the Age Of Harrington & Richardson Top Break Revolver

Harrington and Richardson Top Break Revolver model follow a similar style to most Double Action guns regarding their date identification. If you own one or just collected it as an antique, you can check several parts of the gun to get data that guides you to its parent date.


Identifying the Manufacturing Date Range

You must do ample search as only some Harrington Richardson Revolver details give the exact dates. However, you can get to know when this was manufactured and released.  

A combination of information on the barrel’s left part and the serial number marked on the grips can help identify the period (might have the letter prefix). Take a look at the following example for more information:


  • Left side barrel details: Auto ejecting 38 S.&.W. CTGE
  • At the bottom of the grip frame: 246099

The above information identifies a Double Action Revolver as a second model and reveals it was manufactured between 1909-1912. Therefore, getting the dates of manufacture for a Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver serial numbers search isn’t straightforward.

Our Verdict on Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver Serial Numbers

Most early (before 1940) Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers in the market might not have their full records online or with the necessary entities like the police. The readily available information, however, includes the following: 

  • The date range, via a serial code lookup
  • Issue dates for the Patent either on the top, and sides of the frame
  • The marked letter prefix
  • A model search of your Double Action Revolver

For models manufactured from 1940, do an online search for the exact year of production, which involves checking with the books provided. Also, confirm with the details provided on different points of your gun for a successful Harrington and Richardson 32 Revolver serial numbers lookup. 


When was the H&R 32 revolver made?

H&R 32 revolver was made in 1984.

Is Harrington Richardson still in business?

Harrington and Richardson arms company ceased production in 2015 after it was under Marlin firearms for 15 years.

Where is the serial number on an H&R Model 732?

H&R 732 firearm serial number is on the barrel’s left side.

What is the difference between 32 H&R and 32 S&W?

There is a difference between 32 H&R and 32 S&W. 32 H&R doesn’t fit in the Smith & Wesson Mag, while the 32 Smith &Wesson fits in the Harrington and Richardson Magnum.

How powerful is a 32 revolver?

A 32 revolver is powerful enough to shoot 71-grain ammo to a flow speed of 900 fps from the 4″ barrel, creating 128 ft/lb of muzzle energy.


Finding the exact dates for Harrington & Richardson weapons manufactured before WWII is challenging, where you can only discover the dates estimate. Regardless of the production period, you can utilize the steps and resources in the blog post to get the data you require about your Harrington and Richardson 32 revolver.

So, have you had a challenge in getting all the information via a serial number lookup? Comment below with your answer, and tell us your sources for the search.

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