Borescope Vs Endoscope : Know Actual Deferences Now

What Is The Difference Between Endoscope and Borescope?

The difference between borescope and endoscope are important & quite specific. Therefore, knowing about those distinguishing factors is necessary if you want to pick the right one. A borescope and an endoscope differ in the following aspects;


When it is about manoeuvrability, an endoscope comes out as a winner compared to a  borescope. A tighter corner requires an extended reach and any kind of mistake could cost immensely.

Besides an endoscope has a remotely controllable head that allows it to turn in the tight corners for providing a better view.

Outer Diameter

It is quite vivid that an endoscope has thinner diameter than that of a borescope. As endoscopes are vastly used in medical inspections, they are supposed to reach very narrow areas. Hence, having a thinner shape helps it to operate without causing any trouble.

Field Of View

A borescope offers a wider field of view than an endoscope does. Normally the FOA in a borescope is about 120 degrees. It helps to have a large image of a big area.

On the contrary, an endoscope offers precision and it has a FOA of about 90 degrees. It allows the observer to have a clear view of a very small area at once.


Borescopes provide much brighter light compared to the endoscopes. A borescope is basically used to illuminate the tight corners of machineries, plumbing or places where it is hard to see anything at all.

On the other hand, an endoscope is normally used in inspecting human interiors and that is why soft lights are used.


For ensuring a high level of accuracy in performing medical purposes, endoscopes do come with greater magnification property. It allows to have a clear and larger image of the specific are which the doctor examining through an endoscope.

However, a borescope also comes with greater magnification but it costs quite more than usual. Besides, having greater magnification is not a prime criteria of a borescope anyway.

Cable Size

Borescopes are available with a slightly thicker cable size whereas endoscopes come with a minimum cable size of 4mm. Besides, endoscopes are usually shorter in length than the borescopes.


Price is a very important factor to distinguish these two tools. Borescopes are basically used in multiple professions for numerous purposes. Therefore, they are more affordable than the endoscopes.

An endoscope is a medical-grade tool and the exclusive ones come at an astronomical price. Even an average endoscope would cost much higher than a high-end borescope.

Endoscope vs Borescope: Which Has the Advantage?

Aspects The One With The Advantage 
Maneuverability Endoscope 
Field Of View Borescope
Magnification Endoscope
Cable sizeEndoscope (thinner but shorter)
Price Borescope

What is an Endoscope?

What is an Endoscope?

Technically an endoscope is a certain type of borescope but it can not be said for the other way around. It is solely a tool that is used for medical purposes in living specimens.

Doctors usually use an endoscope to perform endoscopy inside the body of the patient. As the ducts and internal organs are very sensible things, a surgeon is left with zero chance of doing any error.

Therefore, to have a detailed & precise view they use an endoscope for ensuring maximum level o0f error free investigation.

What is an endoscope camera?

What is an endoscope camera

The endoscope camera is basically a very tiny object that stays attached to the end of a thing, long & flexible cable. The cable is so flexible to manoeuvre that it allows the camera to reach at the tightest areas & provide impeccable image for further scrutiny.

Endoscope uses LED light to illuminate the target area as inside a living body bright light won’t work efficiently. Most endoscope cameras are featured with advanced optics & provide 1080p image quality.

Endoscope Application Area

  • Surgeons use it to have more detailed images.
  • They are usually used for endoscopy.
  • Mouth, internal organs or digestive tract investigations.
  • They are also used for colonoscopy.

What does an endoscopy test for?

Endoscopy is a nonsurgical method which the doctors use to examine the digestive tract of a patient.

Besides, in the case of upper endoscopy, the doctor uses an endoscope to have a glimpse at the internal lining of the upper digestive tract. The tract includes esophagus, stomach, and duodenum (the initial part of the small intestine).

What are the types of endoscopy?

What are the types of endoscopy

Endoscopies fall into categories, based on the area of the body that they investigate. The American Cancer Society (ACS) lists the following types of endoscopies:

TypeArea examinedWhere scope is insertedDoctors who typically perform the surgery
arthroscopyjointsthrough a small incision near the examined jointorthopedic surgeon
bronchoscopylungsinto the nose or mouthpulmonologist or thoracic surgeon
colonoscopycolonthrough the anusgastroenterologist or proctologist
cystoscopybladderthrough the urethraurologist
enteroscopysmall intestinethrough the mouth or anusgastroenterologist
hysteroscopyinside of the uterusthrough the vaginagynecologists or gynecological surgeons
laparoscopyabdominal or pelvic areathrough a small incision near the examined areavarious types of surgeons
laryngoscopylarynxthrough the mouth or nostrilotolaryngologist, also known as an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor
mediastinoscopymediastinum, the area between the lungsthrough an incision above the breastbonethoracic surgeon
sigmoidoscopyrectum and the lower part of the large intestine, known as the sigmoid coloninto the anusgastroenterologist or proctologist
thoracoscopy, also known as a pleuroscopyThe area between the lungs and the chest wallthrough a small incision in the chestA pulmonologist or thoracic surgeon
upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, also known as an esophagogastroduodenoscopyoesophagus and upper intestinal tractthrough the mouthgastroenterologist
ureteroscopyureterthrough the urethraurologist

What is Borescope?

What is Borescope

A borescope is specially used for mechanical purposes. Workers in several professions use it to inspect any tight & narrow corners of a machine or something.

Basically, the borescope features a high-definition camera at the end of a flexible cable that can be manoeuvred to reach narrow or poorly lit places. Borescopes have even been used in WWII for examining large guns.

So, they are not actually a modern invention rather got upgraded with new features and usages.

What is a borescope used for- Application Area

  • For inspecting the inside of car engines, cylinder heads etc.
  • Used by car mechanics.
  • Used in aviation machineries.
  • Aerospace technicians use it as well.

Borescopes for Mechanics

Unless you are a highly professional mechanic involved in technical professions then you might need the expensive borescopes. Otherwise, purchasing a $800 borescope is nothing but waste of money for someone.

For basic usage a $50 USB or Bluetooth borescope will do just fine. They offer long cables that are quite better than those of the expensive borescopes.

What is the best hand-held borescope?

best hand-held borescope

A handheld borescope is mostly preferable in sharp business as you will not need a smartphone to connect and see the image in it. There are several hand-held borescopes available in the market.

Well, it may cost a bit higher than the regular borescopes. Usually a hand-held borescope provides a better-focused image and allows the user to record images.

There is no need for using a separate smartphone as a screen so that you can see the thing you projected your borescope on.

How much does a borescope cost?

If you are looking for a specific answer to that question then you might get disappointed. The price of a borescope depends on many factors. They are available in the market within a price range of $50 USD to $60,000 USD.

Besides, the price of a borescope depends on the quality of the camera, monitor, cables etc. So, rather than looking for the price it is always better to search for a borescope that would meet your necessity accordingly.

What does a borescope mean?

A borescope is basically an optical instrument that is designed to assist any kind of visual inspection of narrow, tight places where it is hard to reach.

It consists of a rigid yet flexible tube with an eyepiece placed at one end, a camera on the other end. Both of these glasses are linked together by an optical or electrical system.

Sometimes such a system is accompanied by illumination to increase brightness & contrast for sighting a clear image.

Who makes the best borescope?

There are several optic companies that manufacture high-quality, modern designed borescopes with ultra-easy manoeuvring systems. Some of the best manufacturing companies are listed below-

  • Stryker
  • PENTAX Medical
  • Lenox Instrument Co.
  • Richard Wolf Industrial
  • Myelotec, Inc.
  • Optim Incorporated
  • Acclarent, Inc.

What is the best endoscope?

The best medical endoscopes are always in demand because of their excellent service in medical science. Hence, the medical professionals are always in search of the best endoscope available in the market.

Therefore, there is a misconception about their pricing. Usually people think a good endoscope would cost at least a couple of hundreds of dollars which is wrong.

For having a satisfactory and precise service an average endoscope costs much less than what you think. But obviously, if you are looking for some of the exclusive ones then you can spend as much as you want & purchase the best endoscope available in the stores.

Borescope for Engine

Borescope for Engine

A Borescope for an engine is quite necessary, especially for the usual inspection that is needed for its maintenance. It saves time & money as the camera can easily reach through a spark plug, combustion chamber without troubling for further usage of any other equipment.

Besides, using a borescope can be very helpful for engine inspection in many other ways too. The dual lenses attached to a long & flexible tube, LED lights make it a lot easier for the technician to have a look at those tight corners of an engine.

It helps to detect any problems precisely and ensures a great maintenance just like that. A good borescope for the engine comes with a bigger screen & efficient monitor, spacious memory card, rechargeable lithium battery, reliable warranty service etc.

Borescope for iphone

Borescope for iphone

The borescopes for iphone are mostly wireless and featured with bendable yet rigid cable. The inspection cameras offer up to 1920 x 1080p image resolution. For ensuring a clear image it comes with 6500k sunlight highlighting LED technology.

Moreover, a borescope for iphone also offers a premium camera chip including WiFi connection & wide compatibility etc.

Industrial Borescope

Industrial Borescope

An industrial borescope is proved to be quite useful when it come to reaching out for inspecting a narrow corner of any specific machinery. They often come with special designs for HVAC & pipe inspections.

A longer cabled borescope helps with extending for a further corner that might be darker & harder to reach. Such an easy manoeuvring ensures the detection of any leakage or disturbance that needs to be fixed for ensuring good maintenance.

In the industrial sectors a technician always looks for reliable & impeccable outcomes when he examines anything. A borescope is exactly the tool that makes his job a lot easier with its high-quality cameras, long cables, monitor and user friendly handling.

Automotive Borescope

Automotive Borescope

Automotive borescopes or car borescopes have numerous functions that help with the maintenance of the automobiles. With a good automotive borescope a technician can inspect the inside of an engine, converter tube, evaporator, transmission, AC system, camshaft, exhaust system etc.

It always avoids taking a 2nd guess and saves working hours. Having such a good borescope makes it easier for a technician to detect the problem of the car without even disassembling it.

The automotive borescopes are available in three types which are; straight or side viewing probe, dual lense borescope cameras & articulating probe.

What is a Borescope in aviation?

Among the large number of functions that could be done by a borescope, aircraft engine inspection is one of the tasks that gets quite easier by using a proper borescope. Doing an endoscopy of the aircraft engine is known as borescopy.

Suppose, the engine is troubling and therefore the aircraft can not fly with hundreds of passengers waiting to reach their destinations. At that moment. Disassembling the whole engine for detecting the issue and then making it right would cost a couple of days for sure.

Such a troublesome process is costly & more importantly too much time killing. But the use of a perfect borescope would come up with a solution in no time. Moreover, it would save a lot of money & time which is immensely valuable for the aviation industry.

Hence, borescope in aviation not only reduces financial losses but also ensures impeccable, magnified & detailed image for a confined, narrow & tight space within the engine to reduce aircraft downtimes.

What is a micro Borescope?

Basically, the borescope that is used for inspecting tiny bore holes and the smallest components are known as micro borescope.

A micro borescope allows to control the bore holes in smallest areas considering filing residues, inspecting soldered or welded connections etc. Usually such a borescope comes with a diameter ranging from 1.8-2.7mm and having optional mirror tube angle of 70 & 90 degrees.

Articulating Borescope

An articulating borescope is quite an essential tool that is equipped with optics. Technicians use it for inspecting hard-reaching areas and tight spaces that are impossible to look at let alone work.

This tool comes with a handheld unit attached to a long cable with a camera tip. An articulating borescope is typically inserted into an engine for inspection without disassembling its parts. A technician uses it to look for leaks, corrosion, any signs of wear and tear inside the engine components.

AN articulating borescope also allows conducting safe, thorough & accurate routine inspections that save a lot of time.  These borescopes are available in several sizes and models designed for specific tasks such as examining the turbine engines, pipe systems, car engines etc.

Best Borescope

Borescopes are very essential tools for inspecting or examining in detail where it is hard to even look at with naked eyes. The more precise and excellent job you desire for, the more perfect borescopes you will be needing.

Therefore, purchasing the best borescope can be a tricky job as they are swarming over the market with numerous models & designs.

But if you are sure about your requirements and budget then finding the best borescope for a specific job would be no brainer for you.

Good Luck!!!

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