Bond Arms Derringer Problems: 2023 Detailed Solution Guide

Bond Arms Derringer Problems

Most shooters are in a dilemma on how to deal with Bond Arms Derringer problems, mainly affecting the gun’s output and longevity. The firearm is known to have jamming and misfiring issues, which might be costly in an emergency or when participating in shooting competitions. 

Let’s dive into analyzing these issues and how to deal with them. Read on to find out everything about Bond Arms Derringers and get to explore their array of advantages!

Bond Arms Derringer Quick Review

Let’s first look at the gun’s origin.

History of the Bond Arms Derringer

The Bond arms derringer is a classical variety crafted by Henry Deringer in the 19th century between 1852-1868.

History of the Bond Arms Derringer
  • It became famous for its great outlook and capability of using larger calibers. 
  • Many varieties adapted the bond arms design, with Henry not copywriting his original work.
  • You can note the fake versions via a misspelled ‘r’ on their stamp. 
  • Modern bond arms derringers also have two ‘R’ with no gun feature compromised. 
Interesting Fact: They also have a special place in history, as a Deringer (.44 caliber) was used to assassinate former American president Abraham Lincoln.

The Modern Bond Arms Derringers

Greg Bond introduced the Bond arms in 1995, making the double-barreled gun popular amongst modern-day shooters. They are pistol varieties, which are an improvement of the lightweight, small, and cheap pocket carry productions.

The Modern Bond Arms Derringers

Bond made the versions better in the following ways:

  • Using stainless steel for their construction and has sharp edges as part of their finish. 
  • Incorporating a detachable pin instead of sticking the barrel to the gun’s frames. The switch allows the installation of different barrels that accommodate various caliber sizes. 

There are also updates to the Bond Arms Roughneck safety features, and they include the following:

  • A rebounding hammer. 
  • You’ll find release-lever resistance tech to stop the semi-auto pistols from busting open when shooting. 
  • You get cross-bolt safety in the gun’s design.
Bond Arms Derringer Problems. Safety features of Bond Arms Roughneck

Pros and Cons of the Bond Arms Roughneck

Like most firearms in the industry and as observed in the write-up, the Bond Arms Roughneck has advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, Bond Arms offers the best features in their price range, despite only holding two rounds simultaneously. Let’s review its additional pros and see why you should acquire this weapon.

Pros of Bond Arms Roughneck

Here are the advantages you can enjoy with the Derringer:

1. They Are Affordable

The two-shot gun is cheap and a must-own if you want something to act as a backup for your glocks/pistols. 

They Are Affordable

2. Includes interchangeable Barrels

The Bond Arms variety allows you to utilize various calibers. You’ll be able to use ammunition such as:

  • .357 Mag, 
  • 9mm Luger, 
  • .38 Special, 
  • .357 Mag, 
  • .45 Long Colt, 
  • .45 ACP barrels. 

3. Excellent Ergonomics: Quality Design

Another popular feature of the Bond Arms Roughneck is its efficient construction. For instance, it includes rubber grips to help with your usability, switchable if one variety sticks to your clothes. 

Excellent Ergonomics: Quality Design
Note: The weapon does not follow a standard procedure of polishing the frame and therefore includes tiny casting imperfections.

4. Great Recoil Resistance

The Roughneck, interestingly, has low recoil despite its simple build, small size, and calibers utilized. However, it is heavier than other pistols. Thus, you should expect significant kickback, especially when using 45 ACP rounds. 

5. Quality Safety Additions

The Roughneck, unlike other traditional Bond Arms, has excellent safety features. You can cross-check with the abovementioned to see how the holster carry is safe. 

Quality Safety Additions

6. They are Accurate

You’ll love the Bond Arms’ accuracy, normally great over short distances.

Disadvantages of the Bond Arms Roughneck

The negative side of these firearms is as follows:

  • They are heavy compared to other ordinary pistols, considering their small size. 
  • Its handling dynamics can be challenging due to its heavy trigger pull, and you might also struggle to get a grip if you have large palms. 
  • Bond Arms Derringer recoil can be dangerous if you have a poor grip. 
  • This firearm does not cater to long-range shooters.
  • Its rubber grip can be annoying as it sticks to your clothes or fabric
  • You might need more than two shots using pocket pistols for multiple purposes. 
Disadvantages of the Bond Arms Roughneck

Bond Arms Derringer Problems: 4 Best Solution

As mentioned, Bond Arms come with numerous functionality malfunctions mainly associated with its traditional design. The manufacturer has tried to maintain the original design, making them compromise some of their shooting dynamics.

We have reviewed some of the major issues and illustrated their respective solutions below. 

1. Misfiring 

Other handgun users report a gun misfiring, though the issue is worse in the Bond Arms Derringer. Here’s what causes the variety’s misfiring problems:

  • When using damaged or dirty calibers. 
  • If the firing pin is faulty. 
  • Faulty gunpowder.
  • The Bond arms roughneck has multiple chambers, which might lead to misfiring if one is damaged.
Solutions for Misfiring

Read through to discover some of the solutions to correct your Bond Arms misfiring problems:

  • Cleaning the gun and checking the ammunition compartment. 
  • Switching the gunpowder.
  • Get another firing pin.

Another crucial factor is pre-selecting the chamber to be used through these steps:

  • Remove the barrel from the frame and unload.
  • Move the safety switch to the “on fire” position.
  • Press and hold the trigger and push the hammer into the firing pins.
  • Determine which pin is visible on the breech and which side its facing to know which barrel is emptying next.
For instance: You’ll know that the bottom chamber will fire the next time the hammer is cocked if the top firing pin is visible.

2. Jamming Issues

Jamming is another repetitive problem with most guns, usually evident in old gun types or when you poorly maintain your Bond Arms Derringers. The issue is mainly caused by the following:

  • Worn out gun parts. 
  • If the load in use is overheating.
  • Extremely dirty barrel. 
  • If you assemble the gun sections incorrectly.
Jamming Issues

Therefore, the jamming of a Bond Arms Roughneck is due to mechanical reasons, and you can sort the above via the following solutions. 

How to Handle Jamming of the Bond Arms

Read on to get the answers to the above factors: 

  • Disassemble the Bond Arms Derringer and clean it thoroughly.
  • Confirm if there are any damaged parts, then replace or repair any worn-out gun elements.

The last solution can be a bit tricky, thus important to consult a professional gunsmith to help you with the problem. You can also contact the manufacturer or the respective outlet where you bought the firearm for help.  

3. Accidental Firing

You can also accidentally pull the trigger, a dangerous factor, especially at close range, where the Bond Arms Derringer is known to be lethal. The following factors can cause the issue:

  • If your Derringer has a sensitive trigger pull.
  • Mishandling of the firearm. 
  • Faulty trigger guard system. 
Accidental Firing
Solutions for an Accidental Discharge

Here’s what you can do to avoid the above mishaps:

  • Be careful when handling your Bond Arms Derringers.
  • Keep your fingers off the gun to ensure you don’t pull the trigger unintentionally. 
  • Repair or acquire a trigger guard.
  • Always ensure that safety is set.
  • Get a convenient holster to house the pistol and avoid accidental falls. 

4. Heavy Firearm

Most shooters consider the Bond Arms derringers as heavy, associating with the double chamber, heavy cartridges in use, and despite their small size. The weight is normally 20 ounces, which can make your pants fall when running with the loaded gun on.

Heavy Firearm
Solution for the Heavyweight

You can do the following to be able to handle the gun’s weight:

  • Getting a reliable holster carry.
  • Unload the firearm when not in use or only one bullet at a time.

Are Bond Arms Derringers Safe? 

One of the common questions is whether the Derringer guns are safe to use considering their traditional make. They are, however, safe to carry even when loaded, especially when needing them for self-defense. 

Are Bond Arms Derringers Safe? 

The firearm’s safety depends on your choice of the Derringer series and its respective use. Therefore it’s important to understand the limits of your derringer type to avoid any implications. 

Here are things to remember to protect yourself:

  • These traditional firearms are considered unsafe compared to other modern guns, despite the additions by Bond. 
  • They can easily fall and damage the hammer due to their poor handling dynamics.
  • The firing pin needs always needs a half-cock reset, which directly initiates the calibers.
Note: Bond Arms Derringers are safe, but you can get other safer modern pistols if you’re more concerned and willing to spend more.

Is it Safe to Dry Fire a Bond Arms Derringer?

Dry firing is discouraged, especially when the chamber is empty. Additionally, the Derringer has a classical build and dynamics, making the activity nearly impossible. You should use firing casings or a snap cap instead of live bullets to dry-fire the Bond Arms Derringer.

Is it Safe to Dry Fire a Bond Arms Derringer?

Here’s a note from the Bond arms manufacturer:

  • Avoid dry firing if you have a variety chambered in 22LR.
  • Also, when using a traditional rimfire variety like the 22WMR.

You can use this link for other related questions regarding the Bond Arms line of weapons. 


Are Bond Arms Derringers Any Good?

Bond Arms Derringers are perfect if you want a backup pocket pistol or a variety, ideal for short-range purposes.

Why Is My Bond Arms Derringer Misfiring?

Misfiring of a Derringer might be caused by dirty ammunition or an issue with the firing pin.

What Should I Do if My Bond Arms Derringer is Jammed?

Jammed Derringers can be sorted by replacing worn-out parts or thoroughly cleaning the chamber. 

Does a Derringer Have a Cross Bolt Safety?

Cross-bolt safety has been incorporated in modern Derringers to compensate for malfunctions reported with traditional varieties. 

What are the Best ‘Everyday Use’ Derringers?

Derringers are perfect for short-range purposes, and they are mostly perfect for self-defense purposes. 

Are Bond Arms Derringers Double Action?

Bond Arms are single-action versions adopted from the same gun from the 19th century. 


That’s all we had regarding the Bond Arms Derringer problems, with some major issues of the firearm explained. Jamming, accidental discharge, and misfiring are some of the most common issues you’ll experience with this variety, though they are also popular with other modern pistol types. 

You can depend on the mentioned solutions, with some like cleaning the chamber/calibers/barrels and replacing worn-out parts sorting out multiple issues of the gun. Remember to handle the gun carefully to avoid dangerous malfunctions, such as accidental fires. 

So, have you faced any of the mentioned mishaps with your Derringer or Roughneck? Comment below with your answer, and tell us your approach to rectifying the problem.

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