Best Scope Rings for Tikka T3

A scope ring is a tube that clamps onto the receiver of her rifle, providing a mount for your scope.

The scope rings should be carefully matched to the specific rifle model since if they are too high or too low, the shooter will not be able to see through the scope correctly. There are different models available depending on what you’re looking for.

Velocity rings are recommended for most rifles. These are the most affordable and also come with a warranty.

These have a medium-high price range with a medium level of quality. They are also less durable than other types of rings and may not last as long as some other models out there. This article will discuss some best scope rings for tikka t3 bolt action rifles.

Tikka Scope Ring Chart

Tikka Scope Ring Chart

Scope Mount for Talley Tikka T3

Scope Mount for Talley Tikka T3

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The Talley Tikka T3 is a 4X- Magnification Scope that is designed for the Tikka T3, which is a high-quality rifle.

This scope has an impressive range of features and benefits for any hunter that wishes to hunt with this rifle or upgrade their current hunting tool.

This product provides automatic parallax correction that keeps the target in focus.

This means that while the hunter is moving, there will not be any confusion or disorientation. The parallax focus is adjustable and ranges from 50 yards to infinity.

The lens coating on this product helps protect it from rain, snow, dust, and other elements. These lenses enable a sharp image, even in low-light conditions.

The lenses have 100% protection against harmful UV rays that, as previously mentioned, can negatively affect an image’s quality.

Tikka T3x Scope Ring Height

As hunters and shooters, we often have to adjust our rifles for various conditions or sights.

This is especially true when hunting across water such as a pond, river, or marsh. The Tikka T3x Scope Ring Height refers to the height of the scope rings in relation to the barrel of your rifle.

Tikka T3x Scope Ring Height is adjustable by simply turning two screws that are located underneath the scope rings.

This can be done with a coin, screwdriver, or tool that allows you to access the screws underneath your rings. Here is the scope ring height table for tikka t3x-

Ring HeightRear Height
Medium .610″
Extra Low.410″

Tikka T3 Scope Rings

Tikka T3 Scope Rings

The Tikka T3 Scope Rings are lightweight and durable aluminum to fit your specific Tikka T3 rifle.

They are available in both medium and high-profile options, so you can get the ring height that best suits you.

This versatile design will provide your optics with a rock-solid platform to ensure that if shots start coming in, they’ll stay on target for as long as you need them to.

Patrol your favorite hunting ground, lure unsuspecting whitetail out of their hiding spots, or stalk your next trophy elk, knowing that you’ll have the confidence to make a decisive shot when the moment presents itself.

These rings are precision machined to ensure they fit perfectly with your rifle and will accept both Picatinny and standard Weaver-style scope mounts. Each set includes four rings and mounting screws for an unbeatable value.

Sportsmatch Tikka Rings

Sportsmatch Tikka Rings

The Sportsmatch Tikka rings are a simple but innovative solution for mounting a scope onto your rifle.

It eliminates the need for complicated, rigid mounting systems and makes it simple to “fine tune” your scope’s position.

The top ring aligns in a dovetail mount on the barrel, and the bottom ring attaches to a Weaver style “Picatinny” rail.

You’ll be able to move both rings horizontally and vertically through slots machined in both rings. The rings are also adjustable for “up” and “down” on the dovetail as well.

The idea is very similar to the Weaver-style rail system that is on many shotguns and rifles.

The mounts screw together, and you can telescope it out or in, left or right, to get your scope exactly where you want it.

The bottom ring screws into a Picatinny rail, while the top ring screws into a dovetail in the barrel.

Talley Tikka Rings

Talley Tikka Rings

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Talley Tikka Ring is a modern take on an old classic and the perfect upgrade for your gun’s scope mount.

The hexagonal bar design replaces traditional screws with pressed-in stainless steel components that are incredibly durable yet require no maintenance to provide a lifetime of service.

Its solid aluminum construction is threaded via five or six threading sets in either 3/8″ or 1/2″ diameter to accommodate almost every rifle scope size. A limited lifetime warranty backs Talley Tikka Ring.

Fit-up Instructions:

  1. Place the Talley Tikka Ring on the barrel of your rifle and center the ring on the barrel without worries of slippage. 
  2. With a pair of channel locks, using a 3/8″ or ½ inch socket wrench, tighten to complete the installation of your Talley Tikka Rings. Installation time depends on scope height, barrel diameter, and ring width. 
  3. To remove your Talley Tikka Rings, reverse the installation steps. The smallest side of the ring should face up when installed into the scope’s base.

Proper installation is critical to a solid fit-up and lasting performance. The Talley Tikka Ring is designed to fit the scope’s base and on top of a standard ring cap (sold separately). A scope with a shallower ring will require a tighter fit than one with a deeper ring.

Talley Tikka T3x Rings

Talley Tikka T3x rings are a line of scope mounts that can withstand the abuse associated with tactical rifles.

These mounts have a 30mm ring spacing in pursuit of simplicity and convenience. They also provide an improved range of eye relief adjustments, adding more versatility to your shooting experience.

Whether you choose a 20 MOA or 30 MOA ring, the Talley T3x system is sure to find a place in your rifle.


This mount replaces the factory ring on the Tikka T3 and T3x rifles. It is available in 30 MOA and 20MOA rings and will fit all T3/T3X rifles.

The mount can be made taller (up to 1.45″) for those who prefer a taller cheek weld.

The ring is attached to the base via backlash-free, positive detents to eliminate movement and ensure a strong repeatable zero.

This is accomplished by using grade 7 stainless steel detents, which are oversized and then ground correctly for additional retention.

Tikka T3 30mm Scope Rings

There are many 30 mm scope rings available for the tikka t3. Some of them sacrifice recoil and stability for a lower price. Here are some of the best 30mm tikka t3 scope rings that are available-

DNZ Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount

DNZ Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount

The Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount from Dednutz is a great product, whether you’re hunting or target shooting.

It replaces the factory mount on your rifle with one that is durable and has a positive locking action on the rail surface of the firearm.

This mount gives you increased accuracy and is perfect for optical sights as well as red dot scopes. 

The 30mm scope is removable and allows you to adjust the height of the scope’s zero on your rifle.

The mount is precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. This part also has a solid black hard anodized finish for durability as well as a matte black color for stealth. These features make this mount perfect for hunting and target shooting.

Talley 740714 Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount

Talley 740714 Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount

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The Talley 740714 MedRings Base Set for Tikka T3 30mm Style Black Finish is a 7-piece set of rings with easy-to-attach scope mounts.

They are made from 6061 T6 aluminum for dependable strength and durability. With 7 different sizes and 4 included bases, the Med Rigs will fit .30 caliber rifles with Picatinny rails or Weaver style bases without gunsmithing. Each base has 4 screws for a rock-solid hold.

The rings have a low-profile design, so they’ll work with almost any scope. Plus, 6 different mounting heights are available, starting at 1.5 inches.

This set delivers everything you need to mount your scope in minutes and shoot comfortably afterward.

Talley 740714 med rings, the base set for Tikka t3 30mm style black finish.

  • Fits all models of Tikka T3 rifles, no matter the caliber. –
  • Smooth rears and sides of scope mount allow for easy installation and removal. 
  • High-quality construction with a black oxide finish makes this mount perfect for any shooter.

Warne 4007479 Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount

Warne 4007479 Tikka T3 30mm Scope Mount

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Warne’s most popular scope mount is a ruggedly constructed, two-piece unit that attaches to the left side of your receiver, providing a rock-solid mounting surface for your telescopic sight.

The Warne rings can be engaged or disengaged in seconds and provide up to one inch of forwarding and rearward scope adjustment.

These are complete Tikka T3 30mm scope mounts with an integral recoil lug that fits all models except the Stainless-Steel models.

This mount allows you to mount your scope with a standard 1-inch scope ring so that all the mounting hardware can be mounted to the same ring, eliminating those pesky holes in your aluminum receiver.

This T3 mount is made specifically for:

All models except Stainless steel. Stainless Steel models are kit guns/varmint models/high-speed hunting riggers where weight is critical.

This is a kit gun, and there are no options available for this model other than clear finishes and wood stocks.

Best Scope Rings and Bases for Tikka T3

Best Scope Rings and Bases for Tikka T3

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T3 is a great rifle with affordable prices that offers reliability, power, and increased accuracy.

Scope rings help by supporting the rifle’s scope and providing a vertical surface for shooting. 

Bases are essential for holding your scope in place securely on the rifle during hunting or target practice sessions.

There are several types of scope rings: compact rings, rings that are more open to allowing more room for your scope, hunting rings, and a few others. 

The scope base is one of the most crucial components in a rifle. Without it, you would have problems mounting your scope on the rifle, and you would also have no places where to store extra magazines or other gear on your rifle.

The best scope rings and bases for Tikka T3 are made from lightweight aluminum and are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and models.

Warne Tikka Rings

Warne Tikka Rings

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There are many reasons to consider buying a Warne tikka ring. One of these is that they have a lifetime warranty.

Another reason is that they are convenient. But the most important reason to buy a Warne tikka ring is that they are strong and durable, making them perfect for hunting, shooting, or preparing food anywhere in your house.

What Is the Difference Between Low and High Scope Rings?

The major difference between these two types of rings is the scope of the area affected by the ring.

The scope is divided into two categories: high and low. In low-scope rings, only a small part of the area immediately around your target will see any changes made by the ring; for example, a fire-based burning can only burn upwards from anything inside or above it on a surface.

Low scope rings are usually used for specific applications or a field that needs to stay contained in one place/area/space.

In contrast, high scope rings can affect a large area, only requiring one ring to affect that entire space.

These are usually more powerful and cause more destruction than their low-scope counterparts.

High scope rings also have several defects, including the inability to use them on airborne targets and issues with walls (they cannot be used on most types of walls). High scope rings can be used in conjunction with low or high.

Best Scope Rings for Tikka T3 Lite

Leupold VX-3i

Leupold VX-3i

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The Leupold VX-3i is a compact, lightweight, and affordably priced rifle scope that offers extreme light transmission and easy target acquisition.

The VX-3i has a side parallax adjustment and will automatically return to first power when it’s removed or replaced.

The included sunshade keeps your field of view cool, crisp, and clear. The VX-3i is rated for ± 2 MOA with modern ammunition.

The Leupold VX-3i is the most accessible, accurate, and affordable variable power rifle scope you can buy.

These are the reasons why users have voted it one of the best scopes for the money.

Bushnell Trophy XLT

Bushnell Trophy XLT

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The Bushnell Trophy XLT is a compact, lightweight hunting spotter that boasts an impressive 60-degree field of view.

It features true multidirectional movement, 4x digital zoom with extremely quick fallback to a wide-angle view, plus easy access to an external camera flash in case you miss your shot.

It is also equipped with speed hunting technology and has the ability to track animals up to 45 mph using its GPS chip. 

The Trophy XLT is equipped with a built-in compass, rangefinder, sky scanner, and camera controller to make for a completely portable and extremely functional hunting spotter.

It can be used in both day and night vision using its infrared illuminator, which emits no visible light that would spook deer or other prey.

About Tikka T3

Since 2003, Sako has been producing a line of bolt-action rifles under the Tikka name in Riihimäki, Finland.

The series is offered in a wide range of variable sight, caliber, grip, and barrel length options. Sako has also produced a line of semi-automatic rifles with the Tikka name.

The Tikka T3 (or “Tikka” for short) is a Finnish hunting rifle manufactured by Sako (now owned by Beretta Holding).

It was designed in 1990 by the same team responsible for the Sako 85, which itself was based on the earlier Sako models P72 and P64.

It has a three-lug low-profile bolt with 70° bolt lift. The safety is located behind the trigger and can be operated with the trigger finger.

Is Tikka T3 A Good Gun?

Is Tikka T3 A Good Gun

Yes, the Tikka T3 is a very good rifle. Firing the T3 is very easy, with a bolt and barrel of the same construction.

The Tikka T3 is light, compact, and easy to carry. An “R” model of this rifle means it comes with a red-dot sight and a polymer magazine that keeps your rounds in place for better accuracy.

There are 20 different models of this rifle to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Are Tikka Rifles Worth It?

Yes, Tikka Rifles are worth it. Tikka rifles, manufactured by Sako of Finland, are an excellent choice for the shooter looking for a lightweight rifle chambered in 22-250 and 243 Winchester.

The Tikka rifle offers accuracy and reliability with a sleek profile that can be put to work on any terrain.

For years the old-world tradition of craftsmanship has lived on thanks to Sako’s commitment to high quality and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Tikka T3x come with rings?

There are no starting ring sets included with the Tikka T3x series. Although the earlier T3 model did include aluminum ring mounts, they shouldn’t be used for any significant applications since they won’t last as long as a decent set of steel rings.

2. What type of rail is on a tikka T3x?

The rail type on Tikka T3x is One Piece Picatinny. This is a good rail type on Tikka T3x.

It features a bartack style mounting system that can be attached to the Picatinny rail or the three holes on the forend running parallel to each other.

The One Piece Picatinny rail locks securely and is robust enough to mount accessories with potentially high torque forces.

Tikka T3x uses a Lightweight Free Float Rail M4, which has been designed for rapid traverse and quick target acquisition as well as providing a superb balance of weight and performance.

3. What size rings for Tikka T3?

The duration of every T3 action is the same. Rings measure 4.08′′ from outside to outside. Standard rings are.63′′ broads and include two screws per ring.

Each tactical ring has four screws and is.80 inches broad. Dimensions from hole to hole are 0.86′′, 3.25′′, and.86′′.

4. Does the tikka T3x come with scope rings?

No, the Tikka T3x does not come with scope rings. This is not a trick question; it’s an honest one.

The gun company Tikka has never made scope rings for their rifles, and this was true of their old T3x model before they discontinued it back in 2015.

5. What is the difference between a Tikka T3 and T3x?

The T3x has a redesigned modular synthetic stock with interchangeable pistol grips that allows the angle of the grip to be changed.

This makes different shooting positions possible. Grip extensions are offered individually.

The T3x has a new barrel profile, and the bolt handle is now angled. The T3x also comes with a heavier trigger.

Compared to the T3, the T3x has a thicker bolt requiring less cocking effort. The redesigned rear sight block considers the barrel’s increased weight, resulting in adjustments for windage when firing from a rest or zeroing at long range.

6. How do I know if I need low medium or high scope rings?

Measure the distance between your eye and the bottom of your sight to decide if you need rifle scope rings with a low or high height.

For medium-sized rings, 1′′ is the required minimum height. It is preferable to get rifle scope rings with a low height if you have an exceptionally short eye relief.

7. How high of scope rings do I need for a 50mm objective?

You need around 0.300 inches high scope rings for a 50 mm objective. The top of a 50 mm objective is around 25.255mm tall, so 0.300 inches would be a bit more than 2 1/8 inches high.

8. How close should your scope be to the barrel?

The distance between the barrel’s top and the objective’s bottom must be at least 1/8 of an inch.

Otherwise, the scope cannot be used to its maximum potential. Obviously, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s important for your comfort when mounting your scope.

As for the size of your objective lens, that is entirely up to you. You can go with whatever size you feel most comfortable firing from.


The Best Scope Rings for Tikka T3 give you a closer look at your target. The better the rings are matched to your rifle, the closer you will be able to see while shooting.

The best scope rings for Tikka T3 can be more expensive than and not as durable as other models, but they also provide a great match for your rifle and so may be worth a long-term purchase. I hope this article helps you to choose the best scope rings for Tikka T3.


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