Best Scope Mount for Primary Arms 1-6: 4 Things To Keep in Mind

Best Scope Mount for Primary Arms 1-6

Most shooters find it challenging to distinguish mounts’ features when searching for the best scope mount for Primary Arms 1-6 optics, as rifle scopes tech is improving daily.

If you are looking for a good scope mount, the following article will go through quality selections in the market and discuss the aspects you should look for when acquiring an efficient gadget. Here are things you’ll learn in the write-up:

  • The best Primary Arms mounts.
  • Features to consider when choosing an optic mount.
  • The buying guide for a quality mounting system.

Let’s get started!

Best Scope Mount for Primary Arms 1-6: Top-6 Pick

Here are some of the quality scope mount options available for selection in the market. 


GLx Cantilever Mount

Deluxe Rifle Mount

Aero Precision Ultralight Mount



Primary Arms

Primary Arms

Aero Precision


6061-T6 aluminum alloy

7075 aluminum

6061 T6 extruded aluminium

Objective Lens:

34mm - 50mm



Reticle Options:

0 & 20 MOA


0 MO


25”-65" /lbs

34-50” /lbs

15” /lbs

Weight (ounces):

7.0 Oz

8.2 Oz

3.27 Oz



Shooters categorize Primary Arms as excellent rifle optics and are ideal for hunting and sports activities. 

A quality scope mount is the best chance to get maximum output from the Primary Arms 1-6 rifle scope.

Moreover, the Primary Arms company provides scope rings compatible with other 30mm tube sights, apart from the Primary Arms 1-6 varieties. The mount rings make installation of your scope easy and ensure it’s firm on your rifle and ready for use. 

We shall use the following 4 key features to distinguish and compare the following mounts:

  • The mount’s size dimensions
  • Customization qualities
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Safety aspects 

1. Primary Arms GLx 34mm Cantilever Scope Mount – Overall Pick

Primary-Arms-GLx-34mm-Cantilever-Scope-Mount-Overall Pick-1


  • Weight: 7 Ounces
  • Optical range: 34mm objective lens
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Reticle Variation: 0 MOA Cant variation

Mount Quality

The GLx Cantilever optic mount’s design is in two sections and categories, which are:

  • The Picatinny-attached latching platform 
  • A 20 MOA Canted 1.5-inch riser containing two 34mm scope skeletonized ringsInsert an image under the categories

There is a 0 MOA version, mainly selected for its price, while it is also reliable for close mid-range shooting activities.

Fitting System

You’ll like GLX’s locking section, with a clamp for secure and simple attachment through fittings; 65 inch-lb/7.3mm per bolt. These quality fittings ensure consistent zero holding and resistance to stress.

Design Features and Durability Aspects

Moreover, this Primary Arms 1-6 optic mount has a lightweight handlebar that moves the optics forward, 2 inches, of the mounting base for better visibility. Also, the feature accommodates optics with a 56mm outer objective diameter.

GLx’s make is worth its price as it is designed from durable, lightweight aluminum to give consistent performance for the long haul.

  • Maintains zero point 
  • GLx Cantilever consists of durable aluminum material
  • GLx mount is affordable
  • It comes with both the 0 and 20 MOA versions
  • The mount doesn’t have an elevation system
  • There are other better options at its price

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2. Primary Arms PLx Top Cap Reflex Mount – 30mm – Best Red Dot Option



  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.5 x 2.25 x 2 (inches) 
  • Optical range: 30mm objective lens + 24mm mini reflex sight
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum 
  • Reticle Variation: 0 MOA

Mount Quality

Next on our list is the PLX 30mm sight mount, a quality gadget for your rifle scope, crafted for a professional type of shooting targets through its advanced qualities. 

You can conveniently install 24mm optics (mini reflex sights) on your scope for additional clarity. The mini reflex sight is handy for good eye relief and quick transitions from mid to close-distance targeting.

Fitting System and Reliability

When placed above the regular 30 mm sight, the reflex variety helps maintain the centerline of your red dot at an ideal height of 2 inches. You can effectively move your head and eyes, thus improving precision and marking mobile targets.

Additionally, the mount has a base for use with both the Primary Arms 1-6 reflex optics and RMR versions.  

Durability and Design Features

Regarding the material utilized, the PLx scope mount uses the 7075 aluminum make, giving better, if not equal, results than the GLx version. 

Installing the PLX mount is aided by its straightforward design and quick discharge mode when needing changes in the shooting field. Interestingly, the mount is convenient for use with both shoulders.

  • You can use two scopes simultaneously
  • The convenience of use with both shoulders
  • The mount provides additional clarity and eye relief at different distances. 
  • Increases the rifle’s overall weight
  • Not convenient for all users

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3. Primary Arms 30mm Basic Scope Mount – Best Budget Option



  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.02 x 2.99 x 2.28 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 Ounces
  • Optical range: 30mm objective lens 
  • Material: Solid aluminum construction
  • Reticle Variation: 0 MOA

Mount Quality

The ‘basic’ reference might suggest the sub-standard nature of these primary arms scope mounts, but you get all your money’s worth with the 30mm basic scope mount. 

From its reference, it fits 30mm tube scopes or 1-inch tube optics with 1-inch metal adapter shims included. 

Fitting System and Reliability

This simple optic mount is compatible with 1913 Picatinny and other flat-top installation platforms. 

With their clients in mind, Primary Arms has manufactured a reliable and well-priced mount, delivering like most premium options..

Design and Durability Features

Like the previous products, this mount offers similar durability from the matte black anodized aluminum construction. Also, the material utilized for the scope rings is ideal for both the scope and the mount. 

  • Very affordable if on a tight budget
  • Provides reliable service despite being categorized as sub-standard
  • It comes with a durable make despite its low price
  • Only perfect at close distances
  • You might have some issues maintaining zero

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4. Flat Top Offset One Piece QD Scope Mount – Best for Long Distance Shooting

Flat-Top-Offset-One-Piece-QD-Scope-Mount-Best-for-Long-Distance- Shooting-4


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.2 x 3.7 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 5.12 Ounces
  • Optical range: 30mm objective lens & 1” main tube
  • Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Reticle Variation: 0 MOA

Mount Quality

Hammers company is our first non-Primary Arms 1-6 product, and it is a one-piece mount variety fit for the 1-6 versions. This offset mount is a heavy-duty gadget that comes in handy for challenging shooting situations.

The QD mount is excellent for 30mm optics, and its quality offers excellent eye relief from long shooting distances.

Fitting System and Reliability

You’ll like the offset rings that come with it, influencing the ease of installation and being capable of accommodating scopes with longer tubes onto your rifle. Therefore, there are no worries if you own an eyepiece with an illuminated reticle.

To top it off, you can utilize this QD scope mount with Vortex Strike Eagle eyesights or other modern Vortex optics.

Design and Durability Aspects

Moreover, the flat-top offset mount’s construction is 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for longevity if you shoot in demanding shooting contexts.

  • Can fit with other scope varieties
  • Provides clarity over extended distances
  • Maintains zero after shooting many rounds
  • Reduces the impact of heavy recoil via its 2 cross-bolts
  • You pay more for the premium features.

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5. Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount – Best Lightweight Version



  • Dimensions (LxWxH): ‎7 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.27 ounces
  • Optical range: 30mm objective lens 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Reticle Variation: 0 MOA

Mount Quality

For starters, the Aero precision ultralight scope is another 30 mm scope mount, approximately half the size of most varieties (at 6.6 ounces), weighing little over 3 ounces. 

Like some of the mentioned scope mounts, the elongated mounting rings push the optic 2 inches forward, effectively increasing clarity with a scope utilizing a long eye relief.

Durability and Design Aspects

Moreover, the Ultralight mount is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and lacks any unnecessary components through its straightforward construction. On top of the recoil resistance features, it is hard to damage the mount by scratching, scuffing, or accidental drops. 

Fitting System and Reliability

In terms of installation, the one-piece mount comes with accessories needed to install on its Picatinny rail system.

Overall, the process needs caution for appropriate leveling, hindered by its rough nature. If you encounter installation issues, you can consult a gun’s smith or contact the company’s customer support.

  • Has a rigid built to perform under challenging shooting situations
  • Capable of maintaining zero after exhausting multiple magazines
  • The anodized alloy resists ammo recoil
  • Cheaper than most premium choices
  • Reported problems with the installation process

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6. Primary Arms Deluxe Rifle Scope Mount – 30mm


Mount Quality

Concluding our recommendation list is another Primary Arms scope mount, a Deluxe optic mount meant for 30 mm objective diameter rifle eyesight. The Deluxe does accommodate other scopes aside from the Primary Arms 1-6.

Also, the Deluxe mounting system is by far the heaviest option on our list, weighing 8.2 ounces, but the weight does not affect the functionality of your Primary Arms scope. 

Fitting system and Reliability

This mount matches our mentions on enabling you to push your scope 2 inches forward for better eye relief, and it also includes a 1.5-inch height for head and eye movement.

Durability and Design Features

This Primary Arms variety is crafted from aluminum and has a matte black anodized finish. Therefore, it offers quality durability and rugged features, especially when using your rifle in adverse weather conditions. It also has a 3 bolt made to increase its strength.

  • Provides premium features at an affordable price
  • The mount has reduced eye strain over mid to long-range shooting
  • The aluminum material enables performance in adverse weather situations
  • The 8.2 ounces are relatively heavier than that of competitors.

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The picks discussed above come at reasonable pricing, depending on the features offered. You can rely on these scope mounts as they are all approved to give quality shooting service. 

With all that mentioned, what aspects should you consider when going for these mounting accessories or other products? Here is a buying guide for Primary Arms 1-6 sight mounts.

The Buying Guide for Primary Arms 1-6 Scope Mounts


Build Quality and Durability

The build quality dictates the durability of your scope and mounts, and metallic (aluminum and steel) makes are ideal as they give the best durability features.

There are cheaper versions of either material, and you are advised to go for the stronger and long-lasting materials, which consist of the following:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloys
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum material
  • Quality steel mounts

Insert images under each variation

As much as you are guaranteed the best durability features, the aircraft grade and steel materials provide longevity with your mount but at a small extra cost.

Vision & Clarity Features

Ensure your sight and mount’s dimension sync to get the right fit and eliminate clarity errors.

Also, the number of rail slots offers adjustable features when viewing targets from different distances using the Picatinny rail system.

Lastly, ensuring your scope tightly fits on your rifle helps your sight stick to zero, thus maintaining the vision configurations set.

Eye Box and Eye Relief

An optic’s eye relief partly depends on the mount’s lock system or rail slots; more rails provide better adjustment features. 

Also, scope mounts with ideal configuration dials allow you to adjust vision settings while shooting. 

For better long-distance accuracy, select a mount that can move your optic at least 2″ forward.

Reticle Options

Selecting a mount that allows you to adjust the positioning of your optic also enables you to utilize the two types of reticle options. 

  • First Focal Plane (FFP): This type of reticle is further from your eye and will grow as you magnify towards your target.Magnified FFP crosshairs | photo
  • Second Focal Plane (SFP): It is the rare reticle behind the magnification glass, and the reticle remains the same as you magnify towards the target. SFP state while magnifying | photo


The FFP variation is best suited for long-distance shooting, thus needing a mount that allows you to configure your settings conveniently. A well-fit system for a scope’s adjustments offers unshakable reticles for a clear sight picture at a long distance.


Unlike the FFP, the SFP reticle is suitable for mid-ranges and, depending on the shooter, might not be entirely reliable over extended ranges. They are perfect for hunting, and the ideal mount will help you adjust your scope’s position when you want to increase accuracy over mid-ranges. 

You can get a top reflex cap for an additional 24 mm reflex sight for better clarity. 

Cost Variations

You are guaranteed your money’s worth if you buy from the appropriate channels. Different scope mounts fit your budget, but each price has varying features. 

However, you can improvise on some features through the following if you can only afford a cheap mount.

  • Purchasing accessories from your local gun store or a credible online source
  • Consistently reconfiguring to ideal settings
  • Proper maintenance of the mount

If you can afford the premium versions such as those mentioned in our list, you are guaranteed the value of your payment as expected. 

Things To Keep in Mind About Primary Arms 1-6 Scope Mounts

Finally, here are additional features to remember while searching for your ideal one-piece mounts or mounting ring design.

Things To Keep in Mind About Primary Arms 1-6 Scope Mounts


Your mount’s size should accommodate the dimensions of your scope and any other additional gadget.

Don’t get mistaken; the weight is not the issue as most quality mounts are categorized as lightweight versions, despite their rigid nature. 

Therefore, here are mount’s qualities that complement the functionality of your sight regardless of its size:

  • A quality locking system: An Ideal lock mechanism will firmly hold heavier and larger scopes.
  • Room for additional accessories: A good-sized mount allows adjustments and attachment of other devices.

If you need help purchasing a scope mount, check with the seller or the manufacturer to confirm if your Primary Arms 1-6 optics fit your desired mount. 

Ease of Customization

You are better suited with a mount that allows easy adjustments when shooting in demanding situations. Here are the mounts’ customization aspects and advantages:

  1. The convenience of use with other optics, like the Vortex Strike Eagle, to enjoy the versatility of your lock system.
  2. The availability of a quick detach mechanism, ideal for changing batteries or cleaning, is an excellent customizable factor.
  3. However, affordable scope mounts allow the execution of such activities with your optic installed on the rifle. 
  4. Lastly, the ease of access to the windage and elevation adjustment, as influenced by the mount in use, allows fast target acquisition and a clear sight picture.

Environmental Friendly Aspects

Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit optic mounts in the market, and you’ll be surprised how getting scammed is easy. Such products with poor built quality have the following disadvantages:

  1. They are not durable under heavy recoil.
  2. Performs poorly in terms of withstanding the heat created after shooting many rounds. 

You certainly would want your scope mount to stay intact over time, on your rifle’s essential parts, on the hunting grounds, and in storage.

Your best bet is choosing and researching how you can get quality one-piece mounts and mounting rings from credible sources. 

Safety Features

On the note of environmental friendliness, we get the basics of how safe your mount should be. 

Additionally, here is why you should carefully inspect or research the locking systems of the mount you desire.

  1. A loose fit system can cause a misfire, leading to extensive consequences.
  2. Also, a good lock feature prevents your scope from constant falls, eventually decreasing productivity. 

You can get started by comparing the scope mounts in the article in terms of features and pricing. 

The Primary Arms ACSS Reticle

Apart from the 1-6 scope versions, Primary Arms offers another premium optic with the ACSS, containing a ½ click MOA and 40 MOA windage and elevation settings. 

The Advanced Combines Sighting System (ACSS) will help you achieve a clear picture, but it will come at an extra cost than the regular Primary Arms 1-6 options.

Regarding mounts that fit with the ACSS, you can choose our premium choice or consult the manufacturer for extra information. 

The four aspects of things to consider in a scope mount, as discussed, will come in handy when in the market for an ACSS scope mount


Does primary arms make good scopes?

The primary arms company is amongst the most reputable scope manufacturing organizations worldwide. They have a line of products to fit all users’ budgets.

Is it best to mount a scope as low as possible?

Yes, you should install the eyepiece as low as possible without making contact with your rifle’s barrel.

What happens if your scope is not level?

An unleveled scope affects the positioning of your reticle crosshairs which might alter your accuracy. 

What does ACSS stand for primary arms?

Advanced Combines Sighting System (ACSS): This system comes with premium aspects like the reticle (1/2 MOA click and 40 MOA), and helps users achieve maximum clarity.

Is Primary Arms a Chinese company?

Primary Arms is a US-based optic company. 


That’s all we had on how to select the best Primary Arms 1-6 optic mounts for your rifle. There is a mount for everyone as they all come at different prices, but all offer good quality features. 

So, which of the scope mount do you think passes the test?

Leave a comment below with your answer, and tell us which features you consider more for shooting activities. 

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