Aimpoint T1 vs T2: Fair Comparison 2023

Aimpoint T1 vs T2

Over the years Aimpoint Ab a Swedish company has mastered the art of optics and become a game changer in this field. Their Aimpoint T2 has put a full stop to the whole Aimpoint t1 vs t2 argument among the enthusiasts!

Optical clarity has always been the talk of the town and even professional users such as military personal prefer optics that have versatile features. Something that outperforms the test platform is something that everyone prefers to have.

So something that fulfills the needs of the personal user and the military user had to be brought onto the same page. Behold, the Aimpoint T2! A modern-day marvel in the world of optics.

We will talk about the advantages that make it dominant over the T1 version such as its readily apparent design, covers open or covers closed design, presence or absence of goofy tint, nice upgrade, and night vision capabilities.

Aimpoint T1 or T2 – Which one is the Best

aimpoint t1 vs t2

T2 is no doubt the winner as compared to T1 when it comes to selecting the best and the most versatile optics for your firearm.

Here’s Why:

The triumph card feature for the T2 is the NV capabilities that make it suitable for both personal and military use. Giving you that extra advantage to operate in the dark makes a huge difference.

If we talk about the strong features of the T2 then let’s look at its Pros and Cons to further clarify the whole different story.

  • Added protection on elevation turrets
  • Reduced parallax error
  • Flip covers included
  • A Helicoil screw at the base inserts
  • The blue tint is very less
  • Overall image quality is greatly improved
  • Rounder and red dot stays crisper
  • Better contrast than the previous version
  • Only little downside street pricing is very expensive
  • Lens covers not included
  • Parallax error is a hassle for professional users
  • The bluish hue and contrast glass are not up to mark

Aimpoint Micro T-2 is a big improvement over the T-1

aimpoint t1 vs t2

If you think that the T2 is just a minor upgrade to the T1 then you are strongly mistaken my friend. In terms of functionality, T2 compelled the company to discontinue the previous version.

It is this level of improvement and confidence that has been portrayed by the latest version which is the Aimpoint T2!

Optics Showdown: T-2 VS T-1

aimpoint t1 vs t2

Better contrast, presence of flip covers, less blue tint, NV features, rugged design, buttery smooth red dot movement, and a crisper dot makes the T2 a far more preferred optics for personal users and military people.

T-2 Red Dot Stays Crisp and clearer glass

The glass quality on the T1 was considered good but the T2 is a game changer. It gives better natural color and a much less bluish tint. The red dot is also much more round and has a crispier look to it.

Parallax Error is Significantly Reduced with the T-2

The parallax error has been greatly reduced in the T2 which lets to enjoy a much more accurate target experience.

Trivial improvements/changes – Turrets, Flip Covers, etc

Some of the major changes made to the T2 design are the turrets which have a tube housing that is raised to protect the elevation turret. The Helicoil screw now is inserted at the base. T2 has flip covers added to it. And the T2 sits about 1mm higher than its previous version.

No Change in the Red Dot Sights

There are also some similarities that the company left untouched while improving other features of the Aimpoint T2. Let us look at those similarities:

Warranty: The warranty duration and type is same for the both versions. After the date of purchase, you get a 2 years warranty for professional/competition usage while for personal use you get a 10 years warranty which is quite impressive.

Battery: The battery compartment location and design were left untouched. As Aimpoint thought that it was a design that didn’t cause any hassle for the users. The T2 red dot gives an impeccable 50,000 hours of battery life to the user.

Brightness settings: If you break down the brightness options from both the red dot sights then you may notice that they are the same. The T2 also has the 4 NV modes while also having the 8 daylight settings. It also maintains the 1 extra bright setting that was also in the T1 version.

Pretty much the same size

aimpoint t1 vs t2

You may pretty much notice no differences in the sizes of both the red dot sight. Initially apparent differences individually be only noticed if you properly measured both of them. Let us see what are the accurate sizes of both the scopes that you barely noticed:

  • Length: 2.4 Inches (T1) and 2.7 inches (T2)
  • Width: 1.6 inches (same for both)
  • Height: 1.4 inches (same for both)
  • Objective Lens: 18 mm (same for both)
  • Weight: T1 is 3 Oz, on the other hand, the T2 is 3.3 Oz

Which One Should I Get?

It is technically a no-brainer at this point to argue which is the better one. Hands down the T2 wins the race with an exceptional margin. So, getting the Aimpoint T2 is the choice of most people now!

Specialist or Night Hunting

The T2 can be considered both a specialist and night hunting optics as it is made to be compatible for versatile use. You can rest assured about how these optics will improve your experience.

While most optics in the market do not offer many NV capabilities. the T2 is exceptionally designed to provide that perfect charity and king-of-the-food chain attitude to the shooter’s eye. You can expect no less from this beast!


What is the difference between Aimpoint T1 and T2?

The Aimpoint T2 is a huge upgrade or you can say an improved version that outmatched the Aimpoint T1 in many aspects. Better contrast, image quality noticeably better than the previous version, dot stays crisp and much round and more efficient lens covers.

Is Aimpoint T1 discontinued?

Yes, the Aimpoint T1 is discontinued due to the launch of their better version which is the Aimpoint T2.

What is the difference between Aimpoint T2 and H2?

The most obvious difference between the T2 and H2 is the NV compatibility and features. The T2 has night vision technology while the H2 has only 12 daylight settings. Also, reticle options and submersibility are two main features that are great differences.

The H2 is made for civilian use while the T2 took a more professional and military-level approach. Giving the law enforcement agencies that added edge in combat when they have the T2. The T2 can be considered as the red dot that is an apex predator in the optics food chain.

Lastly, the T2 is more compatible with various firearms and it sits perfectly on the quad-railed upper receiver of the weapons without any hassle. This multi-compatible design makes the T2 much superior to the H2.

When did the Aimpoint T2 come out?

In 2009, the company launched the new technological talk of the town named Aimpoint T2. It outmatched the T1 that was launched in 2007.

Which Aimpoint does the military use?

The military first adopted the CompM2 version that was launched by the company but later on the highly improved version overtook this variant. And the military now uses the CompM4 version more readily.

Is Aimpoint made in China?

No. The Aimpoint series is solely a Swedish product designed to deliver top performance to its user.


Look at the Pros of the T2, it is evident which optics to buy. And since the T1 now is discontinued you may rather buy the T2 variant and enjoy an army-level experience. For competitive shooters and hunters, this makes the perfect addition to their gear. If you want the best features at the best cost, buy the Aimpoint T2 now!


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