.300 PRC vs .300 RUM: A Detailed Performace Comparison Guide For 2023

300 prc vs .300 rum

For long-range hunting, it is not an easy task to choose between .300 PRC vs .300 RUM. They both are popular cartridges and deliver excellent performance. But, the technical aspects such as less recoil, energy, wind drift, and power contribute a lot to the overall performance.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you make the right choice. Read on to learn the specs, and origins, and explore the performance parameters to find out which cartridge triumphs in most scenarios read on. Let’s dive in!

300 PRC vs .300 RUM: A Quick Review

Comparing the 300 PRC and RUM, you will find that both calibers are exceptional on a shooting range.

300 PRC vs .300 RUM: A Quick Review
  • The 300 PRC dominates shooting competitions with its excellent accuracy and consistent max performance.
  • Comparatively, the 300 RUM is known for its high power and trajectory for hunting big game.

The preference of the cartridges depends on the different scenarios, the size of the target, and the power needed. While some hunters prefer accuracy others may be attracted towards more firepower. Let’s learn more about them!

Pros and Cons of 300 PRC

Let us dive in and learn more about the pros and cons of this round. Let’s get started!

  • The PRC has more energy making it travel very long distances in less time compared to other long-range calibers.
  • It offers shooters a flatter shooting experience.
  • If you use it in any compatible rifle there will be less recoil and this is a major factor for its preference by shooters.
  • It is expensive.
300 PRC vs 300 RUM. Pros and Cons of 300 PRC

Pros and Cons of 300 RUM

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of this magnum round. Check out the information below!

  • The 300 RUM has unmatched stopping power at ranges within 500 yards.
  • It is excellent for big games such as grizzly bears, elks, and moose.
  • Being a famous round among hunters, it is readily available in local stores and online retailers making it an ideal choice for users who hand load (using reloading components) their rounds.
  • The high-pressure loadings exert a lot of strain on the barrel resulting in reduced barrel life.
Pros and Cons of 300 RUM

Origins Story and Specifications Revealed!

The origin and crucial specs of the two cartridges are listed below:

A Quick Look at the 300 PRC

Shooting enthusiasts soon developed a keen interest in this reliable cartridge when it was initially launched by Hornady in 2018. Top-level competitors and even the army preferred this cartridge for its dependable performance during long-range shooting with accurate results.

A Quick Look at the 300 PRC

Let’s dive into its specs:




Parent case:

.375 Ruger

Bullet diameter:

.308 in (7.8 mm)

Case length:

2.580 in (65.5 mm)

Overall length:

3.340 in (84.8 mm)

Case capacity:

99.0 gr H2O (6.42 cm³)

Primer type:

Large Rifle Magnum

A Quick Look at the 300 RUM

This cartridge first came into light in 1999, it had many names such as the 300 RUM, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, or 300 UltraMag. This round had the stopping power and capabilities that many shooters wanted on long ranges.

A Quick Look at the 300 RUM

The compatibility with the .300 Winchester Magnum offered outstanding performance results. The range of abilities, energy (factory loads), power, and accuracy made it famous among the hunting community. Let’s take a look at its specifications!




Parent case:

.404 Jeffery

Bullet diameter:

.308 in (7.8 mm)

Case length:

2.850 in (72.4 mm)

Overall length:

3.600 in (91.4 mm)

Case capacity:

112.0 gr H2O (7.25 cm³)

Primer type:

Large Rifle Magnum

The 300 PRC and 300 RUM: An Insight Into Numbers

Here is a table that shows a comparative difference between both cartridges. Let’s discover the technicalities that set them apart!

300 PRC

300 PRC

300 RUM

300 RUM

Cartridge Weight:





Parent Case:

375 Ruger

375 Ruger

.404 Jeffery

.404 Jeffery

Bullet Diameter:





Cartridge Length:





Case Length:





Muzzle Velocity:





Muzzle Energy:





Comparing the Ballistics Data

The 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) and 300 RUM (Remington Ultra Magnum) cartridges have comparatively close to identical ballistics.

With high velocities, they have the potential to deliver outstanding long-range results. The PRC variant on the other hand has a higher muzzle velocity and excellent trajectory compared to the RUM variant. Let’s check out the ballistics data in the table below!


300 PRC 212gr

300 RUM 180gr

Muzzle Velocity/Energy

2,860fps/3,850 ft.lb

3,250fps/4,222 ft.lb

100 Yards Trajectory/Energy

+1.6"/3,490 ft.lb

+1.1"/3,722 ft.lb

200 Yards Trajectory/Energy

0"/3,156 ft.lb

0"/3,274 ft.lb

300 Yards Trajectory/Energy

-6.8"/2,849 ft.lb

-5.4"/2,872 ft.lb

400 Yards Trajectory/Energy

-19.4"/2,565 ft.lb

-15.6"/2,510 ft.lb

500 Yards Trajectory/Energy

-38.3"/2,304 ft.lb

-31.4"/2,185 ft.lb

Exploring Different Performance Parameters

Several factors contribute to the performance of a cartridge. Let’s take a look at the PRC and RUM variants of the .300 category!

1. Overall Trajectory During Shooting Sessions

A flat trajectory ensures that the round will hit its target without dropping down less. This allows the shooter to hit their target accurately at long distances. Both calibers offer unmatched performance in this category.

Overall Trajectory During Shooting Sessions

Lighter bullets cannot travel great distances due to having less inertia while heavier bullets can go a long distance and hit the target with accuracy if fired by a skilled shooter.

  • Accuracy is affected by a longer range but at an ideal distance, the RUM offers impressive velocity and flatter trajectory.
  • The PRC variant does not hurt the barrel life energy level (factory loads) and the bullet coefficient is exceptional.

Winner: The 300 PRC takes the lead here and is declared a winner in this category.

2. The Energy

When dealing with different animal games, the projectile’s energy plays a critical role in putting them down at a long distance.

  • A RUM is known for its stopping power but the same can not be said about its possessed energy.
  • With the PRC variant, you are firing high-bullet coefficient rounds having more energy. This makes them ideal for long-range situations experienced by target shooters.
The Energy

Winner: The 300 PRC wins here for its energy and reliability in various hunting and target shooting scenarios!

3. Long-Range Precision Shooting and Accuracy of the Rounds

The .300 PRC offers:

  • Higher accuracy and is specifically designed for hitting targets with maximum reliability.
  • The powder burn of this precision rifle cartridge, perfect bullet seating, and lower sway of bullets are an advantage to hitting the target with maximum precision.
  • The combination of precision and high BC bullets is lethal to hit a target at a great distance with pinpoint perfection.
Long-Range Precision Shooting and Accuracy of the Rounds

The 300 RUM cannot be underestimated for accuracy but the larger size inflicts wear and tear reducing the life of the barrel.

  • This ultimately results in difficulty hitting the target.
  • Also, the large amount of pressure that this cartridge imposes on the barrel results in heating and inconsistent variations between each shot.

Winner: 300 PRC wins this category with flying colors!

4. Recoil Rate Experienced While Shooting the Two Cartridges

Recoil rate is a major factor when you are firing this round with long-range potential.

  • An increased amount of powder in the cartridge and muzzle velocity results in more recoil while shooting the 300 RUM. The, PRC performs better in terms of recoil rate.
  • Additional factors that contribute to the recoil are the type and size of a rifle being used, the bulk of the firearm, and accessories (muzzle brake).
Recoil Rate Experienced While Shooting the Two Cartridges

Winner: The 300 PRC is excellent for target shooting due to a less recoil rate!

5. Long-Range Shooters and Applicability for Various Situations

The 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) and 300 Remington Ultra Magnum) are versatile and have the potential for various hunting and target practice scenarios. The .300 PRC is unmatched during long-range competitions as it ensures precision and trustworthy performance.

Long-Range Shooters and Applicability for Various Situations

In hunting, both cartridges excel to deliver reliable performance:

  • The 300 RUM has a higher muzzle velocity (2920) and more energy (3975) resulting in stronger recoil.
  • Shooting a 300 PRC round feels a little less recoil (2810 muzzle velocity) making it suitable for beginners and extremely long-range shots.

Winner: The PRC wins! It is highly accurate and target shooters who like to be at a distance always prefer it!

6. Power

If more power is needed then the RUM is the best choice during big game hunting. The .300 RUM is capable of taking down large targets without much problem. Although, you have to be habitual of the heavy recoil of the firearm after a shot. But, being compatible with small, medium, and big game makes it a preferred choice by most hunters.


There is a difference between stopping power and energy:

  • The PRC may be faster and excellent on long-range.
  • The RUM packs a stronger impact on contact making it more lethal in distances under 500 yards.

The only downside is added strain on the barrel which many custom barrel makers are tackling.

Winner: The RUM is a powerhouse and it can take down larger targets effortlessly!

How Far Will a 300 RUM and 300 PRC Shoot?

As we have highlighted the long-range capabilities of the cartridges above. The precision of the ammo is affected by various factors such as:

  • The barrel length of the gun
  • Shooting conditions
  • Bullet choice (grain, weight, and shape of bullet)
  • Skill level (beginner or pro-level hunter)


Distance (yds) Bullet Drops Under 1,900 FPS

Max Effective Range with 1,500 ft-lbs

Max Effective Range with 1,000 ft-lbs

.300 PRC:




.300 RUM:




Use a rifle with a longer barrel and higher grain. Check out this video for a better understanding of the 300 RUM range. While this video shows the range performance of the 300 PRC.

View more details about 300 RUM Long Range in this video:

Discover 300 PRC Long Range in folowwing video:


What is the difference between a 300 RUM & 300 PRC?

The difference between a 300 RUM vs 300 PRC is that the RUM is designed for practical use during big games such as deer hunting, mule deer, elk, moose, etc. In comparison, the PRC is the only cartridge used for long-range shooting.

What is the advantage of a 300 PRC?

The advantage of a .300 PRC over other calibers is that it has a high ballistic coefficient. Therefore, it travels faster.

What’s the difference between a 300 PRC and a 230 Grberger?

The main difference between a 300 PRC and a 230 Geberger is the 15 fps.

Is the 300 RUM better than the 300 PRC?

If you like shooting long-range and prefer extremely flat trajectories then the 300 RUM is your pick. But, for people who love the accuracy and high-speed rounds that can travel a large distance, the PRC is an excellent choice.

Is the 300 RUM good for long-range shooting?

The 300 RUM for long-range shooting is effective if you want a hunting cartridge to take down a body weight of 400kg (880 lbs) or less. It is perfect for most big games during your hunting situations.


Shooters with different preferences select the round depending on the type of target, hunting situation, and stopping power needed. If you like long-range hunting then you will like the 300 PRC and 300 RUM depending on the felt recoil and the ability of the cartridge to hit hard on the target.

If you usually hunt big game then the RUM is your top pick but if smaller targets and precision is needed then go for the PRC. Both rounds can hit with accuracy but the PRC is better in terms of precision. While RUM is ideal if a larger prey needs to be quickly taken down as it offers exceptional stopping power.

Which cartridge do you usually use and why? Let us know in the comments section!

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