US Revolver Co Serial Number: Learn How to Read the Serial Numbers!

US Revolver Co Serial Number: Learn to Read the Serial Numbers!

Decoding the US Revolver Co serial number unveils valuable insights about its history and authenticity. If you’re a firearms enthusiast and owner of an Iver Johnson Arms revolver, this is the correct place for you.

Today, we’ll shed light on its intertwined background. Also, equip you with the knowledge and techniques to read and interpret the serial numbers of this revolver company. Let’s get going!

Decoding of the US Revolver Co Serial Number

A lot of people have old top-break revolvers but they don’t understand where to find the serial number or how to extract information from it. The last serial number of an Iver Johnson US Revolver shot was 42850 and it was made in 1912.

If you’re interested in deciphering them on your top-break gun or a 38 S W, you should know the following things:

Decoding of the US Revolver Co Serial Number

1. Serial Number Location

The serial number is typically stamped or engraved on the solid frame, cylinder, barrel, or grip of the revolver. A 38 S W might have it in a different location compared to some other ones.

2. Serial Number Format

Many manufacturers use a sequential numbering system, where each revolver is assigned a unique serial number that is sequentially incremented with each firearm produced. However, it varies depending on the specific model and production era.

Serial numbers of the US Revolver Company generally follow a sequence.

3. Research Reliable Sources

Consult reputable sources such as firearm identification books, manufacturer’s records, or online forums and communities. These sources, most of the time provide guidance and insights on how to read US Revolver serial numbers.

4. Seek Professional Assistance

If you’re unsure about the serial number or its interpretation. The best that you can do is to consult a qualified firearms appraiser, gunsmith, or knowledgeable collector who can provide expert guidance.

Seek Professional Assistance

Iver Johnson Arms (U.S. Revolver Company)

Cycle Works and Iver Johnson Arms used the trade U.S. Revolver Company. It operated during the late 19th to earlier 20th century. All the excess parts from Safety Hammer Automatic were used to build the revolvers.

The Iver Johnson revolvers are known for their reliability and quality. They saw their most use in personal defense, sporting, and police.

Iver Johnson Arms (U.S. Revolver Company)

Essential Details About The U.S. .32 Five-Shot Revolver

Some of the essential details about this US revolver are:

  • Caliber: The U.S .32 Five-Shot Revolver is chambered in .32 caliber. The ammo it shoots is the smokeless powder one.
  • Capacity: As the name suggests, this revolver has a five-shot capacity. It holds up to five rounds in its cylinder.
  • Trigger Guard: The early models of the revolvers had a simple trigger guard. But it came to the latter ones, the trigger guard was much more intricately designed and had an improved grip.
  • Action: The U.S. .32 Five-Shot features a double-action-only trigger system. If you pull the trigger, it cocks and releases the hammer to fire the US revolver.
  • Construction: It is typically made of steel with a blued or nickel-plated finish. It either has a solid frame or a top-break design.
  • Collectibility: It is considered a collectible firearm among enthusiasts. The value of such an item would be around $150 to $250.Its value can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and historical significance.
Essential Details About The U.S. .32 Five-Shot Revolver

Determining the Date of Manufacture

Determining the date of manufacture for a U.S Revolver Co is challenging as the company did not maintain detailed records of serial numbers and production dates. There are some general guidelines that are pretty viable in getting an estimation:

  • Serial Number: It provides some clues about its age. Early Iver Johnson revolvers typically had low serial numbers while the latter ones had higher ones. It is not sufficient enough to get a reliable indication of the manufacturing date, as the numbering system and sequence may have varied over time.
  • Features and Markings: The features and markings on the revolvers are also important. For example, early U.S Revolver Co models may have different styles of grips, sights, or markings compared to later ones.
  • Historical Context: Understanding the historical context of the U.S Revolver Co can also help in estimating the manufacturing date. For example, knowing when the company was in operation and when it ceased production can provide really useful information.
  • Expert Opinions: Consulting with experienced collectors, gunsmiths, or firearms historians is also valuable. In the professional help-seeking section, we have explained this in detail.
Determining the Date of Manufacture


What is the serial number of a revolver?

The serial number of a revolver is a unique identification number assigned to each individual firearm by the manufacturer. It serves as a way to track and identify the origin, production details, and other relevant information.

Who made the US revolver?

US Revolver Co was made by Iver Johnson Arms. It was a firearms manufacturing company based in the United States that operated from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century.

Can a serial number be used to identify a gun?

Yes, a serial number is a unique identifier assigned to each firearm by the manufacturer. It can be used to track and identify a specific gun, including its origin, production details, etc.

Do guns have two serial numbers?

No, generally firearms have one serial number that is unique to each individual gun. However, some also have additional numbers or markings for internal tracking or inventory purposes.


Understanding how to read and interpret the serial numbers on a US Revolver Co firearm is quite helpful. You can physically inspect the gun and find the number on it.

Or else you can look through any accompanying documentation for searching it out. It will provide you with information about its manufacturing details, history, and its worth.

So, next time you come across a US Revolver Co revolver, do you know how to decipher its serial number? Let us know in the comments!

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