Trijicon MRO VS EOTECH: Which is better Trijicon or EOTech?

If you are wondering what you should consider buying for your next optical solution, whether that is a Trijicon MRO or an EOTech, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to cover both the types of sights as well as their advantages along with disadvantages. Also, the comparisons are covered as well in order to give you a better understanding.

The purpose of this article is to give you a broad idea of reflex/red dot scopes and holographic scopes so that you know what you should consider while choosing the right solution.

TTrijicon MRO-C-2200030 Miniature Rifle Optic Review

Trijicon MRO-C-2200030 Miniature Rifle Optic

Designed to suit rifles, carbines, and shotguns to optimize target acquisition, the Trijicon MRO is a great choice on the market. With its large aperture and tapered light path, you can experience awareness of your surroundings and target engagement without sacrificing the speed of reading.

Furthermore, with a waterproof body and lenses of great quality, you’ll notice a rise in your shooting abilities. It features a 25mm object lens which assures you a 44% greater viewing range compared to other competitors as well as a much faster and very easy target acquisition.

Moreover, not just in bright daylight, but also in low light situations, this performs significantly well due to its adjustable 2-night vision setups as well as a total of 6 different illumination level settings.

Besides, its Aircraft Grade forged 7075-T6 Aluminum housing will serve durability as the highest level. On top of that, its 30-meter waterproofing, as well as dry nitrogen-filled fog proofing, will ensure any weather usage.

Optical Features:

Reticle: The Reticle of is dot type with an objective size of 25mm. Red & Green, in two colors the reticle is available which you can get based on your preference. A 2 MOA reticle will simplify your alignment and acquisition processes. 

A 2 MOA reticle

Picture Source: trijicon

Lens: The Trijicon MRO features a multicoated lens which offers excellent picture quality. Even more, details can be enhanced with its superior light gathering capability, resulting in a crisp reticle.


  • Magnification: 1x
  • Objective Size: 25 mm
  • Eye Relief: Infinite
  • Adjustable Range: 70 MOA
  • Brightness Settings: 8
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 Years
  • Weight: 4.1 oz. (Without Mount)


  • Its crisp reticle ensures image output with much better details along with enhanced light capturing.
  • Even though, Trijicon offers a larger glass to view, it comparative much lighter and yet very compact.
  • Its ambidextrous brightness control feature will ensure you that no matter which handed you are, you will have an easy reach.
  • The CR2032 battery on Trijicon MRO offers an extended period of battery life even when the optics are tuned on for a longer time.


  • It is comparatively less durable due to its lighter and much compact design and therefore, this optic is more prone to break down in extremely rough conditions.


EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

An innovative combination, speed of the holographic and the access of iron sights, yes that’s exactly what the EOTECH EXPS2 is, a stunner.

Made to ensure you a performance that you won’t ever forget, this holographic sight is an absolute favorite for shooters with recreational and tactical purposes in mind.

Features such as side buttons for easy adjustments, a locking lever for quick detach as well as 20 brightness settings, this sight is ready to bring convenience in any field of use.

Daylight shooting? No problem. Low light shooting? No problem, The EOTECH has equipped their EXPS2 with neither 1, nor 5 but with as much as 20 brightness settings to ensure you no matter what type of lighting condition you are dealing with, you will experience the best possible performance.

Besides, no matter at what distance you’re shooting from, you will have pinpoint accuracy like no other. Why? Because its 1 MOA dot does not expand even at higher magnification, making precision targeting much easier and faster.

Also, it always advisable to remain extremely aware while shooting and for that reason, this comes with a true heads-up display that you can use with two of your eyes open, easily.

Besides, if the sight partially shatters for some reason, no worries as it will still perform perfectly. A true rugged companion at any extreme condition.

Optical Features:

Reticle: The EXPS2 features a very unique two-dot reticle where each of the dots has its own purpose. The upper dot is for the distance of 50 and 200 yards whereas the lower dot is for a greater distance, up to 500 yards so that you can hit your target in long-range.

However, if you’re not into 2 dot system and only going to use the sight in close range, you can opt for a 1 dot system.

Also, its reticle remains the same size which found in most of the standard reticles, at 100 yards, 68 inches, roughly 5’8”.

Lens: It features a front window lens that is made from 1/8 inch solid glass whereas its rear window is constructed from 3/16 inch laminate.

With the enforcement of AR coated eternal glass surface, its lens will ensure you greater visibility while maintaining the durability and structural integrity.


  • Magnification: 1x
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Adjustment Type: MOA
  • Lens Material: Solid Glass & Laminate
  • Optical Coating: Anti-Reflective
  • Brightness Settings: 20
  • Water Resistance: 10 ft.
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.


  • Due to its two-dot reticle setup, it enhances the accuracy while maintaining better control as well as precision.
  • It comes with a very robust protective hood along with an aluminum construction which helps it to stand against any rugged impact no matter how rough they are. 
  • Unlike many other optics, this is very friendly for beginners as it requires minimum to no training to operate this.
  • As its eye relief is unlimited, you are not limited at any distance.


  • This sight does not come with any night vision which means you cannot use in the dark.

EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

With the additional ability to use in the night, the EOTech EXPS3 is an excellent holographic sight that will enhance your targeting ability while giving you the space to deal with iron sights.

An optical scope with 2 eyes open shooting capability, brings the convenience of reliability in the construction as well as precision in the targeting. And for ease of use, featured side buttons along with a lever that can be used to lock as well as to detach makes it a great tool for your rifle. 

A design made for nothing but an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, that what this holographic sight features which speak the durability in its own words.

Not just the housing is tough, but the lenses are well secured too as the design also features an outer hood along with an air gap in between the hood and the lenses.

In case any impact occurs, the hood will protect them while the air gap ensures that the hood does not touch the lens. Moreover, it does not matter whether you need to mount this on a 1’ weaver or a MIL-STD-1913 rail, it will mount as easily as you want.

Plus, its large size mounting knob that protrudes from the side of the sight will ensure that no matter how hard you go, the sight has a snug fit.

Optical Features:

Reticle: Unlike the EXPS2, the EOTech EXPS3 comes with four dot reticle system which gives you the ability to shoot an ever longer distance. The additional 2 dots which can be found under the second dot offers different range capacity whereas the third dot is for 500 yards and the fourth dot is for 600 yards.

However, at a longer distance, it is better to use this with a magnifier for a much greater result.

Night Vision: Not all optics feature night vision, but it does. Its night vision technology is made to give you the ability to see in the dark with much clarity.

Besides, the night vision is also equipped with 10 different brightness settings which you can set according to your preference so that you can experience the best possible performance.

Specifications of Eotech EXPS3

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Windage & Elevation Adjustment Type: 0.5 MOA per Click
  • Mount: 1″ Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • Brightness Settings: 30
  • Water Resistance: 33 ft.
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.


  • It has a very fast target acquisition capability.
  • This holographic scope is well renowned for extreme durability and rugged capability.
  • This optical sight can be used with a magnifier without even changing the reticle size.


  • While using the EXPS#, you will notice a comparatively lesser battery life due to its night vision capabilities.

Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS2

  • Both Trijicon and EOTech EXPS2 features an aluminum build where the aluminum is used to construct the MRO is 7075-T6. The aluminum on the Trijicon makes it comparatively lighter compared to EOTech EXPS2. On the other hand, a protective hood is provided with the EOTech EXPS2 which helps to withstand tougher impacts much easily. 
  • Where the Trijicon MRO uses red dot technology, the EOTech EXPS2 features holographic sight. The EXPS2 has a two-dot system where 2 particular dots reticle found on the scope for versatile use. The MRO does not feature that rather a single 2 MOA reticle is available. 
  • Trijicon MRO comes to work on a CR2032 battery whereas the battery used in EOTech EXPS2 is CR123. Whene it comes to battery life, the battery on the MRO can last up to 5 years compared to the battery on EOTech EXP2’s battery which can last up to 1000 hours. 
  • If you want are curious about the parallax on both, the Trijicon MRO has a minimal parallax. On the other hand, the EOTech EXPS2 is parallax-free.

Comparison Table of Trijicon MRO and EOTech EXPS2

Features Trijicon MRO EOTech EXPS2
Construction 7076-T6 Aluminum Aluminum
Magnification 1x 1x
Reticle 2 MOA 1 MOA with a 68 MOA Circle
Night Vision Yes No
Brightness Settings 8 20
Parallax Setting Minimum Parallax No Parallax
Eye Relief Infinite Infinite
Waterproof Yes Yes
Fog Proof Yes Yes
Weight 4.1 oz. 11.2 oz.
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Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS2 – Which One is Better and Why?

Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS2

When comparing both, Trijicon MRO has a comparative edge over the EOTech EXPS2 because of its convenience. With better construction and very high battery life, the MRO is far more superior in these two categories.

Also, MRO features night vision which EXPS2 fails to give. Besides, MRO is significantly lighter.

In contrast, the EOTech EXPS2 offers a far better clarity as it features a holographic sight which means there is no tint and the colors are true. Trijicon MRO has a blue tint to the view where the EOTech EXPS2 has no tint whatsoever.

Also, EOTech EXPS2 is parallax-free which makes it easier to operate. Even though EXPS2 has few of the characters that shine brighter than the MRO, the convenience that the MRO gives over EXPS2 makes it a better option.

 Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS3

  • When it comes to durability, both of the scopes excel excellently. The Trijicon MRO is made from forged 7075-T6 Aluminum which gives it a very robust build as well as structural integrity. On the other hand, the EOTech EXPS3 is made from very high-quality aluminum with the additional protection of the hood that enhances the longevity of the scope. 
  • The battery used in Trijicon MRO is a CR2032 battery that gives it a battery life of over 5 years. On the EOTech EXPS3, the battery is different, CR123. This battery will ensure a battery life of more or less 1000 hours. 
  • Clarity on both of these sights is excellent. However, each of them use different technology where the Trijicon MRO is a red dot whereas the EOTech EXPS3 is a holographic sight. For the reticle, Trijicon MRO features 2 MOA compare to the 1 MOA along with a 68 MOA ring on the EOTech EXPS3. 
  • To set the brightness according to your needs, you will have more options on EOTech EXPS3 which are 20 day-light brightness settings along with 10-night vision brightness settings compared to Trijicons total 8 brightness settings Its 8 brightness settings compiles 2 night vision brightness settings as well as 5 daylight and 1 super bright setting.

 Comparison Table of Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS3

Features Trijicon MRO EOTech EXPS3
Construction 7076-T6 Aluminum Aluminum
Magnification 1x 1x
Reticle 2 MOA 1 MOA with a 68 MOA Circle
Night Vision Yes Yes
Brightness Settings 8 20 (Day-Light) + 10 (Night-Vision)
Parallax Setting Minimum Parallax No Parallax
Eye Relief Infinite Infinite
Waterproof Yes Yes
Fog Proof Yes Yes
Weight 4.1 oz. 11.2 oz.
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Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS3 – Which One is Better and Why?

Trijicon MRO vs EOTech EXPS3 – Which One is Better and Why

As both the EOTech EXPS3 and the Trijicon MRO have distinctive advantages and disadvantages. However, if convenience is something you are looking for, Trijicon MRO is comparatively superior compared to the EOTech EXPS3.

The Trijicon MRO has a better battery life, a much lighter design, and also comes at a much cheaper price. However, if you are looking for a scope that will ensure you the clearest view, look no further than the EOTech EXPS2. Its 4 dot reticle along with 68 MOA circles brings further convenience for precise targeting. 

But, Trijicon MRO is just far more superior in other classes which makes it a much better option compared to the EOTech EXPS3.

EOTech EXPS2 vs EOTech EXPS3

  • Even though both of them are from the same manufacturer, differences are visible and the most prominent one is the night vision capability. The EXPS2 does not have any night vision capability whereas the EXPS3 has. The night vision on EXPS3 is also adjustable to 10 different brightness settings so that you can have a better performance in a wider range of conditions. 
  • The EXPS3 comes with water resistance at 33 feet compared to the water resistance found on the EXPS2 which is only 10 feet. This ensures that the EXPS3 will give you better waterproofing compared to the other one. 
  • Both of the sights feature a 2 dot reticle system. However, the EXPS3 has an additional system which is a 4 dot reticle system. This system enhances the precision of the reticle at a longer range compared to the EXPS2. 
  • In comparison to the price, yes EXPS2 comes at a cheaper price compared to EPXS3. However, the additional benefits the EXPS3 gives makes it worthy of the extra cost.

Comparison Table of EXPS3 and EXPS2

Features EXPS3 EXPS2
Magnification 1x 1x
Reticle 1 MOA 1 MOA
Parallax Setting Parallax-Free Parallax-Free
Night Vision No Yes
Brightness Settings 20 30 (10 Additional Night Vision Settings)
Anti-Reflective Coating Fully Coated Not Specified
Water Resistance 33 ft. 10 ft.
Battery CR123A CR123
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Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint PRO

  • The Trijicon MRO has a better field of view compared to the Aimpoint.
  • At 4.1 ounces, the Trijicon MRO is much lighter compared to Aimpoint’s weight of 7.8 ounces.
  • Even at 150 feet deep in the water, the Aimpoint will work just fine which is far more superior compared to Trjicon MRO.
  • Trijicon MRO has a battery life of 5 years compared to Aimpont’s 3 years of battery life.

Comparison Table of Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint PRO

Features Trijicon MRO Aimpoint PRO
Construction 7076-T6 Aluminum Aluminum
Night Vision Settings 2 No
Battery CR2032 DL1/3N
Battery Run Time Up to 5 Years Up to 3 Years
Weight 4.1 oz 7.8 oz.
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Trijicon MRO vs MRO PRO

  • The Trijicon MRO is slightly lighter at 4.1 ounces whereas the Trijicon MRO HD weighs at 4.6 ounces.
  • The length of MRO is also a bit smaller as 2.6 inches compared to 2.9-inch length of MRO HD.
  • Both feature a 2.0 MOA reticle. However, MRO HD has a 68 MOA segmented Circle Reticle.

Comparison Table

Features Trijicon MRO Trijicon MRO HD
Construction 7076-T6 Aluminum 7076-T6 Aluminum
Length 2.9 in x 1.7 in x 2 in 2.6 in x 1.7 in x 2 in
Reticle 2.0 MOA 2.0 MOA
Reticle Circle Not Available 68 MOA
Weight 4.1 oz 4.6 oz.
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Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint RPO vs EOTech EXPS3

Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint RPO vs EOTech EXPS3
  • All of them are constructed from aluminum. However, while Aimpoint and EOTech both featuring a high-strength aluminum, the Trijicon MRO is constructed from 7076-T6 Aluminum.
  • Batteries used in each of them are different. CR2032 Battery is used in Trijicon, on the other hand, the EOTech uses a CR123A battery. In contrast, the battery use in Aimpoint is DL1/3N.
  • Trijicon MRO has the highest battery life among all of them, up to 5 years. The Aimpoint can last up to 3 years whereas the EOTech can last up to 600 hours.
  • Trijicon MRO features 8 brightness settings whereas the Aimpoint features 10 settings. Compared to both of them, EOTech’s EXPS3 features 20 brightness as well as 10-night vision brightness settings.

Comparison Table

Features Trijicon MRO EOTech EXPS3 Aimpoint PRO
Construction 7076-T6 Aluminum Aluminum High Strength Aluminum
Total Brightness Settings 8 30 10
Night Vision Settings 2 10 4
Battery CR2032 CR123A DL1/3N
Battery Run Time Up to 5 Years Up to 600 hours Up to 3 Years
Weight 4.1 oz 11.2 7.8 oz.
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EOTech EXPS3 vs Trijicon MRO HD

  • EOTech EXPS3 is constructed from forged adonized aluminum whereas the Trijicon MRO is made from 7076-T6 Aluminum. 
  • The reticle on Trijicon MRO is 2.0 MOA compared to EOTech EXPS3’s 1 MOA. Both of them feature a reticle circle of 68 MOA. 
  • The brightness settings for Trijicon MRO is limited to 2 settings in comparison to EXPS3’s 10 adjustable settings. 
  • Trijicon MRO has a much better battery life, up to 5 years whereas EOTech EXPS3’s battery life is much limited at only 600 hours. 
  • Weight is considerably light of Trijicon MRO HD, only 4.6 ounces compared to EOTech.

Comparison Table:

Features Trijicon MRO HD EOTech
Construction 7076-T6 Aluminum Aluminum
Reticle 2 MOA 1 MOA
Reticle Circle 68 MOA 68 MOA
Total Brightness Settings 8 30
Night Vision Settings 2 10
Battery CR2032 CR123A
Battery Run Time Up to 5 Years Up to 600 hours
Weight 4.1 oz 11.2
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People Also Ask

Is the Trijicon MRO worth it?

Yes. Trijicon MRO is an excellent choice for any type of shooting needs. It features an excellent 7076-T6 aluminum body which is extremely durable while being very light. Its night vision capability is immersive along with 2 brightness settings. 

Most importantly, it has a battery life that can last up to 5 years which makes is exceptionally convenient. Plus the versatility is top class as well because you can use it with a rifles as well as with a shotgun. 

Which EOTech does the military use?

In most recent times, the US military is using the EOTech EXPS3 under the name of SU-253/PEQ. The EXPS3 is an excellent all-around performer that not only the civilians but also impressed the military personnel. 

The EXPS3 comes with an excellent viewing angle, no parallax adjustment, unlimited eye relief, 10 settings night vision as well as 20 other brightness settings for enhanced performance and functionality. While being extremely rigged, this holographic sight is not that heavy either. 

Which is better Aimpoint or EOTech?

Both of the sights are excellent in their field. Aimpoint is the innovators of the red dot sight and therefore, they offer the simplest red dots that money can buy. EOTech, on the other hand, has a smaller dot which is ideal for long-range shooting. 

EOTech’s glass is much clearer and the field of view is much wider. However, Aimpoint is better at battery life and waterproofing. To conclude, for several conveniences, EOTech has a slight edge over the Aimpoint.  

Does EOTech still have thermal drift?

Even though EOTech has fixed most of their problems regarding their optics, the thermal issue is yet to be fixed. In order to fix the issue, it is expected that the fundamental physics of the sights need to be changed, which is bringing a lot of complications. 

In 2015, the US Military has sued EOTech for their “Thermal Drifting”. This issue causes aiming point shit where the is either high or low. 

Do Navy Seals use EOTech or Aimpoint?

Yes. Navy seal uses both the EOTech as well as the Aimpoint. The navy seal members do personalize their equipment according to their own preference and therefore it is quite challenging to say which of the models they use.

However, is noticeable that they use the COP-M4s and the Micros model of the Aimpoint. In the case of EOTech, as the US military uses EXPS3, they may use the same.

Did EOTech fix their problems?

EOTech sights have “Thermal Drift” issues and because of that, they were sued by the US Military in 2015. Although the company has resolved most of their issues regarding their products, they are still unable to fix the thermal drifting issue. 

Thermal drifting happens when the aiming point shifts due to the weather conditions of the surroundings. In most cases, in high or low temperature, the aiming point derives. This creates an inaccurate point at a longer distance. 

Why is my EOTech blurry?

People who have astigmatism experiences their EOTech to be blurry. It’s not the issue with the lens, rather the issue is with the vision of their eyes. 

Astigmatism is one kind of error of reflection due to the eye can not focus on a light evenly on the retina. So due to that, a person with astigmatism will experience blurry vision at any distance. 

If you find your EOTech to be blurry, you may have astigmatism. In this case, better to consult a medical professional.  

Does Eotech hold zero?

Yes, EOTech holds zero. If you want to detach the scope from the mount, you may experience that. However, a certain +/- MOA can be experienced. 

Also, going to zero depends on how many times you’re going to detach your scope. People who barely detached their scope have barely experienced this.  Better to use a quick release to ensure you don’t torque the scope much and you’ll experience that happening at a much lower rate. 

What distance should I zero my EOTech?

In the instruction manual, it is stated that at 50 yards, you should zero your EOTech. However, that can also be dependable on your own preference as you can also set the zero at 25 yards. 

If you zero your holographic scope at 50 yards, you can easily shoot at 0-200 yards with your EOTech. In that situation, the bottom of your 68 Moa will give you an addition of 7 yards for enhanced distance accuracy. 


Both the Trijicon MRO and the EOTech feature excellent functionalities that will enhance your experience to a whole new level. Even though there are few diminishing effects on both ends, the benefits you will get from both of them are far superior. 

In the comparison of both, the Trijicon has a slight edge compared to the EOTech due to its highly rugged and durable construction, lightweight design, and of course, excellent battery life. In comparison to that, the EOTech wins at clarity and accuracy. 

Hope this article has given you in-depth knowledge on both types of scope so that you can understand which one will suit you the best and what you should be looking for. 


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