Tikka T3 Upgrades: From the Stock to the Scope!

Tikka t3 upgrades

The Tikka T3 is an amazing bolt action rifle manufactured in Finland. The factory tikka uses a .308 round as its ammunition. In stock condition, it has a plastic stock, plastic magazine, and a Nikon pro staff 5. But more Tikka T3 upgrades can be added to make the rifle much more efficient.

The upgrades enhance the performance of a rifle. It is better to add some compatible upgrades that will further make the rifle accurate, stable while firing, and reduce the recoil. The bolt, sling, scope, rail, recoil lug, and various components can be changed to better alternatives.

Adding extra attachments will allow you to unleash the full potential of the firearm. After equipping the parts below. Let’s see how well the firearm will function. Let’s get started!

Tikka Altitude Stock, Recoil Lug, and Limbsaver Recoil Pad a Good Addition?

Tikka Altitude Stock, Recoil Lug, and Limbsaver Recoil Pad a Good Addition Tikka T3

The Tikka Altitude series is a stock that has been designed for people who love hunting or shooting at the range. It gives you a modern feel without compromising on the strength and durability of the stock. Also, add a limbsaver recoil pad for an easier feel while shooting.

With layers of carbon fiber, it gives a lightweight fill that cannot be compared with other stocks of fiberglass class. The Tikka Altitude comes along with a steel recoil lug, bedded pillars, and a new set of screws for fitting.

Some other options for your rifle are the ag composites stock or the mesa precision stocks in the market.

Leupold VX-5HD 3-15×44

Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44

The Leupold scope is one of the best additions you can make to your Tikka T3. Made in the US, the Leupold delivers unmatched performance in low light, has a lightweight body, and a rugged, and robust built quality.

It is a very versatile scope that can be cranked down to a 3-magnification for use while venturing into thick forest areas. Or it can be powered up to 15-magnification, allowing unrivaled precision in open fields.

DNZ Game Reaper Scope Mount

If you are not satisfied with the stock scope mount or any other brands that you have tried then we have news for you! The DNZ Game Reaper Scope Mount is one of the best finds you will have made for your Tikka T3.

The DNZ Game Reaper Scope Mount is a lightweight and durable scope mount that delivers an amazing fit on your rifle to keep that scope in place. Being a military-grade built, the scope comes with 3 settings for high, medium, and low mount heights.

Butler Creek Mountain Sling

Butler Creek Mountain Sling Tikka T3

If carrying around your Tikka T3 T3x was a hassle then the Butler Creek Mountain Sling is the best product for you. It makes moving around with your Tikka T3 a breeze. The non-slip design and narrow sling make it easier to handle.

You can also expect the sling to not loop or hung up into your jacket or backpack straps. Which makes it excellent as a sling! The nylon material is easily washable and serves a durable performance.

Tikka T3/T3X Bottom Metal

Tikka T3T3X Bottom Metal

The Tikka T3 comes with a plastic bottom and a magazine. These two things feel very poorly built and many Tikka T3 T3x owners will ultimately swap in the bottom metal. Changing the bottom metal allows much better quality parts and a wider trigger space.

You can feel the difference while operating the rifle. Additionally, the rifle also performs well while wearing a glove due to increased trigger space.

A good brand of bottom metal is Mountain tactical which is reported to have a pretty good benefit even in tough conditions. You may want to consider a suitable bottom metal when upgrading your rifle.

Longrifles Inc. Bolt Fluting And Bolt Shroud

Longrifles Inc. Bolt Fluting And Bolt Shroud Tikka T3

Many argue about the usability of the bol flitting. Some emphasize functionality while others simply deem it a mere cosmetic upgrade. Either way, it offers a small degree of weight reduction. Adding a bolt shroud also upgrades the overall experience.

If you love to customize your weapon then this is your best choice to get done for your weapon. Many users have stated that it may cause some problems while using the weapon. But so far no evidence has been reported regarding durability and functionality issues.

Lumley Ti/Carbon Bolt Knob

Lumley TiCarbon Bolt Knob Tikka T3

Once your bolt shroud upgrades your shot cycling, now you need to upgrade the bolt handle with a suitable bolt knob. The factory tikka comes with a rather stock knob but adding a Lumley Ti/Carbon Bolt Knob can further help reach better performance.

You would want the bolt handle to feel comfortable and allow quick cycling of the shots. The knob is made out of high-grade titanium and allows long-term use. The bolt handle is designed so that it gives a comfortable feel to your hands even after reloading multiple times.

Dakota Tikka T3/T3X Trigger (Adjustable 1.0-4.0 lbs)

Dakota Tikka T3T3X Trigger (Adjustable 1.0-4.0 lbs)

After adding so many customizations, the most important part of your Tikka T3 T3x is the trigger. You do not want the trigger to get jammed during any shooting scenario. Why not get it upgraded? The Dakota Tikka/T3X trigger is the best product in the market for this purpose!

Whether you are a right-side or left-side user. The trigger is suitable for both handling styles equally. The searless trigger design will guarantee a high level of reliability when using the Tikka T3 T3x in all sorts of conditions.

In situations with mud, snow, or even a dust storm, this trigger will outperform the stock trigger with miles of improvements. You will experience a perfect ignition break after installing this on your rifle!

20 MOA Scope Rail

20 MOA Scope Rail

Scope rails serve the purpose that further upgrading the operational use of the scope. For some users, it can be more confusing the use one as they feel comfortable with the custom fitting. A scope rail serves the divine purpose of upgrading the hunting/shooting experience.

The 20 MOA scope rail serves an excellent purpose further to improve the functionality of the rifle as a whole. Many users have reported having better precision and handling after adding a rail to their rifles.

Titanium Handle with Carbon Fiber Bolt Knob

Titanium Handle with Carbon Fiber Bolt Knob

Tired of that old fashion handle on your rifle? Worry no more! The Titanium handle with carbon fiber bolt knob is an impeccable addition to your rifle. The swept handle allows for an amazing feel and grip while reloading the rifle.

Also, the grade 5 durable titanium quality makes it highly reliable and excellent for long-term use. For shooters and hunters that require a high-quality handle. This is your best bet!

Tikka t3 Upgrades: FAQ

Are Tikka T3 and T3x stocks interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable. You can fit either of the stock on the rifles. Many users do not find the standard stock nice after they buy the weapon. So, a number of guys wanting a better weapon opt to change the stock.

Can you customize Tikka rifles?

Various components of the rifle can be changed. Also, you can add specific parts to further upgrade the functionality of the rifle. There are plenty of options that allow it to perform great on the field.

Are Tikka T3 bolts interchangeable?

The CTR bottom metal is much wider than the stock T3 or T3x plastic bottom that you get. They are 2 different inlets. They cannot be interchanged without milling.


The Tikka T3 is a rifle that is very open to minor as well as major upgrades. Changing the recoil lug, bolt handle, muzzle brake, bottom metal, scope, and even the stock can help the Tikka achieve greater function and possibly even better performance.

Your weapon can become lighter and the materials used in the accessories you install after carefully being purchased can assist in an overall boost in the performance of the rifle. Eventually, using a standard would feel boring for you.

You will want to change how to ergonomics of the weapon feel. The overall balance of the weapon, and replacing low-quality parts with high-grade parts e.g. ag composites. The article critically analyzes the best parts in the market to make your rifle the best!

What components on your rifle do you want to change after reading the article? Let us know in the comments section!


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