Easy Way to identify Smith and Wesson Serial Number Database

Smith and Wesson Serial Number Database

It is necessary to provide your Smith and Wesson serial number database for various legal and formal reasons, thus essential to understand aspects concerning the unique code.

This article shall take you through the important aspects regarding the serial numbers on Smith and Wesson guns. Here are the key topics we shall cover:

  • Where to find serial numbers on a gun?
  • In which way are weapon serial numbers essential?
  • Does the serial number dictate the type of gun you use?
  • Can you recover your gun using the unique code?

Let’s get started!

Smith & Wesson Serial Numbers

Smith & Wesson Serial Numbers

Smith and Wesson have produced various gun versions for over 150 years. There are unique serial numbers for each, emphasizing the importance of knowing yours, especially its location.

You’ll find a small metal plate on the pistol’s frame with the unique code imprinted. You can easily locate the plate on the firearm’s side, next to the trigger guard. Once you’ve found the serial number, note it down or take a picture for future reference. It is best to do this immediately on the ship date.

You can visit the Smith and Wesson site if you’re curious about your gun. With the serial number, you can look up the following features and aspects of your gun:

  • Smith Wesson date of manufacture: Get the dates of production and the batch manufactured with your revolver.
  • Model numbers: These numbers represent different Smith Wesson designs.
  • Historical foundation: Knowa gun’s history, which includes its ship date.

Moreover, a standard catalog of Smith and Wesson is currently in its 4th edition. Different entities helping people know more about their guns use it as the primary search point. 

Where is Smith and Wesson’s Serial Number?

Close-up photo of the code’s location on a gun.

Smith and Wesson serial numbers can be found on the bottom of the front of your revolver’s grip, while some gun codes are located on the metal link between the barrel and the cylinder.  

Contact Smith Wesson support center if you have any problems during a serial number lookup. The standard catalog listings inform on your gun’s details, like the pistol’s date of manufacture. 

Make sure to provide the following information when contacting customer care regarding the serial number:

  • Your name 
  • Mailing address
  • Contact details
  • Design/model of your handgun
  • Serial number if you know it: Record or take a photo when you have a chance.

Your gun probably has additional letters or numbers imprinted on it. Numerous entities like police forces and military groups would mark armory or rack numeric values on weapons, which can easily be mistaken for the industrial serial number.

Can You Tell What Year a Gun Was Made by the Serial Number?

Your Smith Wesson revolver’s serial number can show you its manufacturing date and year; all you have to do is visit the Smith Wesson website. 

Check with the website after confirming your gun’s model, then utilize numbers after the dash. 

How do Gun Serial Numbers Work?

As you know, the unique code on your pistol’s frame is more than just a combination of letters and digits. So, how do these codes work?

Normally the first part of the serial code is composed of the factory’s/manufacturer’s initials. On the other hand, the second part states the order in which a particular gun is made. For example, if the initials are XYZ456, ‘XYZ’ is the manufacturer’s initials, while numbers mean it is the 456th gun produced. 

What’s the Purpose of a Firearm’s Serial Numbers

The primary purpose of a serial is tracking a gun to avoid its use in crimes and other illegal activities. Therefore, to make your gun purchase official, the authorities will be involved where they record your firearm’s info, including the serial number

Also, serial numbers are utilized for quality control reasons. For instance, the unique code analyzes most guns manufactured with the same batch if a firearm is recalled.

What Kind of Gun do I have by Serial Number?

What Kind of Gun do I have by Serial Number

Once you locate the Smith Wesson unique code, you can utilize it to determine your firearm’s finish and design.

Several ways, as discussed, can help you analyze and determine the kind of gun you have purchased or own. 

You can contact customer support or utilize online sources for the serial number lookup.

Please keep in mind that the serial number might not tell you all there is about your gun. Some firearms, for example, lack a caliber. In such cases, the code only reveals the gun’s make/model, which is still better than nothing.

Serial Number and Year of Manufacture Lookup for Smith and Wesson J Frame Revolvers

For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50, and pre-model number varieties, here is when your gun was manufactured according to the serial code range.

Year of MakeSerial Code range
19521 (the first make)
19527369 – 21342
195555050 – 75000
1957117770 – 125000
1962Began at 295000
1969Ended 786544
Year of MakeThe introduction of the ‘J’ series.
1969-1970J1 – J99999
1971-19721J1 – 999J99
1973-1974J100000 – J250000
1975-1976J250001 – J370000
1976-1977J370001 – J610000
1977-1978J610001 – J670000
1979-1980J670001 – J760000
1981J760001 – J915400
1982J915401 – 1J18600
19831J18601 – 1JXXXX

Key details regarding the year of make and the serial number on your gun.

Year of MakeDetails
19554 screw side plate ends
1957Stamped model number at 125000
1966Flat latch ends
1968Diamond grips end
1975Heavy barrel standard
1982End pinned barrel

Can I run a Serial Number on a Gun to See if it’s Stolen?

Can I run a Serial Number on a Gun to See if it's Stolen

No, you don’t have the jurisdiction to do so, but the police can search. 

Also, utilize online databases where the authorities posts on lost guns. These sites include National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and LeadsOnline. Remember always to involve the law when looking for a lost firearm.

What to Do with no Model Number or Serial Code

When the serial code or other details are unavailable, reach the police or the manufacturer to get the information. 

If you don’t get help from the above parties, you can contact a firearm expert to trace guns and other firearm-related issues. 

On the other hand, if you recover a lost gun, including a Smith Wesson, forward the matter to the police to avoid legal inconveniences. 

Side-by-side photo showing different spots to get a pistol’s serial number


That’s all we had on Smith and Wesson serial numbers. As matters regarding firearms are sensitive, always involve the relevant entities when faced with any of the discussed misfortunes. 

With that said, was the information provided of help? Leave a comment below with the answer and any additional data on our topic.

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