Scope Rings Features and Benefits

Scope rings are an amazing tool for a hunter to have. They allow you to use your scope without having to look into the scope itself, and they have so many other benefits too.

They allow you to stay a bit further away from your scope, which can make it easier to aim in the distance.

This is especially helpful when using long-distance scopes or scopes with heavy magnification.

Let’s take a look at scope rings features and benefits, what these rings can do for you, and why you should invest in them for your next hunting adventure.

What Is A Scope Ring?

What Is A Scope Ring?

Scope rings are just what it sounds like: rings that fit onto your scope to help you mount the scope onto your gun.

You would then use one or more additional pieces to help you mount the scope onto your gun.

Typically, scope rings are made out of aluminum (just like the scope itself). However, recently, some have been made out of carbon fiber and other materials for a lighter feel and weight.

But aluminum is the most common material used for manufacturing these scope accessories.

What Is the Best 1 Inch Scope Mount Ring?

Vortex Optics Hunter Riflescope Rings. The rings are made from a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy that won’t rust, yet they are light enough to leave your 8-pound rifle virtually unnoticeable when sling it over your back.

The package comes with two rings, so you can keep the one you like best or just use them for different kinds of guns.

If you’re looking for a new scope mount ring, then this 1-inch scope mount ring is the one to go with.

How to Use A Rifle Scope Properly?

How to Use A Rifle Scope Properly?

It’s a pretty common practice to use a rifle scope in your firearm, but few people actually take the time to learn how it works.

There are numerous benefits of using a rifle scope, including increased accuracy and range. Here are the steps to use a rifle scope properly-

1. Scope Mounting

It is important to properly mount your scope. This usually involves placing the scope in the appropriate location within your weapon and tightening it down.

There are a number of methods for mounting scopes, but depending on the type of scope you are using, all of these methods still eventually lead to a proper mount.

2. Reticle Alignment

One of the most common mistakes that people make when using a scope is misaligning the scope’s reticle.

The reticle is what makes up the crosshairs on your scope, and you need to be sure it is aligned correctly.

Use one of the other crosshairs on your scope to help you accurately center and align the reticle for easy use.

3. Eye Relief Adjustment

How to Use A Rifle Scope Properly?

This is another important step of using a rifle scope properly. Eye relief refers to the distance between your eye and the scope’s eyepiece.

You need to adjust this for your specific needs, as a smaller or larger distance will have an impact on your accuracy.

4. Scope Testing

Once you have adjusted your setting for your specific needs, testing them for accuracy and range is important.

This can be done with a simple paper target that you can simply tape up somewhere or by shooting at an object further away from the sight and comparing how far away the shot lands.

5. Final Adjustments

Now that you have found what works best for your specific needs, it’s time to make final adjustments and set up before firing a shot with your rifle scope.

What Size Scope Ring Do I Need for A 22 Rifle?

Scope rings are designed to fit over the rifle’s receiver directly in front of the scope.

The rings are positioned to allow for an appropriate distance between the scope and the shooter’s eye (generally about 1/2 inch).

You will need a 1″ diameter scope ring for your 22 rifles. Some models of 22 rifles have a 1″ receiver, while others have a slightly larger ring.

If you are not sure of the diameter, measure the outside diameter (OD) of your rifle’s receiver with the barrel removed.

Scope Rings Height Chart

Scope Rings Height Chart

Leupold Scope Ring Height Chart


Sako Scope Ring Height Chart

Sako Scope Ring Height Chart

Nightforce Scope Ring Height Chart

How do you measure scope ring height?

There are two ways to measure ring height with a scope reticle. The first is the easiest and involves measuring from the center of the objective lens to “0” or “1x”. On most rifle scopes, a millimeter ruler will suffice.

The second way to measure ring height is by using an eyepiece adjustment tool. These tools generally come in 8mm or 10mm sizes and typically have a “T” handle with an included level and bubble.

The tool is inserted into the windage/elevation dials on the scope tube, with the level positioned on the level of the reticle housing or turret knob.

The “0” or “1x” mark is then aligned with the height line engraved on the tool. A measurement can then be taken from this point to “0” for a true ring height measurement.

With both methods used, irrefutable evidence can be obtained to prove that the scope ring is set to the correct height.

How to choose a rifle scope ring?

How to choose a rifle scope ring

The rifle scope ring (also known as a scope mount) is the accessory attached to the riflescope that attaches to the rifle.

It provides a platform for attaching and adjusting the scope, and it’s critical for precision shooting. There are some things you have to keep in mind while choosing a rifle scope ring-


Price is a very important factor to consider when choosing a scope mount. You have to remember that the scope is attached to the rifle scope ring, and these two components are very important to your shooting accuracy.


The rifle scope ring can be attached to the riflescope in two different styles, depending on your preferences.


Resistant and waterproofing – The scope mount should be fog-resistant and waterproof.

You have to keep the elements out of your scope so that the lenses remain sharp and clear in all conditions.


How to choose a rifle scope ring

The rifle scope ring can be made of any material, like aluminum alloy or steel. The choice of the material depends on your budget.


This is one factor that can’t be ignored while choosing a rifle scope ring since you’re placing this piece of equipment on top of your riflescope every time you take it out for a shooting session.

Scope Ring Height

The height of the rifle scope ring should be close to your eye level. Otherwise, you can find it difficult to adjust your riflescope.

How to measure the outside objective diameter of a scope?

How to measure the outside objective diameter of a scope?

The outside objective diameter of a scope is the measurement of the larger tube outside this base. The external objective width is estimated from the actual bell, not the glass.

The ring level is from the highest point of the base to the lower part of the extension tube.

This type of measurement only takes into account a complete circle; in other words, it does not take into account any lens elements or eyepiece that have been added to create an optical system.

How do I know what size scope I Need?

You must determine the tube diameter of your specific scope. You are given the diameter; you need to match that with a specific size.

Scope Ring Height Calculator

Measured from the top of the base to the center of the scope. Every six inches, the goal extends from the base; sloping bases increase the height by.035″.) Regarding common Evolution chassis: Required ring height is equal to (actual objective diameter/2) +.9 – (action diameter/2) – base height.

what height scope rings to buy

what height scope rings to buy

You might need rings that are higher to ensure that the rifle-objective scopesclear the barrel.

Most goals that are 50mm or larger require a longer scope ring based on how the scope is mounted to the pistol. An inch to an inch and a half height scope ring could be required.

Why are lap scope rings important?

Lapping is advised when utilizing certain scope mount designs to gain optimum performance.

Lapping can aid with accurate alignment of the scope rings as well as enhance the amount of surface contact between both the ring and scope tube.

What are rings on a scope?

What are rings on a scope?

The scope’s only points of attachment to the rifle are its rings (and/or bases), and if that mounting or attachment isn’t totally secure, the scope may move or shift.

You may experience undesirable or unreliable performance, or the scope may fall off when the rifle is fired.

What is the difference between high and low scope rings?

The basic difference between high and low scope rings is that high scope rings are usually much wider than low scope rings. So, high-scope rings typically have more depth to them as well.

You would probably notice this difference when you compare a high-scope ring to a low-scope ring, for example.

The main distinction between the two types of rings is the size and breadth, or width and thickness, respectively.

What height scope rings do I need?

What height scope rings do I need?

Calculate the height of the riflescope’s widest point, which is typically the objective bell, in order to choose the proper height ring.

Next, determine the height from the bottom of the ring mount to the middle of the ring mount. Finally, choose a ring mount height that is slightly higher than the width of your riflescopes.

Does scope height affect accuracy?

Yes, scope height does affect accuracy. At longer ranges, the bullet will be a farther distance from the scope and so less accurate than when shot closer to the shooter.

If a rifle is zeroed at 25 yards but fires more accurately at 100 yards, changing to a taller scope base could improve accuracy.

What does 20 MOA mean on a scope mount?

What does 20 MOA mean on a scope mount?

The most common metric for windage and elevation turret adjustment in rifle scopes is called a Minute of Angle (MOA), which is basically a measurement of angle.

Your rifle scope is pointed 20 minutes of an angle lower in elevation thanks to the 20 MOA base.

At what distance do you need a 20 MOA rail?

You can zero your firearm at a farther distance thanks to the scope mount’s 20 MOA downward cant.

A 20 MOA rail rifle should be zeroed at a distance of 200 yards. Most of the time, a rifle with a 20 MOA rail at 100 yards won’t be able to be zeroed.

Why use a cantilever scope mount?

Why use a cantilever scope mount?

A cantilever scope mount will significantly increase your accuracy whether you are hunting or target shooting. It functions by enlarging the target to improve the object’s visibility.

Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you may focus the crosshairs on the target; when you pull the trigger, your shot will land exactly where you intended it to.

Is MOA or Mrad better?

It’s what the shooter prefers. It is simpler to cope with MOA if you think in metric units (yards/inches).

MRAD could be simpler if you measure in meters or centimeters, the empirical system.


Scope rings are a great option for hunters to invest in. They allow you to use your scope with ease and comfort while still allowing you to be able to look through the scope that you’re using.

Purchasing them can be an excellent choice, but finding the right ones can be hard sometimes.

However, through doing your research and reading reviews on different brands and models, you’ll find that investing in these fantastic items can really be worth it. I hope this article answers everything about scope rings features and benefits.


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