6 Ruger Ec9s Problems & Their Solutions

The Ruger EC9s is a new model in the Ruger line-up of pistols and it was introduced to the market in 2016.

The gun is basically a stripped down version of their previous models, meaning that some features were modified or removed altogether in order for them to reduce the cost of production.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many people prefer the simple and straightforward design of this gun over the other models.

However, with every new model, there are bound to be some problems and ruger ec9s problems are not an exception to this rule.

6 Ruger Ec9s Problems & Issues

ruger ec9s issues solutions

1. Failure to feed

When the magazine is only partially filled, the lift is great enough that the rim of the top cartridge can engage the feed ramp and be pushed fully into battery.

However, when the magazine is full, there is not enough lift to engage the feed ramp and force the round into battery.

This results in a failure to feed where an empty case is ejected but no new cartridge is fed into battery.

Double feeding where two cartridges get jammed together in the chamber before one of them is fired.

The symptoms are often seen when magazines are filled to capacity, and it is rarely or never encountered when using magazines that were only partially filled.

The symptoms are often seen when magazines are filled to capacity, and it is rarely or never encountered when using magazines that were only partially filled.

In any case, the cause of this malfunction was obvious: The 9mm cartridges were not being reliably stripped from the magazine by the bolt face and presented to the chamber.

The magazine feed lips would occasionally be found to be slightly warped, which may have contributed to this problem.

However, in many cases, there was no obvious cause for the problem.

The following steps may help alleviate this condition:

1. Ensure that a fresh magazine is used; one that has not been subjected to extended loading or wear.

2. Check that the bolt face is clean of debris and lightly oiled; too much oil can also contribute to this condition since it can affect proper cartridge stripping from the magazine by the bolt face.

3. Check that the magazine spring is functioning properly; if it has been worn or damaged, replacement of the magazine will be required.

4. Check that there is no debris obstructing or interfering with movement of the slide catch lever in its recess in the frame.

2. Failure to eject

ruger ec9s failure to eject

In most cases this can be attributed to weak ammunition, but if you have tried multiple brands and still experience this issue then it is most likely due to faulty ejector or extractor on your gun.

This is when a spent casing isn’t removed from the firing chamber after a round is fired.

This problem typically happens with fully loaded magazines, but it can also happen with magazines that have one or two missing rounds.

It causes repeated jams or stovepipes — which is when part of an unfired cartridge gets caught on the way out of the firing chamber and remains stuck in place.

3. Hard trigger pull

ruger ec9s hard trigger pull

The trigger on the EC9s has a long and heavy pull, which can make it difficult for some people to shoot this gun well.

A good aftermarket trigger upgrade can help alleviate this issue.

The Ruger EC9s has a trigger that’s not impressive at all. The pull weight is around seven pounds, which is almost double what a lot of other guns in this class offer or will even start at out of the box.

This means the trigger pull can easily affect your accuracy when shooting the gun.

If you’re planning on doing much target shooting with the EC9s, you’ll probably want to upgrade the trigger to one with a lighter pull weight.

 4. Front sight issues

ruger ec9s front sight issues

Some shooters have complained about front sights on their EC9s coming loose or becoming detached during firing.

This seems to be an issue with older models of the EC9s, but if you’re experiencing this problem, take your pistol back to the factory for repair or replacement under warranty.

5. Firing pin issues

Luckily, there aren’t too many issues with this gun that have to do with the firing pin.

There were some early models of this pistol where the pin was too large, causing it to be very difficult to remove.

6. New gun stovepiping

ruger ec9s stovepiping

New gun stovepiping is when a round fails to eject from a semi-automatic pistol and instead gets jammed in the slide while another round loads behind it.

This happens because of friction between the casing of the previous round and other parts in the slide.

The Ruger EC9s has been reported by some to experience a case of stovepiping with new ammunition.

Stovepiping is when the empty casing fails to eject from the chamber and instead gets stuck in the ejection port.

It is important to note that this issue is more prevalent with new ammunition, as the chamber and extractor are still rough and stiff.

This may be due to a combination of the coating on the ammunition, as well as insufficient lubrication on an EC9s right out of the box.

Most shooters report this issue clears up within 50 rounds and has not been a recurring problem after that point.

This issue can be compounded by limp wristing, which is where someone holds their gun without sufficient grip strength.

If you are experiencing stovepiping issues with your Ruger EC9s try holding it more firmly when shooting.

If this doesn’t fix it, try lubricating your chamber and extractor with a high-quality lubricant or firearm grease.

The failure can occur in one of two ways.

1. The first way is a simple failure to feed where the slide fails to go into battery and the pistol stops firing. In this case there is no visible issue with the ammunition, and the slide appears to be fully in battery.

This type of jam requires that you simply rack the slide again, which will usually solve the problem. If it doesn’t resolve it, try a different magazine – if you’re using one that’s filled to capacity or close to it, try one that’s less full.

If you’re already using one that’s only partially full, try removing a couple of rounds from it and seeing if that helps. If not, continue reading below.

2. The second way is a failure where the round does not feed properly into the chamber but becomes lodged at an angle behind the breech face before being stripped from the magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is Ruger EC9s reliable?

The Ruger EC9s is a very reliable and accurate handgun.

The Ruger EC9s is a very reliable and accurate handgun. The trigger pull measured 6 pounds, 4 ounces on the Lyman Digital Trigger Gauge.

There were no malfunctions of any type during the entire testing process.

The Ruger EC9s is a striker-fired, semi-automatic pistol that is chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge and has an overall length of 6 inches, an overall height of 4.5 inches and an overall width of .90 inches.

The slide and barrel are steel, the frame is high performance glass filled nylon. The grip is textured glass filled nylon and the slide has front and rear serrations.

The pistol has an integrated trigger safety, manual safety, magazine disconnect and inert magazine for safe disassembly.

#2. What does Ruger EC9s stand for?

EC9s: The EC9s (the E standing for Essential)

#3. How much does a Ruger EC9s go for?

Barrel Length:3.12″
Slide Finish:Black Oxide
Grip Frame:Black, High Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon

#4. Where is EC9s made?

The Ruger EC9s is made in the United States.

The Ruger EC9

The Ruger EC9s is a semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol. It is a slim, lightweight and compact handgun that is available at an affordable price.

It was designed primarily for concealed carry. The pistol comes with fixed sights and a seven round capacity.

Technical data of the Ruger EC9s pistol

Caliber:9mm Luger
Size:6” lenght x 4.50″ height x 0.90″ width
Weight:17.2 oz.
Material:Slide, Through-Hardened Alloy Steel; Barrel, Alloy Steel

The EC9s features a single-strike firing system, which means the firearm can only be fired once every time the trigger is pulled.

It does not have a de-cocker or safety lever and has a short, light pull that helps with consistent shot placement.

Because of this, it is easier to train new shooters on the EC9s than other pistols on the market.

Pros of the Ruger EC9s

  1. Affordable Price
  2. Lightweight Design
  3. Slim Profile
  4. Easy to Train New Shooters On

Ruger was able to engineer out a lot of the differences between the LC9 and the EC9.

The grip is the same. The trigger, though different in appearance, has approximately the same pull weight. The barrel and slide are shorter on the EC9s, but not by much. The sights are exactly the same.

Both guns have an overall length of 6 inches and a height of 4.5 inches. They have similar widths at about 1 inch for the LC9 and 0.9 for the EC9, but that difference isn’t enough to be noticeable when shooting or carrying them.

Both guns weigh in at 17 ounces unloaded without magazines inserted.

The only significant differences between these two guns are price and capacity — which may not matter to you depending on how you plan on using your gun.


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