Holosun HS515C Review: The Best Military Sight of 2023

HS515C Review

The HS515C review will help you learn about the features you need to consider while choosing this red dot optic. An optic enhances the overall performance of the rifle by many folds!

This article will in detail, highlight the features of the red dot. Some very interesting aspects of this specific model are the glass quality, reticle clarity, high-quality target image, pricing, solar panel, and eye relief.

With the knowledge gained from the critical analysis, you will learn to prioritize the requirements you seek in optics.

Let’s get into it!

Comparison Best Scopes

Here is a comparison between two different models. It will help you understand the different minor details in both models. Let’s check it out!

Holosun HS515C

Holosun HS515CU


Reticle type:

Circle Dot Illuminated


Reticle position:

1. focal plane - FFP


Reticle illumination:



Auto Turn-Off:



Dot Size:




3.3 inches

3.3 inches


Matte Black

Matte Black

Battery Type:



Lens coating:

Fully Multicoated

Fully Multicoated












Holosun HS515C Review

Holosun HS515C Review

The Holosun HS515C is a red dot reticle compatible with various rifles. It is famous for its glass clarity and pricing among the people. Some other notable features have been listed and explained in detail below. Read along to learn more!


  • Coating: Multi-layer coating for all lenses.
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Light source: LED
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Parallax: Parallax free
  • Red Dot Size: 2 MOA Dot; 65 MOA Circle
  • Brightness Setting: 9 DL & 2 NV compatible
  • Battery Life: 20,000 hrs for a circle dot at a medium brightness setting and 50,000 hrs for a single dot at a medium brightness setting
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Housing Finish: PEO/MAO housing finish
  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Working Temperature: -10C to 50C
  • Waterproof: 1m / IP67
  • Storage Temperature: -40C to 70C
  • Dimension: 84x64x34mm
  • Weight: 158g with high mount

Power Source

Holosun HS515C Power Source

The Holosun HS515C is powered by a single CR2032 battery that fits in a battery tray on the right side of the optics. A solar panel is fitted at the top of the circle red dot sight to enhance efficiency.

Holosun Model C uses solar power absorbed by the solar panel to provide electricity to the optics.

Illumination Control (Auto mode and manual mode)

Holosun HS515C Review

The sights have an auto-brightness feature. There are 12 brightness power options for the day and 2 NV power options.

The plus and minus buttons to adjust brightness are located beside the battery compartment.

Circle Dot Reticle

The versatile reticle options enable you to choose between two settings. You can set it to a 2 MOA or a 65 MOA circle red dot ring while aiming. The circle dot reticle can be easily switched between the options due to a feature called a multiple reticle system.


Holosun HS515C Optics

The lens has a magnification of 1X, and it is parallax free. The flip-up lens covers or flip covers protect the lens from dust and scratches, or even possible damage.


The default mount features a detachable spacer and a 1/3 co-witness quick-to-detach mount for rifles. It is a military-grade dot sight that can easily be fitted and removed from different model rifles effortlessly.


Holosun HS515C Buttons

All the buttons for adjustments and knobs are located to the right of the dot sight. The turret is protected from abrasion and is super easy to set. The windage buttons are located at the back of the dot sight and can be adjusted with simple clockwise or anti-clockwise movements.


Holosun HS515C Body

The Holosun HS515c is built with the toughest grade 7075 Aluminium featuring a hard-anodized finish that protects the body from rusting and oxidation.

It also ensures that the circle red dot sight is waterproof. Being a lightweight and compact-sized circle red dot sight, it has fantastic durability even though it hardly weighs 7 oz.

Holosun HS515C Models with Additional Features

The Holosun HS515C models have additional features that add extra value to the product.

Solar failsafe to keep the reticle on, shake awake that senses movement and turns the reticle on, QD mount for easy installation on the weapon, kill flash to help you avoid light reflections from the optics that can make you visible, and clear lens caps that keep the dust/water away from the lens glass.

Holosun HS515CU Circle Dot Sight Review

Holosun HS515CU Circle Dot Sight Review

The Holosun HS515C model is a tough and versatile circle dot reticle. It offers its users some high-end performance features. Let’s check it out!

Operating Range

The only limitation you would face while using the Holosun 515C is that it operates in certain temperature ranges depending on the environment you are operating in.

It operates excellently in temperatures ranging from -10C to 50C. And if you plan to store it, ensure a temperature range of -40C to 70C max.


The Holosun 515C model is well-protected from the environment. You can submerge it in 1m of water and still function perfectly. It has an IP67 rating (excellent waterproofing).

The lens covers will protect the lenses from any dust. While the flip cover will protect it from scratches or fall damage.

Tests Results

The Holosun HS 515C model can make you feel a fine difference during competitive shooting or combat experiences. It offers some of the greatest features that are a total steal in its pricing.

The red dot was tested in extreme winter conditions and they worked excellently. The electronics did not malfunction, there was no fog on the lenses, and the covers kept any additional moisture away from the glass. Also, the multicoated glass kept the glass safe from scratches.

Snow and rain did not prove to be any sort of hassle for the red dot and the reticle was crisp and allowed impressive accuracy to be achieved during the cold weather conditions.

Holosun HS515C-U review and water testing

Under professional supervision, the sights were put through a water test procedure to check the IP67 setting and its effectiveness. How did they do it? Learn it by reading below!


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Fill a container with at least 1m depth with water.
  2. Detach the sights from your weapon.
  3. Tie a string on the sights to make it easy to submerge them.
  4. Let it settle in the container for almost 5-10 min.
  5. Take it out and wipe it with a paper towel to dry it.
  6. Try shooting the weapon with the scope.

The red dot sight is clear, without any fogging, there is no water penetration, and the dot is crisp and clear. Even in low temperatures, the red dot was not affected in any way.


Are Holosun HS510c carbine optics any good?

Yes. They are among the best! Some of their notable features are a massive viewing area, amazing reticle, efficient battery life, and a very versatile QD mount.

Is the HS510c the right optic for You?

If you want super clear glass and affordable cost, then the Holosun HS510c is for you.

What is the battery life of the HS510c?

The Holosun HS510c delivers about 50,000 hours of battery time on a single CR2032.

Is the HS510c worth the money?

Absolutely! It is worth every penny as it offers the best clarity, performance, and reliability along with high-end features.

How good is the Holosun HS510c reticle and clarity?

The reticle on the Holosun HS510C is extremely clear and accurate. It does not blur or give a light reflection effect. The red dot sight houses crystal clear glass that offers excellent clarity.

Is the HS510c the best budget optic on the market?

The Holosun HS510C model is an outstanding red dot that offers some of the most high-tech features at almost half the cost of most top-of-the-line scopes in the market. You get a durable riflescope at an incredible cost.

What makes the HS510c unique?

The features of the red dot sight make it unique. Battery life, reticle, field of view, and price.

Is the Holosun 510C the cheapest optic?

It is not the cheapest but the features it offers in its cost range are comparable to high-end riflescopes.


The Holosun HS515C is the best choice for shooters who prefer image quality, clarity, accuracy, and additional features that can help them hit their target with ease.

The sights have features that can upgrade your experience on the field. The multiple reticle system, solar charging capabilities, crisp red dot, waterproofing, rugged body, and durability are some of the major pros.

Did the article help to point out the major features of the HS515C and help you make up your mind to purchase it? Let us know about your feedback!


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