DP-12 Shotgun Problems: Things You Should Know

DP-12 Shotgun Problems

The DP 12 shotgun is unique with two barrels, allowing you to take two shots at a go when fully loaded. However, the DP-12 has an issue with jamming and ejecting shells. This post will identify some of the Dp 12 shotgun problems, the DP 12 attributes, and some of its unique qualities.

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DP-12 Shotgun Problems

However suitable the DP-12 is, it still experiences some issues. Some of these include:

  • After firing the first round, you can’t put the weapon on safe until you fire the second shot. The added weight of the extra barrel and feed system is a turn-off.
  • Numerous reports have been of the gun jamming and failing to eject shells properly. These issues are annoying at best and potentially life-threatening if you need to use your shotgun for self-defense.
  • When held vertically or aimed at the ground, the gun suffers from a mechanical problem that prevents it from cycling.
  • If you discharge heavier ammunition, the DP 12 will produce significant recoil. Mastering the art of proper follow-up requires practice and training. 
  • When jams occur, their complexity makes clearing a challenge. It’s best to take the gun apart and put it back together if it gets jammed. However, this can be lengthy, and timely completion is only sometimes guaranteed.

Is the DP-12 Reliable?

Is the DP-12 Reliable

If you’re looking for a reliable shotgun, the DP-12 is an excellent choice.

The DP-12, a double-barrelled pump-action shotgun, is made by Standard Manufacturing, a reputable company based in the US. The DP-12 is one of the few shotguns on the market that can be fired in semi-automatic and pump-action modes.

It also has a Picatinny rail system for attaching optics and other accessories. Furthermore, it has good recoil absorption and is easy to load and reload.

Since the DP-12 is ambidextrous, it is versatile and adaptable to many shooters. The US military and law enforcement agencies have extensively tested it, proving it to be a powerful weapon. The US Army Special Forces and the US Marine Corps Special Operations Command use the DP-12 (MARSOC).

The DP 12 is an excellent value for your money. You can buy cheaper shotguns with the same money spent on the DP -12, but you will get a different speed on the trigger than the Dp 12 shotgun.

How Many Shells Does a DP-12 Shotgun Hold?

How Many Shells Does a DP-12 Shotgun Hold

The DP-12 shotgun has a capacity of sixteen shells. This includes 12 rounds in the magazine and four rounds in the outer tubes. Additionally, the gun can fire from either tube, giving the user a total of 24 shots before reloading is required.

It holds twice as many shells as the vast majority of shotguns on the market.

The twin seven-round tubes are loaded through the gun’s bottom, with the loading gate situated behind the pistol grip. It lets you quickly reload the weapon by firmly pointing it at the ground and holding the pistol grip. With practice, the support hand can load two shells into the gate simultaneously, which reduces the time it takes to reload.

The twin magazine tubes mitigate the shotgun’s greatest weakness as a defensive longarm: its limited capacity.

Trigger Pull – First and Second Pull Fires

The DP 12 loads both chambers with a single pump because it is a double-barrel pump shotgun. The first trigger fires the left barrel, while the second pull fires the right barrel. With a quick pull on the action, empty shells are ejected downward behind the pistol grip, and new bodies are loaded into the chambers.

How Much Does the DP-12 Weigh?

The DP-12 weighs 9.2 pounds or 12 ounces. The overall length is 25.5 inches, while the size of the barrels is 18 7/8 inches. As a result, it is one of the lightest double-barreled shotguns available.

Its unique design makes it an excellent option for a lightweight and reliable shotgun. The gun includes a carrying case, making it easy to transport and store. Whether you’re looking for a new shotgun for hunting, the DP-12 is an excellent choice.

When Did the DP-12 Shotgun Come Out?

When Did the DP-12 Shotgun Come Out

The DP-12 shotgun was released in 2012. This 12 gauge pump action shotgun has a double barrel and operates with a pump. Standard Manufacturing Company is responsible for the gun’s distinctive design.

Most states allow carrying firearms, making it a popular choice among law enforcement and military personnel. It’s possible to equip your DP-12 with a suppressor and other add-ons from the manufacturer.

What Chokes for DP-12?

Chokes are an essential component of any shotgun. They aid in the control of shot spread and can be used to improve accuracy. The DP-12 is a two-barreled pump action shotgun. The barrels feature a Tru-Choke thread pattern and two flush-mount spreader choke tubes. 

The cylinder bore choke is the most popular choke for the DP-12. This type of choke does not restrict the spread of the shot, making it ideal for close-range situations where you need to dispatch an attacker quickly. The cylinder bore choke also has the advantage of causing less damage to your shotgun if you need to shoot it through a door or other barrier.

If you want more accuracy, a tighter choke might be what you need. The modified choke is a good option for those who want to improve their accuracy without sacrificing too much spread. This choke will provide better long-range performance while remaining effective at close range.

The full choke is the tightest option; only experienced shooters should use it. This choke provides the most accuracy but has a very narrow shot spread. It is not suitable for home defense situations.

The DP-12 also has Spreader Chokes that are optimized for patterning at 25 yards, but they can be swapped out for other chokes that use the Tru-Choke thread patterns if desired. Pattern the shotgun at different distances using your preferred setup to ensure you get the desired results.


Is the DP-12 reliable?

Yes, If you’re looking for a reliable shotgun, the DP-12 is an excellent choice.

The US military and police have put the DP-12 through many tests that show it is a reliable shotgun. The US Army Special Forces and the US Marine Corps Special Operations Command use the DP-12 (MARSOC).

Is the DP-12 good for home defense?

The DP-12 shotgun has proved to be a versatile and powerful home defense and hunting weapon. If you’re looking for a gun with many firepowers, the DP-12 is the shotgun for you.

Can you fire the left barrel and the right barrel of a DP-12 at the same time?

Yes, ammunition is fed into the barrels via two independent magazine tubes. The Standard DP-12 operates uniquely. When charged, one pull of the trigger fires the right barrel, and a second pull fires the left.

Work the slide to eject the two spent hulls and insert the two rounds—you’re guaranteed two shots with each fall rather than the one you have in a standard pump action. The gun can also shoot from either tube, giving the user a total of 24 shots before requiring reloading.


The DP-12 shotgun is one of the best and most reliable shotguns and stands out as one of the lightest double-barreled shotguns. However, The DP-12 also has flaws, including gun jamming and shell ejection, among other issues.

What did you love about the DP-12, and what issue have you encountered while using it?

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