Best Scope Rings for Vortex Viper PST GEN II 5-25×50: Detailed Guide

We understand that choosing the best scope ring for your optic is a tough task. This article outlines the four best scope rings for Vortex Viper PST GEN II 5-25×50, the features, pros, and cons of the scope rings, and the reticle options.

Read through as we help you make a choice!

The Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50

The 5-25×50 Viper PST Gen II Riflescope by Vortex combines mechanical strength and Precision to provide accuracy and dependability in challenging circumstances.

Due to its great quality and straightforward design, it is one of the finest vortex optics available.

We have considered the optical and construction features:

Best Scope Rings for Vortex Viper pst Gen ii 5 25x50. The Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50: Optical Features

The Vortex Viper PST has the following optical features:

  • Extra-low dispersion (XD) glass this glass in the lens elements increases image sharpness and color accuracy.
  • Multi-coating the Proprietary XRTM, Fully Multi-coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces, dramatically increase light transmission.
  • FFP reticle the First Focal Plane Reticle maintains a consistent ratio of reticle size to zoomed image size.
  • A LED-illuminated glass the etched reticle is incorporated for accurate aiming in weak light.
  • The illumination dial this is incorporated into the side focus adjustment knob.
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50: Optical Features

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50: Construction Features

The Vortex Viper PST is built to withstand different conditions and last long. Here are the construction features:

  • Tube diameter the Vortex Viper PST’s 30 mm tube diameter allows optimal internal flexibility and durability.
  • Single-Piece Tube ensures strength and water tightness and maximizes alignment for increased Precision and optimal visual performance.
  • Material the Vortex viper PST is carved from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum T6061 for optimal strength. The outside lenses are shielded from dirt, grease, and scratches by a layer of ArmorTek: an ultra-hard coating.
  • Waterproof ability the viper PST consists of O-ring seals that are water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Fogproofthe Vortex viper PST is fog-proof since it has been purged with Argon gas, which prevents condensation from forming within the housing at any temperature.
  • Shockproofthe sturdy structure is resistant to recoil and impact.
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50: Construction Features

Best Scope Rings for Vortex Viper PST GEN II 5-25×50 – Editor’s Top 4

We have analyzed many Vortex products and chosen the best of the best. These products proved to be of good quality, reliable and durable. The Vortex scope mounts have stood the test of time. All the scope mounts had unique features and unmatched quality. Let’s review them.

1. Vortex Precision Matched Rings: Lightweight

The Precision matched scope mounts provide unmatched quality and consistency for the riflescopes’ secure installation. Materials are top-grade across the board and are offered in 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm tube sizes.

Vortex Precision Matched Rings: lightweight

Key Features

  • Mounting rails The vortex precision scope mounts are mounted to Picatinny rails. This increases the scope’s optical axis by 1.26 inches.
  • Fasteners The precision scope rings are vibratory tumbled and hand bead-blasted, equipped with Grade 8 exceptional fasteners to secure the scope.
  • Robust build The mounts are constructed from Type III hard anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum for optimal durability
  • Weight Lightweight and durable with a snag-free construction
  • Lifetime warranty The Vortex precision-matched rings have a permanent lifetime warranty.
  • The Vortex torque wrench ensures proper tightness
  • These mounts are sturdy and perfect.
  • Very strong but still light in weight.
  • The Vortex precision scope mounts require no lapping and are easy to secure with strong screws.
  • The Vortex scope rings price is very high compared to the other scope mounts.

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2. Vortex Tactical Riflescope Ring: The Most Versatile

This 6-screw Tactical 30mm rings from Vortex are ideal for attaching red dot sights, magnifiers, and other accessories with a 30mm tube diameter to a Picatinny rail.

The Vortex Optics Tactical rings have both low and high-sized rings to fit a wide variety of scope bell heights.

Vortex Tactical Riflescope Ring: Most versatile

Key Features

The Vortex has incorporated the following features:

  • Distance from the baseThese Vortex Tactical Rings achieves the 0.75-inch (19.05-mm) height from the base to the center of the riflescope tube. The AR15’s front sight post is co-witnessed with the scope’s optical center and 1.46 inches above the mounting rail.
  • Rail system The scope ring is mounted to fit Picatinny-style and weaver rails.
  • Weight Each ring weighs 39.9 grams or 1.41 ounces.
  • Finish The Vortex tactical mounts have a type 2 Matte Black anodized finish and a laser Engraved Torque Specifications
  • Integrated Recoil Lug the recoil lug on each ring helps spread the recoil force over a larger area for better long-term performance.
  • The craftsmanship is exceptional, they fit perfectly, and the scope is mounted solid and in the right place.
  • These scope mounts come with the perfect height for mounting on several platforms.
  • Highly versatile and can be used to mount on different scopes.
  • Great price and the most affordable high-quality scope rings.
  • They have Six screws that ensure the mount is tightly secure.
  • They do not come with a wrench, so you must supply your own.
  • You must chamfer edges and lap these to get the best hold on your scope rings.

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3. Vortex Pro Series Riflescope Ring: Most Dependable

The Vortex optics Pro Series scope mount combines rock-solid dependability and strength with superior machining to achieve the highest Precision and consistency.

Vortex Pro Series Riflescope Ring: most dependable

Key Features

The Vortex pro series includes the following features:

  • FinishThe vortex pro has specifications for Type 2 torque and a Matte Black Anodized finish with Laser Engraving.
  • Integrated Recoil Lug the recoil lug on each ring helps spread the recoil force over a larger area for better long-term performance.
  • Build The ring is made from the lightweight and durable 7075-T6 aluminum alloy treated with a scratch-resistant anodized finish.
  • Rail system Each ring has a clamp-style Picatinny/Weaver rail mount, fitting standard 30mm main tubes.
  • Scope tubes The ring cap is secured with four T-25 Torx cap screws and comes in two sizes for 1-inch and four for 30-mm tubes.
  • The Vortex pro series has a solid construction built to last for a long time
  • They fit Picatinny rails.
  • Solid rings, precisely machined, good finish, quality screws
  • They don’t fit weaver mounts.

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4. Vortex Cantilever 30mm Rings: User Friendly

The Vortex cantilever mount is a perfect ring for mounting 1-inch telescopic sights. The mounts give the right height and positioning for installing scopes on flattop ARs.

Vortex Cantilever 30mm Rings: User friendly

Key Features

  • Scope tube Offered with 2-inch or 3-inch offset for 30mm tubes. The 2-inch cantilever mount offset places the scope forward, providing for proper eye relief and head positioning.
  • Distance from the base The cantilever ring mount places the riflescope tube’s center 4cm from the base.
  • Rail system The mount is compatible with Picatinny/Weaver-style rails.
  • Finish Covered with a matte black anodized finish.
  • Construction It is made of lightweight and durable 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Easy to install.
  • The rings are smooth and concentric.
  • They have cantilever mounts that enable the user to position the scope for proper eye relief.
  • The Vortex cantilever mount is not compatible with an Arasaka leveling kit.

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Choosing the Best Rings for Your Rifle

Before making a purchase, there are a few considerations to keep in mind about rifle sight mounts.

  1. The size of your scope’s objective lens: The size of the objective lens normally governs the height of the scope’s ring. This varies significantly across various kinds of rifle scopes. The bigger the glass, the more light transmission for higher magnifications.
  2. Scope height: You should choose a height that enables the scope to run parallel to the bore line while being as close to it as possible without touching the barrel.
  3. Scope tube diameter: The most common tube diameters are 1 inch, 30 mm, and 34 mm. The “ring” of the scope ring must be the correct size for your scope’s body. For example, a 34mm ring is unsuitable for mounting a scope with a 1″ diameter body. 
  4. Rail type: You need to know if it is a Weaver, Picatinny, or something else. Some rails require the scope mount to be attached directly to the rifle. Picatinny-mounts allow you to use either independent rings or a single-piece mount.
  5. Eye comfort: Eye relief is highly essential. There are forward, and back rings available for barrel actions with limited ring positioning on their bases or rails.
Choosing the Best Rings for Your Rifle

The Focal Plane

The reticle position within the riflescope is a determinant of the focal plane choice. Several Viper PSTs use either a circular or crosshair reticle.

An SFP reticle will always seem the same size regardless of magnification. If your sight includes an FFP reticle, the apparent size of the reticle may alter as you zoom in or out.

First, Focal Plane Reticles

The image-correcting and magnifying lenses are in the first focal plane (FFP) reticles. Magnification adjustments enlarge or decrease the reticle.

The First focal plane reticles have the following features:

  • EBR-7c reticle – All PST riflescopes that use a first focal plane (FFP) scope are equipped with the EBR-7C, a hash-marked ranging reticle that combines MRAD subtension lines and the floating hold dots for windage correction.
  • MIL/MOA lines – The Mil/MOA lines are accurate and true throughout the entire magnification range.
  • Crosshairs – Since the reticle size alters with the magnification, the crosshairs appear thicker at the higher powers and thinner at the lower powers. The reticle grows more robust at higher magnifications and becomes more refined at lower magnifications.
  • The disadvantage of an FFP reticle- it starts relatively tiny at low powers and gradually grows more prominent as the power magnification increases.
First, Focal Plane Reticles

Second Focal Plane Reticles

A Second Focal Plane is also known as the Rear Focal Plane. The reticle is positioned below the magnification lenses on the erector tube assembly of a second focal plane scope. It has the following features:

  • The second focal plane scope is closer to the eye than the first focal plane. Consequently, the size of the reticle remains constant throughout all magnification ranges.
  • Its portability, high resolution, and resistance to heavy cartridges make it a favorite among hunters and police enforcement.
  • With the second focal plane, the units of measure for each hash mark (MOA or MRAD) have the same value irrespective of the magnification setting.
Second Focal Plane Reticles

Riflescope Adjustments

Scope height, Front positioning, and mount level are the primary areas of concern while adjusting a rifle. Modern rifle scopes have internal turrets that allow the shooter to adjust the point of impact precisely.

Reticle Focus Adjustment

The rapid focus eyepiece on Vortex Viper PST riflescopes is intended to swiftly and conveniently modify the reticle’s focus.

  • To alter the focus of the reticle: the riflescope is aligned toward a white wall or the sky.
  • To get maximum clarity, adjust the ocular focus knob to bring the reticle into focus.

Warning: Intense and irreversible damage to your vision may be caused by staring at the sun via a riflescope or other optical device.

The Subtension Scale: MOA or MRAD

Your Viper PST riflescope may come with mil-rad (MRAD) or minute-of-angle (MOA) settings and reticles.

If the turret’s changes are in minutes of angle, the unit of measure displayed is MOA. The MRAD shows the mileage per click in MRADs.

The Subtension Scale: MOA or MRAD

MOA Adjustments

MOA is a measurement system based on degrees and minutes. It utilizes the link between a circle’s 360 degrees and a degree’s 60 minutes.

By measuring the angle of the bullet’s impact, the distance to the target can be determined. It is important to note that:

  • One degree = 60 min.
  • 360 degrees = 21600 min
  • The radius is equivalent to the target distance.

MRAD Adjustments

The milliradians (mrad) is an angular unit of measurement. There are 21,600 minutes in a circle, 6.2832 radians, with 1,000 milliradians in a radian and 6,283.2 milliradians in a circle. It is important to note that:

  • 1 rad = 1000 millirad.
  • Three hundred sixty degrees = 6283.185 mils.
  • The radius is equivalent to the target distance.


What ring height is the best for Vortex Viper?

A ring’s optimal height is between 0.625″ and 0.25.” Nevertheless, you’ll need additional space if you’re utilizing a 20, 30, or 40 MOA scope rail/base and want to keep the scope low.

Is the Vortex Viper PST a good scope?

The Vortex Viper PST is a good scope for hunting and long-range shooting applications. It is reliable and clear, withstand various weather conditions, and provides excellent value for money.

What are the best scope rings on the market?

Based on the features outlined, the Vortex Tactical rings are the best scope rings due to their durability, reliability, and robust build.

Does a 50mm scope need high rings?

A longer Scope ring may be necessary for objectives 50mm or larger, depending on how your scope attaches to the firearm. You may require a Scope ring between an inch and a half in height.

A reasonable height for a 50mm riflescope with a 30mm tube length is about 0.300 inches.

Do I need high or low-scope rings?

Higher scope rings should be purchased if you have lower cheekbones or cannot get low enough on the rifle stock to look through the sight comfortably.


Best scope rings for Vortex Viper PST GEN II 5 25×50 must be strong, reliable, durable, and versatile. So, we definitely recommend the Vortex Tactical stood out due to they combine all of the above qualities and are optimal for mounting on several platforms.

Which scope ring did you love, and what feature got you excited? Feel free to leave a comment and share the post with your friends.

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