Best 50 BMG Reloading Press 2023 – Top 3 Picks by An Expert

Initially made for the M2 machine gun, the 50 BMG is distinct ammunition. With the sheer power, this is a common sight for any machine gun. Additionally, they are also quite popular for long range shooting aka sniper shooting.

Loading presses are not just powerful; they are quite versatile as well as heavy-duty. Well, based on the capability, they surely don’t come cheap. Buying them can cost you a lot and there is a wise way to keep the cost low.

Check best 50 BMG Reloading Press kit and dies to load in .50 BMG. By reloading them. Yes, ammo can be reloaded, what you never knew?

50 BMG Reloading Press

Reloading press has become quite popular for the people who frequently pull the trigger. They do come in various types and the single press is one of them. This cheap reloading press is quite easy and is highly recommended for beginners.

But what are the best ones?

Hornady Lock-N-Load Reloading Press Kits
  • Dependable and Reliable
  • Lock-N-Load Technology Easy control
  • functionHands free priming
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Lee Precision 90859 Reloding Press
  • Affordable and Versatile
  • 4-inch ram strokeRam prime toolBushing die reducer
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RCBS 88703 Ammomaster 2
  • High Accuracy
  • Ram stroke of 6-3/4 inchCan load .25 ACP to .50 BMG
  • Extremely robust
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Our Recommended 3 Best 50 BMG Reloading Press Reviews in 2023

And, we have come with 3 of the best 50 BMG reloading presses that are highly regarded, offer excellent performance and will serve long. Without further ado, let’s check what those are.


Hornady Lock-N-Load .50 BMG Heat Treated Press Kit for Reloading

.50 BMG is all about the longest range and the extreme accuracy. With these bullets, accuracy is a must, and therefore, Hornady has come with their most precise one. The LOCK-N-LOAD 50 BMG SINGLE STAGE PRESS guarantees precision and accuracy more than anyone and, and they are not quite lying.

Equipped with a very exclusive technology, the Lock-N-Load, which makes changing Hornady dies, ever so easy. Additionally, the easy-grip handle and the power-pac linkage make it quite easy to use while maintaining the maximum level of efficiency.

Besides, its positive priming system, automatic primer feed, as well as primer catcher, bring convenience to the highest stage.

Key Features:

  • Frame made from strong aluminum.
  • Easy grip handle for easy control & function.
  • Comes with Positive Priming setup System for easy priming.
  • To ensure the highest level of leverage, this comes with power-pac linkage.
  • Also features a spent primer catcher for used primer organization.
  • Features Lock-N-Load for easy and quick dies change.
  • To offer hands-free priming, this also comes with an automatic primer feed.

Main Features:

Lock-N-Load Technology: One problem while using any single press is that after each die change, you have to adjust everything again. Well, with the Lock-N-Load Technology, you can forget about that.

With just a twist, you can easily change the bushing system. Do you need to adjust while re-installing the die? I can assure you that you don’t. Versatile: This press also comes with a 1-1/2″ x 12 bushing die which you can use to change the system.

This way you can accommodate any standard 7/8″ x 14 die in order to bring versatility. Besides, you can also purchase an extension, the Shell Head Adapter, which will let you load any centerfire cartridge.

Solid Built: This loading press is made to give a sense of dependability as well as precision. The strong heat-treated steel construction will ensure you no matter how rough you go, this will stand strong. Furthermore, Hornady guarantees that this will not break.


  • Extremely strong build and little less runout.
  • Made to give you the accurate precision.
  • Very easy dies changing, with just a twist.
  • No adjustment needed while changing the dies.
  • Contains almost everything out of the box.


  • Quite heavy

Note: Hornady offers three die sets – The American Series, Custom Grade dies, and Match Grade bushing dies.

#2. Lee Press Classic Cast .50 BMG Single Stage Press Kit

90859 Lee Precision Single Stage Press

Well, to reload a .50 Caliber BMG, you need quite a few tools to get your job done. Speaking of tools, do they come cheap? Hear me out if I tell you that they do!

The Lee Press Classic Cast .50 BMG Single Stage Kit is such a reloading press that gives the greatest value of all. And how much does it cost? As much as other presses brands’ dies alone! With that amount spent, you will be capable of reloading .50 BMGs from the start.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron build with large opening along with 4-inch ram stroke.
  • Lee kit accessories accepts 1-1/4×12 thread dies along with much standards 7/8×14 thread dies.
  • Includes .50 BMG 2- lee dies set to save money.
  • Comes with a Redding #1 shell holder as well as 2 Leary Sizing Case Lube.
  • You can also move the shell holder to the top plate
  • Features Ram Prime Tool.
  • Additionally comes with a bushing die reducer for versatility.

Main Features:

Classic Cast Press: To start with the kit, you will be in love with the classic cast press it comes with. LEE Classic Cast Iron makes this press very durable, so it will provide an example of both reliability as well as longevity.

Moreover, it is spacious “O” frame also features a large opening and is equipped with a 4” ram stroke, which gives you the sense of full convenience

Automatic Primer Arm: Fun fact, you won’t be needing any priming tool with Lee Press. How? Because it already has one, just de-prime the shell and while going down, load the priming arm with a new one.

In one go, you will be de-priming and re-priming your .50 BMG like a pro. Isn’t that cool?

Bushing Die Reducer: Well, you have a 7/8×14 thread die, and should you throw it away. I say you don’t as this product has the perfect use. This reloading press comes with a very convenient bushing die reducer.

This will let your press accept the much standard 7/8×14 thread die, and lets you have the power of versatility.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Quite consistent
  • Very precise and you can move the shell holder to the top plate
  • Extremely durable and will last long


  • Labor-intensive
  • Complicated die switching

#3. RCBS 88703 Ammomaster – 50 BMG Reloading Press

RCBS 88703 Ammomaster 2

RCBS ammomaster press has a good reputation in the industry and the fame is well-deserved. They are certainly one of the first producers in the same category and therefore holding the legacy for 75 years. The Ammomaster 2 is one of their ammunition reloading set which they made especially for beginners.

To give the full convenience to you, this iron-casted reloading press comes with long support columns. This green heavy-duty press also comes with 3 mounting holes to make it mount pretty easily.

Besides, you can use standard 7/8″-14 thread dies, with the chance of using 1-1/2″ 50BMG die after an upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Made of cast aluminum.
  • Comes with a ram priming unit.
  • Has a ram stroke of 6-3/4 inch.
  • For rcbs dies, this is capable to use 7/8″-14 thread dies along with a shell holder.
  • If you upgrade this, you can use with 1-1/2″ 50BMG die kit to load .25 ACP to .50 BMG.

Main Features:

Precise Reloading: When it comes to the most accuracy, RCBS has always been the most reliable one. This claim reflects on their very popular Ammomaster 2. The manufacturer has spent quite a lot of time to make this so precise that the reputation may remain untouched.

Extreme Durability: Reloading presses are made to do some tough work, as they load ammunition. This green heavy-duty press is a master when it comes to remaining functional, even after an extended amount of same time.

You just need to install it properly and keep using it, you will lose the record for the time duration.

Easy Setup: Single presses can be quite hard to set up, however, not this one. This comes with a longer support column along with 3 mounting holes to make it as sturdy as possible.

Moreover, with the larger toggle block, you are guaranteed the best of both convenience and function with this press. RCBS has also a great case neck turner.


  • RCBS ammomaster Can reload both .25 ACP to .50 BMG.
  • Will last very long
  • Accuracy is very high
  • The longer support column is very convenient
  • Ideal for beginners


  • If you’re an experienced reloader, better check other advanced options from RCBS.

What is Reloading Press?

Assemble ammunition has always been a popular activity in the community. The ammunition assembly needs a few individual components which are the case, primer, propellant, and projectile. All these are assembled by a press called reloading press.

A reloading press is a hand-controlled machine that makes the reloading of ammunition as easy as possible. All you need to do is to fill the shell with powder while inserting a new primer and just press the projectile inside. You’ll be good to go.

Reloading presses do come in different types, based on what you want to do. While the single press is the easiest one, the turret and progressive presses are for mass production. No matter which one you use, these reloading presses have gained popularity as they have made reloading used bullets extremely easy and cheap.

Reloading 50 BMG

Things to Consider Before Buying 50 BMG Reloading Press in 2023

50 BMG Reloading Press Reviews

Even though reloading press doesn’t come with high-tech facilities, they do hold some pretty convenient features. So while purchasing such products, it’s better to bear some factors in your mind so that you don’t end up with something that is not serving you the exact purpose whatsoever.

With that being said, below are some of the essential factors that you should keep in your mind (or write it done if you want) so that you can experience the highest level of performance.


Reloading presses come in different types with different types of purposes. So it’s better to first understand why you need the press and therefore get the exact one. If you’re a beginner, just starting the reloading game, better to start with a single press as this is cheaper and quite easier to use.

However, if you’re an experienced user, get a turret or a progressive press as they can reload 100+ rifle rounds very easily. Wanna portable, hand press reloaders are the way to go. It is always better to check for what reason you need. Don’t just buy it as it looks cool, that’s it.


Well-known brands are well-known because they make the better product, yes it’s that simple. They will offer you the most reliable products which are essential when it comes to tasks like these. Always try to skip those cheap Chinese ones as they won’t last long at all. What’s the point of investing in such a product, which won’t last long?

When it comes to the most popular ones, you won’t go any wrong with Lee, RCBS, Hornady, and Dillon. RCBS has always been quite popular for its high level of precision. In comparison, you will get a better value with Lee. Hornady just comes with better technologies. However, Dillon, a good brand sure has annoyed customers.


Always keep in your mind how much you are going to press. If you’re a new guy, better you stick to reloading under 100 rifle rounds. Wanna be adventurous? Go around 500. Remember, you will make frequent mistakes, and reloading more and more may cost you quite a lot. So better get a single press one. Or can go with turret press if your volume is a bit high.

However, if you’re are the pro we all know, you know your deal. Get the progressive one (you know already). This will reload thousands within an hour. Precision will also be one of the most accurate levels.

Level of Expertise

The last factor to consider is what level of knowledge you have in this area. Are you a newbie? Better get a single press as this is easy to use and very easy. Also, you can use a turret press, as both the newbies as well as intermediate users can use this. On the other hand, the progressive press requires a high set of skills to operate, and therefore, don’t go for this one 

What Kind of Rounds will You be Reloading?

If you are considered reloading your ammo, you can reload quite a hefty type. However, what you should be considered more is whether or not they are easy to reload. Because even though some of the ammo is quite easy to reload, they are some other which can bring you a nightmare while finishing the task.

9mm, 38 special, .32 H & R Magnum, .44 Special, .42 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. are some of the handguns ammo which is quite easy to reload. When it comes to rifle ammo .222 and .280 Remington, and .257 Roberts. are the ones you should be looking at. Yes, you can also reload .50 BMG, however, this is not as easy as the other ones to reload.

How to Use a Reloading Press

Reloading a caliber is no rocket science and you will see that now. However, reloading can be quite complicated if you are using something like a progressive press. Well, today we will not go there and rather will stick to a much simpler one, the single press.

Below are the steps you need to follow to complete a reloading round. Let’s start,

Step 1: Clean and Investigate

Start your journey by cleaning the shell. In most cases, you will be using a used one, better to keep that debris away. Also, check whether you have any cracks in the shell or not.

Step 2: Lubricate

Now, get your oil and start lubricating your shells. Be the most generous here, don’t miss a spot. To lubricate easily, put some oil on a pad and starting rolling those shells on that. After few rolls, you will have a well-lubricated shell at your disclosure.

Additionally, don’t forget to lube the neck. This way your shell will have a reduced sizing effect. This way excess working of the surplus brass will be prevented.

Step 3: De-prime and Re-prime Your Shell

If you’re using a used shell, you will have a used primer inside your shell which you need to get rid of. Just use the de-primer tool and press. You will have a perfect shell without any primer, ready for a new one.

Now, if your press has its own priming tool, exactly the kind then you are in luck. Just load the priming head with a primer and press, priming done. If your reloading press doesn’t come with such facilities, just use a handheld priming tool to complete the necessary need.

Step 4: Fill the Powders

Now you have to fill the shell with powder. Make sure the amount of powder is well measured otherwise trouble may arise.

Step 5: Adjust

Now put the bullet on the shell and adjust the preloading press accordingly for an accurate ammo result. Accuracy is very important here.

Step 6: Press to Reload

When all the adjustments are done and well precise, all you need to do is to press the shell in the reloader to fix the bullet into the shell. After that, you will have a perfectly loaded caliber that can be used anytime.

# Types of Reloading Press

There are quite a few types of reloading presses out there. However, only three are the prominent ones. They are the single press, the turret press, and the progressive press. Let’s check what they are and how they work.

Single Press and shell holder

This is by far the simplest one. Also quite cheap too. The most notable feature of this reloading press is this can reload one bullet at a time, thus the name itself. This is quite common as well, just because little to no skill is required to use this simple machine.

How it work is fascinating. You load the shell holder with a loaded shell (primer and powder) that also holds the bullet. All just need to do is to press the handle, and your loading is complete. Most of the single presses don’t support priming facility, although a few do support.

Turret Press

A brother to single press with some added benefit. This time, the benefits are multiple dies. Yes, with this press, you can use multiple dies, simultaneously, without the need for changing. Besides some come with auto-indexing too.

The benefit of a single press with the turret press is the speed, which is higher. This can load up to calibers per hour, depending on your capacity. When it comes to skillset needed, intermediate users to beginners, all can use this.

Progressive Press

If you want a production belt of reloading, this is what you are seeking. Made to serve the needs of an experienced reloader, this press can load more than thousands of calibers within an hour. This is why this press is used by those individuals who need a high volume of calibers.

Certain models have an attachment for feeding a case. What this does will definitely amaze you. With each cycle of the lever, you will have an automatically inserted case to use. This speeds up the whole reloading process of this already very speedy system. 

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What is the effective range of a 50 BMG?

1800 yards, as far as 1646 meters at most. This is the general range of any .50 BMG. However, this may vary and that depends on the manufacturer. They are the one who decides how far the bullet will go.

Additionally, the distance also depends on a few other variables such as the barrel size as well as the chambers. Based on these, the distance can go slightly over 1800 or below. For your information, the longest target shooting acquired by a .50 BMG was from a range of 2600 yards.

How much gun powder is in a 50 BMG?

14.5 grams or 7.76 ounces. The gun powder is one of the most essential elements of a bullet as this is what creates the power inside the cartridge case. When it comes to a big bullet like a .50, the amount of power is significantly high. For a perfectly balanced bullet, you will be needing 14.5 grams or 7.76 ounces of gunpowder.

How much does it cost to reload 50 BMG?

From $5 up to $13. The reloading process needs quite a few elements to complete. Cost can vary highly on the quality of such elements. You can buy cheaper projectiles or the more expensive ones and your cost may depend on that. Yet still, the cost can be as much as $13if you go with the most premium elements whereas you can also keep the cost as low as $5, by choosing the cheaper options.

How much it cost to reload 50BMG per round?

$0.40 per round. If you are going to make 100 rounds, you will be costing as much as $40. This makes each one cost 40 cents. However, this cost may vary depending on what type of materials you are using. Good and high-quality primers, as well as powder, will cost more, hence higher cost. If you go for cheaper options, your cost per round may decrease as well.

What press can reload 50 BMG?

There are quite a few decent options that can reload a 50 BMG. However, not all are as efficient as the Lee Classic Cast .50 BMG Single Stage Press. This affordable reloading press can give you perfectly loaded ammo without breaking your bank.

Besides, this easy-to-use and maintain reloading press is quite versatile too, not a common feature in an affordable option.

Is it cheaper to reload 50 BMG?

Yes, it is. However, there are few factors and the most important one is the volume. If you are reloading on a higher volume, this can be very cheap for you. Also, another factor is what type of materials you are using and how much do they cost.

People who reload .50 BMG don’t usually reload for the cost economy but for better accuracy. AS most of the factory-made bullets are not as accurate as of the reloaded ones.  

How many times can you reload a 50 BMG?

3-5, or even more. Reloading depends on the condition of your shell. If you notice a single sense of cracking in the shell, it’s time to give it a retirement. If your shell is still a dedicated laborer, even after 10 rounds (which mostly not a realistic view), you give it the 11th experience.

Additionally how hot they are and how you are adjusting them, are also quite significant when it comes to the usability of these bullets. So keep the reloading in the range of 3-5 times.

What is the most accurate reloading press?

HORNADY – LOCK-N-LOAD 50 BMG SINGLE STAGE PRESS is the most accurate reloading press.


.50 BMG is big ammunition and is quite pricey for most shooters. However, the cost can be lowered significantly with the help of a reloading press. Yet, not all reloaders are for newbies. But the single press reloaders are ideally made for them.

In this article on the best 50 BMG reloading press, we tried to cover some of the best options exactly what you want. These will serve greater value, precision, reliability, and dependability. And guess what? You won’t be needing higher skillsets to use them.

Check all the essential factors and decide which one will serve you the most. Hope this article will guide you to make the best purchase ever. 


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